The Champions on America’s Got Talent 2019 | Auditions | WEEK 4 | Got Talent Global

The Champions on America’s Got Talent 2019 | Auditions | WEEK 4 | Got Talent Global

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  1. Kechi: sings
    Simon: "I didn't really like it that much"
    Terry Crews: ohhhaw
    Simon: "I actually loVED IT!"
    Simon: hits golden buzzer
    Terry Crews: "OHHHAWWOAHH"

  2. I’m getting annoyed with people and their sob stories. It’s bad that you have had something terrible happen to you, but I’m sorry you should be judged by your talent, not your sad story. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. This act was exactly she performed in BGT where Simon was judge and now again he is looking like he saw first time

  4. Wow…Kechi has an Amazing voice. Truly inspiring. I sincerely hope she gets the recognition she deserves both for her talent and for determination and bravery.

  5. tape face isn’t even funny, he has other people do the “jokes”, tape face only has good ideas

  6. I like Simon's way to build up people's confidence. Oh God bless him. And the girl. She is really talented in singing

  7. GROAN….Ever notice how sympathy cases get way more me thats just extra extra exploitive sometimes it ranks right up there with the Christmas Commercials and the Sara Mcgloflan (sp) Christmas "season of giving exploit"…makes me not wanna watch…so i wont…

  8. loved every bit of @Kechi I almost died when Simon said he didnt like only for him to surprise everyone with the Golden Buzzer. Such massive talent. I love that she is not somewhere weeping/blaming everything else for her misfortune and still appreciate the fact she survived. I think she is a miracle and will be routing for her for a long long time to come. This is not to say I didnt love other guys I loved them too but it takes a lot for a lady like @Kechi to pick up the pieces of her life and make sense of what is left of it. Love her today and I am sure will still her tomorrow…

  9. Who sang the "hallelujah" song(bsckground song) as 26:51 and up when Kechi finished singing. Anyone knows please, comment d band name.

  10. Wow…Kechi, that was amazing! You are an inspiration… You deserved the golden buzzer….lots of love from Africa!

  11. 10:56 Howie: "how's it even possible??"
    – the way she held and carried the box from the side (never touched the bottom of the box).
    – The judges table material.
    – trust me, she didn't want the judges to see the inside (bottom) of the box.

    sorry for my bad english.

  12. Oh gosh, Simon you did it!!! I love you for giving her the Golden Buzzer to that beautiful life champion lady. May GOD bless you. You got me so emotional…

  13. Paul zerdin
    Tape face
    Issy simpson
    The texas tenors
    Drew lynch
    Moonlight brothers
    The professional regurgitator
    Brian justin crum
    Kenichi ebina

  14. Simon : I really don't like that much
    every one:-😱😱😱😨😬
    Simon: but I loved that.
    every one:- 😏😖😭😓😩😔😞😚😉😋😊😃😆😁

  15. OMG when I saw Kenichi Edina I was like YEAAAA!! Most of this video was the bomb! I skimmed through a couple but the rest were awesome!

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