The Science of Farts

The Science of Farts

I know what you’re thinking. This is clickbait. I used to respect you, Joe. Now you’re just making fart videos. Well, I can assure you this is not clickbait,
but this is a fart video. A science fart video. No hot air… well, maybe a little. [OPEN] Everybody farts! You, your mother, kittens, the dalai lama. Probably regular llamas too. Just about anything in the animal kingdom
with a rear end can and does fart, and passing gas can have a lot of different purposes. Herring fart to communicate. Coral snakes fart as a defense mechanism. The West Indian Manatee uses farting to regulate
its buoyancy. And beaded lacewings make Death Farts – gas
that’s specifically evolved to paralyze and ultimately kill termites… who also fart. A lot. Like termites fart enough to contribute maybe
a few percent to global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a lotta gas. Flatulence is a natural, common thing. It’s typically caused by either trapped,
swallowed air or gas produced as a byproduct from friendly microbes digesting food in your
gut. When complex carbohydrates make it to your
colon, they’re broken down by a rich ecosystem of billions of microbes, passing digested
bits between one another, creating gases in the process. Your farts are really just billions of tiny
microbial toots. Humans typically squeeze out about 10-20 farts
every day, each around the volume of a golf ball, totaling about a liter of gas daily. All of our combined butt babble adds up to
about 7 billion liters of human gas released every day. The compounds that make farts stink make up
less than 1% of the volume. About a quarter is comprised of gases like
oxygen and nitrogen. The vast gas majority is a mixture of carbon
dioxide, hydrogen, and methane, two of which are, yes, flammable gases. I know what you’re asking, could these billions
of liters of human fart be burned to generate energy for our civilization? I don’t know, I didn’t go to MIT. Paging Elon Musk… So if everybody does it, and it’s a natural
byproduct of our inner biology, why do we feel disgust or react so strongly to farts? They don’t exactly smell like roses. In that less than 1% of smelly stuff in a
toot we find various forms of sulfur, the chemical that gives rotten eggs their odor. These chemicals are harmful in large amounts,
and are often a sign of toxicity or disease, so it makes sense our noses tell us that’s
bad, but there’s probably not enough in a couple of farts to do any damage. Farts DO also contain a small number of bacteria. This was shown in a scientific experiment
where a subject farted – with and without pants – on a petri dish, for science. Dare to dream, kids. So farting is natural to do, and it’s natural
to find it a little gross. Then why are fart noises so funny? We’ve been letting out fart jokes non-stop
since the Bronze Age and there are a couple different thoughts on why we giggle at this
bodily function. Laughing is a social behavior that helps us
bond with each other. We may laugh as a way to make the farter feel
less embarrassed. Something called “Incongruity theory”
says we laugh at unexpected things, which farts usually are. Our brain’s response to confusion is often
laughter – like when you see a T-rex head on a seahorse body. Sea-Rex?. But scientists don’t exactly know why anything
is funny. Hehe, butt scientists. Farting hasn’t always only been perceived
with disgust or giggles though. Ancient philosophers, going back to Pythagoras,
believed that your breath contained your soul. Farts were considered a form of breath, they
thought excessive farting could make you fart out your soul – which, trust me, you can’t
do. Martin Luther, the guy credited for starting
an entire branch of Christianity, was said to chase away the Devil and sin with his butt
blasphemy. And in the 1700s Founding Farter Benjamin
Franklin wrote the essay, “Fart Proudly” (seriously, he did) in which he wished he
could eliminate the “disagreeable Odour” from a fart, thus allowing one to fart proudly
in public and alleviate the pain that can accompany holding one in. Holding in a fart probably won’t injure
you, but it may be uncomfortable and they’ll likely just come out in your sleep anyway. So, “better out than in I always say.” Fart noises may be funny but they are also
another example of the crazy, awesome way our bodies work. Everybody does it, so everyone should know
a little more about it. Tootles! Stay curious.

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  1. "Whoever smelt it, dealt it…" – Isaac Newton*

    Leave a comment and let me know if you thought this video was too silly or just the right amount of silly. I hope we've earned your subscription even with the farts, and please consider hitting the bell icon to get notified about our next video. It helps us a lot! 🤓

    *not actually Isaac Newton

  2. I save up my 20 farts for one good blow everyday. It’s window rattling and the city once did an investigation to see who was keeping a pig sty at their house…

  3. bruh who farted on a plate? who pointed their butt towards a table, sat it on a plate , to fart? had to of been Steve-O

  4. I know someone who purposely farts in his friends houses. He said that he thinks it's a deep rooted territorial thing. I'm gonna have a word with him, because he doesn't own my house, or anything in it. In fact, although I can put up the farts theirselves, he does his best to squeeze em out, lifting his leg up, or leaning to one side when he's sat on my fart ridden settee. (No, I keep my farts in when I visit him). I do believe it can be territorial, like folks spitting on the floor when you pass em in the street. If it is actually territorial in his mind, then I'm gonna tell him that there's no point in doing it. I wonder if he would do it if it were a woman in the room. We shall see! We all fart and we all have accidents, it's when it may be by design that it bugs me! Right. The Valium are kicking in! Kids! Don't do drugs – you'll fart a lot more!

  5. The lesson is, on account of C2H4, never to throw a lighted cigarette butt into the toilet pan whist defecating.

  6. Great video- Rock it Joe #Yeeah!! The oldest joke ever is a fart joke. It is a saying of the Sumerians, who lived in what is now southern Iraq and goes: "Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband's lap."

  7. Best to let it out! If you hold in your farts they travel up your spine to your brain, and thats where all the sh!t ideas come from.

  8. “10-20 farts per day-“
    BOY I fart enough to fill a warehouse per day

  9. Wait, so….what actually makes the sound of farting? Is it the air rushing out at a high velocity, making your ass cheeks clap due to the vibrations?

  10. I have been asked by multiple male friends (who doesn't have sisters) whether their girlfriends actually fart, I said "Nope, not all women fart 🤣 some are special"

    Yup there are men who believe this. And I'm just keeping up the myth, don't want to burst the fart bubble kinda like not telling kids that Santa isn't real

  11. I held in my gas for hours while traveling on a Greyhound bus (out of courtesy for my fellow passengers). When we finally came to a bus depot, I walked around the building and let it out. The gas took about a minute to escape my body and I actually felt my abdomen deflating. The most satisfying fart of my life! 🤤

  12. Believe it or not, humans have had a sense of humor since the beginning. They didn't wait until the Bronze Age to joke about farts! I'm sure Adam & Eve's sons joked, as well as all of those who were born afterwards!

  13. While someone was lancing a boil on his butt, Boyle cut loose an enormous fart, and reinvented thermodynamics, as involving noxious gases and hot heads under pressure.

  14. My poor husband. When we were first together I had no idea that he was killing himself holding in a ton of gas. I never heard him once fart. & we were the love at first sight type who were joined at the hip, day one. We were always together, even living together within 2 months. I had a totally false notion of his gastrointestinal health. 25 years later, knowing what I know now, I don’t understand how the heck he survived that first year holding it all in for my benefit! Had I known the secrecy & gastric torture that had become his life, I woulda proclaimed, “Let ‘Er rip baby!”

  15. My old boss, Major Dean, was born in 1916, so he was about 10 years younger than my father. Anyhow, you could smell it was Wednesday if it was 1pm and walked by Major Deans office — taco day!

  16. Very good, No matter what you eat they will be on their way, whether loud one, silent ones, smelly ones or ones you wish you were still seated on the toilet… they all happen and that's why we all have another gas… called deodorant that smells a little better than what use to be inside you

  17. What i love doing on severe intestinal gas days is head out the local walmart and rip a good stinky one down one of the aisles, wait a few seconds , then go to the next aisle and listen to reactions as my fellow shoppers run into that gaseous stinky cloud of fart. Hilarious to hear people react as they do. lmao

  18. Australians tested the farting with no pants on theorem… never been prouder to be Australian 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  19. Wait we laugh at unexpected stuff… oh no that means we laugh at vomiting? What that is my biggest fear I don’t laugh at that.

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  21. Me screenshotting at 2:26 to send it to my science loving, fart joke making dad, who owns a tesla and is also named Joe…. 😶🤔🤨

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