The Fixies ★ Best Nolik Episodes ★ Fixies English 2017 | Videos For Kids

The Fixies ★ Best Nolik Episodes ★ Fixies English 2017 | Videos For Kids

Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Globe Ready, Set, Go! Again I couldn’t do it! I told you. There’s just no way to hold on
when the globe is turning that fast. But I know I can do it! Give me that piece of rope there, would you? Now you can’t throw me off. Spin it! Go on. What are you doing? Trying to learn a bit about the Earth’s gravity? That’s a globe, not the Earth! Well a globe is a model of the Earth, isn’t it? Hey, come on, Simka! The globe looks like a ball. But the Earth is flat. We walk on it. The Earth also looks like a ball, it’s just a very, very big one. It’s not true! If the Earth is really round like you say, then it would throw people right off of it like the globe does to me. No! It’s just that the Earth
pulls everyone towards it. Are you sure? The planet that we live on,
the Earth, is a huge sphere. The Earth revolves around the Sun, and the Moon revolves around the Earth. Do you know why they don’t
fly away from each other? It’s because of a force called gravity that pulls all objects towards each other. The heavier the object, the stronger it’s pull. That’s why people, rocks, air, and water get pulled towards the Earth
instead of floating up into space. Thanks to gravity we are able
to walk on the Earth. Then why doesn’t the globe pull on me
like the Earth does? Because this globe is very light. Compared to the Earth, this globe is
like millions of billions of times lighter. Compared to the Earth, we’re specks of dust. He’s right. Look, a speck of dust. It sticks to the globe
like we stick to the Earth. Come on! It’s just because no one is turning it. But the Earth is spinning and we stick to it. What?! I just don’t believe you! There is just no way the Earth is spinning! You’ve really got no idea
how the days all turn into the nights, do you? Do too. It’s because the Sun goes up and then sets. Watch this! Our Sun’s here.
And you’re over there. On Earth. Is is dark, Nolik? It’s dark. Then it’s nighttime on your side. And here it’s day! Alright, now will turn the Earth. Hurrah! Now it’s daytime for me! And night for me over here. Oh! My side got dark again! And for me, it’s a new day! Alright, fine. You guys were right. I believe you. The Earth is spinning! The Earth goes round and round
like a tilted spinning top, and as it spins the Sun shines its light on whichever half of the Earth is facing it. And as the Earth makes one full turn, we watch how the night becomes day
and the day becomes night again. It takes 24 hours for the Earth
to make one full turn. But that’s not all. The Earth is also traveling in space
around the Sun. It takes the Earth one year
to make a full circle. As it goes along its way, the top and bottom of the Earth
take turns being closer to the Sun. That’s because the Earth is tilted. When the top half is closer to the Sun,
it’s summer there, while at the very same time
on the bottom half it is then winter. And when when it is winter on the top half, it is summer on the bottom! Nolik! Nolik, where are you? I’m not sure. Somewhere in Kazakhstan. The force of gravity
is super strong around here. So go on, spin it! You’re gonna fall off, Nolik. Don’t worry, just do it! Go ahead and tilt it if you feel like it! Told you! And you were sure
I was going to fall off of this globe! That’s strange. Nolik, come on over here! What for? You’ll see in a second. I don’t want to! You really don’t want, or you can’t? Tom Thomas, take a look. I get it. He stuck himself to the globe, didn’t he? Yeah, with the chewing gum. Isn’t it time to go? Uh-huh. And me? What about me?! You’ve got to help me! Don’t leave me! Should we help him? I never would have thunk it! But the pull of chewing gum
is even stronger than the Earth’s gravity! Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Lever It’s a new weight lifting record! You’re so strong! That’s so light I can lift it up with my finger. Oh my! But do you think you could lift up
your night stand? Don’t know. Never tried it. So then go on! Ha-hah! No way! And you are so much bigger than that night stand! But watch! I can lift this big pencil! And just look how much smaller I am! So, who is stronger, you or me? I guess it’s not me. The Fixies may be very small, but they are actually much stronger than humans. Yes, it’s true! What, you don’t believe me?
Well, who’s stronger: an elephant or an ant? You think it’s the elephant?
Well, of course – it is so much bigger. But did you know that one ant
can lift up fifty ants its own size? And an elephant? It can’t even hold up one. So, it turns out that for its size,
an ant is much stronger than an elephant. And the same goes for Fixies. Fixies are incredibly strong for their size. They can lift things that are
a hundred times heavier than they are. And Fixies can jump fifty times higher
than their own height! If humans were as strong as Fixies are
they’d be able to lift an automobile all by themselves! Yeah, Tom Thomas! It’s time you built up your strength. Well, how? Start lifting dumbbells or if you want to,
you can use my barbell! No, thanks. I’ll use the dumbbells my dad has. They are in his office, I think. Oh, there’s one! And where’s the other one? Aha! There you are! I’ll get you out of there. Come on, come on! I’m helping you here. It’s… stuck! Alright. Move aside. I’ll get it right out . What is this, glued to the floor or something? Hey! What’s all the racket? Hi there, Simka! We can’t get the dumbbell out from under there. Well, of course you can’t!
This sofa is pressing down on it! So that’s what it is! And I was worried that I’d lost all my strength! Well, that means we have to lift up this sofa. We can’t do that. It’s too heavy for us! We can do it! Tom Thomas, get me your hockey stick from your room. We can’t move a sofa with a hockey stick! Don’t worry, you’ll see. Here. I brought it. What is it for? We’re going to use it as a… lever! A lever? Well, yeah! A lever works the same way that a seesaw does with a board resting on top of a piece
called the fulcrum. But with a lever, one side is longer than the other. And that’s the secret to its power. With the lever’s help it’s possible to lift any weight. All you need to do
is get the short arm of a lever under the load and push down on the long arm. And the longer that arm, the more weight you can lift. And that’s how a lever makes people stronger! Well, can we find a fulcrum in here? Maybe this dumbbell? Can that be our fulcrum? Great idea! Now you’re thinking the right way! You’re ready to go? Let’s go!!! Lean on it, Tom Thomas! Yay! It’s working! Tideesh! I’m so strong, did you see?! Now watch how I lift dad’s heavy weights for you. Look! I can do it! It’s just like I told you! You’d be better of
training with my weights! Didn’t you just see me lift up the sofa? You didn’t lift the sofa, the lever did. Did you ever hear the saying, “knowledge is power?” I’ve heard it. Although, some physical power won’t hurt you either. So pick up your lever and go out and play some hockey! You know how built those hockey players are! They take care of our machines,
Irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens,
Even rollercoasters! Without them clocks stop ticking;
Without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Piggy Bank Tom Thomas, why are you
throwing away your money? That’s not what I’m doing.
I’m storing it! This is a piggy bank. Oh! Here’s another coin. I don’t like its snout. That’s one very suspicious looking pig. Are you positive
your money is safe with her? Don’t worry! Whatever I put into my bank here, is not getting back out. This piggy bank won’t give up a cent! You greedy piggy! Come on, Nolik! Simka must have taught you
about how banks work. Humans came up with
the idea of piggy banks because they wanted
a good place to save their coins. For storing lots of money
people use a safe – a large metal box with a very strong lock. Now that kind of piggy bank
is almost impossible to break open. The biggest safes are in banks. Banks use them to store their costumers’
money and other valuables. There are even safes in banks
that are whole rooms. You’d need an awful lot of change
to fill up one of these piggy banks! So why are you saving up
all of this money? For roller skates. How much more do you need to save? I don’t know. I can’t see
if there’s enough in there. Then just go and open it! But there’s no way to do that. The only way is to smash it real hard. So? Smash it! No. Forget it! I’d have nothing to put my money into. But what if there’s already
enough for roller skates? And what if there’s not? Alright. Then I guess
I’ll count your money for you. Tideesh! Oh, woah! Tom Thomas, you’ve got a fortune in here! There are many different kinds of money, and they’re not just coins either. Long ago people paid each other with shells, and squirrel skins, and even parrot feathers. And of course metal coins are
more convenient than any of those things, and paper money is
even more convenient than coins. One piece of paper can be worth
as much as a hundred coins or even a thousand! All that needs to be done is
to print more zeros on it and that’s all. Today humans can pay for almost anything
without paper money or coins whatsoever. If you have enough money in the bank, you can just walk into a store, give the cashier your bank card and take your purchase home with you
without handing over any money. The bank knows
how much money you spent and they pay the store for you later. It’s so convenient! So, will you count them? Here we go. One coin, and two coins… Wait, Nolik! What “one coin, two coins”? What are you counting? You have to add together
all of the different numbers! You should have told me that before! I never learned how to. Yeah, that’s what I figured. Come on out. What can I do? What if you try stacking the coins
so they’re like stairs! That’s what I’m already doing. Why don’t you try
tilting the piggy bank over! Hang on. Stop! I’m getting buried! Put it back the way it was before! This is worse! Just put the pig down! Nolik! Hang in there, please! I’ll get some thread
and lower it down to you. I can’t get a hold of it! It’s too far away. Hey, Tom Thomas, smash the piggy bank! What?! Just smash your piggy bank! But I like it. And what, you don’t like me? Of course I like you. Then who do you like more? You’re my friend, aren’t you? Of course! Then smash the piggy bank! Will you? OK Nolik. I’m going to do it. Nolik! Are you OK? I’m OK. Thank you, Tom Thomas. Thank you, my friend. No problem. At least now you can count up
how much money you have. There’s no reason to do it. There’s no way it’s enough for roller skates. You’re sure? What a shame. But now you’ve got all this money here to buy a piggy bank
that’s totally brand new! Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Thermos Where should I put it? Put what, Tom Thomas? Oh! It’s you! My ice-cream. Are you joking? Eat it! I can’t. Tom Thomas, are you alright? I’m fine. It’s just that it’s a present for my mom. Today is Mother’s Day. Then you need to go give it to her! I can’t. Dad and I are going to
congratulate her together. What’s your dad is going to give her? I don’t know. But when he gets back home, the ice-cream will have melted! Then put it in the freezer! And what if Mom looks in there? And finds it? The surprise will be ruined. So where won’t she find it? I’ll tell you where. Inside of your dad’s office. I don’t see any place to hide it here. There’s no freezer or anything! Why don’t you take a look inside the box. Here’s a thermos. But what good is it to me? Thermoses are for keeping things hot. The ice-cream will melt in there! It will not. A thermos is made by putting
one bottle inside of another. Between the bottles is an empty space.
And that’s the secret of a thermos. That space stops heat
from getting out or in. So if there’s hot tea inside, the empty space doesn’t let the heat
from the tea get out. And if there’s ice-cream in the thermos, the space stops the heat
that’s outside from getting in. And that’s how a thermos keeps
hot things hot and cold things cold. That’s it! I’ll go and play for a little while. He didn’t even say thank you. Did he, Nolik? Where are you? Nolik? I’m here! Where? In the thermos! What are you doing in there? I wanted to see that vacuum
you talked about. Just don’t touch anything! And don’t even think of licking the foil! The ice-cream’s so cold,
your tongue will stick to the metal! What did you say? Already stuck? Uh-huh. Try to unstick it. Well? Is it working? And what if you breath onto the foil? Hang on, Nolik! I’ll go and get Tom Thomas! Winter is a wonderful time of year! Holidays, presents, snowballs, skates, sleds… But the cold is also something serious
that you shouldn’t fool around with. The most important thing
is to dress warmly: cover your head with a hat,
and your throat with a scarf. Then there’s less chance
you’ll catch a cold or get a sore throat. And to keep you hands from getting chapped, don’t forget to wear gloves. And never walk around
in wet shoes in the winter! That’s a sure way to get yourself sick. And there’s one more thing I want to tell you. It’s great to have fun in the cold,
but use your head! Don’t eat snow or stick your tongue
on metal fences, poles or doorknobs. Your tongue can get stuck
so strongly to the metal that it will be very hard to get off. I wish you all a glorious winter! Tom Thomas! Nolik’s tongue got stuck! Where? In the thermos! Hurry! I’ll explain everything later. Dad, you’re already home? Dad, why are you taking my present? What do you mean your present? I mean this one. Since when did it become yours? Oh, hi there! What’s the fuss all about? Oh, it’s nothing at all. I have a surprise for you. I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. A thermos! How wonderful! Thanks so much! Is there something in here? I don’t think so. Inside there’s a present from me! Vanilla ice-cream! My favorite! And how did that end up in there? Thank you so much, my sweeties! Nolik, you got me so scared! Thank goodness you thought of
turning into a screw inside of there. Does your tongue hurt? Do you think you can talk again? I can talk. That’s good. We better hurry. We still need to go and wish
our mother a happy Mother’s Day. And you should too! I almost caught one yesterday,
I chased him but he fled. But if I told my dad he’d say,
“It’s all inside your head!” You really cannot catch them,
Or find their whereabouts. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Disguise Good. Tom Thomas, why do you need
a second aquarium? Especially without any fish! First of all, it’s a terrarium. And it’s not for fish,
it’s for lizards and snakes. My friend Katya asked me
to take care of him while she is away. That’s why I brought him here. Take care of who? There’s no one in there. What is that?! It’s a chameleon, Nolik. I think he’s awesome! It’s a bad idea to take him out! He might run away! Don’t you worry. I got him. What a monster! But how come I couldn’t see him before? It’s because a chameleon
knows how to disguise himself by changing the color of his whole body! Have you ever seen a military uniform? They have special patterns and colors
that help soldiers hide. That’s called camouflage, and people learned it from animals. For instance, a caterpillar can look like a twig, and a seahorse can look like piece of coral. An ordinary gray rabbit
becomes white in the winter so a wolf will have trouble
finding it in the snow. But the champion of camouflage
is the chameleon. This master of disguise can change its color
in just a matter of seconds! Hey, Tom Thomas!
Where did your chameleon go? Oh! It disappeared! It didn’t disappear, it camouflaged. He won’t hide for long. Let’s find him! Chewsocka, have you seen the chameleon? Where is he? Do you see him? No, he’s not going to let us catch him. We’re gonna have to trick him
into coming to us. We could set a trap
with something that he likes! What do they like I wonder? What else? Their food! And what do chameleons eat? Well like flies, or caterpillars. Roaches. Where’s the fly going to come from? Well, what if… What? Oh, Simka! Just you wait, I’m going to get you! Hey, we’ve got to help Katya! You don’t see the caterpillar complaining. Quiet! Nolik, you start buzzing! Buzzing? Yeah, like a fly! Yeah, and flap your wings too! Simka, how long do I have to keep doing this? Until the chameleon shows himself. Just keep buzzing! Tom Thomas! There he is! Grab him! Let go of my brother! Tom Thomas, quickly! I’ve got a hold of him! Yup, I got you! In the army they use camouflage all the time. They use nets that look like bushes, paint their tanks in colors
that make them blend into their surroundings, and even fly in special planes
that can’t be seen by radar. They do everything they can
to disguise their location. But it’s not just the army that uses disguises. Photographers camouflage themselves
to take pictures of wild animals, people use make-up
to camouflage their blemishes, and artists – they disguise old walls
with bright happy pictures. And people just love
to put on masquerade parties where they disguise themselves
in costumes and masks. And of course Fxies have
their own great disguise. Remember? Well, what is it? Now he won’t run away. So, Mr. Master of Disguise! What are you going to say now? If only I could disguise myself that well! Nolik, what are you talking about? You know how to disguise yourself
a hundred times better than him! Oh! You right! Hey, chameleon! Look and learn. Here’s a real disguise! Fixies go to Fixie schools
And study to be masters. There’s so much they need to learn
To save us from disasters! There isn’t one appliance
That they don’t know about, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Drum Now let’s turn it on. It’s buzzing, you hear it? I would love to, but the only thing I can hear is Nolik’s banging. Nolik, what are you doing? I’m rehearsing my solo! Nolik is the drummer in our rock band.
Didn’t you know that? Why don’t you go and rehearse somewhere else
if you wouldn’t mind. Yeah, alright. I just can’t work like this. Nolik, stop it, please!
Oh, my head is just splitting. Professor Eugenius! Will you come to the laboratory?
There’s something very strange in there. What? I’m hearing some kind of awful sounds! You are? I think it’s a ghost. Back from the dead!!! Don’t you worry about ghosts, Lisa.
I’ll check what it is. Hm. So it’s you making the racket! What? I’m just rehearsing. Well, what is it?! Don’t worry! It’s just a piece of equipment rattling. You know what you should do? You should go and practice back at home,
my young friend! It’s not very hard to make a drum. One way to make it is to take an empty barrel and replace its bottom with a skin
made of leather or plastic. If the skin is stretched tightly,
the sound can get very bright and loud. Really big drums are usually played
with percussion mallets or beaters, while smaller drums can be played
with sticks or with bare hands. Instruments that make sounds by being shaken, scraped
or beaten, are all called percussion instruments. There are lots of different percussion instruments, like the small hand drums that are called bongos, big shakers with handles called maracas, cymbals made out of metal.
Now those really make a lot of noise! And there’s tambourines, ratchets and even spoons! That’s right! People can make music
using spoons as a percussion instrument. Tom Thomas! Do you think I can practice my drumming here? Yeah, go ahead! I’ve just got some homework to do. I can do that. And better than you can, too. And what if I play like this, huh?! Then I’ll go like that. Or like that! Ever since I had decided
That a drummer’s what I want to be, There is nothing that I won’t bang on,
Cause the world’s a drum to me! So I bang on radiators,
With a spoon the pot goes – boom, bam, bum! Maybe someone will take pity,
And they’ll buy me my own drum. Bang it, bang it, bang it boom,
bang it boom, bang it boom! Bang it, bang it, bang it bam,
bang it bam, bang it bam! Bang it, bang it, bang it bum,
bang it bum, bang it bum! Bang it, beat it bum, bum!
Bang the drum! Bang the drum! Both my father and my mother
Wish I’d play a violin instead. I don’t want to, I’m a drummer,
But I can’t drum that in their heads. So I bang on radiators,
With a spoon the pot goes – boom, bam, bum! Maybe someday they will get it,
And they’ll buy me my own drum! Bang it, bang it, bang it boom,
bang it boom, bang it boom! Bang it, bang it, bang it bam,
bang it bam, bang it bam! Bang it, bang it, bang it bum,
bang it bum, bang it bum! Bang it, bang it bum, bum!
Bang the drum! Tom Thomas, let’s take a break! But I’m not done! Keep going, Nolik! This is fun! Maybe it’s fun for you! Stop!!! That’s enough!!! And now, let’s turn it off. Can you hear that? It stopped buzzing. It did. Hey everybody, it’s Nolik! Yo! What’s up? So, our noisy ghost is back. I thought you’d be practicing at home now. Tom Thomas is drumming there.
I had to run away. Well, our excursion is over. And now I would just be so happy
to listen to your rock group. Hurrah! Bang the drum! Come on, not so loud! Did you say something?! I beg you, not that loud, please! Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! Chess How about that? Then I’ll play… my pawn. And I’ll play my pawn. Grandpus, we need our spool and it’s missing. Oh! Congratulations. Professor, have you seen it anywhere? The spool? I haven’t seen it. We’re playing chess, can’t you see? Do you like board games? Like Dominoes, for instance. Just about everybody has played it,
but do you know where it came from? Dominoes was invented by the ancient Chinese. They made tiles and decorated them
with dots like on a pair of dice. And this a game that looks a lot like checkers, but it’s a lot more challenging. It’s called backgammon. Backgammon originated in Persia
and from there it spread all over the world. But the most challenging game of them all
is the game of chess. Chess was invented in India, and today the game of chess is loved in every country. It’s played by adults, by children,
and even by computers! Chess is a real sport, but the most important thing for playing chess
is not the power in your arms, but the power in your brain. Hey, look! I found it! Hey, what’s going on?! That’s our spool! Please let us take it back!
There’s something we have to do with it. But we’re using it! Can’t you wait? It’s a replacement for the missing pawn. Oh! Nolik can work for a while
as the pawn’s replacement. Yeah! I could do it! Alright, you can take it. And you stand right over here. One, two, three, up we go! Class! So how do we play? You’re going to play for the whites. And now I’m going to capture your knight! And we… We’re going to knock over yours! Take that! Woah-woah-woah, young man! Slow down! It goes back here. Nolik, get back to your square! What for? Pawns don’t move like that. Then how do they move? Only one square per move and only forward. Of all of the pieces, the little pawn is the weakest. What a mess! So which one’s strongest? This! It’s the queen!
She’s the most dangerous threat to the other king. How come I couldn’t be queen?! Then that black king would have to deal with me. Oh, yes! In chess each player has a black or white army
with eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two castles and a queen. All of them work together for their king, trying to protect him while attacking the enemy’s king. If the king finds himself in a position
where he can be captured, the attacking player says “check”. And if the king finds himself with nowhere to run
from the attack, it’s called “checkmate”. Whoever checkmates the other player’s king first
is the winner! I’ll move my queen. Yeah! And me… my queen! Then I’ll just capture your queen! Really? Then I’ll just capture yours! Granpus, should I go now? Not yet. So, do you feel like surrendering? You’re kidding. Do you? Nolik, forward! Hurrah! We’ll step aside. Forward! Uh-huh! Next I’ll go and capture the knight! He got away! Alright, Pawn, and once more – go forward! Grand… Grandpus! Where do I go now? Don’t you see the edge? Don’t go anywhere! Now you’re the queen! What?! The rules of chess say that if a pawn
makes it all the way to the other side, he can become anything that was captured earlier. Hurrah! Then I’ll be the queen!
And I’ll be the strongest piece in the whole game! Hey, queen! Get back here! In case you don’t know, this isn’t over yet! We capture the pawn with the queen. Queen, this is your new place. Check. Check. Huh! Yeah? Now come to here. Check mate, my colleague! Of course it is! Oh! It is… mate. Yeah. I lost. Hurrah! Tideesh! Tideesh! Tideesh! Professor, we found the missing pawn for you. So that means Nolik can leave with us. I’m not going anywhere with you! Chess is the greatest game you’ll ever play in your life! You should have seen
how I put Professor Eugenius into check mate! Really? Well… Grandpus helped me a little. Actually, it was Grandpus telling me where to move. But I’m the queen now! Fixies go to Fixie schools
And study to be masters. There’s so much they need to learn
To save us from disasters! There isn’t one appliance
That they don’t know about, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! Tubes Today’s lesson will be on pipes and tubing. Right here inside of this laboratory
you can see them all over. Look! Over there! And there. Some more over there. And there’s another one. So, who can tell me
some different uses for tubes? Digit. They’re used in plumbing! To carry the water! Nolik, in school we don’t give an answer
without being called on. Digit. – You can…
– And for carrying waste! I am talking to Digit now! Gas goes through pipes too! Stop interrupting us! And don’t forget about
smoke in a smokestack! Nolik, that’s just rude behavior! Out! Right now! Alright. And a shower hose,
that’s also a tube, right? – I told you to get out!
– Yikes! And a vacuum cleaner’s got one too! And those spyglasses that pirates use
when they’re sailing! Hey, what do you say
we all go and sneak out of here? Great idea. Let him call out to himself. And a trumpet is a tube you blow through! Nolik is my younger brother. There’s a lot he still doesn’t know, but that doesn’t stop him from
getting involved in things he probably shouldn’t. Unfortunately that can get him into trouble, so every once and a while me
or my parents have to rescue him. No, I wouldn’t call Nolik a pest, he’s just a bit curious. That’s why he broke
the number one fixie rule – hide from humans! Nolik’s the one who first
became friends with Tom Thomas. Well, I was there too, but Nolik started it! Actually… First it was Grandpus! Many years ago
he befriended Professor Eugenius. And after that the professor
let us have our school in his laboratory. So, it turns out that Nolik
is just like his grandfather! Digit, go on then. Tubes are… Wow! Just look at all the tubes in here! There’s rubber ones
and glass ones that are curvy! Oh yeah! Pens! Parts of them are tubes too! He stopped talking. He ran out if ideas. And those tube slides at the waterpark! The barrel of a rifle
and the shell of a bullet – those are tubes. Oh! There’s a tube with a serious crack! And it’s also dripping. And hissing! It’s dripping? Where?! How can I show you
when you kicked me out of class?! What’s going on? Take a look! The tube up there’s leaking. That’s acid dripping out! Is that dangerous? It’s awful! Any second now, it will… explode! Where did Professor Eugenius go? He went to eat his sandwich. So what do we do? It’s a disaster. Don’t panic! Fire, Verda, go to that hose and shut off that valve. Simka, go get a pack-o-mat! We’ll fix this pipe ourselves. It’s very important to be sure
that a pipe won’t leak! But making pipes that won’t leak isn’t so easy. Pipes can be made by rolling up
a sheet of metal and sealing it up. Unfortunately the seam can break, and that’s why people have figured out
how to make pipes without seams. They do it by stretching out
hot metal on special machines. And PVC pipes are squeezed out
of hot plastic like pasta. When the plastic is cooled down,
it hardens into a pipe. We fixed it just in time. Nolik, way to go there! Hey, Simka! Where is he? Don’t know. Heh, he finally left. Here I am! Nolik, I want to thank you for being alert! And I’d like you to join our class. Tideesh! Only don’t forget: In my class, students can not answer
unless they’re called on. Now then, pipes and tubing. Digit, please continue. Well? But Nolik said all of ’em already. Nolik! Not all! A straw for drinking a shake is a tube! And some noodles are tubes
made out of dough! And what’s it called, that thing… a hole in a mountain. Wait a second, I’ll get it. A volcano! That’s not it. They go this way. I mean
the kind that go like that. They’re tunnels. You got it! Well done there! Yeah. Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Draftsman Huh? What? Hi there, Tom Thomas! What are you drawing? I’m not drawing, this is called drafting. What’s the difference? Tell me, is that a circle? Sure is! And that? It’s a circle too! Only it’s a rounder one! Of course! That’s because I drafted it! With a compass. And now I’ve got a real target. So now I’ll load my dart gun. Why’d you shoot that thing at me? It was the gun! I didn’t even pull the trigger! What? Did it break? Let’s open it up and see. There! This little part broke. Let me go find Papus. He can help you. He can make another one,
a brand new one. Wait! I can draft a technical drawing. Will Papus understand
how to read one of those? Are you kidding? Papus is an expert at everything. Done! Wow, Tom Thomas, you’re
a real technical drawer! A draftsman, Nolik! That’s what they call it! Try drawing a perfect circle by hand. Can’t do it huh? Well, with the help of a drafting compass
your circle will turn out great! Just put the needle point in the center
and turn the compass, and it’s done! A compass is only one
of the many different tools for drafting. For example, if you need to draw
a straight line, use a ruler! And if you need to draft
a frame for your picture, you can use a triangle! First draft one side and then – the other. And then to finish your frame, just turn the triangle upside-down
and draft the two remaining sides. You’ll get a perfectly squared frame. There are also drafting instruments
for making curved lines. They are called irregular curves or french curves. But actually, now people use
computers more and more for drafting technical drawings. Papus! What? What happened? We really need your help. One of the parts broke
in Tom Thomas’ dart gun. Could you make it? What kind of part exactly? Look! Here’s a technical drawing. So, you’ve even got a technical drawing? Very good then, let’s take a look at it. Here you go! Super! Let’s see. It’s not gonna work. You see, it sticks out here on the side. I need to draft another technical drawing. Papus! Nolik, you scared me again. Forgive me, but the part has to stick out
over on this side. And you’re sure that’s all? That’s all, for real! Tom Thomas! It’s done! Listen, while you were gone, I realized that the part
needs to have a hole. Right here. Papus! Again?! Sorry about this. But there’s a hole in this thing too. A technical drawing
is a special kind of drawing. It has to precisely describe
the thing that needs to be made. To do that, the drawing must be
very accurately drafted and include all of the measurements. And that’s not all. If the object is complex, it must be drafted
from at least three sides including the front, the side, and the top. You see? The object looks
different from every side. So if you don’t want to work
over and over again, learn to draft correctly! Ka-boom! It works!!! Bullseye! And all thanks to
our technical drawings! Yeah, after three tries, right? Some draftsmen you are! Now I can draft all sorts of technical drawings! Even one of you if you’d like. No, don’t bother. – Hey!
– Great! – That tickles!
– Now do me a favor and turn. Hey, what are you doing there? Just stop! – What’s going on?
– Now I think I got it. It’s done! And what’s that circle for? That’s the top view. You know what, Simka? That’s what you really
look like from up here. Nolik, take this over to Papus. He can use is to make another Simka. No, thanks, Tom Thomas! For me, one Simka is enough. They take care of our machines:
Irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens,
Even rollercoasters. Without them clocks stop ticking,
Without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! Friction Tom Thomas! That door of yours squeaks terribly! Yeah, and it’s not easy to open either. Well, that’s because the hinges are rubbing.
That’s why your door is not working right. How can I fix it? Just reduce the amount of friction. – How?
– With some oil on the hinges. I can do it for you because I’ve got a pack-o-mat. Alright. Simka, can I help you? Sure you can! Wear the pack-o-mat, all right? Friction is the force that tries to stop something from
sliding or rubbing smoothly against something else. Rubbing can make things wear out quickly
if there is a lot of friction. If you want less friction, you need to put something
on the parts that rub against each other. Like oil. There are special kinds of grease used
to keep clocks and wheels turning smoothly, and for skis, a special kind of wax can be
used to make them go even faster. That’s it! Now the top hinge. It’s all done! Go ahead and check how it’s working. It’s not squeaking! I told you! You guys are the best! – I’ve got to go.
– Go where? I’m going to go sledding! Maybe you’ll take me with you? Sorry, Nolik. You don’t have a sled
to ride on. I’ll see you later! Simka, should I grease the saucer? What for? It will slide down the hill just the way it is. OK then. Wait here for me, Nolik. I’ll be back real soon with a surprise for you. Yeah! Oil is slippery! I know what I’ll do! Wow! Talk about no friction! Hey! Any one? Help, help! Simka! Nolik? Are you alright? Just stay where you are, I’ll be right there! – Papus!
– Papus, help us, please! Who called for me? Help is on the way! Hey, what are you up to? – Grandpus, stay away from here!
– You’ll fall over! What did you say? Stay where you are! What happened here? I poured some oil on the table. – Why did you do that?
– To reduce… friction. That’s brilliant! Nobody move! I know exactly what to do! And what was the problem you had with the friction? I want to see all of this oil gone in five minutes. Engineers are in a constant battle
with the force of friction. They want less friction so that cars will run faster, and their parts will wear out less quickly. But just imagine what the world would be like
if all of a sudden there was simply no friction at all! Everything would start slipping out
of our hands and falling off the table. Knots would untie themselves.
And that’s not the half of it! Cars wouldn’t be able to run without friction either. Wheels would spin around and around
in one place unable to grab onto the road. We wouldn’t even be able to walk! Because when we walk, we move forward
by pushing off the ground with our feet. And how can we do that without friction? We can’t! So now I think you can see why it’s not so bad
to have a little bit of friction in our lives! We cleaned it! But it’s still so stinky! Nolik, I completely forgot! I promised you a surprise. Look! What is it? I made you your very own saucer for sledding. That’s great! Only… what good is this thing without snow? Nolik, hey! Look at what I’ve got for you! Snow? Yeah! Is it real snow? Really? Yep! Now you’ve got your very own hill to sled on! This is great! What an awesome surprise! And you don’t need oil to make it go quickly!

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