The Largest River On Earth Is In The Sky

The Largest River On Earth Is In The Sky

The Amazon rainforest covers 40% of South
America, contains nearly 400 billion trees, and creates one-fifth of our planet’s oxygen. The river basin feeding the mighty Amazon
carries one-fifth of Earth’s river water into the Atlantic ocean every day. This water adds enough mass to the continent
that it distorts the gravitational field over South America. But the river at the center of this is NOT
the biggest river on Earth. There’s one that’s even bigger…, but
it’s invisible, flying around in the sky. I promise I haven’t lost my mind. [OPEN] Hey smart people! Joe here. You can get a clear view of the Amazon basin
on Google Earth, but you’d almost never get a clear view if you were actually in space. Compared to other parts of Earth, it’s always
obscured by clouds. And that’s thanks to 400 billion geysers
shooting water into the sky. Not geysers like those… trees! When pores on leaves open up during photosynthesis,
plants also lose a lot of water. Like what happens when you suck on a straw,
this evaporation pulls water from the roots to the tops of trees, up to 60 meters off
the ground. A large tree in the Amazon can release 1,000
liters of water into the atmosphere every day. Altogether, trees in the Amazon basin release
20 billion tons of water, or 20 trillion liters, each day, enough to fill 8 million Olympic
swimming pools… which I’m pretty sure you can’t really picture, but it’s true. Boiling that amount of water would require
the energy from more than 30,000 hydroelectric power plants like China’s Three Gorges Dam,
the largest in the world. But trees? They do it all with the power of the sun. This living water pump creates a “river
in the sky” above the Amazon, stretching from the ocean to the Andes, that moves even
more water than the Amazon river itself, and the rain this sky river creates is the reason
the world’s largest rainforest even exists. But it takes more than water in the air to
make rain. Even in the driest places on Earth, a cubic
meter of air contains a million, million, billion water molecules. But H2O can’t form droplets on its own – ever. Much like the plants they nourish, raindrops
grow from seeds. At the heart of every raindrop is a tiny impurity,
anything from specks of dust, to salt, pollen, or even chemicals. Rain seeds give water molecules something
to cling to, so they can grow into droplets. Trillions of these droplets make up every
cloud we see, and when they eventually get big enough and heavy enough, they fall. So that’s rain. It’s water collecting on little islands
of floating sky junk and pixie dust. But why do some places get so much rain and
others get so little? Because not every place on Earth has the same
type, or same number, of rain seeds in the sky. And that takes us back to the Amazon and all
that green stuff. 95% of the of the Amazon’s rain seeds are
made by the trees and plants that live there. Along with water vapor, trees in the Amazon
release chemicals that act as super-sticky H2O magnets. These biogenic volatile organic compounds
are how the forest makes its own rain. The air over the Amazon contains just 300
particles per cubic centimeter, making it some of the cleanest air on Earth. It’s likely that a couple hundred years
ago, before the industrial revolution, most of Earth’s air was that clean, but these
days, thanks to pollution, even our cleanest air elsewhere has 2,000 particles per cubic
cm. And while you might think more particles=more
rain, that extra stuff in the sky spreads the same amount of water across more seeds,
and smaller droplets means fewer fall as rain. If you live in the US – whether it’s in
Big Sky Montana, or crowded LA – there’s probably less rain now than there was a few
hundred years ago, just because of the extra stuff in the air. What’s SUPER cool is when trees need rain
– they release different amounts of rain-attracting chemicals, seeding more of their own clouds
and rain. As the water released by the trees condenses
into clouds, it lowers nearby air pressure. This creates the winds that drive this river
in the sky from the Atlantic all the way to the Andes. [NASA Animation here – showing that motion] Without the Amazon’s trees and this continent-wide
rain cloud conveyer belt, areas like this would probably be desert, like other regions
at the same latitude. In school, we learn that rain falls on land,
makes its way to the ocean, evaporates, moves inland and falls again. But we never hear about this green ocean–the
Amazon–filled with living geysers. Trees around the globe act like great green
pumps responsible for 90% of the water that reaches the atmosphere over the continents. We don’t usually think of weather as a living
system, but these hundreds of billions of trees in the Amazon and elsewhere are an invisible
process, more powerful than human engineers could ever design, yet built all the same
by the hands of time and evolution, harnessing the sun not only to give animals air to breathe,
but to move the element that makes life itself possible. The Amazon rainforest is often called the
“lungs of the planet”, but it feels a little more like the heart, don’t you think? Stay curious.

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  2. so how come the Amazon wildfire even possible and happening with all the moisture available in the Amazon rain forest?

  3. people still thinking this is all by nature itself …outstanding calculated scales… still lost the fact that all are create by a great creator who create from nothing existence to an existence, His name is Allah(the mighty god) only one god….Subhanallah….


  5. its not true that the amazon forest makes 20% its more or less neutral its the plankton in the ocean that makes the majority of the o2

  6. Just to clarify: although 20% of the oxygen of the world is produced there, most of it is also consumed there as well. Most of the oxygen today is actually create by plankton in the ocean (which doesn’t descresse the importance of the rain forest to the world, obviously).

  7. Fact check: according to Michael Mann and Jonathan Foley, the amazon only produces 6% of the world's oxygen

  8. As a Brazillian, i feel like i must say,
    Amazonas (the state where the Amazon Forest is) is one of the least populated states in brazil, so most brazillians never saw, and never will see the amazon forest, a lot of folks here are too city centric to go there

  9. CORRECTION: I am guilty in this video (as many have been) of spreading the incorrect factoid that the Amazon rainforest create 20% of the world's oxygen. This is not right for a few reasons: The Amazon rainforest does 10-20% of land photosynthesis, but when you factor in the amount of photosynthesis done by ocean phytoplankton, the Amazon is only about 6% of all photosynthesis on Earth… not to mention that the Amazon basin uses pretty much all of the oxygen it creates through decomposition and other processes. So we don't breathe much of any Amazon oxygen! I wish YouTube let us upload corrected videos.

    We interviewed a source for this video that didn't make the above distinction clear, but hopefully now you won't make the same mistake I did!

  10. Ok, so you're here about the Fire in the Amazon Forest and you're discussing how Brazil is doing nothing and how the world will end because of this. Let's discuss something, this theory about the "Amazon Flying Rivers" in a simple research in the Google Schoolar will show ZERO serious articles about this subject. Yes, we now that the water vapour in the Amazon region is responsible for Micro clima in the region, for example, in the biggest cities in the region like Belém or Manaus, we've rains every afternoon what is a common thing in the region, but this "cold front" ends when passing by the Brazilian Savanah called Cerrado. Also, of one the things that has to be verified is the fact that the South America subcontinent is very close of the Antartic Plate and the south east of Brazil receives a lot of winds from this region. I know that is not possible to say if this theory is completelly true or false, but some things need to be clear, this theory is possible, but the idea of the "world lung" is a lie, 90% of the oxygen in the world is produced by the Blue Algae. There's a lot of economical problems involved in the burning of the Amazon forest, the greatest is the loss of biodiversity here, and our people are so dumb that they don't understand that in any of the trees in the forest is possible to have cure for thousands of diseases but the greatest part of brazilians living there have no study (probably until grade 4th or 8th) and for them burning the trees is a easy way to have money and space for the creation of cattle (yes, it's dumb because the soil of the region is not rich in nutrients). There's also another problem that's the fact that our government has some interests based on the commodities of the region, for example we know that in the soil of amazonia we have Oil and also, Diamonds, and these resources are in areas that are Environmental Reserves of Indian Tribes (and here in Brasil they are treated like one uncivilized people and the common opinion of brazilians is that they're a burden for the "workers society"). I live in Palmas in the "Legal Amazonian Region", but my relatives are from the Amazonian region.

  11. This video is super applicable this year. I've started teaching this as part of the water cycle to my students. I've always glossed over it in AP biology because there is so much material to cover, but thurs year is showing me how important it is that students (who become adults and make adult decisions) understand hope the ecosystem connects.

  12. I thought c02 was poison? Turns out its plant food until you want to vend your Marxist theories to steal peoples money and Liberty.

  13. What if we seeded the Sahara desert with particles once and a while to return the rain cycle to normal until it stabalized as vegetation came back?

  14. Some science channel say that the algae bloomed in the ocean
    Are the main producer of oxygen on earth.
    And the tree in the Amazon used up most of the oxygen
    That its produce.
    Is this info. Correct ?

  15. >1/5th of our planets oxygen

    You know, its delightful that its coming to light that this is a bogus claim that was blown way out of proportion from what its actually based on.

  16. Honestly if my elementary/high school teachers taught like this I would have been a lot more engaged during class. I remember learning about how clouds were formed but it was so tedious. I love these videos!

  17. The largest mountain on earth is Olympus Mons…. on mars…. but it's the largest.

    This video is such click bait and just over all stupid. If the largest RIVER is solely based on how many molecules are in motion than by that logic the largest glacier on earth are either comets or Pluto. I've basically had it with this channel. Roughly half of what they talk about is well wrong or at the very least poorly thought out.

  18. I hate the way this nerd wants to talk about water but it's just a globe push. WATER RUNS DOWN HILL AND THE SEAS ARE LEVEL. THE EARH IS FLAT. AMEN.

  19. Ok. Take it from someone who's been in the system for over 30 years. The system will not change, it will fall and be replaced

  20. If your going to call that a river, then I guess the gulf stream and other major sustained ocean currents would be as well, and they would carry even more water.

  21. In theory, that could be why in Genesis talked that the sky and the ocean are waters divided above the dome waters above and waters on the ocean. I could be wrong but it’s making sense thanks to the video.

  22. So awesome…then geo engineering ,weather manipulation had to go and ruin everything God has designed for us to have a perfectly functioning place for us to live.😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  23. The earth is FLAT, we're not a speck of dust floating in space. The blue marble is an invention/deception just like many others.

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