The Neverending Story (9/10) Movie CLIP – Call My Name (1984) HD

The Neverending Story (9/10) Movie CLIP – Call My Name (1984) HD

He doesn’t understand that he’s the one who has the power to stop it. He simply can’t imagine that one little boy could be that important. Is it really me? Maybe he doesn’t know what he has to do! What do I have to do!? He has to give me a new name. He’s already chosen it. He just has to call it out But it’s only a story; it’s not real. It’s only a story! Atreyu! No! 𝘈𝘵𝘳𝘦𝘺𝘶! Bastian Why don’t you do what you dream Bastian? But I can’t I have to keep my feet on the ground! Call my name! Bastian! Please! Save us! 𝘈𝘭𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘐’𝘭𝘭 𝘥𝘰 𝘪𝘵! I’ll save you! I will do what I dream! Moon Child!!!

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  1. You know, after 35 years, I had no idea that he actually said Moonchild… I thought the director was keeping it obscure for some reason.

  2. Why did they give her such a stupid Hippie name, and I swear when I saw this movie as a child I couldn't even hear what he said anyway … the soundscape is so cluttered at that moment.

  3. If anyone wonders what name he gives her, it's Moonchild.

    I know it's kinda hard to understand him yelling it.

  4. I’m salty because I used to always talk about this movie and now people ask me like I don’t know what it is..

  5. Is there any kind of meaning to the name "moon child"? A lot of symbolism in the movie, and I'm not sure I follow.

  6. In Italian version her new name isn't told, in fact Bastian says "my mother's was…" and the thunder stars more loudly.
    Oh gosh when I was little I always want to know her new name!!

  7. Ok so me and my family have never understood what he said until now. Honestly had no clue what name he screamed

    Moon child……

  8. Dream's can provide beautiful yet powerful legacies for humanity that may reach to other realm's unknown to men.
    What is the most powerful name in the world that unites countries?
    Hmm…..makes you wonder what is possible if you only dream.
    I wonder who created those powerful names….🤔

  9. Bastion: MOON CHI-LD!!!!!

    Moon Child: Oh… no that's… that's not really a name Bastion could you…

    Atreyu: Empress Moon Child what do now?

    Moon Child: God Damn it!

  10. Moonchild. In case you were wondering. I don't know why either. My guess is that it may have been his mother's name.


    that’s what I thought he said for YEARS: “Mariah.”
    I think it’s still better than “Moonchild.” 😏

  12. Tammi is so beautiful. Beautiful women like her shouldn't cry or have tears in their eyes there's just something so not right about that beautiful girl like her should be smiling and happy all the time

  13. Childlike Empress: "Call my name“

    Bastian: "MARTHA!"

    Batman: "Why did you say that name? Martha? Why did you say that name? WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?"

  14. It wasn’t until Netflix that I was able to put on subtitles and finally find out what the name was that he screams lol

  15. Good thing I’ll never give up on my imagination. I’m autistic and I find comfort in the fantasy world I create inside my head. My imagination is so intense I can actually see the images in my head in the real world. Fantasy will always be a part of me. Screw you Nothing, you can’t affect me

  16. I used to think he yelled,
    But no it’s Moon Child

  17. Anyone case to explain how a clearly modern industrial elementary school building somehow had the attic of a 19th century farmhouse?

  18. Does anyone out there know the name that Sebastian gave to the empress at the very end to save their world please reply

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