The Life of Ginny Weasley Explained

The Life of Ginny Weasley Explained

In the books ginny weasley is plain and simple an awesome character, she cast some killer spells reducto! Looks like a pro on the Quidditch bench net guys chasing after her for her good looks and great Personality this unfortunately is not the case with the Ginny that we got in the films the film’s did not do her justice Especially in the later ones. They made her nothing more than Harry’s love interest and made her extremely awkward especially in her scenes with Harry Shoelace In this video I’m going to do what the movies could not I’m going to give her character justice as I explain the life of Ginny Weasley Ginny was one of seven children born to Arthur and Molly Weasley She was the youngest and the only girl she grew up in the borough the home of the Weasleys her room was on the third Floor it was small, but she made it very bright She had a poster of the Weird Sisters a Wizarding band and a poster of gwenna Joan’s her favorite professional Quidditch player her older brothers did not let her play Quidditch with them but around the age of six she started to break into the shed and Stole their brooms without them knowing this is how she first started to gain her aquitted skills Ginny watched all of her brothers go off the hogwarts making her extremely excited to go herself a year before she was old enough to Go she saw her brothers off where she met Harry Potter for the first time once she met him however she didn’t know it was him and when she found out she asked her mother and she could go on the Train and see you mrs. Weasley scolded her by saying the poor boy Isn’t something you can goggle at and assume Ginny went with her mother to pick up her brothers at the end of that turn when Harry Ron and Hermione Came out she pointed at them and shouted there. He is mom there. He is look Harry Potter She was again scolded by her mother telling her to be quiet and said that it was rude to point that summer Ginny Constantly talks about Harry, and it was clear that she had a crush on Ginny She’s been talking about you all summer really annoying really when Harry came to visit the Burrow at the end of the summer she was Uncharacteristically, shy you don’t know how weird it is for her to be this shy she never shuts up. Normally She seemed very prone to knocking things over whenever Harry was around when Harry came down one morning she
Accidentally knocked her porridge to the floor when Ginny was preparing to go to her first year of Hogwarts her parents bought many of her Things secondhand in Diagon Alley while there Malfoy started to make fun of Harry famous Harry Potter Ginny stood up to Malfoy. Fully in defense of it This was the first time that she had spoken in front of Harry all summer Oh look Potter got yourself a girlfriend Lucious Malfoy boy then came in and picked up Ginny second-hand books He made fun of her father for not being able to afford new books and place the books back when he placed them he added Another book to the collection Tom Riddle’s diary aka one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes That had part of his soul inside of it Ginny brought that diary to Hogwarts the first night. She was there She was sorted in the Gryffindor just like the rest of her family while at school Ginny started writing in the diary and the part of Voldemort’s soul inside of it wrote back to her she started confiding in the diary And telling it that she thought Harry never noticed her her brothers always teased her And how she got secondhand supplies and robes little did she know the fragment of Baltimore’s old inside the diary was Possessing her the more she confided in him the stronger He got he used her body to open the chamber of secrets The chamber that Salazar Slytherin one of the founders of Hogwarts made it housed the beast called a basilisk That could kill just by looking at someone in the eyes Voldermort had opened the chamber during his time at Hogwarts 50 years earlier But he had to stop when he framed Hagrid for him the first time He used Ginny’s body to open the chamber and let the beast out was on Halloween he wrote on the wall in blood Written in blood the beasts petrified mrs.. Norris Filtch the caretakers cat afterward when everyone was talking about it Jenny had no memory of that night. She seemed very disturbed and upset about the incident. She was crying her eyes out and having nightmares Her brother’s just assumed that this was because she was a cat loved her and was sad about mrs. Norris only more possessed her two more times and both times opened the chamber this led to Colin Creevey and Justin Finch flatly being petrified Just like mrs.. Norris once again. She couldn’t recall where she was for either of those attacks one morning She woke up with rooster feathers all over her and once again She could not remember what had happened that night Voldemort made her slaughter all the Roosters because they are a known threat to the basilisk the monster He was unleashing on the school She can find it in the diary even more telling him that she thought she was going mad Eventually Ginny started to become suspicious of the Diary and tried to get rid of it by throwing it down a toilet For Valentine’s Day Ginny said it’s worth to sing to Harry something They greatly embarrassed him Malfoy called her out in front of everyone I don’t think Potter liked your Valentine much during all of this Harry’s bag rips And he dropped all of his things including the diary to Ginny’s horror. She saw Harry picking it up and panics She raided his room and took the diary back Tom Riddle styrenes gone She finally decided to confide in her older brother Ron But she was losing time and that she might be responsible for the attacks but right before she was about to tell him She was interrupted by Percy and she ran off Voldemort possessed Jenny one last time and made it right on the wall again her skeleton will lie in the chamber forever He then had to go down to the chamber And he planned to use her body to make himself reborn to full strength as poor Ginny grows weaker I grow stronger Harry Ron and a reluctant Lockhart went down to the chamber when Harry got separated He killed the basilisk and stabbed the diary with one of its fangs This destroyed the Horcrux and freed Ginny Fox the Phoenix then carried Harry Ron Ginny and Lockhart out of the chamber mr. and mrs Weasley were very happy to see her daughter But they were furious when they found out that she was talking to the diary Ginny haven’t I taught you anything What have I always told you never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain Ginny went up to the hospital wing with their parents she learned a great deal from this incident and never trusted an object without a brain again Ginny was perfectly happy when they got on the train ride home that summer Ginny visited her brother Bill in Egypt with the rest of Her family after her father worn a decent amount of money. She went in many tombs, but mrs. Weasley didn’t let it go in the last one because of all the mutant skeletons when Ginny saw Harry again She was even more embarrassed than Usual after Harry had saved her life a few months before that but they did share a laugh when Percy was showing off in front Of his girlfriend on the train ride to her second year of Hogwarts Dementors entered the train and Ginny was affected a lot after having such a strong connection to Tom Riddle with the diary which the dementors Immediately sensed she sobbed in the corner and Hermione came over to put a comforting arm around her after Harry’s incident on the Quidditch Pitch a blushing Ginny made Harry a get well soon card the cards sang very Shrilly after she left Harry kept it under his bowl of fruit to keep it quiet the following summer Ginny hung out with Hermione a lot She was staying at the Burrow so that she could go to the Quidditch World Cup with them They shared a room in the Burrow and shared a tent at the World Cup That’s the girls friendship grow Hermione urged her to relax around Harry and show him what she was really like as she could barely talk when she was around him she also suggested to start taking interest in other boys She said then maybe then Harry would take an interest in her while with the World Cup a group of ex Death Eaters attacked after the game and Fred and George took Ginny to save her Ginny return to Hogwarts for a third year when the Triwizard Tournament took place what came along with the tournament was the Yule Ball? Jenny wasn’t eligible to go as it was only for fourth years and above But she got around that rule when Neville Longbottom asked her Hermione was asked by Victor Krum And the only person that she confided in was Ginny as they had become close over the summer while Ginny was laughing at Ron getting Rejected by Fleur Delacour how he said that he had just asked Cho Chang and Ginny smile faded Immediately well at the ball she had a good time despite the fact that Neville kept stepping on her feet while they danced which made It wince Ginny also met Michael corner at the ball She would start dating him a few months later at the end of term the following summer Ginny’s family was heavily involved in the order Of the Phoenix, and they moved to number 12 Grimmauld place for the summer this was the headquarters for the order when Harry arrived to the headquarters Jenny was finally able to act like a normal person in front of him This is because she was dating Michael and no longer felt weird in front of Harry This showed Harry a whole new side of her which he quite likes on the train rides were a fourth year of Hogwarts Ginny introduced Harry and Neville to Luna Lovegood an odd girl in a year who Ginny was always nice to when Harry Ron Hermione started Dumbledore’s Army a group that Harry taught defense against the dark arts to you in secret Ginny was one of the first to join She got several boys to come as well Including Michael corner who she was still dating and all of his friends as well Ginny came up with the name Dumbledore’s Army for the club she shut down show Chang’s idea who Harry was dating at the time Ginny did very well in the club and shown how powerful a witch she really was GInny had gotten very good at her bat boogie hex size is no guarantee of power look at Ginny. What do you mean? You’ve never been on the receiving. End of one of her bat bogie Hexes Have you When harry was banned from playing Quidditch, Ginny took his place as seeker? And she was very good Ginny’s father Arthur Weasley was attacked a little bit before Christmas by Voldemort snake Nagini Harry saw the attack happened through the eyes of the snake, which luckily saved Arthur’s life. They were able to get him to st. Mungo’s the Wizarding hospital very soon after the attack Ginny and the others were sent to number four grimille place by Dumbledore before Dolores Umbridge could get to them when mrs. Weasley got back from visiting Arthur Ginny got up and hugged her mother they all want to visit him the next day and to their Delight it looked like he would make a full recovery Based on Harry seeing mr. Weasley attacked Everyone realized that having in Voldemort’s Minds were connected. He sheltered himself from everyone Ginny caught him out on this I didn’t want anyone to talk to me well That was a bit stupid of you seeing as you don’t know anyone, but me who’s been possessed by you-know-who And I can tell you how it feels how he remained quiet as the impact of these words hit him I forgot lucky you Ginny then assured Harry that he wasn’t being possessed based on the information that he had given her they realized that the Sensations were very different Ginny spent Christmas with her family Harry and Hermione at number 12 Grimmauld place when she returned to Hogwarts she played in her first Quidditch match they lost But she caught the snitch Harry congratulated her on this and they started talking about Ginny becoming a chaser when Harry returned to Seeker one night Jenny visited Harry in the library they began to have a real conversation And for the first time Harry really enjoyed talking to her alone and Ginny’s second Quidditch match they played Ravenclaw Ginny got the snitch before Cho who Harry had recently broken up with Cho started to cry up to this Ron said more out of temper than anything Michel corner who was also in ravenclaw was expressing how Upset he was about the resort of the match this annoyed Ginny so she dumped him many boys were interested in Ginny and many went after her But she eventually started dating Dean Thomas a boy in Harry and Ron’s year at the end of term Ginny along with Luna were captured by the Inquisitorial squad they were trying to help Harry after he saw a vision of Sirius being tortured They eventually escaped and Ginny joined Harry Ron Hermione Neville and luna as they went to the Department of mysteries to save Sirius when they got there they found out it was a trap to get the Prophecy they were confronted by a handful of Death Eaters including Lucius and Bellatrix Bellatrix threatened to use the crucial artists curse or the torture curse on Ginny to force Harry to hand over the prophecy they knocked over self to distract the Death Eaters and Ginny Luna and Ron got separated from the others one Death Eater grabbed Ginny by the ankle and Luna trying to free Ginny ended up breaking Ginny’s ankle Luna got Ginny along with Ron out of there But Ginny was to hurt to continue to help in the battle after the fight was over Madame Pomfrey fixed her broken ankle Ginny consoled Harry after the death of his Godfather Sirius Black Which happened during the fight the following summer Ginny practiced Quidditch with the intention of trying out to be chaser her brother Bill’s Fiance Fleur Delacour lived with them on that summer and Ginny greatly disliked her toward the end of the summer Everyone went to Diagon Alley to get school supplies, and they all went to see Fred and George’s new joke shot Which greatly impressed Ginny on the train to Hogwarts? She was interrupted from talking to her boyfriend Dean by Zacharias Smith who was asking about what had happened in the Department of mysteries She got mad and shot her famous bat bogey accident this caught the attention of an impressed tourist Slughorn the new potions master And he invited her to his very exclusive slug Club Ginny tried out for Quidditch and made it as a chaser She was by far the best of that position on the team After one practice Harry and Ron called Ginny and Dean kissing this made Harry very jealous something he had never felt for Ginny before what? You’re supposed to in season er Ginny She’s saying him Ron yelled at her Ginny Then told Dean to go back to the common room after he left she responded to Ron saying that he was mad because he had Never kissed anyone himself and that he had about as much experience with it as a 12 year old she then stormed off in fury later Harry pictured himself kissing Ginny instead of Dean which was a thought he quite likes for the first Quidditch match of the season Ginny Scored many points for a team beating Gryffindor to a blowout win after Harry caught the snitch an end to the game Ginny flew right at Zacharias Smith who had been a terrible Announcer taking shots at Gryffindor every opportunity that he had she flew right at him and collided with him She then said the professor mcgonagall forgot to break professor Sorry, Ginny and Ron we’re still mad at each other she got even more mad when Started kissing lavender Brown in public she called him a filthy hypocrite one day Ginny stopped two boys in a Transfiguration class from calling Luna Looney Lovegood Which Luna greatly appreciated Ginny attended Slughorn’s Christmas party with Dean as her date She slowly started to lose interest in Dean and they fought a lot and again after Christmas break she seemed quite Unenthusiastic about seeing Dean after they had been apart for a very long time They continued to fight and one day Ginny got mad at him for helping her through the portrait Hole when it actually happened was Harry who was under the invisibility cloak and had taken liquid luck had bumped her And she thought it was Dean the liquid luck did its job for Harry and Dean and Ginny finally broke up when Ron was poisoned She and Ron’s feud finally ended, and she was at his bedside for quite some time while there She and Harry discussed how he could have been poisoned when Harry hit Malfoy with the Sectumsempra Spell was actually supporting Harry for using it while everyone else was Disappointed in him after they won the Quidditch Cup and how he returned to the common room Ginny ran to Harry and put her arms around Him without thinking how he leaned in and kissed Ginny in front of the whole common room when they finally pulled apart Dean had broken his glass and Ron gave Howard the okay for him To date his sister Harry Gestured to Ginny and the two walked out of the portrait hall and went for a long walk on the grounds the two were extremely Happy to be together people gossiped about the two dating Ginny was leaning on Harry’s legs in the common room floor when they started to talk about how the Gossip didn’t bother them unfortunately, they had very little time together as Ginny had to study for Al exams at the end of the term the Battle of the Astronomy tower took place Harry had ordered Ginny along with Ron and Hermione to drink the rest of his liquid luck to make sure that They were safe Ginny Ron and Neville stood guard outside the Room of Requirement To look out for Malfoy Malfoy along with the Death Eaters. He got into the school However got by them by using instant darkness powder Ginny later dueled the Cara brother one of the Death Eaters Malfoy had gotten in During this battle Dumbledore was killed Harry was over his body crying No one could convince him to leave his side. Ginny then came over and held him Ginny led him away from the body And they went to the hospital wing while there Ginny was shocked and upset to hear about her brother Bill being attacked by a werewolf named grayback everything that happened Jimmy stole took her owl exams after that she spent most of her time with Harry they spent a lot of time on the school Grounds where they could be alone this time together was by far the happiest. They had ever been everything changed However a Dumbledore’s funeral harry spoke to Ginny alone Ginny listen. I can’t be involved with you anymore We’ve got to stop seeing each other. We can’t be together It’s for some stupid noble reason isn’t it it’s been like like something out of someone else’s life these past few weeks with you But I can’t we can’t I’ve got things to do alone now Ginny didn’t cry But simply looked at Harry Harry then explains to her that he doesn’t want Voldemort to use her against him What if I don’t care? I care I never really gave up on you not really I always hoped Hermione told me to get on with my life Maybe go out with some other people relax a bit around you And she thought you might think a bit more noticed if I was a bit more myself I just wish that ask you sooner We could have had ages months years, maybe but you’ve been too busy saving the Wizarding World I knew this would happen in the end. I knew you wouldn’t be happy unless you were hunting Voldemort Maybe that’s why I like you so much. How we couldn’t bear these words He got up and turned his back on Ginny Ginny was heartbroken But stayed strong as she watched the man she loved most of her life walk away Just a few weeks after she had finally gotten him. She watched as the thing that made her more happy than anything in the world Turned his back on her. She knew it was for a good reason, but that didn’t make it hurt any less The following summer the order had to extract Harry from the Dursleys before he turned seventeen making him of age in the Wizarding World Ginny stayed home with her mother Waiting for everyone to return when Harry arrived he and Ginny held hands as they waited for the others unfortunately Not everyone made it back Madeyes dead later, Ginny told Harry that mrs. Weasley was stopping the trio from meeting hoping this would delay them for their mission And then what does she thinks gonna happen someone else might kill off Voldemort while she’s holding us here, so it’s true That’s we were trying to do Ginny finally knew why Harry said he couldn’t be with him They stared at each other and there was something more than shocked and Ginny’s Expression the two realized that this was the first time they had been alone together since those stolen hours alone in the Hogwarts Grounds a few days later Ginny asked Harry to come into her She wished Harry a happy 17th and the two looked into each other’s eyes Ginny that leaned in and kissed him as she had never kissed him before The two forgot everything all their worries all their problems. It was just the two of them door then crashed open and they were Interrupted by Ron and the moment ended Ginny walked out as she wished Harry a happy birthday one last time She turned her back on him, just like She had turned his back on her at Dumbledore funeral At those wedding Ginny was a bridesmaid along with Flair’s sister Gabrielle Ginny’s aunt said that her dress was too short Which made a turnaround and wink at Harry she danced with Luna Fred George and Lee Jordan which Harry watched from afar? not wanting to get too close to Ginny before he left during the Celebration death eaters crashed the wedding a Ginny dueled as she defended herself against the Death Eaters She was unable to say goodbye to Harry before he Ron and Hermione dis aberrated The Weasley family was questioned and held captive but none were harmed Ginny went to her sixth year of Hogwarts and she Luna and Neville started the DA up again They would sneak out and write graffiti on the wall saying Dumbledore’s Army still recruiting the three tried to steal the sword of Gryffindor from Snape’s office They were caught and sent to detention which turned out to be not so bad as they were with Hagrid Snape also banned Ginny from going to hogs meat while in the run Harry would often look at the marauders map and watch Ginny when Ginny went home for Easter holiday, she was forced to go into hiding with the rest of her family This was because Ron was seen with Harry who was the number one most wanted in the Wizarding World when have we returned to? Hogwarts Everyone started to come back to the school, and they all prepared for the imminent battle when Ginny arrived She gave Harry a radiant smile And how he had forgotten how beautiful she was with cho Volunteered to take Harry to ravenclaw Tower Ginny cut her off and said that Luna should go with him instead when the real battle Began mrs.. Weasley told Ginny that she couldn’t fight because she was underage she was told to stay in the Room of Requirement but when harry needed the room to change form Ginny had to leave and Ginny began to fight she and Tonks were shooting jinxes from a High up window into a crowd of Death Eaters below during a break in the battle Ginny heard about the death of her brother Fred And was deeply Upset her face was swollen and blotchy as Hermione held her she and her family stood over the body of their fallen son and brother Fred’s eyes stay without seeing the ghost of his last laughs, that’s upon his face Ginny have gathered the dead and wounded during the break in the battle as Harry was on his way to sacrifice himself He saw Ginny crouching over a girl Ginny’s voice broke as she told the girl that it would be alright the injured girl told her That she wanted to go home and that she didn’t want to fight anymore it took everything in Harry not to shout out her name He knew that if he went to her He would not be able to do what needed to be done Harry went into the forest and let Voldemort hit him with the killing curse unbeknownst to Voldemort Harry actually survived But kept pretending to be dead as human Death Eaters brought Harry suppose a dead body back to the castle Ginny cried out when she saw Harry’s dead body Nevel stood up to Voldemort and the battle began again Ginny began to duel Bellatrix with the help of Hermione and Luna Bellatrix shot a killing curse that narrowly missed Ginny mrs. Weasley then stepped forward not my daughter you bitch But she defeated the woman that had nearly taken another one of her children from her moments later Harry defeated Voldemort And the fight was finally over Ginny was one of the first people to run and hug Harry after the battle Ginny sat with her mother her head on her shoulder now that Harry had completed his mission He and Ginny got back together after she finished Hogwarts Ginny played Quidditch Professionally Ginny and Harry eventually got married at which point she wouldn’t retired from playing Quidditch to start their family They had three kids Albus James and Lily Ginny later became the senior Quidditch Correspondent for the Daily Prophet her job took her to the 2014 Quidditch World Cup where she wrote several stories for the Prophet Harry and their kids joined her as well And they all watched the match together she stayed close with the rest of her family And she and her siblings would got their kids together very often Ginny started out as just being Ron’s little sister But she blossomed into a strong and beautiful woman She gave everyone in her life so much strength and was always there for everyone when they needed her Especially for Harry without Ginny Harry would have never gotten through his fight with Voldemort She was the light to drove the person who reminded him of what he was fighting for Every great man is a greater woman behind them and for Harry that was Ginny

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  1. I donโ€™t ship Ginny and Harry ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  2. I'm disappointed that the movies left out what I think is my favorite part of the Deathly Hallows. (It will be highlighted like this, if you wanna read it :P)

    (Deathly Hallows, Chapter 29, The Lost Diadem, Pages 584-585)

    "Well, there's her lost diadem. I told you about it, remember, Harry? The lost diadem of Ravenclaw? Daddy's trying to duplicate it."

    "Yeah, but the lost diadem," said Michael Corner, rolling his eyes, "is lost, Luna. That's sort of the point."

    "When was it lost?" asked Harry.

    "Centuries ago, they say," said Cho, and Harry's heart sank. "Professor Flitwick says the diadem vanished with Ravenclaw herself. People have looked, but," she appealed her fellow Ravenclaws, "nobody's ever found a trace of it, have they?"

    They all shook their heads.

    "Sorry, but what is a diadem?" asked Ron.

    "It's kind of a crown," said Terry Boot. "Ravenclaw's was supposed to have magical properties, enhance the wisdom of the wearer."

    "Yes, Daddy's Wrackspurt siphons –"

    But Harry cut across Luna.

    "And none of you have ever seen anything that looks like it?"

    They all shook their heads again.

    Harry looked at Ron and Hermione and his own disappointment was mirrored back at him. An object that had been lost this long, and apparently without a trace, did not seem like a good candidate for the Horcrux hidden in the castle. . . . Before he could formulate a new question, however, Cho spoke again.

    "If you'd like to see what the diadem's supposed to look like, I could take you up to our common room and show you, Harry? Ravenclaw's wearing it in her statue."

    Harry's scar scorched again: For a moment the Room of Requirement swam before him, and he saw instead the dark earth soaring beneath him and he felt a great snake wrapped around his shoulders. Voldemort was flying again, whether to the underground lake or here, to the castle, he did not know: Either way, there was hardly any time left.

    "He's on the move," he said quietly to Ron and Hermione. He glanced at Cho and then back at them.

    "Listen, I know it's not much of a lead, but I'm going to go and look at this statue, at least find out what the diadem looks like. Wait for me here and keep, you know — the other one — safe."

    Cho had got to her feet, but Ginny said rather fiercely, "No Luna will take Harry, won't you, Luna?"

    "Oooh, yes, I'd like to," said Luna happily, and Cho sat down again, looking disappointed.

  3. Iโ€™ll be chaser, Iโ€™m already chaser!
    What about seeker, I am already seeker
    Iโ€™ll be goalkeeper, nerf goalkeeper!!!
    Your right so beater, Iโ€™m already beater

  4. Ginny: Leave him alone.
    Draco: Oh look, Potter, youโ€™ve got yourself a girlfriend!
    Me: Draco, since when did you take divination?

  5. Whenever Ron gets hurt:

    Molly Weasley:Whatever

    Whenever he almost gets killed:


    When Ginny gets hurt:

    Molly:nOt mY dAuGhTeR,yOu bItCh

  6. I only read the books so when she said shoelace
    me:wha??? (well yes i saw the movie but only until prisoner of azkaban)

  7. James looked like Harry, he married lily potter, a redhead

    Harry looked like his dad, he married a redhead by the name of Ginny

  8. I really really grateful to the admin for this video, not everyone realise how great she is.. One of my favourite character ever ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  9. The truth which you would know when you read the book is Harry thought of Ginny when he himself volunteered to get killed by the hands of voldemort in deathly hallows

  10. Iโ€™m my opinion , Bonnie definitely looked the part but didnโ€™t act the part but I blame the directors for this

  11. I know movie Ginny was the complete opposite of the books but letโ€™s be honest how can you be a teenager and act totally cool with those romantic scenes. If I was her I would have an awkward breakdown-

  12. Harry: I have to go to ravenclaw tower
    Cho: I'll go with you
    Ginny: no bitch, you stay here. Luna, you go
    Luna: ….let us part Harry

  13. When they were talking about Ginnyโ€™s first quidditch match they said they lost but Ginny caught the snitch but in quidditch if u catch the snitch u win the game

  14. Before I was a mega Harry Potter fan I thought her name was Jenny ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธgod young me was stupid

  15. Ginny Weasly and the boy who got her wet.

    Ginny Weasly and the Diary of Secrets

    Ginny Weasly and the book she wasn't really in.

    Ginny Weasly and the time her total boyfriend who always notices her and loves her almost died

    Ginny Weasly and the skank who tried to make out with my man using her dead boyfriend to manipulate him

    Ginny Weasly and The Year my man finally came to his senses and the concsenual sex we had as he slept begun while he was awake.

    Ginny Weasly and the Sexual Hallows of being separated from my man.

    The books from the stalkers—- I mean Ginnys eyes. Such a sweet and innocent girl.

  16. When he described the part of Harry and Ginny kissing for the first time at the Burrow, it was GEORGE who interrupted them not RON!! Bruh

  17. Fantastic Video!!!!!!๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ She's the best!!!!!!๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ thanks for this vid!!!!!!๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  18. Rip, never found her attractive, she always looks just like a little sister, and she never seemed to change throughout the movies lol

  19. Reading the book Ginny was my favorite by far, by end of the books i was just happy for Ginny and sad i wont getto read more. Movies didnt do her justice at all

  20. Like if you have a small crush on Harry and is kinda jealous of Ginny even though heโ€™s just a movie/book character ๐Ÿ˜‚

  21. How do you catch the snitch and lose in the first movie it said if you caught the snitch you would win???๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ 

  22. ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ

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