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  1. I have never viewed such an impactful video like Jeff Olsen's. Thank you, Jeff and Anthony, for helping me understand what I knew – what you shared – as the truth I was aware of in my own soul. Confirmation. Thank you.

  2. I realized after watching your video, something I have never been able to grasp. The inner turmoil I feel frequently I am enough and need to find inner peace. God bless you and your family.

  3. Why shows like these are not in all major networks???? We need more shows like these and less reality TV (Aka Kardashian stuff)…

  4. I was grieving for my mother, Jesus took me back in time to hold her again it was the most profound experience I have ever had. I know it really happened. Jesus gave me peace.

  5. I learned much of our struggle for anything monetary is controlled by the extra rich who dominate the finances of all .not enough for descent schools. Not enough for anything, better house, car, social standing. I'm eternally angry at the rothchilds, the Roosevelts, the gates. Those that believe they own the world and will dictate to all people how they will live, where, what work, what money, all of it. Agenda 21 and Islam are mu deepest anguish.

  6. I’ve endured a lot of loss and have been dealing with grief and sadness lately. I was watching a video on grief and getting through it, & Jeff’s photo and name popped up in that clip. This was so deeply moving, hearing his story and horrible losses. Thank you Anthony for proving this…💛🕊✨

  7. This guy is not only WIERD, he is DECEIVED. He is obviously not a christian, and traveling back and forth "creating his own universe, or reality" talking to his wife…and the key, to life, liberty, and happiness, is SELF LOVE. Everything he says, claims to have seen, ("we are all gods, we create our own reality, it's about our own choices") is new agey, and ANTI-BIBLE. If it all really comes down to choice, why didnt he CHOOSE to have his family live…to save them. This is a huge deception. He is going into way too much detail, he is making it up as he goes along. He claims that we are all one, no one is to judge anything or anyone. Really? The bible says that "the spiritual man judges all things, while the carnal man judges NO THING. It says in Romans that the way of the carnal man is unto death. Read the bible, people, DO JUDGE, and test this spiritual experience against the bible. ICU drugs cause hallucinations, so does extreme trauma.

  8. I've lost two sons in a six year span, on top of having just gone through a heartbreaking divorce a few years prior. You just pick up the pieces and put one foot in front of the other to keep moving forward. The Lord has his plan for me and my family. I just have to trust that our blessings are still in store for us.

  9. He’s So excited for killing his wife n kid asshole. He’s worried about his son and it’s all about him he’s too happy weird eh

  10. Very nice story. I liked it alot.

    But I have a question…

    Why did he spoke words that are almost literal with the words of the book conversations with god from walsch?

    Or he read the book and make those words their own, or I
    Don’t know…

  11. By you sharing your story you have helped alot of people who are broken hearted and probly given up hope…I'm so glad I watch this are a blessing to many. G.B. you!

  12. I 've heard that nothing is by chance, everything happens for a reason. Tragedy is a stepping stone for spiritual growth. I listened to Michal Newton  ,And he said he learned that our lives are planned out before we come here , The experiences we have are the lessons we need to learn. And some things we accept because we are being treated the same way we treated others in lives we lives before. Karma comes back to us so we learn what it is to feel the pain we did to others. And then one day we finish the earthly lessons and we no longer need to come back to the earth unless we want to help out others.  My mother in-law told her family that she was going home, the family was discussing where to place her. My wife told me what was going on, And I said to her, Your mom is going home home.  And she did. She passed before the next day came. She went home!.

  13. This is so beautiful and profound. I needed to hear this to ease the guilt and sorrow I have been feeling since the passing of my best friend on Friday.

  14. Beautiful sweet honest human being. May God bless your soul, comfort you and help you overcome all the pain. You are beautiful soul lighting our world. Peace from Jerusalem Israel

  15. I don't know why we don't listen more to God . Things would be different . Father forgive them for they know not what they do . I long for the day when we all are living with God and Jesus in perfect love and peace . We all be finally home .

  16. I absolutely love this story. I get it. We are all one on this earth. Angels in flesh and we will return to our Father above. While we are here on this earth we all do connect we just don't see it clearly. Love each other and walk in understanding. This video brought me to tears.

  17. He's one of the one out of million people on youtube to say something about " near -death experience" that he had ,the same experience that I have had and most of his body in front of my eyes are not dark but other who say something about their near death experiences i can not see clear them, I do not dare to say they may lie because After my near death experience everything have changed a lot in my life and i can not judge people easily even those people that I can not see them clearly at the time they speak . Just I can say He has enough gut to say about his experiences and writes a book regarding this situation but i can not because I am not allowed to say much thing and whenever I wanna say sth about that moment I can not talk such as dumb person or I can not write clearly and forget all words such as illiterate " Do not know why" but very glad he's telling I'm sure He has been allowed to say God bless him and all

  18. “Everything is a choice and everything is in divine order” how can that be. Don’t we either choose or be guided towards the divine plans. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. Can’t seem to find an answer..

  19. Very interesting life story and Beautifully told. I do agree with almost all of what Mr. Olsen has expressed regarding what he experienced and learned. However, we must not allow ourselves to be deceived into believing that WE are God – we are not. Blessings to All.

  20. That family picture was stunning, in a way it looked like she and her youngest were already in heaven somehow and he and his older boy had more to do. Thats how its felt when i saw the picture anyhow.

  21. I am extremly grateful to have found this video, i wanna say so much since im feeling so much. In the words of john lennon love is real..real is love.

  22. you mentioned that before as a human you judged people religiously, so you go to heaven, come back to earth and judged me religiously a few years back. Ironic isnt it that as a hujman you still sometimes display these hatreds towards a fellow brother without even realizing? unless you assume I do not love God and jesus and that me and you are just not of God together? do you see how you still exhibit these hjuman characteristics that you did before as well? Brother you do. dont you read what jesus said to the 7 churches? sure, he said they were doing things good, but he still tld them rthe things they were doing wrong and what he holds against them. So today , I just told you the things that God still holds against you. still have a big of anger and impatience towards humans. Didnt God write, that hating a fellow brother without reason is the same as murder? Teach me something now.

  23. Thanks for sharing your story. I also had a horrible car accident and my near death experience changed my life.

  24. l lost a baby due to a Dr.s mistake and l almost died in the process and had a near death experience also and it was very similar … l can tell you there is absolutely nothing to fear in is a beautiful and loving experience and l cannot wait until l can go home again

  25. i have two kids and i hope i never have to do this
    know this , the thoughts and emotions are NOT you , they flow through you , the true self is what he experienced when out of the body

  26. This is beyond incredible!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story. This is literally life saving revelation I was desperate for! We all need to know all these incredible truths. God Bless You!!!

  27. The Why He Explain being around God and being out of his broken body Was so perfectly said. God Bless your New Life. 💕

  28. Yet, we need all this over the top, adjunctive production technics? Why? His simple recall would suffice. I feel his grief and experience, but who produces this and what is their motivation? Is there money tied to it? Just sayin'

  29. Wow life is amazing gift, In Islam god said in Qur'an "verily we are from god (Allah) and to god is our return."And this life is an illusion" real life is in paradise.
    Allah is all compassionate
    All Merciful, Ar Rahman At Rahim All knowing, All loving All wise and You are right our souls are made of light from another world by oneness of a creator. your story makes so much sense from Islamic points of view..I was very unwell for long time it took me better part of ten years to recover,I too have seen the other side everything on earth feels like the copies of the original versions, I felt amazing love peace joy that I couldn't find anywhere on earth untill I started practicing Islamic prayer eventually I went to hajj pilgrimage to visit god almighty house on earth there I felt so small but I felt so loved and peace , I never ever feel sad only that my heart is always greatful, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story, may allah's Mercy Peace and Blessings be with you.

  30. I too have had to kiss my little boy and give him back to God. It has been 13 years and 3 days and it is still breaking my heart. I was lost for 10 years and dysfunctional. My wife drank herself to death in 16 months and it didn’t register because I had nothing left. I just started counseling after carrying this but I still can’t talk about it. Maybe the time will come.

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