The Hunt Library: The Spirit of NC State

The Hunt Library: The Spirit of NC State

Jay Dawkins: “I believe that the library
is the heart, it is the beating working moving part that keeps this campus going and gives
us our edge…” Kelli Rodgers: “ The Hunt library is an
amazing example of NC State’s commitment to innovation and to leadership in years to
come…” Jim Ceresnac: “Well I think at NC State
we pride ourselves on being the cutting edge and being revolutionary, not kind of fitting
the mold and I think that’s what we’re trying to do with the Hunt Library…” Matt Woodward :“This is the spirit of campus…” Chealsea Boham: “It makes me feel like a
better student, it makes me want to work harder…” “So, I love the library!” Research parks have always been good to North
Carolina. From its very beginnings, NC State’s vision for Centennial Campus has been just
as bold: Create a national model for university research campuses where technology, innovation
and collaboration can take on our greatest problems–and spark our economy. Centennial Campus now houses more than 130
companies, government agencies and NC State Colleges. In 2007, it was named the top research
science park of the year by the association of university research parks. But as the students there will tell you—the
campus still seems to lack an iconic space that both captures the spirit of the place
and brings it all together as a campus. Jay Dawkins: “I think NC State’s Centennial
Campus is looking for its core, it’s looking for its soul over there…” Recently, work began on just such a place—the
new James B Hunt Jr. Library. Scheduled for completion in 2012, this signature building
will embody the essence of Centennial Campus as a community built around knowledge. To complete this new library, we first chose
two great architectural firms. North Carolina based Pearce Brinkley Cease and Lee—known
for its bold work on buildings like the Progress Energy Center will act as executive architect. Snohetta has been chosen as lead designer,
on the basis of world-class, inspiring projects like the National September 11th Memorial
Museum at the World Trade Center site—and the National Opera House in Oslo. Matt Woodward: “Well the designs and pictures
and vignettes I’ve seen of Hunt Library are absolutely amazing…” Kelli Rodgers: “It’s not brick, but I
think it’s really exciting…” Hunt Library will be a major factor in attracting
and retaining the best faculty, students and corporate partners. In the design of this
landmark building, NC State seeks nothing less than to create the best learning and
collaborative space in the country. Scott Lassiter: “Nowhere else would you
expect to see forward thinking architecture as NC State… So, I’m excited about that.” The NCSU Libraries has a well-earned international
reputation for creating adventurous 21st century libraries that delight today’s students. Since 2007, when the Libraries opened the
D. H. Hill Learning Commons, visits have peaked at 16,000 , and averaged over 10,000 a day
most days. Jim Ceresnac: “This really is the heart
of student activity. Not just studying or research, those things are hugely important,
but this also a heart of student interaction, collaboration and innovation…” On a very practical level, Hunt Library will
go a long way toward solving the huge study seating gap at the university. Hunt Library
will double seating capacity at the Libraries. NC State can now provide library seating for
less than 5 percent of students, while the UNC system standard is 20 percent. The NCSU Libraries has long been a bold technology
incubator, making it easy for students to get deep in the technologies driving our economy.
The Hunt Library will bring that tradition to a boil. Jay Dawkins: “The level of technology that
the Libraries brings students is astounding. It usually takes high-end technologies that
usually is reserved for professionals making a lot of money, that, there a lot of barriers
to that technology normally, and it puts that technology into the hands of students who
are being creative with it and who can take that an put their ideas into action . . .
and I think that aspect of it is incredibly powerful and empowering for students.” In the digital age, 21st century libraries
have become the creative spaces where students go when they get serious about getting their
work done. Every corner of the Hunt Library is designed
to be a memorable, stunning place. From the lobby, visitors will be able to watch
the automated retrieval system in action as four robots dart 50 feet up and down the building
to pinpoint and retrieve materials. More than 50 group study rooms will support
intensive student collaboration. The glass-walled Fishbowl seminar room will
promote the open exchange of ideas and research. The Skyline Reading Room will be the pinnacle
of the Hunt Library, standing as one of the highest points on campus. It will offer views
of Lake Raleigh and the downtown skyline via floor-to-ceiling windows and the terrace that
opens from it. The difference between a “good” library
and a “great” library almost always comes down to the generosity of its supporters.
That edge will be critically important as we equip Hunt Library with the spaces, collections,
and technologies that will make it nothing less than the best than the best learning
and collaboration space in the nation. Kornelius Bascombe: “We are trendsetters,
you know like we have the ability to say that we allow our students to have the best of
the best. And because of that, we produce the best of the best…” Please consider a gift to our “Excellence
in Library Spaces” fund. Or name one of the great spaces in the new library. Kim Bernard: “A lot of the plans that exist
are really good plans. . . Those plans can’t come to fruition without the money of the
donors…” “They can be certain that a lot of students will do a lot of thinking
in whatever chairs are purchased with their money. A lot of brilliant minds may type at
the keyboard that they helped purchase.” “That’s why donors should donate—say
that to the camera…” Chealsea Boham: “Well, I’m a proud Wolfpack
member and I’d love nothing more than to be a part of that…”

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  1. centennial is where the the engineering departments are, and i dunno if you've heard but nc state kinda known for engineering. main campus is old news.

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