The Insanity Continues (Unboxing Your Squishies #2 Pt. 2)

The Insanity Continues (Unboxing Your Squishies #2 Pt. 2)

*intro music* Hey guys, so this is part 2 of my unboxing squishy packages from you guys video at this point I will have posted part one two weeks ago… but I’m filming this all in the same day because I want to open all of them now but I don’t think I would have been able to edit all of it in the same weekend So I’m having to break it up a little bit I’m very excited still to continue these even though I’ve already been doing this for like two hours at this point But still, I’m excited to continue. So yeah start with this big one from Cynthia as I said in the last video I’ve already covered the addresses and broken all the seals in advance. So I don’t have to spend time doing that during the video Wow, there’s so many I don’t even know where to start Oh! My oh my gosh A YUMMI BEAR?! oh~ is this a real yummy bear? I’ve never had one of these before It comes with a charm and everything? -Total disbelief-. I’m like geeking out over these but what in the world? :0 What in the world is this? :0 It’s a child stuck in a pepper. Ummm~ Weird,weird~ a panda bun ,Hello Kitty donut, peach Cynthia 24 years old collecting squishies for five years Thank you so much Cynthia that this is like so much like it’s SO MUCH. That was great Okay next! um.. let’s see… this is from.. Calico…? Ooh! A Strawberry with A CHUNK missing that’s cute. I could use that stem that that one girl gave me She also sent me a stem of a squishy (hehe) Just in case I needed a stem. Oh, I think these things came in the egg, but they must have popped open during shipping Thanks for those that’s super cute. I’m gonna put them in the egg Yeah. CUTE! Thank you. Here’s one from Evan. Oh, sorry Eva. What why I read that as Evan? Mmm, is this like little Packaging that you made for them? what the… That’s so cute! You like taped them to little notes and labeled them. That is so adorable. I don’t want to take them off because it’s like so cute. Ooh, is this a penguin? It’s kind of weird to have it just blue like that. I think this could be a lot cuter in some different colors So yeah, sorry buddy. Thank you Eva. Sorry for calling you Evan (wooow) and next… ¨Do not make over this one homemade¨. Oh yay. Oh my gosh cute. It’s a little homemade marshmallow Whoa!!! Wait, why is this so soft and slow rising? What in the world!? What kind of foam did you use that is incredible!! Please if you see this video tell me where you got that because that’s the hook up right there. So we’ve got a strawberry This looks like a shopkins. Yes. I’m recognizing squishies these days shopkins Missing the paint on the leaf. So perfect :3 perfect and a little paw little bread a little- ..Creature Thank You, Lilliana. Here’s one. Okay, Oh, what’s an emoji bun :3 and a letter? (oo) ¨I usually don’t watch DIY channels because some of the people who I have checked out talking that weird sell out¨ youtuber voice Strangely enough. I know what you’re talking about. It’s It’s just Thank you so much Rose. I loved your letter. It was hilarious. I made me laugh Oh a hard name, uh, Yeah neat- yA neat-yA knit-yA. yep. Mhm, so cringy to hear somebody say your name wrong (ik) I know people say my name wrong – because it’s spelled with an O and not an A (the cringe) so sometimes people call me More-iah or Mow-riah or Mory-uh but it’s just Moriah. Look at this little pretzel. That’s amazing. I love the little pretzel I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pretzel squishy before. Yes. I’m in love with this I am in love .Oh. a little cheese cake. Oh, wow. Oh, wow. The bottom is quite ummm ummm But yeah, this is super cute it’s so soft like it feels like it’s melting it’s like so soft. Thank you so much Alright, and this is from Allison. Look at these. It’s at a unicorn its horn is so tiny It looks like a pimple… Oh a little baby bottle Donuts little minis in here .cute. Oh, yay another type letter I don’t know why I get excited to see type letter because they’re just so easy to read Thank You Allison Thanks for the letter and all the squishies. Oh, this one’s busting out. Whoa, you fit this in a regular envelope What. here’s an orange Oh, it’s pretty soft. I love the orange.oh. got a big air bubble in it Come out and a little bun. Wait, what in the world is his face doing? What is his face doing eating his hand? That is the Strangest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I have to do a makeover on this one at some point Thank you so much Maddy. I’ve got this big one here Squishies!!!!:D So we’ve got a squish delish here it looks like a cow doughnuts and ooh This doughnut with some floppy drizzle. It’s hanging on I want to pull it! ๐Ÿ˜€ . Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Cute, I love them. I love them Okay, here’s one from Ali Oh, oh my gosh, it’s a foot It’s a foot. What? O: I have never seen a squishy that looks like a foot and let oh I’ve seen the paw squishies. But not a human foot. Does that have six toes? No, okay. okay, So she does her own makeovers, but this one stumped her she had no idea what to do with it girl I feel you cuz I don’t I don’t know what to do with it either like which direction Do we go with this?=Am I really not gonna point out that the foot has a face!!=I’ll have to think about that one. This is from Jasmine *gasps* Look at this! ๐Ÿ˜€ This little avo-cahh- doooo! So we’ve got some minis and we’ve got this avocado which definitely has Some potential. love it! Okay. This one’s from Abby. Oh my goodness, so many Here’s a panda bun A Banana, oh my gosh. This is freaking adorable the handle is coming off umm No problem. I can fix that. This has so many possibilities That Handle, though. Look at this one a bread croissant type thing It’s hanging on it’s not it’s not dead yet. It is it is on its way though. Great Thank You Abby Iris sends a Dog . A wiener dog? *phone beeps x3* The squishy has a name it’s name is mint hmm. Okay. Hi mint welcome to your new home You’re gonna make so many friends that are just as tragic as you are. Alrighty and the next one ¨Hi, I’m Gabby’s friend¨ Oh, I opened a package from Gabby in the part one. So awesome that´s cool a little watermelon paper squishy and this little doughnut and a muffin! ๐Ÿ˜€ love the muffin .cool. Awesome. Thank You Fatima. You and Gaby are both great human beings and we have this one Oh, it’s wrapped all nicely silly putty OOH I’m very easily entertained… Ooh cute it’s a little like cruller doughnut. I’ve never see.I dont think I’ve ever seen a cruller doughnut mini before that’s cool ¨from Gaby¨ Oh, oh Wait, this is another Gabi though. Hopefully. thanks for that package, Gabi. oooo. This one’s heavy. Oop up oh. :0 wut who~ho .ooh candy! mmm yess Look at this letter, it’s so beautiful. It’s from Ariana. There’s a brownie and something’s ripped off I’m not sure what’s missing but we could use our imagination to fill that in. A mushroom, a little donut Perfect. And the slime this is what made it so heavy Freedom=I Clearly have no clue how to play with slime=Oh, there’s little stars in it,cute. Thank you for this awesome letter. I loved all the different things that you added in here. See this one… Okay, so this is from Brooklyn. Oh, look at all these things Aaaaa Glitter yes green,gold,purple,orange. Wow, these are so cute. I love all the glitter=Why did I just see a ghost?=*music* Pineapple,a carrot a little mini croissant ohhhh Fries wow, you sent me so many I love all these these are too good too good Thank you. Oh It’s a bun. Okay, this is from Jasmine, and it’s a little panda bun a little yellow panda bun. Yes. I definitely need to do a couple buns uhh Soon like urgently. Thanks. Jasmine for that ohhhh Panda bun a panda bun and a bread and I believe there’s a letter as well from Oh, no. Sorry. That’s my name Wow Lisa, okay=Should I be concerned?=And this one’s from McKenzie Kenzie peirce that is her youtube. She sent me this little donut with a bow. How cute Possibilities for sure. I love that. Thank You McKenzie Kayla this one’s from Kayla. Oh my gosh warheads I have not had these in forever. Oh a little little cupcake. I love this little cupcake. It’s so small I don’t have a cupcake this small. I’m intrived *more music* Okay, Oh Oh look at this little lemon half that’s super cute and aaaa (what?) From Payton’s super sweet note, but she didn’t explain what this is. I mean, it’s obviously a some sort of bread bun It looks like a hand across a face like this is what it looks like to me, still. It is very interesting. So, yeah Thanks Peyton You guys okay over there? Okay. Look at this tiffany blue package, that’s so pretty. Oh It’s like a tsum tsum kind of like a tsum tsum, umm Mike from Monsters Inc. Thank You Clara. So generous of you. I love the Mike. It’s so cute and Here we go. Oh my goodness more slime whoa And here’s the little donut for the makeover. This is from Autumn by the way. Oh there’s something else in here Is this a slime? Yes, it is. It’s pretty cool. Awesome. Thank you for that lovely experience Look at this box ¨from Anita¨. Oh my gosh It’s a it’a it’a yummi bear! I’m so excited to decorate these though. They’re so adorable ¨I think that giving squishies a second chance is great¨ ha ha ๐Ÿ˜€ Yes, everyone deserves a second chance. I’m so grateful to have one to now ¨from Danaca¨ oh myyy You’re falling apart dear! ¨This mermaid needs a lot of help¨ I agree She didn’t exactly explain what happened, but I think it was Painted with acrylic. Maybe she had a bad day a really bad day. I don’t think she’s beyond repair I think it’s possible. I think she can live again. Okay, so from McKenzie a donut love it So apparently it was a really ugly green color and she just peeled it off, which is great Save me step one so I could just go right into painting this guy. It’s a tight squeeze. You gotta go on a diet ughhh This one is from Grace .A banana. That’s broken in half This is not a hard repair though. Oh, look at this. she drew a picture of me. I love that I’m wearing a rainbow sweatshirt. I don’t have a sweatshirt that looks like that. I want one ๐Ÿ™ I’m definitely gonna hang this up on my wall. Look at this box quite decorated Wow. Look at all these Look at this bread.*sings* Look at this bread, isn’t it neat?Wouldn’t you say my collections complete?* This is from Lauren. Oh, oh my gosh. This is a work of art. Are you joking? She sent me a custom fidget spinner,that is so nice of you to give this to me I will treasure this. a Hello Kitty waffle Wow a bunch of little minis and oh this is cute. Oh my gosh It’s a bear macaron. That is amazing. I really want to decorate this one. I think this could be super cute and she painted my logo. That is so awesome. So generous I cannot believe it Thank you so much Lauren, and we’ve got this one What in the world It’s a little shoe. I wish I could meet you in real life. I’d probably cry Oh, I would love to meet you too. Honestly. I’ve never met a subscriber before. Wow. That one’s just hanging on for dear life I’m still wondering about this shoe where, what if this come from? And, here’s one from Kaley this is the squishy It’s a cat what in the world was on its head looks like something was ripped off of its head looks like it was Green Interesting. Oh, yeah. This is cute. It’s just like a little cat head. All right, and this is from Kaitlyn here’s a donut Oh a little cupcake drawing a little cat drawing and Pictures of your cat. Oh my gosh, they’re adorable. Yes. I love Opie Opie. You have another fan. Where is he? *sigh* Thank You Kaitlyn I love all the little things that you added in here makes it so fun to like open things all right and here is a strawberry! Well, and the stem is missing wait, oh Here’s the stem. Thank you for the strawberry from Zoey. Look at this cute little bag an emoji bun I think I’ve gotten three different emoji buns. Plus it quite an interesting scenario. So thanks Zoey and a box from Grace look at this little friend. Oh, it’s an eraser and Wow muffin has been through some hard times Yeah, so another another case of the curse of the acrylic paints. We’ll make the best of the situation we can fix it It’s all good YouTube channel called Sparkle sisters shine and and oh I noticed this one because it has squishy make over in six different languages on the outside Why does this smell so good is that creepy to say? I don’t know but it smells really good Oh cool, she drew an eye with pencil. That’s actually pretty good. It’s like realistic drawing here are the squishies little minis Oh, I like this bread. I really love the shape of this bread Thank You, Jessica Okay, we’ve got this one. We look at this. It’s a little shopkin. It’s a popcorn squishy love that and Little two little bread squishies cute. ¨I hope you have fun with the makeover.¨ Thank you. I will have a blast. I’m sure Thanks Katie. I believe they used a tissue box for this very resourceful packaging. Yep. Definitely a tissue box This is from Rosalie and we’ve got an apple and a little bread. Oh, I love the Apple I’ve got some ideas for Apple squishies. I want to tell you guys yet because then it ruins the surprise Here’s a box from Kiera. Oh my gosh, you look at this stuff Look at this. This is so beautiful Wait, what is it? Umm, oh, it’s a bracelet. Love this. It’s so pretty and here’s a donut Oh, this is really soft her dog took care of this one. Yeah, look at this little bag and Everything so thoughtful Okay, we’re getting ready for an avalanche back there Oh yikes I can hear the cries and pain I’ve been seeing squishies with like the holes on the bottom. Is it like supposed to be like a pencil topper possibly? Duh! It’s a pencil topper. I kept on seeing those and I was like Ok a hole. IDK Well, I could make one for each of my custom pencils from Zoe and Mia. Thanks, both of you Oh my gosh, Zoe. I think I’ve had like four or five Zoe’s in this video. Am I am I going insane? This is from Zoe. It’s from Zoe From Zoe. So thanks Zoe. Oh my gosh Zoe=Wow for once I was actually right=and they’re all spelled different which is the funny thing tissue paper Oh Look at these guys. They’re all snuggled up in here and you have create this book. Wow. You’re awesome I actually kind of like something about this guy’s face It’s not that it’s not the usual face that you see I just kind of I just kind of like this is from Reese Oh, this is adorable A heart donut. I don’t think I’ve seen this one before I’ve gotten a lot of minis But there’s so many different little mini ones that I haven’t seen Oh cute a little rainbow bookmark Thank You Reese I really love that heart donut. This is from Kennedy. Oh Wow, whoa you dropped a squishy in the fireplace. Oh, wow, so we got a burn victim What is this Meetup a bath sponge or interesting? I’m trying to figure this one out This little cruller donut is really cute or it could be like a pineapple slice, too That would be kind of amazing. This one has a nice decorative paper on it. Look at that and she got me light bulbs Yeah, look at this. We’ve got another donut and the drizzle is definitely coming off of this one. p.s. my mom loves your videos. Oh, I’m glad I’m glad so she didn’t say that she painted this with acrylic paint, but I’m guessing that’s what happened It looks like you were going for like a cotton candy type of thing I think that would actually be really pretty for this. These are all wonderful Thank You Andrea, oh, oh there’s a lost soul This little tiny mango fell out of someone’s package. I don’t know who sent this, but thank you No one gets left behind. This one is busting open It says BFF on it with little beads and whatnot. She wrote my name on rainbow cute This one looks very interesting. Like it may be a little Tart or something. Not sure a little Paw. Look at these donuts aw poor babies so dirty What is this guy? So you guys know what this is? It looks like a button And we’ve got this one. Oh, I see a cat burger There’s eyelashes added to it. I always add eyelashes to things to Jasmine. Wow. Your handwriting is so beautiful I’m jealous. I’m seeing it I’m seeing the possibilities. Yes. how about this one. This is a super cute box. Oh my gosh It’s so adorable. Oh My goodness look at all of this little bag with some earrings in it rainbow star earrings Those are adorable and some kind of like hoop earrings. Those are really nice all of these little Erasers. Wow. I love those colors. They look so pretty together Everything is just so perfect and beautiful. Okay, so this is from Emma It’s a little mini banana and a little cat cuz she knows I love cats. Oh, this is so thoughtful There’s so many cute little things in here. Thank you so much for this. Oh, of course my battery dies Right before I do the last one Am I in focus, -nope-, so this is from Reese. Oh you have created this book. That’s awesome I’m so glad you like it. This is enormous Wow It’s actually not that bad though, except for the peeling paint on the top and then we’ve got a couple of minis as well Thank you so much Reese for sending that this is a nice squishy Wow That was a lot I think I’ve been sitting here filming this for three hours So I’m done with this box that I’ve had in my house for about a week But there’s another box on the way a big box of boxes because I get sent these packages and shipments like in these huge Boxes from the UPS store that my P.O box is out of I’ll be getting into that one two weeks from now, but yes I’m sorry for the wait I know some of you have had to wait for a couple weeks before seeing me open the package But I’m doing it the best I can and going as quickly as I can Don’t forget to vote on which squishy you want to see in the upcoming episode which will be posted Not this Friday, but the Friday after I hope it’s obvious how grateful I am and how appreciative I am Thank you guys so much for watching. Thank you for sending the packages and I will see you guys on Friday Bye *Even MORE music* ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. I need you and Opieโ€˜s biggest fan ever ever ever I love you guys so much youโ€™re so good at making squishyโ€˜s wall you paint them

  5. Can you fix…… -child pepper -shopkine strawberry -cheez cake -yellow bun -cow donut -pink foot -coffee cup -muffins -mini donute -French fris – bread bun -cat – cat bread I love your videos your the most kindest pursing everโ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŽฅ๐ŸŽฅ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“โ€from ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

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