The Scent of History: Inside the Library of Smells

The Scent of History: Inside the Library of Smells

– [Announcer] This is Sissel Tolaas. She is many things. An artist, a scientist, but more importantly, a smell expert. She, however, prefers another title. – [Announcer] Which means what, exactly? – [Announcer] Right, the point is, she’s dedicated her life
to the sense of smell, what it means, and how it can be used to understand the world and each other. – [Announcer] So how
exactly did she go about recording and then reproducing these smells? – [Announcer] Name a city,
a neighborhood within a neighborhood, a
historical building, or even an era in time, and most
likely Sissel has reproduced that smell, along with
thousands of other scents here in her lab, with the
hopes of using the findings for a bigger purpose.

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  1. Her research will be really valuable when virtual reality becomes more in depth and more accessible to places of education. Imagine learning about a certain time period and not only be able to see it and hear it but also smell it, that would be super cool

  2. random fact: lotsa shops actually use smell to entice people. They set up a scent system (i.e. an all-natural shop) so that it'll make a subtle impression that that is what their product smells like. Usually, one can't smell their products since they have them packaged, so they use that system.

  3. I hope they get this lady as a resource person when they design a smell printer. Imagine watching a video and smelling the place as well.

  4. I'd be interested in seeing this approach used to help people who have no sense of smell better understand what the rest of us are experiencing.

  5. I hate to say this…But have she smelled toxic gas , bleach , acid and people's armpit ? Not to hate or something but..Yeah just for research purposes right ? 😉

  6. I learned from a game (and from 5-minute internet surfing) that scents can help retrieve memories, especially the ones long forgotten or blocked by the unconsciousness. So I think, while some may not find this profession as important as others, I think it could be useful especially for those who easily forgets important things or for others with short term memory or maybe people with amnesia.

  7. Sounds like my grandma. Has supersensory smelling. One day she told me there's a fire, and BOOM! News report said there's a fire 1 km from my house. BTW, no one was cooking at that time.

  8. Please tell me this woman has reproduced the smell of books. Ranging from old musty yellowed books to fresh newly printed ones. I would pay money for a a book candle.

  9. Do you think she'd be able to simulate smells from video games because I would love to play Resident Evil 7 with a VR headset and be able to smell the dirty decrepit swamp house and those slime creatures literally made of demon girl vomit. That's like a next level horror experience.

  10. What I've been searching for is a scent of an old book in a candle. I'd love to smell that while reading a good book.

  11. I'm just wondering about how many people that are connected to these places and then when they smell the place and how many memories that are brought back to them.

  12. I don't know if you'll respond to this, but would one of those good purposes for smell could be for aromatherapy. Like helping people have a new view of things by smelling a calming scent? Or use one of those smelivisions to empower a street of people?

  13. Forget Wonder woman, a woman as this, a scientist, entrepreneur, an artist with style as she should be every little girl's role model.

  14. The present, we use fancy dresses and suits
    Future, perfume and colone (I think that is how you spell it)

  15. This brings me the same kind of glee as the one and only time I entered a scents and flavors laboratory while in maryland.

    Bless you.

  16. Imagine using the smell of concentration camps, thick with hormones produced by fear, and the smell of blood, while watching a 3D documentary with 4D audio to recreate the terror resulted from non tollerance

  17. She kind of reminds me of the high witch in the movie Witches

    This is quite interesting to see that somebody actually devoted their career and life to smelling things

  18. Where may I get the smell for healing CHICAGO & all the violence! It in itself means "a strong odor" a name like onions or garlic!
    Many thanks-from us all!

  19. Imagine if she could replicate the unique smell of a person. I would want a bottle of liquid boyfriend wherever I go and whenever I miss him.

  20. Que increíble trabajo hace ésta mujer. Coincido completamente, que el mundo no es solo vista, hay mucho, mucho, más.
    El olfato es uno de nuestros sentidos más desaprovechados, y ya ni hablamos del oído y el tacto.
    Más investigadores así es lo que se necesita realmente en la educación.

  21. I have to write a paper on Nose . And I suddenly remembered watching this video while I was bathing. And it took me so much trials before I found it again.
    Can anyone help by telling more about nose? Like what is the importance of nose in your culture? If you know a story on nose. …like Nikolay Gogol's nose…? Please help .

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