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The Library

Hi, I’m Clara. And I’m Eva, and we’re from Ithaca College. Enjoy our film! (phone buzzes) Jack, wanna see a movie? I’d be down to see a movie! I’m in. What movie we going to see? Popcorn would taste so good with this Coke right now. Hey… I’ll drive us to Regal! (popcorn popping and Coca-Cola being poured) This popcorn is SO good. (laughing)

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  1. This commercial infuriates me. These students had the opportunity to make something awesome and creative and all they did was make the most generic and uncreative commercial imaginable.

  2. this cancer is what you get with a generation of SJWs, female quotas, and diversity hires, complete and total dogsh-t quality.

  3. We made fun of this so many times.

    We even came up with call outs

    For example

    Wanna go see a movie?

    Id be down to see a movie (who the fuck are you)

    This popcorn would taste so good with this coke( like you need it)

    Ill drive us to regal ( ya lets ride with a complete stranger)

  4. The guy who got the invite from regal only intivited one friend then the whole fucking library wanted to go. If I was that guy I would straight out put a gun to head and pull the trigger

  5. i love all of your flims i wish you could make me and my dad a flim so that we can show to the people on the big screens at all of the entire regal theaters un artis theater t and edward theaters

  6. I understand that its a way of helping film students to bring their talents or expose them to audiences on the big screen but I think putting their films right after all the big commercials and trailers just destroys their reputation. Also, as most people have noted, it is really REALLY CRINGY, more of the newer ones to be honest. Regals, I hope you can actually have a manager or supervisor stand on the side of the theater when these 35 sec ads finish so you can see the reactions of the audiences. I gotta admit one of the good one is the shot by someone named Favienne (unsure which program year that was), other than that the recent ones are pretty bad unfortunately :/

  7. "Um, EXCUSE ME!!!! I don't recall inviting a single damn one of y'all! I was talking to my FRIEND, so all of you can screw off somewhere!"

  8. I go to the same college as these people, as of this year lol

    They apparently created this film for Regal and become a cringeworthy legend in their commercial but they literally talk and act normally irl, not that weird static 1800s style in the video

  9. This one always made me so mad they all invite them self like who said you can all go with me to the movie 🙄

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