the popeyes chicken sandwich is the most interesting part of this vlog

the popeyes chicken sandwich is the most interesting part of this vlog

Hi friends! I’m currently sitting at work
about to leave, so if anyone walks by and sees me talking in my car to myself, I’m
gonna vomit. Today’s the first day after daylight savings went away and so it’s
literally sunset. It’s 5:30– 4:30. I don’t know how to change the time in my
car, so that’s gonna be a problem. This vlog is gonna be interesting because
I’ve been saying for weeks I need to get back on listening to audiobooks because
that’s how I get a lot of reading done when I can’t read physically. So this
morning, I turned on my audio book for the book I’m currently reading and I got
a lot done. I’m currently reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. This is a
historical fiction book about these two women who are sisters, and it’s set
during World War II, talking about how they live their lives while the war is
occurring. And one of them very much wants to rebel and be part of the people
resisting, and one of them is a mother. So she wants to keep her daughter safe and
she tries to go under the radar and it follows the two very different lives of
these women. So I got to page 288 of this, which for a tall hardback, historical
fiction, oldest book on my TBR, I am very happy. Like I said, I have the audio book.
My library has it through Overdrive, so I’m gonna listen to that while I drive
home. And then I have some cleaning I have to do while I’m home, so I’ll listen to
it while I clean, and then it’s gonna be dark at 6 p.m. So I’m gonna cry. But
that’s it. That’s what we’re doing this vlog. I’m starting it off with the oldest
book on my TBR. A car just drove by. Hello? (gordo meows) You hungry?
(gordo meows) Gordo! I still have to do a load of laundry, my apartment is crazy and dirty and I have to take out trash, so
I’m just gonna get my life together on this fine Monday afternoon. Before any of
that, I’m gonna eat some leftover pizza. I just realized I did all this makeup while watching
YouTube, and I could have been listening to my audiobook. So this is my reminder. I’m gonna go get my phone and my headphones and I’m gonna go turn on The Nightingale. I
said that last night I wanted to read more of this, but I ended up …. not. I got to
page 320. I knew I could’ve finished this last night if I turned on the audiobook
instead of falling asleep. So this is gonna be an easy finish today,
probably even at work if I keep the audiobook going. So I’m gonna go get
started. (gentle electronic music) (Gordo meows) He says I’m hungry! Gordo! Hello Krusty crew. Oh, my closet light is on. Wow, we love electricity bills.
So I read my book on my lunch break and I listen to the audiobook while driving
home. Now I’m on page 418, so I have like 20 more pages, which is gonna only take
me half an hour. I’m gonna sit down and finish this, and I’m gonna go on my
balcony and read outside cuz it’s so gloomy and I love the vibe of the
weather. And the book! But mostly the weather. (horn honks for an absurd amount of time) This is a whole Wendy’s drive-thru. How are you liking the book so far, Jason? (crickets) Yep, I’m alone.
Mow mows! Who wants to go outside? (gentle electronic music) There’s no good angle for me to show you,
but I’m crying right now. I just finished it. (Gordo meows in background)
Gordo, it’s not you time right now. It’s me time. So here’s the thing. I’m crying. It was good. Was it fantastic, life-altering, everything came full circle, it was so beautiful?
No. The threshold for how good I know it can be is right here, and this book isn’t
there. It was good. It was easy and fun and fast to read, but
that’s almost an insult for a book that’s subject matter is so grueling and
intense. I’m still gonna give it four stars. I still enjoyed reading it. I like
the perspective of focusing on women and how they just had to survive. It’s not as
dreary as I thought it would be, which is good. I feel like when I go into books about
World War II, I’m like cool, so everyone’s gonna die. It was actually a lot more
hopeful than that, which I enjoyed. Yeah, cool. I don’t know what I’m gonna
read next. This lighting is so awful, but I need to be over here because I need to
choose a book out of my TBR jar. I’m really in the mood to read a quick
YA book after that intense one, but let’s see. Oh? So the opposite of what I
want. The book I chose is A Child Called It by Dave Peltzer. But this is
actually a book I’ve been thinking a lot about recently because this is one of
the oldest books on my TBR. It’s nonfiction, so I can listen to it on
audiobook, and now that I chose it out of my jar, I feel like it was just all those
signs were pointing to I need to read this soon. If you’re unaware, this is a
nonfiction memoir about this kid who was abused when he was growing up. Like,
severely abused emotionally and physically. I’ve heard this book is
sickening but really important. It’s quite short, so I’m sure I could read it
probably in one night if I wanted to. Cool. Or as the pigeons say, coo. (dreamy electronic music) Are we cuddling? That’s my good boy! And you, just chillin as always. I just finished A Child Called It. It feels wrong giving
this a star rating cuz how do you rate someone else’s trauma? So I’m not
gonna rate it, but I will say it was interesting. Obviously, it was really fast
and quick to read. There’s never a good place to put it down. But it feels
like this is a story that’s very heavy on the what and not the how or the why.
So there’s no real beginning, middle, or end to this story, which I know is
because this is the first book in a three book series, but I feel like those
could have all been consolidated into one book and made into a full-swing
memoir. Cuz the entire book is just him talking about his experiences, but it
kind of just tacks on as an epilogue like, “Oh yeah, here’s what happened
afterward.” And I would have just preferred a full story instead of
just here’s a glimpse of my life and as an afterthought, here’s how I got out of
it and here’s what I did afterward. So it was interesting and heart-wrenching and
disturbing. I think it needed some commentary from his perspective as
someone who survived it and going back in and sprinkling in his thoughts
instead of just giving it a stream of consciousness from his ten-year-old
perspective. But yeah, I’m not gonna give it a star rating, but I will keep it and
I will say I’m glad I read it. And now, for the second time in one day, let’s
draw another book. This one. Oh? This one’s also not very fun or easy, but it’s one
I’ve been meaning to read. So the book I picked to read is the first book in The
Witcher series. This is a fantasy series that inspired a really popular video
game. Hold on. Rosie crossing. It’s becoming a Netflix
series I think. Some type of TV adaption. And this is like book one even though
it’s just a collection of short stories about the main character. I know nothing
about him other than he has long hair. I bought this several years ago. I’ve been
wanting to pick it up ever since the TV show was announced, and it’s
picking up traction on Twitter. Not necessarily fun and happy and quick, but. (energetic electronic music) Good morning! In a twist that will shock
no one, I fell asleep while reading last night. So tragic! I need to
stop reading in bed, otherwise I’ll just keep falling asleep at 9:30. Anyway.
The Last Wish is pretty good so far. I like the writing style. I like how
badass and long-haired the main character is. I have to get ready for
work, though. I have an important meeting and an interview today, so I’m gonna try
and look good and I only have 30 minutes to do that. We love this look with my
hair. But while I get ready, I want to listen to an audiobook. So I think I’m
gonna start Everything Leads to You by Nina Lacour. That’s one of the ones on
Scribd. So that’s a YA contemporary about these two girls who live in
California who are trying to track down this famous actor or something so that
they can deliver them a note that they find? I’m not entirely sure, but it’s
f/f (romance) and I want something that’s gonna be easy to listen to, so. I
look a whole mess right now. I need to get ready. When you and bae demolish– I can’t speak. (laughs) This is not a glamourous shot of us after we finished our lunch, but. (laughs)
– We’re thriving. – Hi, this is a Whittynovels appreciation post because I look so cute today. Hello??? So. Last night, I
only got like five pages into this one. But I listened to the audiobook for this
book in the car on the way to work, but I’m at about page 50 in this one, which
only took me like 45 minutes to listen to, so it’s going by really fast. I’ll be
the first to say that I’m not a fan of books about Hollywood. I don’t
really care about the movie industry, but so far the two girls in this are so
sweet. And I don’t know, it’s more of a–
stop! If you scratch the chair, I’m gonna hold you and kiss you as punishment. So
far, it’s more of a scavenger hunt book then a Hollywood book because they
find this letter from an actor who died and they want to deliver it to the
person that it says on the outside the envelope, but that person cannot be
located, so they’re going around LA looking for whoever can take this letter. (cat complains)
Okay, yup. I’m glad that I’m liking it. Ma’am! Hello? You get more kisses and
snuggles for walking in front of my frame. So I want to turn on my audiobook
again because that book’s really easy to listen to. I don’t really have any chores
to do, so I might just play on my phone. I’m very sleepy but I took off my makeup
and I remembered to vlog before I just passed out. I actually decided to read
The Last Wish instead of my audiobook, so I got to page 64. I thought this was just
gonna be a collection of random short stories that help you get acquainted
with the world, but they’re actually pretty episodic. I like getting to know
the main character. The writing style is great.
I like how stoic he is. I don’t know, I just have a thing for the smart and quiet,
powerful characters. But now I’m exhausted. I wanna sleep. Goodnight! I’m home from
work. Don’t ask me how I’m home at this time because I took no less than three
wrong turns on the way home cuz I needed to switch lanes but I panicked and there
was someone there and I didn’t want to slam on the brakes or go around them. So
I just went the wrong way three times to avoid that, and somehow I’m still home in
the normal amount of time. So that was weird.
But I tried to listen to my audio book during all of that and realized it’s not
gonna happen because I’m just panicking. B ut today somehow I got to page 115. I am
bad at listening to audiobooks in cars because as we found out, I am not
attentive because I will panic and not pay attention. So I’m gonna save that for
my morning commute when I’m not stressed, and then also when I’m cleaning and
doing things around the house. I’m gonna put that one on hold and continue reading my
Witcher book. I’m still the same amount that was last night, which I’m really
enjoying. So before dinner, to relax after work and that harrowing drive home, I want
to work on this some more. I got the toots real bad. I think I’m– (cat meows) Speaking of the toots, hi Rosie! You’re a little toot! Not interested in being held. But we are
interested in making some fuckin biscuits! Hell yeah!
(chill electronic music) Last night, I actually went and hung out
with my howork– howorkers. Last night, I actually went out and
hung out with my coworker– Gordo!
And we just talked until literally 11 p.m.
So clearly I didn’t read any. Got home, went straight to bed, woke up, and now I
have a dirty as hell apartment. Can you tell? I’m sure I’ll finish maybe not The
Witcher, but my audiobook will be quick to get through. So change of plans,
I bought a couch. We’re trying to un-stan Chick-Fil-A or whatever
because problems. I got the spicy chicken sandwich, which is my favorite thing ever
at Chick-Fil-A. Is there a sauce on this? Oh I’m so excited. This is not spicy at all. It’s good though. Better than Chick-Fil-A? No. But I like it.
I vlogged a lot less today than I thought I would, and that’s because my
mom ended up coming over and we were shopping. As you saw, we went to Popeyes. Chick-Fil-A has the whole package because the fries are amazing, the sauces
are amazing, and the customer service and drive-through is amazing, but the Popeyes
seasoning and the quality of the chicken is so much better, so I’m
distressed. Anyway, I ended up doing something pretty big today and I
completed my apartment furniture, which has been the biggest thing that I’ve needed
to do for a while, so we went to this place that was having a sale. So I don’t
have a coffee table, but I do have a couch and a table to sit down and eat at.
So here’s that. So I moved my TV on this wall. Again, I don’t have TV, so I
rarely ever sit and watch it, but you come over here. There’s my cat going nuts.
My favorite chair and then my couch! And then I got a tall table that’s
smaller, so I’m not taking up a bunch of space over here.
Yay furniture! So I made it to page 230 of Everything Leads to You, which only
leaves me with about 60 more pages, so like an hour of reading. (chill electronic music) If I’m ending this vlog off on a Monday,
that means it hasn’t been a successful week, but at least I have a reading
update before we go. I finished a book. I finished Everything Leads to You, and it
was so cute and so sweet. It’s difficult reviewing it because I feel like when I
listen to audiobooks it’s just fun in the moment and then afterward when I
try and recall it, I’m like…. I don’t know. But I did like the relationship. I thought
the girls had really good friendships and I like that this book talked about
the difference between real life versus movies where things get glamorized and
romanticized. And it talks about how human beings are human beings. They’re
not a movie character. So I thought it was well done.
It was pretty. Again, it was an audiobook, so it was just kind of easy to
listen to, but now recalling things about it, I’m like… I don’t know. But thank
you for watching this vlog. Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Bye!

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