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“Hello! My name is Tubby, I live here in this wonderful library and I love to eat books. I live here with my friends Gumbo and Freckles. “Gumbo and Freckles come out come out wherever you are” Over there on the great book is Grand Old Holy She is really old n wise and tells us wonderful stories When she is awake that is. Oh! and We love to sing… So you children have come back to listen To another story from the Bible. Yes! We want to hear another beautiful Story from the Bible, Holy! Yes! And we know we have to answer One Question at the end of the story. Absolutely. Well! Let us start with today’s story. A Long time ago, the Lord had sent Moses and his brother Aaron to Egypt To free the people of Israel from slavery. The Lord punished The Egyptians by sending them “plagues” where everybody got sick and many died. During The final plague, the eldest son in every Egyptian family died, but the Lord made sure That the plague “passed over” the Israelite families. The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron And said, “This month is to be the first month of the year for the Jews. All the people Of Israel should be told” God also told Aaron and Moses that on the Tenth day of the month every man must choose one lamb or a young goat for his family to eat. And if his family is too small, then he should share it with his neighbor’s family. On the evening of the 14th day of the month all the Israelites should mark their Doorposts at the top of their doors with blood. That night they must eat roasted meat with Bitter herbs and bread made with yeast. They must also make sure that they do not leave Any food until morning. If any was left over, it must be burnt. In the morning all the Jews Should be dressed for travel. This particular fortnight of the first month would be considered As the Passover Festival for the Jews to honor the Lord. That night the Lord would go through The land of Egypt and punish all the bad Egyptians. The blood on the doorposts would be a sign To mark the houses in which the Jews lived. The Lord would see these and pass over these houses. Since that day all Jews celebrate the Passover every year, even today. Who will answer to my question today? I will! I will!! Alright! The Jews celebrate the Passover Festival to honour who? The Lord! For saving them from slavery! Excellent! Won’t you children finish Singing the song?

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