The Pleiadian Collective on the Gift of Gratitude

The Pleiadian Collective on the Gift of Gratitude

The gift of gratitude, that’s what we’re
talking about today; why it’s so important in terms of the process of
manifestation as well as your health and well-being. I recently sat down and asked
my guides what they wanted to channel about, and they said gratitude, which in
some ways is not terribly surprising seeing as in the United States we’re
about to go into our Thanksgiving holiday, and then we slide right on into
December and there are loads of holidays that all of us celebrate and it’s a time
that most of us reflect on our abundance, on the things that we’re grateful for:
our health, our friends, our family, our wealth. The guides wanted to talk
about why it is so important and go a little deeper in really the mechanics
of gratitude, how it affects our ability to create as well as our health and
well-being. Now if this is your first time hearing The 9th Dimensional
Pleiadian Collective…just a little bit about them…they are a group of about
2500 beings of light. They don’t have physical form, and they don’t incarnate
to a planetary body, but rather they align with the lessons of a stellar body.
So they actually align with Alcyone, which is the central Sun in the Pleiades. The
guides work with tone and sound which is why their dialect is different than my
own. It’s really not any one particular dialect. It’s just tones and sounds that
resonate with you at the cellular level. So in addition to getting the
information today it’s as if you are getting a healing. So I’ll get out of the
way, bring the guides in, and we’ll see where we go. Hello, dears. This is
The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, and it is a pleasure and an honor to have
the opportunity to connect with you. So today we are very happy to have the
opportunity to talk to you about gratitude. And really we wanted to look
at the mechanics of it to help you have a greater understanding of why it is so
important that you express gratitude for the things that are
already showing up in your life in terms of the process of manifestation, regardless of what it is that you want to create gratitude is an important
vibration to hold within your field. And then also how gratitude impacts your
health and well-being because we know many of you seem to be struggling with
your health at the moment. Having gratitude can actually change your
biochemistry. So let’s first start with the process of manifestation itself. Now your part in the process is to hold frequency. It’s to make vibrational
selections, and most of the time that’s happening at the subconscious level
for all of you. We would say, if you’re particularly conscious, probably about
93 percent of what you are experiencing throughout your day is happening at the
subconscious level. For most people it’s probably about 95-96 percent is
happening subconsciously. So you are learning to change that process from a
subconscious process to a conscious one, and you do that by continually checking
in, to acknowledge, to observe where you are vibrating. What thoughts are you
holding? What emotions are you holding? When you are consciously directing that
energy then you’re not letting those default programs that are at the
subconscious level drive the energy out into being. When you consciously
choose a frequency it’s far more potent and powerful than the weak signals that
are constantly going out from your subconscious. Now in the process of
manifestation you are responsible for generating frequency and then observing
form as it is presented to you by The Universe, and then making another
vibrational selection, meaning deciding which frequencies you want to engage
with. The creation of the form itself is not your responsibility. The Universe
will create…co-create with you in terms of putting you on a now moment in which you can be of the greatest service and you can have the
greatest growth potential. So sometimes that means that there are opportunities
that don’t look anything like what the ego mind thinks you’re supposed to be
creating. They may far exceed the potential of what the ego mind says is
possible. So it is vital that you start observing the frequencies, the
vibrational essence, of what it is that you want to create. Now you can use form
in terms of the visualization process, but you have to be unattached to the
form. So in other words, it can give you direction but then whether it shows up
that way or not it doesn’t matter. We often like to talk about it like gifts
that are wrapped for you. All right? You’re obsessed and you’re focused on
how it is wrapped rather than the gift inside. The gift inside is the frequency
Your attachment to the form is the box, and the way it’s wrapped. So the universe
can bring you the gift. It might come in 50 different different wrappings, and the
one that you have the expectation for is the 49th one. Well there are plenty of
opportunities before that that you missed, and sometimes there were little
bonus gifts inside. Things that you wanted, but because you were fixated on
what that form looked like you missed it. All right? It passes you by, and it
generally takes much longer to create that way because there are lots of
opportunities that you’re missing before that. So you are pulsing out frequency,
and then the universe is matching that. It’s reflecting it back to you. Now
wherever you are vibrating is going to determine what you are capable of seeing
in the world. So if you are vibrating at a lower rate those filters of lack,
limitation, and separation are going to keep you from seeing something that is
of a higher vibrational nature. What you will see are all the programs that are
running reflected back in physical form, all those ideas of lack, limitation, and
separation. But when you are in your heart centered space, that is
your operating system to access multi-dimensional information and to
really work with the power of Source. All right? …to allow you to co-create very
clearly and consciously with The Universe. Your mind is where all the
programs of lack, limitation, and separation are. We consider that to be
the low mind. It is what allows you to play under the illusion of separation. It
allows you to play in the illusion of 3D reality. The Universe doesn’t really
exist in the way that you think it does in your 3D construct, all right. You are one with All That Is. That is never in dispute. That is never the case, all right?
It is impossible for you really to be disconnected, but you put up these
stories…you put up these blinders…these kind of barriers that prevent you from
seeing the totality of your being in order to play under the illusion. Think
of it like an actor who dons a role for a character, all right? You have to forget
that you are the actor in order to play the role, and you immerse yourself in the
story of who you think that character is and then you’re playing through that and
that is what it is like in reality, you as a divine being of light having this
physical experience. All right, so in terms of using gratitude, what gratitude
is helping you to do is to move back into that heart-centered space. When you
are in that heart-centered space there are no filters of lack, limitation, and
separation because the frequency of gratitude is unconditional. In order to
experience and express that gratitude you’re not judging something as being
good, bad, right, or wrong. There is only unconditional appreciation for that in
the moment. When you are expressing that unconditional
appreciation you’re in the heart center, and when you’re in the heart center you
are accessing the full breath of the band width of Source Energy. When
you go up into the mind you are limiting what you have access to. So each limiting thought…I’m not good enough… I’m not deserving…People are mean…
the world is falling apart…all these judgments are compressing this bandwidth. So think about it like high-speed internet versus you know having to dial
up on the phone, all right. For those of you who are old enough to remember it took
forever for you to access the Internet. The
information was there. It just took a long time to get through, and that’s what
happens when your field starts to collapse. Because the moment you judge
something you want to make yourself separate from it…in that illusion…and
the way that you do that is by not allowing the full force of Source to run
through your field. So you, in essence, cut off half of Source Energy when you judge
it. When you’re experiencing gratitude there is no repulsion of any energy
because there’s no condition on it. There’s no judgment on it, and so you are
able to run full energy. When you run full energy through your body you are
able to see and access more Divine wisdom. All right, so if you’re having a
challenging moment when you go into gratitude for what is in front of you…what is showing up…what is there…then you’ll start to notice more things that
you can be grateful for because you are in resonance with that and you also are
opening up to solutions to challenges. Every time you create a challenge you
also create a solution. They are two sides of the same coin. They’re just in
different vibrational ranges. When you are in your fear programs, in your lower
mind, they’re all down here. They’re at a lower level. When you are in the heart
center and grateful, those solutions are up here, and you have access to them so
they easily flow to you. “Oh, this is what I need to do
to resolve that situation.” That hadn’t occurred to you because you were in fear,
and you just couldn’t perceive it. Remember we said whatever it is that you
are using as a filter is what you are capable of seeing. So, in other words, if
you think people are mean…if you think nobody’s kind…everybody’s selfish…then
that is the kind of behavior that you will see reflected back to you. All right?
When you think that people are generous… people are kind…that the world is moving
in a positive direction…you will start to see more indications of that and you
will start to see your life aligning with that. That you yourself
will start taking more positive actions. That you yourself will start to express
more kindness, and it just feeds on itself. All right? So the more often you
can put yourself in a space of gratitude and appreciation then you’ll find that
life flows in an easier way. Anytime you have a challenging situation
arise be aware that it is there to show you that program of lack, limitation, of
separation. When you have gratitude for it showing up to show you what you could
not see, all right…you didn’t have the awareness before…but you have gratitude
for the fact that it’s there to show you that, then you don’t stay in a creative
loop with it. All right? When you have a situation you don’t like and you’ve created… and you want to make yourself separate from it, you’re going to
continue to create that. In the process of manifestation many of you will say
that you want something that is positive, but the reason you want the positive is
to avoid the negative. You will actually stay in a loop with the negative until
you accept it, until you make it part of the inclusiveness, the wholeness of
Source Energy. All right? Once you do that then you can move towards the positive. You’re not attached to the positive but you’re curious about the positive. So that’s a stumbling block that many of you experience but that
sensation of gratitude keeps you open, and then you can
make course corrections in your life, the actions that you need to take, or the
awarenesses that you need to have in order to start to move forward and to
elevate yourself. Now also know in the process of manifestation many times you
might repeat things. In order to achieve mastery it requires repetition. So it’s not that you’re doing something wrong. It’s just
that you’re really getting familiar with a subtle frequency, and that’s it. You
learn to move through it very quickly and onto a new frequency. You embody it.
You stay there longer each time. You can go back there easier each time, and
gratitude is a gateway frequency that will allow you access to
multi-dimensional information and energy. Now in terms of your own health and
well-being, when you embody the frequencies of gratitude, joy,
appreciation, acceptance…what that does is, again, it keeps you in that heart-centered space. When you are in this heart-centered space you are present in
the moment. When you are present in the moment ,you’re in the heart-centered
space. It allows you to run different energy. The body communicates in a
different way. Your heart is communicating with your brain, all right?
The brain isn’t necessarily sending signals to the heart. The heart
is the master sending signals to the brain You are able to put yourself
in your parasympathetic nervous system, and you start creating a different set
of chemicals that allow the body to go into rest and digest, or rest and repair as
we like to say. It allows the body the ability to really go into a better state
of health. In today’s world you all are running on a constant state of stress. You know, you’re constantly in judgment, and you’ve got to…do…do…
because you’re not enough because this is lacking…because that’s lacking…
because in order to be loved you’ve got to be of a particular
status or you’ve got to show up in a particular way. There’s always a state of
doing, the masculine, and what you’re learning right now is to move more
towards the feminine energy…so you find balance between the masculine and the
feminine. And when you are able to do that…when you are able to just be still…to express that sense of gratitude…to have that feeling…when you are working
with that feeling state you’re moving back into the feminine and you are
opening to the totality of Source. Source Energy is what replenishes you. It’s what revitalizes the cellular structure. It’s what gives the cells
restored energy…oxygen…your breathing is different when you are in the
parasympathetic nervous system as opposed to the sympathetic, the
fight-or-flight aspects of your autonomic nervous system. When you are
breathing shallow…when you’re in fight-or-flight…you are not getting the
nutrients through the body in the same way. The oxygen isn’t moving through the
body in the same way because for the most part you’re breathing in a very
shallow way when you are consistently in this state. So when you move into the
parasympathetic you’re able to slow down and have deeper breaths and then the
body is moving nutrients all over, and you’re creating different chemicals…different digestive enzymes… different hormones that allow the body to go into a healthier state. So gratitude, something that is seemingly so simple,
can have a massive impact on your life. Now this is the time of year where you
all are thinking about gratitude so see if you can’t sustain it past a day, all right…
Thanksgiving. See if you can’t sustain it longer than that. Make it a
new habit for yourself…that you’re checking in several times a day to
notice where you’re vibrating and then put yourself into a state of gratitude. Your emotions are not dictated by the external. As you choose
an emotional frequency…as you choose how you want to feel…that emanates out and
opportunities to reflect that very frequency to you start to show up. So you
will, in essence, create a reflection that reinforces the original feeling state, all right.It’s not the external first informing the internal. It’s the internal
generating the external, reinforcing the internal. That’s an important thing to
know about the process of manifestation as well. So we’ve given you a lot of
information today, but just be very, very kind to yourself, and you know, take what
resonates out of what we’ve said Some of it, you know, for some of you it might be a little over your head in terms of the process of manifestation, and that’s okay.
Just focus on gratitude. That’s all you need to know. For those of you who are
students of the process of attraction and reflection, you can go a little
deeper with your practice, all right. But you know…again, just keep focusing on that gratitude. Now we are grateful to have the opportunity to connect with you.
You can connect with us at any time. You don’t need Wendy. All you need to do is
ground…heart center yourself…think of something that makes you smile…think of
something that you are grateful for. Ask your question and listen. All right?
So until then we are around. We are watching. We are waiting, and we are
sending many, many well wishes. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you
enjoyed the channeling. If so, feel free to leave us a word or two below, or
better yet, pass it along. It might help someone else who is going
through a challenging time today. Thanks again for joining me. I am exceptionally
grateful for you. Have an amazing day, and I’ll talk to you soon

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