The School Library Computer Game Collection

The School Library Computer Game Collection

– [Ally] I’m bored. – You know, they say only
boring people get bored. (thunder roars) – [Enthusiastic Man] Hey, gamers! You’re familiar with classic reissues like the NES Mini, right? – [Both] Yeah! – [Enthusiastic Man] Well
guess which throwback is screamin’ down the pipeline next! – N64! – Nintendo 64! – [Enthusiastic Man] No! Introducing the Library
Computer Classic Mini. (record rewinds) – What? – [Enthusiastic Man] All your
favorite educational games from the library when you were a child. – Cool? – How do you even type on this? – [Enthusiastic Man] (chuckles)
You’ll figure it out. With games like Minesweeper,
Math Blaster, Number Muncher, Museum Madness, Reader Rabbit, Gus Goes to Cybertown, and more! – Alright! Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. I remember this one! – [Computer] (beeps) Wrong. (beeps) Wrong. – This isn’t fun. – No. Does it have Warcraft?
– No! – Mega Man?
– No! – Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon? – [Enthusiastic Man] (laughs)
Not on this computer! – You’re kidding me.
– You’ll only find educational games here,
but we do have Paint! – Wow, that wasn’t even fun as a kid. – [Enthusiastic Man] As
well as Battle Chess, Orly’s Draw-A-Story, and a Christian anti-drug
game with a talking fish. (glass breaking) – Sorry.
– Knock knock! It’s nostalgia at the door and she brought SkiFree, Snake, and that one Pinball game you
could unlock in Microsoft! – Okay? – [Enthusiastic Man]
How about a previously unreleased version of Where in
the World Is Carmen Sandiego? – Oh, that’s cool. – [Enthusiastic Man] Called
Carmen Decided to Settle Down in Temecula and Get Really Into Wine. – We know where she is, we did not– – It’s in the title. – [Both] She’s in Temecula. (playful technical music) – You can see why that wasn’t released. – [Enthusiastic Man] For a total of 30 different games plus porn! – [Both] (gasps) Porn! – [Enthusiastic Man] That’s right! No child of computers
could be without porn! – Okay, uh– – [Enthusiastic Man] But
your parents put a kid filter on the computer so you’re grounded! – I’m an adult, I don’t think my mom– (phone vibrates) Did my mom actually just see that search? – [Enthusiastic Man] Library
Computer Classic Mini because every single memory
deserves a nostalgia reboot. – Hey, mom! – Chris, tell her it’s a virus! Tell her it’s a virus! Maybe we help her find herself. – Oh, like Where in the
World Is Carmen Sandiego.

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  1. I'm a wiz' at Minesweeper, and I play for days
    Once you've see my sweet moves, you're gonna stay amazed
    My fingers movin' so fast, I'll set the place ablaze

  2. I remember in grade 3 (2007) playing a math game where you try to sneak past a sleeping dragon and then you have to fight it if it woke up.

  3. Meanwhile I played halo, minecraft, call of duty, smash brothers, and boarderlands on my high school computers. Nobody wanted to play CoD or Halo with me because I was better than everyone. Turned out most of them where re-binding the keys around the arrow keys instead of WASD or ESDF (yes, ESDF is a thing)

  4. แ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿแ…Ÿ says:

    i think im in a different generation than this video

  5. They probably didn't say Oregon Trail because it was actually fun…the second was the best. Ohhhh and the Amazon Trail! All amazing.

  6. P-P-P-PAINT! Battlechest and Museum Madness! I'd actually buy it for those three! Still not enough cowbell from Oregon Trail.

  7. Hey, that Windows XP pinball game was the shit. I set up a Windows XP virtual machine on my computer a while back just for the nostalgia ๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. Iยดm a bit younger than the Folks on Collegehumor, so the PCs in my School all had Age of Empires II and Counterstrike on them, no "official" educational games ^^

  9. Heeeeey I loved my pixelated math games. And do you remember all those secretly sinister mother goose rhymes? I do thanks to "Mother Goose" the searching game where you collect a weird bookshelf of every color variation of your avatar as you run through the game dozens of times! Stupid, you say? Probably but much beloved, I bellow!!

  10. Amazon trail was even better than Oregon trail. Africa Trail left much to be desired, though. Not enough "caulk the wagon and float it", too much budgeting and rats.

  11. That moment my Phone Says "New video from College humor 54minutes ago!" and when i get here the video Is 4 days old…

  12. I remember all our IT room at school had was old acorn pcs with this weird archaeology game where you went around digging up roman artifacts and stuff, as well as this Roomba like robot thing that you could program directions into for it to follow, ofc we just had it smash into things (and people) randomly

  13. i remember seeing this a few weeks ago. now apparently something similar to this is going to become a reality! no kidding! the PC Classic.

  14. i don't think you guys understand. i'm generation z and regularly played minecraftย and coolmathgames at school – but my elementary school had all of these. that reader rabbit graphic pulled memories from the deepest parts of my mind that i didn't even know were real.

  15. Everyone else is complaining that their favorite educational game is missing, and I'm here tearing my hair out because for their model they used an all-in-one Macintosh as the screen for an Apple IIe.

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