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  1. Help. I got hurt badly. No help. I am suffering badly years no doctors no help. The pain is inhumane. I’m scared. Akathisia neuropathy agoraphobia tinnitus neurotoxicity. I’m desperate. How do I reach him. Please. I have brain damage and nervous system damage bad. It’s bad I comprehension need help you what to do. Cepro started this I think 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️. Then the meds from the treatment. I dint know I’m barley here anymore. Ty. He speaks the truth. Truth teller. Me too. I’m alone my family is gone everyone is gone. It’s so bad my heart is broken too. I’m broken. I have video too. Please help me help us Thank you. I hope you don’t feel what I feel. I’m sorry. I’m disabled.

  2. Why would this 'spirit of compassion",push the medical medium so mercilessly. How can that be a truly compassionate spirit?

  3. I think this man should allow the Voice to speak. Do not use your own knowledge to try to answers questions. Just let the Voice speak. You don't have enough knowledge to speak on all these issues and you may make yourself crazy trying!

  4. Developing into a authentic HEART of pure COMPASSION ♡ BTW, I absolutely Love Your new BACKGROUND ambiance☆

  5. I eat plenty of dairy and have great bone density. Lot's of energy too. Does not even mention the word sugar or pesticides the world's worst poisons but don't eat eggs. People want to believe fairy tales so they will buy his books of course. Any naturopathic doctor will test you for these allergies. He talks alot but says nothing new at all. It is totally exhausting to listen to his BS.

  6. I have wondered if he was for real, but now I know he's for real because he keeps coming back to women's health which has just been brutalized by the patriarchal medical profession, so that's who needs other-worldly help the most, even though it's really not popular to focus on women's health.

  7. Lewis, I’m a long time fan, but as a public health professional, health educator, and person who lives with chronic illnesses, I’m disappointed to see that you gave “The Medical Medium” a platform when he’s a known quack. I’m all for integrative healing and celebrating the mind-body-spirit connection, but this guy continuously exploits and harms folks who aren’t health literate. He’s a modern day snake oil salesman with his pseudoscience and emotional appeals and honestly, I’m sad that you drank the Kool-Aid. Many other folks with chronic illness have turned to him out of desperation and spent money only to be recommended the same wellness nonsense peddled by other health “gurus”, like curing unfounded heavy metal toxicity, unnecessary cleanses, etc. The only evidence-based stuff he shares is info that has been recommended for decades (like increasing your fruit and veggie intake) and is basically common sense, while most of his recommendations can be dangerous for your health long term (like the lack of fiber/nutrients if you go on a celery juice or lemon water cleanse or the side effects associated going off treatments to try to follow his ADHD “cure”). He’s not this health genius or medium who is in tune with the causes of illnesses, but rather a narcissist man who keeps shouting about pathogens when he has no education/professional background in medicine or microbiology. We’re in the thick of the age of misinformation and this guy is in one of the many proponents of it. While there is so much to be done regarding modern medicine and explaining/treating various ailments, it’s scary that this man’s nonsense is being viewed as a valid alternative to evidence-based science.

  8. My doctor told me my excema would improve if I stopped eating carbs and practiced intermittent fasting. I cleaned up my eating and stopped drinking alcohol, and my quality of life improved dramatically. My doctor does not speak to any spirits. I still eat eggs.
    I love your channel, but, thus guy…. I don't know so much. Sounds like BS to me. KETO for life!!

  9. If you want good heath advice not the quackery of this creepy man – there are plenty of peopke to check out on youtube. Dr. Berg – is the best in my opinion. This guy is a total fake.

  10. Mr celery juice guy. My parents says it changed their lives so it will be interesting to watch this.

  11. Dear Lewis,
    Not every spirit is good, but every spirit Claims to be good. Spirits do know a lot, but no good spirit is going to force you to serve him and make you to do what he tells you to, he's going to honour your free will. Only 2% of lie twists the rest of the 98%of truth. How do you know that his classmate was sick when that spirit said he was, or maybe, he got sick after being spoken this sickness over him and he believed in it and started to get simptoms. Be careful, seems like you accept every spirit that crosses your path.
    Be blessed,

  12. Mr. Lewis
    shut up and let the guy speak his sentence, please
    PS. Longtime follower, impressed by your interview methods, your listening ability, your set of juicy questions, beauty of places you shot your films, guess my opinions is non of your worry but a bit of space for this guest to speak his full mind could be positive even if the lengh of this film will be over the average one you shot 🌸
    Kind regards

  13. I'd rather listen to people that found their way back to health than to those that hear voices and cannot escape

  14. MM’s conveyance of info has given a voice and hope to millions of ppl with severe and chronic health issues. Sad that we the ppl have to influence the western medical community on healing. He’s helping to transform the broken system we live in. Bless him!

  15. My favourite interview, this world doesn't wanted hear something like that, but I am greatful for message like that I am into nutrition medicine, and I do believe we can be heal, so many people are ill mostly from psychological point, I was vitnes, when I was working as a general nurse in my country, I wish moore people start thinking about what they eat and think… Thank you Lewis, it's always pleasure to watching your podcasts, I hope you doing well, happy for you, and have rest yourself, you need it, because you working so hard 😊👏👍🤗🍀❤️

  16. What I got out of all of this is food is your medicine. Eat right and you won't have these problems to begin with. If you already have a problem find out what's causing it and eat the appropriate foods and or eliminate certain foods.

  17. An amazing and inspiring interview. Thanks to the information Anthony William, the Medical Medium shares I have been able to turn around Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Lichen Sclerosus, Chronic allergies, Migraines, Sciatica, Menopausal symptoms, and so much more! At 60 years I am off all medications and out of the rabbit hole of dr visits, drug side effects, and symptoms. So grateful to his practice, to the Spirit of Compassion, and to people like you (Lewis Howes) who helps Anthony reach more. Loved your last few Q & As – Beautiful!

  18. Lewis needs to read and understand basic medical terminology. Not knowing what a pathogen or sepsis is…when you know you are going to interview medicine man 😂

  19. I hear everything he says but WHY CHARGE for the books & therefore life saving information..? I agree with a lot of what he says regarding health. However, if he REALLY wanted to give ‘Gifted’ information & Help EVERYONE Heal then WHY would he charge for book 1,2,3,4….? You wouldn’t, you’d provide it ALL for FREE. Charge for Podcasts, interviews etc sure, but provide this Vital information to the public.. NO STRINGS ATTACHED. All credibility is lost when someone says, “Science is bad, Doctors info is Bad, I’m on your side, Buy My Book! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  20. Everyone is CALLED , but few ANSWER. I acknowledge you, keep the hard work because its not the energy or time its the judgment that is detrimental for an empath. Anyway the best are judged!

  21. Thank you so much Anthony it’s always pleasure to hear you God and the Spirit continue to guide you 🙏🌟☀️

  22. I lived with chronic inflammation and pain. My physical pain was being caused from internal pain that had no way to escape from my sons death, foreclosed home, divorce, rape, second marriage to a narcissist and finally jail in London. 😅. I healed it ALL through internal/emotional/energy work and re-shifting.

  23. I'll answer Lewis' question too. I'm a medium but also a trance channel. When I'm working mediumistically, I'm fully awake and just relaying information that spirits on the other side pass along. When I'm working as a channeler, I am in trance and not in control as other beings speak through me. I mean, I'm "kind of" in control. I can stop them if need be, but the words you hear come out of my mouth are theirs. And, as a medium I am chatting with loved ones in spirit. As a channel, I'm talking with advanced beings, ETs, angels, etc.

    On a different note, I've noticed that A LOT of mediums have either diabetes or hypoglycemia and wonder if it's somehow connected to their gift?

    On another different note, and I'm sure Anthony has heard this before, although his compassion and sense of duty is lovely…being THAT open 24/7 to be getting nonstop messages for people is being too open. I understand being a walking antenna, but it's not healthy and can be depleting.

  24. if you dont take the responsability that you create your reality, you really becomes the ultimate victim. you can always ask questions what to change in your life, and things will show up to assist. sometimes you need to change whole belief systems in order to change, its not necessary only your food.

  25. Every time he was asked what the solution was, he went around in circles. Think his focus is spreading fear so he can sell his books

  26. I had awful shingles in the fall of 2013. I've had a headache for 24 years, 24/7, from 3 different neck and head injuries (the most recent one…which has destroyed my life…in 4/2018). I've been to way over 100 MDs, healers, shamans, etc. for my head pain and no one can figure it out. I actually think my skull slipped on C1 and is crushing nerves into my brain. But, now I also have much worsening IBS-C with new pain…and for days my low back has been killing me too. I am so tired of living in pain, which is worsening. 🙁 And, with 3 neck injuries, I cannot help but feel spirit is trying to teach me some damn lesson I'm not learning. 🙁 (Side note…died by my neck in numerous past lives.) I am a gluten free vegan. UPDATE: All of a sudden while watching this, the right side of my head started tingling. Hmmm….

  27. Anthony is helping so many people truly heal with his advice and recipes. This was such a great conversation.

  28. Those chairs that you sit on in the show's I need to know where I can get parts or even a new set of chair's, I been looking everywhere. About them!
    Blessings, to you.

  29. I do know personally, that I've had type 2 diabetes, 1 1/2 year's ago, and I kicked it by doing Vegetables and one fruit smoothie, for each meal and snack's all day long, doing this for 1 1/2 months, checking your blood with your meter, and then after that month and a half your levels well normalize. You will see. Do all the research, on it. Type 1 can be in check with this.
    You can also, after that full month and a half add one meat for protein at night for dinner only.
    Stay away from egg's really.

  30. Three minutes in, if he tells his grandma she has lung cancer and she believes it, she allowed that lung cancer into her body because of what he said.

    Five minutes in: Lewis is in the background making a Nespresso.

  31. I needed this! I literally feel as though it popped up in my feed because of the Spirit of Compassion 💜 Thank you!

  32. It amazes me that so many people Anthony shares this with don’t pick it up and talk about it – he said the pharmaceutical industry creates these viruses and “releases them out into the public/society” and then you have virus they can treat (selling you vaccines).😑

  33. I loved his answers at the end especially how without compassion it’s not love & what defines greatness – humanity is just a small part of what’s really going on💞

  34. Anthony – you have done and are doing such incredible service! But please give yourself some breaks and boundaries – Spirit would not want you burning yourself out to save the world…just saying…do get some time for you – please.

  35. Lewis, you gave him some good advice at the end…boundaries don't mean lack of compassion – compassion for self…

  36. Thank you, Anthony, for sharing the truth and fighting for the people around the world💛 from the bottom of my heart: thank you🙏

  37. Appreciate this interview. Very timely. A couple weeks ago went on vacation where I couldn’t eat any uncooked food, so no veggies or fruits. So my option was bread—gluten, eggs for breakfast and yogurt to offset the spiciness of the food. I got strep. Still have remnants of it 3 weeks later. Usually I’m gluten free, and very little dairy— butter on homemade bread once a day. And now I know. Just bought the celery juice book. Thanks for sharing.

  38. He looks like he's about to burn out. He needs to take a break after his 5th book, and take care of himself seriously…

  39. Thank you for having Anthony William on with his wisdom from Spirit of Compassion! I so appreciate Anthony's bravery and truth. Love all of your shows, but this is absolutely one of the pinnacles. I have read and referenced most of his books. Loving the support and health improvements. By the way, eggs are chicken periods. Do people not realize this? Chicken eggs are the unfertilized eggs of a chicken—hence, a chicken period. Come on Lewis, you don't want to eat that. Try a vegan egg brand—our favorite is Just Egg. Also, we are not meant to consume the mammary function of a cow—we are not cow babies. We literally do not possess the enzyme required to digest it. Why did human animals start violating the basic laws of nature and then call it "normal" and call people who eat plants, extremists? Veganism is based on an unbiased truth-science of what we are actually designed to eat and digest. Plus there is the ethical element of veganism, which I'm certain Spirit of Compassion would be concerned with. The unbelievable violence involved in imprisoning, mutilating, attacking, and then murdering innocent animals is immoral and should be illegal—it must end. Thank Goddess this paradigm is finally evolving for good. Stop eating gross things like bodily functions of animals or animal corpses and go vegan—save yourself and the planet.

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