The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science Thomas Troward Full Audio Book

The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science Thomas Troward Full Audio Book

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  1. I love this video because it throughly explains the importance of our mind and the power that's within and throughout us. It's a beautiful concept. We ARE Creators! Thanks for uploading this video.

  2. awesome I had lost some of my spirit and focus over the past few years .Thanks for uploading this. Its something i wanted to listen to for some time now 🙂

  3. I've read everything this man, Thomas Troward, has published & I'm deeply awed by his brilliance. Also, this is a great reading of his work. My gratitude to LibriVox and to the host of this channel!

  4. Question to commenters, has anyone made noticeable progress in the area of mental science? Any lesser heard but good books you could recommend? Thanks! I’m willing to share my findings too.

  5. It is somewhat amazing that this thinking has been around for so long, considering that so many souls still struggle with matters such as finding purpose, discovering meaning, and identifying direction in life. It also offers a perspective on who and what God is that brings God to life in a way that the religion in which I grew up simply killed for me.

  6. Chapter 1: SPIRIT AND MATTER: 0:55
    Chapter 3: THE UNITY OF THE SPIRIT: 23:39

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