The Good and the Bad of Podcast Hosting in 2019

The Good and the Bad of Podcast Hosting in 2019

if you were worried about where you’re
going to host your podcasts in the New Year never fear your girl Ms. Ileane is
here and I’ll help you decide where to host your podcast in the coming year
thanks so much for joining me today I’m Ileane and today I want to talk to you
about podcasting one of my favorite topics and some of the things that you
should think about that you should take into consideration before you choose a
host for your podcast so let’s kick things off first what do I mean by
hosting your podcast well you want your podcast to be listed in the major of
podcast directories for example iTunes oh my bad I said that wrong it has been
rebranded and it’s now Apple podcast I kind of did that on purpose just want to
see if you were paying attention Apple podcasts has the lion’s share of
podcasts and where people are searching for podcasts and listening to podcasts
then there’s also the Google Play Store then there’s a few other places that are
really ones that you look to when you want to think about looking for a
podcast now those hosting companies will create
an RSS feed for you that’s why having a host is important you know it sounds so
technical it sounds so complicated like what is an RSS feed how do I get one
where do I get one I get this question all the time especially now that I’m
using Anchor and in case you haven’t heard of that is a place where you can use to get your podcast listed on Apple
podcast and Google Play and other directories like overcast so with that
said you need a host in order to literally put your audio files on their
servers you don’t want to use your blog’s web host to do that you don’t
want to use Google Drive because first of all the way the podcast host consumes
your feed it needs to make sure that it doesn’t go down that you don’t have
issues with updating the feet and all of that so the feed has to be valid in
terms of Apple podcast so you need a hosting provider for that reason and so
with that said let’s talk a little bit more about the the different options
that you have out there for your hosting because remember the host is going to
provide the RSS feed the RSS feed is really a critical component of your
podcast because what happens is the RSS feed actually says hey there’s a new
episode there’s a new item there’s a new consumable here from this content
provider let me go ahead and download it for you that’s what the RSS feed does
for you so you want a host that’s reliable and has a lot of experience in
delivering this RSS feed that has a great reputation and also you want one
that’s affordable because they do most of them do have
some type of fee associated with them and typically the fee is determined by
how much storage you use and the stats that you’re going to get from the hosts
okay so with all of that said let me just say that will keep anchor a little
separate how are your smart devices going oh okay we’re going to talk about
that too because that’s another place where podcasts are starting to get
listening listen to is on the smart devices and hey Taryn dr. taryn and
ratney is here as well and when you’re talking about the Amazon echo whose name
I can’t say right now because she’s listening and of course Google home and
I don’t know if apples coming out with the air whatever they want to call it in
the next few months but these are places that also people can consume podcasts as
well as in their cars and all that now those things aren’t the big share of the
podcast consumption but they do play a role and I think that you need to
consider that your podcast will be in those places because the way the podcast
is referred to how its searched for and all of that oh my gosh I got a super
chat so with that must mean it’s time to show the chat hey says dr. taryn Lupo
says thanks for all the help over the years with the $5 super check
thank you so much dr. taryn so with that that just reminds me that I need to take
out a little bit of a break and show what’s going on to the chat and so we
have first off Tish was the first one here my hashtag ologists dish and then
katie is here as well and then dr. taryn came in and then also ratney has come in
and then we got the super chat and thanks for all the help over the years
you’re very much appreciated sir thank you so much for the super chat so let’s
talk about the hosting providers that I recommend either I’ve used these myself
or through the time of me podcasting which has been since 2009 so that’s nine
years and me following podcasts about podcasting and being really part of the
fabric of the podcasting community I have had experience through my
podcasting mentors of the podcasting host that have been very reliable and
have also done a fantastic job of customer service that’s important that’s
important right so like I said we’re gonna leave anchor to the side because
anchor is separate they don’t operate the same way as these other hosts that
I’m going to mention so here is my list I know that the moment you’ve all been
waiting for I’m gonna give you my list in order of preference okay I’ve got to
put my glasses on even though I should know this by heart
number one is going to be libsyn and that stands for liberated syndication so
it’s l ib sy n you go over Lipson comm and you can use my friend Dave Jackson
he has a promo code that’ll help you get one month free and that promo code is s
o P free and you can also use that same promo code over at blubrry now blubrry is raw voice as the name of the parent company and Todd Cochran he runs
that operation and blubrry is spelled without the E’s so it’s Blubrry and actually I should have said this next one as my second choice
and that’s Spreaker Spreaker is like speakers but with an r
S P R E A K E R speaker I absolutely love Spreaker and I actually hosts a podcast
over on Spreaker because I have three podcast right now okay I have one that’s
one Libsyn which is one the Apple podcast and I also have one that’s
through anchor but then there’s a third one that’s on the Spreaker platform
which is the one that is not listed an apple podcast okay so that’s my own
personal setup I don’t recommend that setup for anybody else just so you’ll
know but here’s what I love about Spreaker you can go live with audio on
Spreaker platform Spreaker is the only host that actually has built and
recording and podcast creation tools so you can do it from your desktop you can
do it from your phone you can bring in others via Skype and as I said that I
just remembered that’s hi hey Pam I had not given anyone the link if anybody
wants to come in and chat with me so I’m gonna post that link over whoa sorry
wrong link and hopefully someone will want to come in and I see Pam Gomez is
here and she’s got a lot of great stuff going on maybe she’ll want to come in
and fill us in on that never know she may want to do a podcast I first posted
over for my patrons and in our patrons notification Squad group there all right
so I see Pam said that she has dinner dinner invite but you know dinner can
wait so anyway there’s for those folks who wanted to join in you can so now
there’s one more host that I didn’t get a chance to I got so excited talking
about Spreaker cuz I absolutely know Spreaker and blueberry is is great –
it’s just that I haven’t really used blueberry in a
while I used them when I first started but I haven’t used them in a while but I
actively use Lipson and Spreaker those are my two go twos right now so the next
one that I recommend is pod bean then that one spelled just the way it sounds
pod bean and the cool thing about pod bean is they actually have a component
in there that’s similar to patreon and you can be a patron of a podcast on pi
bean now I actually just stopped using pod bean recently and only because you
know like how many hosts Kim one girl have for a podcast I got youtube so you
know but popping was fine you know and our friend give him a shout out guy our
cook he has his his podcast over there and
it’s the guy our cook show dot PI being calm he does an amazing show every
weekday like a 15 minute 10-15 minute podcast daily podcast that he does and
he uses pod bean so he’s very pleased with it and they give you sort of like a
mini web page like a blog page for you to do your show notes on so okay what is
the cost on Spreaker Rodney um that I was not prepared but what I can do is I
can actually go over there and look and see and tell you right now I’m not sure
if you’ve had this problem before when you go on live sometimes YouTube doesn’t
like when you do to me too many screen shares on desktop so this one I’m not
going to screen share and I’ll just tell you
so for $5.99 a month or 59 annually that’s what they call it one air talent
the broadcaster which is my plan which is $20 a month or 200 annually the
anchorman which is one they keep trying to get me to upgrade to but I refuse
and that anchorman is $50 I’m sorry yeah $15 a month or 500 annually and then
there’s one that’s like four stations people that have more than one show like
if if you were hosting a bunch of different podcasts that you wanted to
have under your the umbrella of your network then that would be 119 or 1200
annually okay thanks I may do one day in the future well that brings me really
quickly to anchor anchor is a free host however whenever there’s free there’s a
cost of free right and the cost with the anchor podcast is that you give up
control so I recommend anchor to folks who not really sure what they want a
podcast about not really sure how podcasting works not really sure if
podcasting is if they even have enough ideas or enough content for podcast you
can try anchor out and get a feel for the whole concept of podcasting get your
gear together you know and all that and then you can graduate so to speak over
to Lipson or blueberry or Spreaker so with that also Tech India firm is here
hey hey hey and Katie said that would be me yes
Katie you know that’s a beauty of anchor it doesn’t cost you anything
however and here’s what I mean by I say that you’d lose control remember earlier
I was talking about the RSS feeds right RSS feed is your critical component of
your podcast once you have that feed that is what you submit to iTunes or
Apple podcast right and like sometimes people will say well how do I upload
my files to iTunes well you don’t they take your RSS feed because you set up an
account with them you probably already have an account especially if you have a
Mac you know because the iTunes software now that is really iTunes the software
is already pre-installed on your computer right and then you go ahead and
connect that because that’s how you can listen to music and all that from your
computer and then you go ahead and you know you have to sign up for that
account and you can subscribe to a podcast that way as well so that same
email address is the email address that you use to submit your podcast okay and
you know what I do have a blog post that sort of goes through some of this and
Mele I was talking about in this particular blog post I have several blog
posts where I talk about podcasting okay but this particular one and I am gonna
risk the screen share to show you this because this is a good worthwhile it’s
over on my Eileen Smith calm blog and I’ll grab that link to for you and it’s
just all talking about the rankings of your podcast and understanding how your
podcast is being ranked okay so this is a good one to get a good idea about once
you do start podcasting you know how do you determine if your podcast is really
a good one or not and so I’m going to post this link over here in the chat and
you guys can check that out you can check it out later on don’t don’t leave
the live stream okay don’t want you to do that alright so let
me come back and alright so stop screen sharing okay yay let me come back good
okay so now I’ve kind of given you guys a little bit of an overview and let me
just make sure I didn’t miss anything or e so we talked about the RSS feed we
talked about the reason you need a podcast host okay you
don’t want to host it on your website and I didn’t tell you why here’s one
reason why you don’t want to host on your website
let’s just say for example your show gets popular and you may even have had
this problem before with here if your blog or your website got popular your
host will tell you oh no you’re getting too much traffic over there especially
if you’ve got like shared hosting or what they call VPS hosting you know your
host is not equipped your website host is not equipped to keep up with all the
bandwidth and all the requirements needed to deliver that RSS feed so they
can be consumed because it could be hundreds of people coming to listen to
your podcast at the same time you know once you start building up your
subscribers right it’s not like YouTube where you don’t have to worry you can
have hundreds hundreds of people watching you right on a website that’s a
problem for your hosts because they’re not anticipating that kind of traffic
and they will shut your dad there’s been incidents where people have gotten shut
down or even worse people can’t listen to your podcast you know so so once you
have decided that you do want to do a podcast and you can use anchor to test
out your ideas or you can just say look I’m gonna go for it I don’t want to
bother with anchor because I want that control then that’s when you would go to
Lipson li b sy n blueberry without the ease BL you beat rry Spreaker speaker
with an R or pod bean okay so that was a quick recap but I do have more to tell
you there are some hosts and some of them may even charge but there’s a
couple of them that I do not recommend and so I’m just gonna put it out there
cuz you know everybody thinks I’m just a little miss nice dad gal
but sometimes I just have to be honest with you so let’s just talk about it and
get it over with and one of them would be audio boom audio boom hey it’s author
hi offer audio boom is one that I don’t recommend they limit how many podcast
episodes you can do in one day and all that and there’s beauty bub oh hey
thanks Beauty Bob always said everyone hold onto your mics so Audioboo it used
to be called audio boo and they used to do like five-minute segments very
similar to anchor but not as active of a community but they change to audio boom
I don’t know if they got bought out or what but I would avoid that one I would
avoid that one if you want to just do the short form podcast just use anchor
use anchor because right now anchor is pretty stable I would say looking
forward to the next at least six months of them before they think about changing
their business model you know because I just got a infusion of cash all right
so the next one that I would avoid as a primary podcasting host is SoundCloud
and SoundCloud is very attractive people like the players that SoundCloud
provides but that’s another thing I do want to talk about players so I’m going
to go back to this conversation about players a lot of the players are nice
you know it’s not just SoundCloud but I would not use them as a primary host you
can use them as a secondary host in other words you don’t use that RSS feed
from SoundCloud you just use it to get traffic and if you want that player you
want to put that player on your website then you also not just upload your files
to Lipson or to blueberry but then you can also upload them to SoundCloud just
so people have another place to consume your content and out the corner of my
eye I can see that the chat is jumping so I’m going to risk it and I’m going
screen share the chat so I can read what you guys are saying okay people were
saying hi to beauty I guess oh and Carla said SoundCloud still has a cash flow
problem I honestly don’t know a Carla the last I heard they were they
had this big cash flow problem and then somebody came and gave them some money
but who knows if that’s enough money because it’s just like it’s not worth
following that back and forth this has been going on for at least three or four
years with SoundCloud they didn’t just start having these financial problems
it’s been going on for a long time and quite frankly I’m just I had enough of
trying to follow along and keep up with them I will go over there and listen to
podcasts but only in a pinch only if I can’t find the podcast on
iTunes or somewhere else I will listen on a desktop I don’t even have that
SoundCloud app on my phone Pat Murray is there hey Pat Pat if you
want to come in or beauty if you want to come in I will send that link over and
that’s the name of it I couldn’t remember it okay thanks for telling me
that I didn’t know that about SoundCloud oh yeah if you just do it Carla I know
you’re very good with doing searches and you’re so organized and all that stuff
just do SoundCloud search for SoundCloud and money problems or SoundCloud yeah
funding problems and you’ll see that it goes back
you may even some of the older articles may even come up in the search before
the last round of financial issues okay there’s another one that I also don’t
recommend as your main podcasting host but they are good as a secondary one and
that’s mixed cloud mixed cloud that’s just another host very similar to
SoundCloud I mean they’re almost like a SoundCloud clone but I’ve actually never
heard of them having financial issues and probably because nobody really pays
Mixcloud too much attention but I like them I thought the platform is very
easy-to-use and I do have some of my podcasts over there so let’s go back and
talk about players but with that let me take a little a little sip I’ve had my
afternoon time energy boost Pam is here hey Pam hey let me that’s the big
spotlight oh okay you were right oh we lost your audio say to repeat that I do
have that dinner starting at 3 o’clock the family dinner so I’m just here
briefly and I don’t want to be naked in my family if you’re late doing the
dishes cool well you know what um hang on one second that we have a podcasting
legend in the house hey man we’ve got Rob Greenlee from speaker he has been
one of my favorite podcasters he is right now
currently working with Spreaker and he’s the head of their partner relationships
I know I said that wrong Rob but I gave you the essence of it right so he is the
man make sure y’all follow him here as well as on Twitter you know and I always
want you guys to connect with each other so what you do is you go over and you
click one of those three dots say and see it says go to channel but also you
can follow Rob on Twitter and his handle is just like his name with tui so it’s
Rob Greenlee and he is just someone who’s just done so much for the
podcasting community and I was listening to both of his shows over the last
couple of days he’s got the Spreaker live show that he does with Alex Exim
and he also has the new media show which he does with Todd
grin so this is why you know rob is one of the reasons why I know so much about
podcasting even when my podcast was on hiatus for almost for over a year I kept
up with it because of people like Robert and especially because of Rob because
he’s so prolific and all that and he’s one that one thing that I love about
listening to Rob and so if you’re into podcasting seriously you gotta follow
him it’s because he has a wealth of information from all different sides of
the podcasting space you know you have people that are hosts then you’ve got
people who just do podcast and kind of like as their side thing like when he
used to work for Microsoft and so forth so anyway Rob I would be glad to send
you a link over in Twitter if you wanted to come in and chat so and speaking
about players I was I’m glad you came in Rob but before we do that let’s see if
pam has any questions cuz we you know she’s going to her dinner have you ever
thought about doing a podcast girl I did my hands go oh yes yeah that’s another
thing you know you don’t want to have your hands in too many pots and for me
that’s why anchor is so convenient because anchor lets me do it in those
five minute segments and right now I’m doing a bit of a challenge thank you
guys please follow me on Twitter and I will be posting every day I have done a
podcast so far in the month of November and the challenge is and it’s a hashtag
not net hmm Ned pod pomo national podcast post month so today is day 19 in
fact I’m in the middle of that podcast right now because I want anchor like I
said you can record those segments and so I’m waiting for more callings to come
in because one another reason why I like anchor
because I can integrate all those other voices with those Collins and I get some
of the best questions from the folks over there on anchor and they can record
the question for up to one minute and you’re doing a great job at it oh well
thank you thank you so much dear and Carla says she’s doing NaNoWriMo and you
know I don’t know which one came first Carla because if I’m not mistaken there
was a girl on Twitter and I can’t remember her name who started this
natpop Omo and she says she’s been doing it for ten years so I don’t know how
long man no rhyme Oh has been coming on but you know it’s kind of a little bit
of a different level of a can of accountability with podcasting because
you literally have to post and is you know of course it’s public and everybody
can see if you post it or not whereas with NaNoWriMo people kind of don’t
really know if you if you wrote something unless you tell so that’s the
way I looked at it I remember when I was just blogging before I was doing these
live streams and all that was a few times that it was National Novel Writing
Month and I started to do it and I was like I don’t know if I could do that
every day talking there I’m did every day yes yes until she put the pot the
hash tag over there hash tag night nap pod pomo and I’m like all my Twitter
today I pinned them because today I did QA and it wasn’t because I didn’t have a
topic but I wanted to hold that topic for tomorrow because on the weekends
things slowed down over an anchor so I figure I would do a QA and then that way
holds the real juicy topic for the weekday yeah so so let’s talk about the
players now a lot of folks who are podcasting you know they have
their websites or blog and they’re using WordPress for example so if you’re using
WordPress there are a lot of players that are plugins you know for example
Pat Flynn has a player everybody knows what Pat Flynn is right he’s you know he
has a course out on podcasting I don’t know if the registration for it is
closed but he’s a great podcasting person to follow as well and his players
I see that on a lot of sites because the way it works is that you can see all of
the not just a current episode but you can scroll down and see the upcoming
episodes and a lot of these players they like to make sure they add all those
subscribe buttons so subscribe one Apple podcast subscribe and Google Play
subscribe on stitcher the stitcher is an app that’s for Android but also they do
have the Apple iOS app and you know there’s a few others that will be
included in the podcast players but in addition there’s a email subscription
link and so that’s something that a lot of podcasters you know want to make sure
that they’re growing their email lists in addition to growing their subscriber
base for their podcasts how’s your email list going pam you see this grow net yes
it’s growing daily yes great website oh great yeah yeah
so podcast is another way to help attract you know leads for your email
lists so the other player that I want to mention blueberry they have a plug-in
that a lot of people use and you know there’s play with that but I don’t know
if Rob is still here I’m going to assume he’s not but Robb’s Spreaker the
organization that Rob works for which is Spreaker and I told you guys that was
really number two favorites host and secretly
is number one hahaha they have this really attractive
player and they just made an update to it that if you don’t even want that
Spreaker branding on that player you can take that squeaker branding off and
that’s something that Lipson does not offer if you you know you hosting with
Lipson unless you have like one of the big-time accounts i don’t know hundreds
of dollars a month or something you can’t take their branding off of
your player it says listen no matter what but
Spreaker has decided that they will let you go ahead and take their logo off of
their player but it’s pretty amazing so you know what I’m going to Pam why don’t
you give us an update of what’s going on with your book well I make sure
everybody has this link in case they want to come in okay the official launch
of the book in the Bahamas December night Oh tell everybody what the book is
the book is entitled top ten essential oils for health and wellness and like I
mentioned the launch in the Bahamas is on December 9th at a local bookstore
called by the floor it’s available on Amazon right now and yesterday was an
exciting day because we did a photo shoot and some of the photos are on
Facebook on my Facebook page but even the best clear released yep how much is
it the book is actually $12.99 it’s all about essential oils the top ten and
essential oils that I’ve used over the past seven to ten years that has gotten
rave reviews that includes lavender eucalyptus peppermint basil bergamot um
it’s quite a few others grapefruit rosemary and I particularly
like rosemary because it’s keeps you focused and mentally alert so
that’s one that’s very popular so business persons and students study okay
great well that’s something that we all need to stay alert maybe I need to do
that and so do these energy drinks you’re welcome dear
you can poop while you can’t post that link post the link over here in the chat
and then I’ll post it and also I got a great question over here from George
Earl hey George how are you and you guys make sure you connect with George I
don’t know if he’s got a podcast I think he may be one of my anchor friends I’m
not sure but he says just curious what control is lost with anchor and you know
I apologize guys because I started talking about that and either I didn’t
finish talking about it or was before George got here one of the ways that you
submit your podcast to these podcast directories such as apple pie casts and
Google Play is your RSS feed you have to set up an account and you use your email
address you know your email addresses on your account just like anything else
okay and then if there’s a problem with your feet you’ll get an email from Apple
podcast if when or I shouldn’t say if but when Apple podcast comes out with
their stats because there’s going to roll out stats very soon I’d say in the
next two or three months we’re all going to be able to see stats which we were
not able to see from Apple before that’s going to be in your podcast Connect
account which you can log into with your email address well when Ankur submits
your podcast to iTunes you can’t see any of that because Ankur uses their email
address to submit all those podcasts so if you want to change something you
have to go through anchor if you want to see your stats I don’t know if anchor is
going to build something so that people can log in or maybe some kind of a
portal you know with a wrapper around it that you know you’re looking at it
through anchor I doubt it not right now not while it’s still free right well why
would they want to do that but right now they’re the ones that control that fee
or let’s just say there’s some dispute with your account an anchor just says
hmm you know we don’t want you on the platform anymore or let’s just say they
go away that’s it for your podcast that’s it because anchor has those files
there the hosts this is why I’m recommending and this is why is very
important I’m glad George asked that question because this is really the
whole reason why I’m doing this show for you to prepare for 2018 there’s a good
and a bad and so using anchor is good when you’re testing the waters and maybe
you just want to start a second or third podcast or maybe you want to do like me
which I have a hybrid approach I use anchor for the recording and for the
call ends and then I download those files and upload them through Lipson
because with Lipson I have contour I have direct control because Lipson just
provides me that RSS feed which I submit to Apple podcast okay so if that sounds
a little complicated you guys let me know anywhere that you may have got
stuck and I will go over it again I don’t mind because I know it’s important
and you know it’s like I said it’s one of the reasons why I even wanted to do
this this show today was so that you guys would know and I’m with that I’m
also going to get ready to give you the link for Pam’s book so maybe if I do a little screen share
but first I gotta log in to my Apple podcast actually it’s called iTunes
Eileen thank you so much I’m gonna yep okay dear enjoy your dinner
I appreciate you so much for taking the time to come in I appreciate you for
allowing me bye everyone bye bye honey okay guys I’m going to log
into my account first and then we’ll do a little screen share thank goodness how
Chrome remembers oh but now I got a thing from its confirming and it was my
tooth factor identification that’s great I was keeping me secure all right so now
that I’m logged in I can come back and show what it’s going to look like all
right so now I’ve had a problem with screen share in the past so it’s
possible that I might not come back after this all you would hear me
you’d hear me but you wouldn’t see me but let’s just give it a go and hope for
the best okay so here we go this is what podcasts
connect see I’m logged in I have logged in with my email address I cannot log
into my anchor podcast if I wanted to add another podcast let’s just say I
started a podcast with Pam and it was you know the the filly Bahama connection
or something like that right then I would go in here and I would click the
Add button and then I would grab that RSS feed cuz I probably would host it on
Spreaker right with with Rob Greenlees outfit which is called Spreaker and then
I would put that feed in there and then it would tell me if it was valid or not
okay but right now I just have let me back up
I just have this one and you know it gives me a little bit of details
eventually like I mentioned before it will show me some stats in here not yet
but it’s coming soon you know I think podcasters are getting pretty anxious
waiting for that to come let’s see hopefully I’ll come back to you hey I’m
back okay so that’s a really important piece guys free Jenelle so I’m just
gonna go back to my notes and make sure I covered everything and let me know if
you have any questions at all and maybe we can do a little anchor demo oh I know
what I’ll do I’ll show you what my anchor podcast looks like even though won’t be from the podcast connect side that was how it starts up and this is
the website that if you wanted to listen to my anchor podcast on the web you
would just go over to anchor dot F M slash Ilene let me type that in and say
George F M /i le8 and II hey so now let me screen share that so the great thing about anchor is that
they do provide Quick Links for people to go ahead and follow you one Apple
podcast and Google Play Music you know they don’t want they don’t expect you to
just people to just listen to your show on the web
okay so let’s go to Google listen to Google Play music let’s go there first
we already talked about Apple podcast so there’s the show it’s the anchor show
now I didn’t get approval from them to use that name but they seem to like it
the fact that I used that and like I said I’ve been doing this NAT pop almost
you see there every day so far in a month of November this is where I’ve
been publishing and it’s so much easier for me to do that challenge over there
on anchor rather than trying to do that on my lips and podcast that would just
probably I would have fell off much sooner I wouldn’t be doing it anymore
because it’s a little bit more complicated but these episodes are so
much easier for me to create so now while I’m here I’ll be doing screen
share let’s give some time to Spreaker thanks Tish let’s go over to my Spreaker
account so streakers interface is a lot different okay so what you see here is
you can have more than one podcast on Spreaker where you can really have more
than one podcast with anyone but I think Spreaker kind of encourages that and so
this is my profile but then here’s my shoes it just so happens only have the
one show and yes it does have the same name as my other podcasts but it
currently there’s different content on there so this would be the episode list
like Katie asked me earlier oh and I forgot to get back to her about how I
was coming along with my smart devices so here I recorded this episode over on
anchor where I was talking about elect ops nut yeah
Amazon echo don’t want to say her name we were talking about Amazon echo okay
but I didn’t publish that episode over on anchor I downloaded the files and
uploaded it over here on Spreaker and I did not include it in my podcast on
Lipson okay I don’t know how long I’m gonna keep up with doing it this way but
right now that’s the deal alright here’s another one that I’ve kind of been
holding here on um Spreaker but it’s really a good one and it’s about using
quotes and the benefit or the hmm not so much benefit of using quotes like the
good and the bad of social media quotes like today’s episode was like a good in
a bad episode so this is only published here on Spreaker nowhere else okay so
that’s giving you a let me show you a little bit about the Spreaker player
because we were talking about that let’s see if I went into here and here’s the
embed code right thank you guys are seeing this page right okay so this is
what it looks like so if I wanted to get rid of the
Spreaker logo over here I would get rid of this Freaker logo so I can embed that
really cool player let’s see let’s see what it looks like dark isn’t that neat
I absolutely love that player I wish I could use this player over on patreon I
would just use this one but unfortunately it doesn’t work on patreon
but this is really my favorite this is what it looked like with you know you
can use the iframe code which is very similar to that code you’d get from
YouTube or if you were just if I was using a blog they give me
a special code for that okay and I can also change the size of
the player and say that I wanted to be only sixty pixels wide I think I can do
that no I think the minimum I’m sorry the minimum is eighty yeah like the way
that one looks so I would just go with the regular one but I can get my artwork
in there as well and then if I want to enable a playlist see how that looks
I think that is really cool and so let’s look at what the sharing options oh this
is for somebody to like it this is for someone to leave a comment here’s the
sharing options and let’s see you’ve got Facebook Twitter and Google+ and the
info is just giving you my you know my show sort of my show notes for that okay
so then I could say use the photo as the background of course I would use a
different photo right because it tells me what dimensions I need 1400 by 1400
so I would not do that I would just used to do it that way but and then you could
put on play continuous to so therefore if somebody wanted to listen to and they
just wanted to listen to all my episodes what you just love that tsch
you could just listen to all my episodes there so if I had all of my anchor
podcasts over here this would be a great way for me to promote my anchor podcast
and I’m saying here is this saying feature that’s cute it’s got a little
crown there I don’t know if you guys can see that let me make that bigger because
I really like that just I’m just noticing it so see how responsive it was
so this one is saying feature cuz that’s the one that’s up top like if I probably
were to play that one no maybe maybe this show got featured some
I’m not sure I think that’s really cool that it says featured so I gotta ask Rob
Greenlee about that why is this featured I don’t know what that means okay so let
me see what else can I show you all before I do
stop this last screen here let’s go back over here to anchor for a second and
let’s just see what it looks like on the Apple podcast and it still says iTunes
and you know folks like Tish and a hash tag Eileen is correct thank you
Tish knows that you know one of the things that iTunes took away was the
ability to get your apps from your computer you can’t do that anymore so
even though it still says iTunes see this is the problem that Apple is having
with rebranding they want to rebrand this and call it Apple podcast but yet
when you come over here it says iTunes so and I’m and I know people still have
the itunes computer but then it says view and iTunes and it’s just it gets
confusing and I know they’re probably trying to straighten that out oh here’s
another thing back to George’s question about losing control see when you’re on
Apple podcast is ask for your podcast website so guess where that’s gonna go
it’s gonna go back to anchor alright so now let’s let’s check where my my other
podcast goes okay which is miss Eileen speaks now in order for me to get there
I have to go to my website okay then I’ll go to Apple podcast alright now I
just closed my website down so you guys can see that now when I come down here
and say podcast website it’s gonna go back to my website not to my anchor page
big difference and it also opened up iTunes in the background you guys didn’t
see that okay so that’s a big difference this is what we mean when we say you
lose control you know your podcast now belongs to Ankur so I still think
that anchor is a great option for somebody who’s just like I don’t care
about RSS feeds I don’t even you know I’m calm I’m not even sure I
want to do a podcast let me get this anchor app and download it see how you
feel talking into the mic now I I recommend that you use this leverage
layer microphone I’m so glad I had it handy and of course this is only gonna work
for certain iPhones it’s not gonna work for the newer ones unless you have a
dongle or something but the one that I love to use is the rode smartlav+
it’s got a little tangled there because I had it in the bag okay which is you
know lavalier microphone and it’s rode smartlav+ and the link is in the
description to this video all and you can go over to my Amazon shop in fact
that’s another thing I should probably show you my Amazon shop since we’re
talking about gear and yeah in fact I wanted to make an announcement I just
heard from Derral Eve’s that Amazon has reduced the requirements well I
shouldn’t say to reduce the requirements there now also considering your Twitter
following and your Instagram following so all those if you got rejected for the
Amazon influencer program before you can go back now and we reapply if you’ve got
a following on Twitter so I have to make sure I tell Larry snow about that
because he’s got a nice following a nice engaged following over there on Twitter
and so let me show you my Amazon store and you can get there by going to on my
website okay and at the top of the page you see shop and that shop goes to my
Amazon influence their store you know it’s slash shop
/ Eileen Smith and you know my daughter’s books is going to be
available over there very soon they’re waiting for the shipment to come in but
you know here’s the Mike here’s the Mike I was just showing you the smart laughs
plus the one that I’m using right now which is the ATR 2100 the webcam I’m
using right now which is the Logitech c920 all those links are in the
description and then there’s the smart devices here the echo that’s the dot
actually Michelle do you have any recommendations for those who use
Android recommendations for what Michelle for what specific thing for
gear or for apps or what this stuff can all be used with Android this rode
smartlav+ can be used with Android okay if that’s what you meant and of course
you need a tripod well you don’t need a tripod for podcasting but you know for
live-streaming you definitely need a tripod now I recommend this book for
everybody for gear I know but to do podcasting you mean yes this rode
smartlav+ let me go click on it so you’ll see this microphone is for
iPhones and smartphones it definitely works on Android because
I’ve used it on an Android phone before yep works great and what it does is
especially if you’re outside it’s amazing because it has that little teeny
windscreen on it and that noir windscreen will help keep down the wind
noise and everything when you’re outside okay so let’s see if I can come back on
cam and maybe I can show you that yay okay I think it doesn’t like when I show
my phone that that’s when it gets confused so in fact when you get this
mic when you get it in the mail right you might be a little confused about how
to set it up so let me show you how to set it up I’m glad I got a white
background so I can show you this is the one screen I’m talking about so really
your microphone is only this little this is the windscreen see see a little hole
there okay so when you get it you’re gonna try to figure out how do I put
this level earpiece on well I’ll have to show you when I take it off there’s a
little spring there see that spring and you hold the spring back with your
finger that opens it up enough for you to stick the microphone through okay
then you put the then you put the windscreen on it’s like a little hat to
keep its little ears warm so it can make you sound good and there you go and then
you just pin it on I put it on backwards because I normally like to pin it one on
this side of me so I just put it on upside down
that’s okay let’s just do it again I’ve got to remember which way I put it
in and so now turn it turn it upside down before I put the thing back on I
see now eclipse on the way I wanted to write so no you can hide that you put it
underneath I always like that when i’m
live-streaming if i’m using this or whatever
for whatever reason i’m using this I like to wear it on outside
because then people asked about it and didn’t I’d let them know because I’m
affiliate for Amazon so you can go over to my Amazon store and get all my
goodies so why not show it there’s no point in hiding it everybody knows that
you have a microphone on I don’t know what what’s the big deal about putting
it under your shirt No so yeah yeah I absolutely love that microphone in fact
rode initially came out with a microphone called the smart laughs and
it had a lot of static in it and it was so many complaints from podcasters and
from the community that they came out with the smart laugh plus and so now a
lot of times well people will say the smart laugh but they don’t really mean
that they really mean the smart laugh plus and I don’t even know if they sell
the smart lab anymore I’m not even gonna go look it up it’s the plus it’s the one
that you want and you’ll know you know it says it right on the box
I’ll show you that again this is like really one of my essential pieces of
gear carry in my pocket book every day so you know okay see it’s the smart
laughs plus okay and it comes with this little cute little pouch the little
pouch is so adorable no but I has a little drawstring on it you know it just
makes it convenient so that the cord doesn’t get all wrapped around inside
your bag and speaking of course there’s the other cord that I really like let me
go back to my shop page that I’ve been using to keep my phone charged at night
cuz at night I’ve been listening to my anchor now this is for iPhone only okay
because this is a lightning cable this lightning cable from these folks over at
noise is 13 feet so that no matter where the plug is no matter what side of the
bed the plug is on and I’ve got my phone right next to me so if I want to I can
record something real quick maybe give somebody a call in or whatever I can do
that you know without worrying about my phone
running out of juice and this Court is very reliable and I love that this
little leather strap helps you keep it you know because it’s long it’s really
long so it helps you keep it organized so you can see how many times it wraps
around that so I absolutely love it in fact it’s it’s I can’t even show you
mine because it’s in my bedroom right now plugged up waiting for whenever I
recline you know I can I can do that and still charge my phone so that’s why I
love that one okay guys so yeah thoughts between the canvases love that and I’m
sorry I did not give you a shout out earlier so let me go back over here and
show the chatroom one more time oh sorry I did I saw you and the other quarter
mind then something else happened but hey girl how are you let’s give you a
shout out over here and I so appreciate you and everybody who comes to my live
streams and you know always tell you guys connect with each other because you
know it’s all about community right so make sure thoughts between the canvases
you know you just go up here and go to channel now you won’t have as many
options as I do you only have like two or three options and then there’s
Michelle Earl okay go to her channel and Michelle I don’t think I’m not sure I’ll
subscribe to you so I’m going to your channel right now I’m telling everybody
else to do it so yeah so Michelle I’m looking at your channels and I see you
don’t have a banner up we’re not doing a YouTube thing today but I will say you
need to have a banner so people know what your gonna be what your videos are
gonna be about uh-huh and she said because of my enormous resources okay
let me show the thoughts between canvases are you guys seeing that now
cuz you’re seeing the chat alright let me show you what I mean here so see how Michelle I
just want you to take note of how this banner is like so attractive so
intriguing she just makes you like so curious like what’s this girl about I
gotta subscribe to her channel right so having this banner is just really a
critical piece of growing your channel and you know your banner you just you
just need something here that’s folks know what your channel is about that’s
all great and so I see that you’re ‘legally blind blind gamer and artist
who loves to try new things well I appreciate you dear I’m so sorry when I
was asking you to look at something but just so you know there’s that banner
there that and you know you may be able to get somebody to help you with it I’m
not sure you said you’re also an artist so just go in there and edit your banner
and upload and they YouTube gives you the dimensions that you need to use okay
sweetie you know just take a picture or put some of your art up there there you
go she says she can thank you okay you’re welcome hon you know because I
can see you just really got started with your channel and so I want to see you
succeed I want to see you succeed honestly if it was up to me we wouldn’t
need banners but YouTube made it so that we had I wish I could put a new banner
up every day but then all the gurus say no you want to maintain your branding so
that people who always know who you are and what you do and like yeah yeah yeah
whatever why can’t I just put up a thing a black-and-white thing it just says
miss Eileen second work no that’s not gonna work hey I am my brand well ladies
and gentlemen this has been a fun talk about podcasting hey why don’t you think
about becoming a patron over on patreon a couple patrons here at
Tisha’s here Katie is I think Katie’s still here and what I
like to do is provide different content for the patrons and also you know we do
all different kinds of things that only happens over there on patreon hashtag
eileen is her brand and so let me just give you a sneak peek of the patreon
page before we go and that’s I’m sharing this one huh it’s just not
only write tab yet there you go now it’s on the right tab so here you go you can
come in at the five dollar a month level or the twelve dollar a month level or
the twenty five dollar a month level and you can see here that these posts that
were for patrons you know if you come over and just look at the page you’ll
see you can’t see it because you’re not a patron all right can podcast be
imported to anger yes they can they have an RSS feed and Porter but where was
your pot Michelle where’s your podcast currently being hosted or do you just
have the files and it’s not really official podcast
sorry guys I’m closing down all these tabs it’ll stop screen sharing since I’m
getting rid of my busy work here cuz that’s a good question but Michelle I
just want to make sure that we’re using the same lingo because when you say can
your podcast be imported where is your podcast now or do you just have files
audio files that you want to import because anchor will it’s on Spreaker
okay so if it’s on Spreaker you just get that RSS feed from Spreaker
Anker has an RSS feed importer and let me see if I can figure out where that is
yeah yes I know what you meant Michelle huh I know you made a typo let me see if
I can figure out weird that is let me just go to the anchor regular website
and I already have a podcast here it is okay I found it so let me go back to
screen share it’s a fantastic question because this is not something that
people normally want to do but there is a fantastic community over one Spreaker
so here it is I already have a podcast switch to anchor for free so when you
click on that it’s called switch and I’m going to post that link over into the
chat Michelle so then you can click on that link
so it’s anchor got FM / switch and then you just get that RSS feed from Spreaker
and click you know paste it in there and then click let’s go and it will start
importing your feet but then in order to keep the podcasts up you still need to
get that app and you know Michelle I gotta be honest with you it’s an amazing
app for folks that are visually impaired there are so many visually impaired
people one anchor and you may have heard of it from some of your friends in the
community because they’re the voiceover and especially if you where you said you
have an Android but if you had an iPhone I think it probably would be better I
don’t know the voice-over is all that great and Android but I know it does
work may not be as great as in in the iPhone but you can still use it
there are visually impaired people that are on Android as well they may have a
little challenges with things being on the Left whereas they’re on the right on
other places so you know iPhone has that voiceover and but there are a lot
visually impaired people you know there’s one guy on there who plays the
guitar and you know he he does every day and he’s visually impaired there’s just
so many people I can’t even I mentioned him he’s the first person that came to
my mind because for the first three or four months I didn’t even know he was
visually impaired and then someone mentioned it to me and I was like oh I
didn’t know but usually the other folks who come on in because they talk more he
usually plays the guitar but everybody else usually talks and they will mention
voiceover and so usually when somebody mentions it so you already have Ankur
great that’s fantastic so Michele what will be your handle type in a chat what
your handle is over there one anchor so I can make sure that I’m following you
and I call in to your station and give you a shout out and give you a shout out
on my channel over on anchor so everybody know to follow you or they
call it favoriting favor to somebody station I have you have anchor on iPhone
oh yeah I have an iPhone to Katie absolutely it’s you know it works best
it actually works just as good on Android but I’m okay gods Michelle all
right I’m gonna write that down because I know I’m not as young as I
used to be right so I might forget and you can and that’s another thing
having broadcaster yeah that’s okay oh okay Katie I got you Katie um what are
you you Katie fries over there I don’t even know if I have favorite at your
station seems like I would have and what are you waiting for why haven’t you
broadcast yet why can’t you just say hi I’m Katie and I’m thinking about making
a podcast thank you oh just as I look great thank you
oh my daughter had a book signing today and so I went to church because it was
at her church and now I have to write one anchor cuz I just wrote guys
Michelle later when I look at them like what about guys Michelle
thus our buttons aren’t liquid well on Android yeah I think it’s a little bit
more challenging Michelle but guess what we have so many helpful people over on
the anchor app and I’ll tell you who you need to follow because he specifically
he there could be days when all his collins and questions will come from
visually impaired people and the person that you need to follow is ask avi and
I’m gonna write it in the chat is avi you neglect and and that’s one reason
why I know there’s so many visually impaired people because I listen to his
station and a lot of them will call him with questions it’s almost like he’s
like they’re a little the glue that ties everybody together because they know
that he knows how to troubleshoot that even though he’s not visually impaired
but he knows how to troubleshoot and he you know he has his resources went to
the beautification in Detroit yesterday so beautiful amazing oh I didn’t even
know that there was a a beautification or am I saying that wrong something like
it would be a beatification but okay so anyway Michelle I got two conversations
going on here let me put up this the screen share so you guys could see why I
all of a sudden started talking about the Detroit beatification yes that you
makes a difference I was gonna say I never heard of a beautification but a
beatification I heard of but I did not know that they had one in Detroit Katie
thanks for letting me know dear and so ask ivy
I was a matter of fact Michelle I’m gonna put this whole station here
so it’s anchor FM / 8 ska VI e search for him or find him
and he’s also on Twitter and he also has asked avi comm website and he is like
you know one of the most helpful guys and he will definitely you know help you
with your android issues and he because he’s been on anchor so long oh because
he’s been on anchor so long he’s got such a huge network of people so then if
he doesn’t know the answer then he asks I’m gonna just like the same with me I
don’t know the answer but I know I could ask Ivey and so an obvious he’s a
connector like that too so he wouldn’t know who else has Android over there
that’s visually impaired that could help you with the identification of the
buttons and the positions of of the different buttons but I do know that
just recording and all that is pretty straightforward and then Katie we’re
still talking about um Detroit and its fryer salonist Casey was beatified the
first step to sainthood cool I did not know that thank you so much Katie for
letting us know what God bless them and God bless you and your family as well
and Michelle you just typed in an I so I guess
can you monetize podcasting any more back in the day you could but not sure
if you can now any ideas yeah sure to monetize your podcast you can through
growing your subscriber base you can get sponsors you know you can get sponsors
for your podcast I’ll tell you how my daughter monetize is hers and I think
this would probably be something that would be more in line with what you do
the doctor she has a book right she has events and you know she also has
a membership and you know you hear people on internet talking about
membership sites and all that but this is an in-person membership so they meet
every Wednesday and it’s a real estate league and I’ll show you and this all
started because of her podcast you know people that she was interviewing on the
podcast it turned into that she started getting into that
cool I have to do some I have some vision who was best for iPhone my
husband has some questions oh you do have some vision good so she uses it to
start traffic to her membership yep and if you please please please listen
to our podcast effect I’m gonna yeah I know you met steer traffic I’m gonna put
a link to her website over here just so you can see how she’s doing listen to
the podcast and by the way I didn’t say but her name is Nicole pervy PU rvy and
her podcast is better than success and I will screen share that in a momento for
you guys and I am so extremely extremely proud of my daughter right now I’m just
being number pride can you tell baby and okay so one of the things that she’s
branched into like I said events she did something called the women in real
estate summit okay there’s the book that she has the anti hustle remember I said
that she did a book signing today at her church and here’s the event which was
the women in real estate summit so it was not only did we pack the house with
200 women and real estate investors but she also is selling the virtual ticket
and coming in June big announcement the Philly real estate week is coming June
9th I’m sorry June 4th to the 9th and my daughter has spearheaded that effort and
is working with people in City Council I mean it’s just like one minute she was
podcasting the next thing you know she’s just like blowing up amazing amazing adventure and let me
just scroll down a little to show you guys I forgot what screen share okay you
are seeing this race for green share you know there was where she was the
webinars the podcast and this is her interviewing someone who
is a very influential labor union leader here and so this is how she monetized
her podcast now I’m this is not the route that most people go this is where
we’re on stage at the event and this private Realty investor that she
interviewed and you know she’s just this was another book signing that she did so
you know not to just go on and on and on about my daughter although I could but
to answer your question dr. taryn is to think outside the box don’t just think
about putting commercials on your podcasts think about the products you
can make right and then you can be your own sponsor right and she is a
trailblazer thoughts between the Kansas she sure is also know banner yet Katie
oh okay have you started creating for my channel
what questions have not started creating for my channel yet send me a DM oh okay
Katie was connecting with Michelle yes and yeah if we’re on Facebook make sure
you guys are all connected on Facebook all that stuff so we can yes community
is all about so yeah so that’s a great question dr. taryn about monetizing
podcasts most people think about same way with YouTube it’s the same thing
most people think about Adsense and they get all bent out of shape about SSD
monetization and you know all that kind of stuff but if you have your own
products and you’re using this content creation to drive people to your
products then you become your own sponsor then you don’t have to worry
about YouTube can change it you think they want with monetization you know the
latest thing that they have like with these live streams it’s live stream is
over they’ll initially say it’s monetized and then maybe half an hour
hour later they’ll say oh not suitable for advertisers and you can’t even
submit it forever for submit it to be monetized unless you have a thousand
views of within seven days it’s like what just
request a review and you know I request a review and then when within hours is
approved you know and I’m not knocking YouTube they have to have some kind of
way to make sure that their advertisers are happy with the videos that their ads
are being shown on but I use YouTube read myself so I don’t even see any of
those ahead I’d rather pay youtube so we as content creators need to think
outside the box and not just think about you know getting sponsors the other
thing my daughter did at that event and what she’s still doing is she selling
gear she’s selling the t-shirts and the hats she’s got the t-shirts and
sweatshirts for the league as well as the hats and also for the book so you
could have the better than success sweatshirt or you can have the anti
hustle sweatshirt or hat okay so you got a diversify yep working on taking my
earnings off YouTube is too unstable to make a living yeah you know and so you
you start with products you know and like behind the scenes slowly even
though I don’t I’m not as concerned about for myself but I have to be
realistic behind the scenes slowly I’m using these
videos to start building my products because these videos can be transcribed
and turned into products right yeah there’s a bunch of transcription
services out there and also the affiliate you know or that’s the other
thing dr. taryn the affiliate income from you know the things that you
recommend and you only recommend things that you use and that you have
confidence in and that you know will benefit your audience that’s why I
showed you guys my Amazon page do you guys know I can have tons and tons of
stuff over there on that Amazon Paige but I only want to have the stuff
over there that I know I’ve used it and I use it all the time or books that I’ve
read I’m not gonna just throw books over there that I don’t even you know like I
never even really read that book but I heard it was good
I’ll just throw that in there no maybe as time goes by but right now I’m just
focused on serving my audience and having stuff there that when I go when
you guys go over there you’re not because she was like I don’t know what
book to buy I don’t know what mic to buy yep I got two mics over there if you
don’t like one you get the other one that’s a little cheaper only have one
level ear microphone over there you know so other people will probably do it
differently because you know Amazon is a big place they sell everything and I
could put food and everything else in there if I wanted to but you know you
gotta just diversify and you know what it helps when you’re not like greedy and
desperate because people can they can smell it like on that person it’s just
greedy they just want to get my money so you know you have to walk a fine line so
with that also there’s patreon and dr. taryn you
may do well with patreon and patreon actually has a podcasting and I should
have mentioned that earlier it’s not technically a podcast because it’s not
in iTunes or anything like that or an Apple podcast I meant to say but you
know you can use that podcast inside of patreon patreon for your patrons only
they’re the only ones that can listen to that podcast and I don’t know if that
will ever change that the podcast can also be made public I think patreon I
may need to like work out the fine details of that so okay guys I really
appreciate your questions and all of your feedback and and all the time that
you spent here with me this afternoon it’s been fantastic
stick amazing and I will definitely be back
next weekend and you guys make sure you connect with each other I’m going to
give you a minute to go ahead and click on that those little three dots and once
again dr. taryn thank you for the super chat that was oh so nice of you and I
believe I’m saying the last name Lupo it looks like it’s just pronounced
Lupo so let me know if I’m not saying it right just let me know but I think I am
and yeah it’s always great to hang out with you guys and that’s why I’ve done
it every weekend for over a year now and I’m glad that you enjoy hanging out with
me as well as it’s been amazing so with that I’m going to finish up oh okay
Patricia came back thanks Pat I’m gonna go finish up my laundry for the weekend
and you guys have a wonderful week ahead and yes it was a great YouTube Church
today Tish thank you so much dear and bye for now

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  1. Thanks, Ileane for such a comprehensive overview. I appreciate you mentioning Podbean (though we're sad that you aren't with us anymore!). I'm Dir of Comms there, if anyone has questions and wants to reach out to me ([email protected]). We also feature podcasts hosted with us and have some select opps in our app for those not hosted with us so we'd love to promote some great content.

    Enjoyed the overview of Anchor and your honest review plus how it can be used, especially to test the waters.

    Happy podcasting to all!

  2. I was using Anchor but am switching to traditional recording over the phone because Anchor decided to take away the interview button. No your guests have to download the app. And a few have declined. So, that's why I'm not recording on Anchor anymore unless they bring back the Interview button.

  3. Hi Ileane – great show as always! I'm ready to launch another podcast… and I want to interview folks as well as have solo content… which platform should I use? I repurposed all my video content into audio on my website using the Blubrry WP plugin and Soundcloud for hosting. Should I use zoom or is there a more convenient platform where I can host the podcast and record the podcast – with interview capability. Thank you Love!! โ™ฅ

  4. Ileane hi,

    Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and insights on podcasting and other platforms. Can you explain what the differences and advantages of anchor vs spreaker. And what about blogtalkradio, how is that different?

  5. I'm on SoundCloud and Podbean. My RSS Feed is from SoundCloud that ITune uses. I want to change hosts. Do I contact ITunes to let them know that I have a different RSS Feed?

  6. Thanks ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ for the great info! Quick question, about Spreaker.. how can your RSS feed get submitted into Apple Podcasts? Or are they just not compatible? I thought I heard you mention that was the only drawback.

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