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hello my name is tubby I
live here in this wonderful library and I love to eat books I live here with my
friends gumbo and freckles gumbo Fraggles come out come out wherever you
are over there on that great book is grand old holy she is really old and
wise and tells us wonderful stories when she is awake that is and we love to sing there you are children I’ve been waiting
to tell you this wonderful story from the Bible I hope today story is as
wonderful as the rest absolutely you’re going to love this one but do listen carefully we promise we promise today the story I’m about to tell you is about Joseph’s
wonderful coat Jacob had 12 sons from his two wives Rachel and Leah of his
twelve sons he loved Joseph the most when Joseph became 17 years old his
father gifted him a very special and beautiful coat for his birthday it was
made out of many colored threads and had no sleeves it was a very special coat
which was normally only given to the eldest son when Joseph’s brothers saw
that their father had given him the special coat
they were very jealous and angry now Joseph would often have nice and
wonderful dreams and he could almost always understand what each dream meant
once he told his brothers the latest dream that he had had he said I
dreamt that all of us were tying a bundles of feet that he had harvested
while mine were straight and standing yours power down to mine his brothers
were very angry they said does that mean that you will rule over us the dream
made his brothers extremely angry and he also started hating him a lot
Joseph Pharisee had another dream in this dream the Sun the moon and the
Eleven stars were bowing down to him he rushed to his father to tell him all
about his dream as he told his dream to his father Jacob got very angry and said
do you really think that one day your mother your brothers and I bow down to
you this made Joseph very sad since he was just telling them about a dream he
had had and he loved his brothers and his parents very much now that I am done
with the story I’m going to ask the question what did Jacob gift Joseph when
he turned 17 oh i know i know he gifted him a multi colour coat that is absolutely right
okay children I will tell you a very sad story today this is the story of how
Joseph is sold to merchants there was once a boy named Joseph who
was given a wonderful coat of many colors by his father for his birthday
but his brothers with jealous of Joseph and his beautiful coat so they planned
to get rid of him one day Joseph’s brothers had gone to a faraway mountain
with that sheep so Jacob sent Joseph to see if his
brothers needed anything as Jacob was claiming the mountain his brothers saw
him from far away and thought of a way to get rid of him they thought of
killing him and throwing him into a well and telling their father that a wild
animal had attacked and killed Joseph the eldest brother
Reuben however said dear brothers let us not to kill him let us throw him in the
rail very well die of hunger in a few days anyway
Reuben did not want to kill his brother at all he planned to save him later the
brothers agreed to Reubens plan as soon as Jacob came they got a hold of him
took off a special coat and pushed him into the well then they all sat down to
eat as they were all eating some merchants came by carrying spices that
they were planning to sell in Egypt seeing the merchants one of the brothers
had an idea he said instead of kill joseph lets sell him to this
merchants in this way we will be killing him after all he’s our brother
the others agreed they then pulled joseph out of the well and sold him to
the merchants when the brothers returned home they showed their father joseph
special coat which they had soaked in goat’s blood to make it look like joseph
was attacked by a wild animal now for the question children which of the
brothers did not want to kill Joseph but save him later
let me think holy Reuben yes indeed it was Reuben very good freckles once upon
a time there was a man named Joseph unfortunately Joseph’s brothers hated
him because they would jealous of him so they sold him off to a merchant called
Potiphar and told Jacob their father that Joseph had been killed by wild
animals now Potiphar was an important man in the
king of Egypt’s court he was in charge of the Royal Guards Potiphar gave Joseph
some work in his house soon Joseph became so good at it that Potiphar put
him in charge of his house this made Potiphar’s wife jealous she
knew Joseph was special and she did not want him in her house she told her
husband lies about Joseph so he was sent to prison in the prison the jail keeper
saw that Joseph had some special qualities so put him in charge of the
prisoners among the prisoners were the King’s Butler and Baker one day both of
them had strange dreams and went to Joseph to know about that Joseph
said to tell me the dream maybe I can understand them
the butler said in my dream I had three bunches of grapes and squeezed them into
the Kings cap for him to drink what could it mean huh Joseph said three punches means
three days with in three days the King will forgive you and you leave the
prison the Baker said I was carrying three baskets of pastries for the king
but on the way birds came and picked them Joseph replied I’m sorry
this means that you’ll die in three days and king will not forgive you just like
Joseph had said the Baker was not forgiven and the butler was the butler
went back to work for the king and forgot all about Joseph so here is a
question other than Joseph who else had the king sent to prison oh i know this one it was a
baker that’s right okay but I will ask the question at the end so listen carefully we promise we
will a young man Joseph a sent to prison by
the king of Egypt for no fault of his own he lived in the prison for two years
one day the King had a very strange dream he dreamt that seven fat cows came
out of a river and ate all the grass in the fields then seven thin cows came out
of the same river and ate the seven fat cows but stayed as thin as before the
king was confused he called all his clever ministers but none of them could
understand what the Kings dream meant the King’s Butler who had spent some
time in prison with Joseph said your highness when I was in person there was
a man who understood my dream it turned out what he told me was true he is very
wise maybe you should ask him so joseph was called after the king had told him
his dream Joseph said your dream is the path to future the seven fat cows you
saw are seven coming years when you will have a good harvest however
seven years after that will be dry and there will be no rain so I think you
should start storing the extra harvesting for the next seven years
without rain the king was very impressed he said you
are truly wise Joseph said my God speaks through me I only say what he tells me
the King was so happy with Joseph that he made him the highest officer only
second to the king himself so Joseph was very rich he wore expensive clothes
moved around in chariots and people bowed to him in respect wherever he went now I will ask you the question I hope you were listening carefully how many
years did Joseph live in the prison as i can answer this Joseph lived in the prison
for two years right yes that is right okay this is a happy story of Joseph who
sees his family again after a long time a young man Joseph had been sold off as
a slave by his brothers he ended up in Egypt in prison now Joseph had helped
the king of Egypt understand a dream he had had because of this Joseph was made
a very important man in Egypt the king had dreamt that there would be seven
years of good harvest followed by seven years of no rain at all and like in his
dream the following seven years saw a good harvest and there was a lot of food
Joseph was put in charge of properly storing all the extra food in every
region of Egypt the following seven years saw no harvest
at all while the regions around Egypt had problems egypt had enough food
soon people started moving to Egypt to buy food among these people were
Joseph’s brothers when Joseph saw them he recognized them immediately but they
could not joseph accuse them of being spies they said they were not but Joseph
refused to believe them till they got the youngest brother Benjamin as proof
Joseph said that because he really wanted to see his brother Benjamin again
his brothers soon came back to Egypt with Benjamin as they were leaving the
palace Joseph slipped a silver goblet into
Benjamin’s back he told the palace guards to arrest his brother and charged
him with stealing from the palace Joseph ordered this thief will stay in Egypt as
a slave the other brothers pleaded no please don’t do that our Father will be
heartbroken please take one of us instead
on hearing his father’s name Joseph was sad he could not pretend any longer he
told his brothers who he really was and asked them to bring Jacob to meet him as
soon as possible so Jacob and whole family came to Egypt now for my question
what was the name of Josephs youngest brother we know we know his name was benjamine
that is right come kids I have already decided which story I’m going to
tell you today yeye lets not waste any more time go on with the story alright Joseph had no idea that his
brothers were so jealous of him he was confused as to what was happening
to him why did his brother sell a moth and why was he traveling to Egypt but
these strange people but little did he know that things were about to get worse
for him the moment the traders reached Egypt they put up Joseph’s for sale he
went on from being the favorite son of Jacob to a lowly slave a man named
Potiphar bought him as a slave among many others and gave a good price for
him as he was a young strong and good-looking boy Potiphar was rich
powerful and an important man in Egypt as he was the captain of the guards in
the king’s palace Joseph was put to work in Potiphar’s
house he worked very hard he did every single job he was asked to do and did
them efficiently at times he wondered why is old brothers did something as
terrible as selling him into slavery but he never complained he knew God was with
him he gained strength from knowing that God was watching everything that was
happening God blessed Joseph Potiphar noticed how hard-working honest and
respectful Joseph was soon Joseph became Potiphar’s favorite and was put in
charge of all the slaves who worked for him Joseph was not only in charge of the
household chores but also played an important part in Potifers business
deals all the responsibilities that were given to Joseph showed how much Potiphar
trusted him with his home possession and family Joseph looked after the field
workers and those who worked in taking care of the animals under Joseph’s
supervision everything at Potiphar’s home ran smoothly
Potiphar did not have to worry about anything
Joseph took care of everything everything was going well for Joseph but
little did he know that things were going to get worse for him
I hope you kids like the story no doubt about it
what’s the question tell me and I’ll tell you everything correctly so the
question is who bought Joseph as slave potefer that’s right great
I was eagerly waiting for you kids so today’s story is about Joseph’s
unusual dreams Joseph was hated by his brothers because
every time they misbehaved Joseph would go and report everything to their father
Jacob this got them into trouble many a times
however Joseph did not do that intentionally he wasn’t aware of the
hatred towards him one day Joseph had an amazing dream instead of keeping it to
himself he went and told his brothers everything about the dream brothers I
dreamt that we were all out in a field tying bundles of grains and suddenly my
bundle stood all tall while all of your circled around it and bowed wasn’t that
amazing the dream made them hate Joseph even more they were not at all happy
about it so you think one day you’re going to be our king They ridiculed Joseph
and laughed at him the next night Joseph had another dream and in the dream Sun
the moon the stars bowed down to him he went and
told his brothers and his father about the dream this time Jacob did not like
the dream either so you think your mother and I are going to bow down to
you Jacob asked even though Jacob did not appreciate the dream he did not hate
Joseph like his older brothers instead he sat and wondered the real meaning of
the dream soon after Joseph’s two dreams Jacob sent his sons except Joseph to
take his flocks to a field near the town of they were gone for quite a while now
Jacob had not heard of them so he sent Joseph to look for his brothers when
Joseph got to Shechem he did not know where to find his brothers he wandered
here and there looking for them a man noticed Joseph and thought that he was
lost he asked Joseph what he was looking for
I’m trying to find my brothers and their flocks Joseph answered have you seen
them anywhere yes the man answered I saw them taking the flocks to Dothan Joseph
thanked the man and headed for Dothan to find his brothers and when he went there
Joseph’s life took a whole new turn that was a wonderful story holy hahaha
Oh gumbo you really need to stop eating all the time anyway
the question for today is where did the man say Jacob sons had taken the flocks
dowsing absolutely correct freckles you are a good little girl

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