This Book Has All the Answers (Hint: Not a Holy Book)

This Book Has All the Answers (Hint: Not a Holy Book)

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  1. Two separate thoughts. 1: The book is REAL! No one has their book but everyone someday is going to see everything they did wrong and how their life should have been. 2: Lamb's Book of Life, bro. If your name's written in there, you GET a life manager – play by play guidance from the Holy Spirit.

  2. You've been given a mental gift to see the archetypes underneath and through the world. You saw this book for a reason and it would be a mistake to throw it away and say it isn't real. Saying that everyone makes the right choices in their life because there is no book is exactly what most people would say but it's wrong and deep down everyone knows it.

  3. I'm an INFJ, i just dropped a masters in university after getting 2 diplomas in the time period of 4 years. I've been doing what people told me would be the right choices for me for a long time. The book is very real to me too. And it's really frustrating to the point of depression. It's like, now what? What do i do now? What do i even want? Do i even want anything to do with this extroverted sensory world? I truly feel like i have no ambition whatsoever, and i look at people and see how they have it all figured out, like they know what they want from life and what they want to be whereas I'm not satisfied with nothing i do. They find it so easy to dive into stuff and try things out like its a piece of cake, like they aren't wasting time. I'm terrified, and i really wish i had any form of instruction manual i could follow to reach just a normal secure life. I wish you could make a video about losing all ambitions and dreams, reaching the darkest point, and battling depression and social anxiety.

  4. One wonders about the importance of making all the "correct" decisions for oneself. Is it really that important? What difference does it really make if you amassed a multi million dollar fortune or just compiled a sketchbook of your own drawings at the end of your life? If you're constantly on the outside looking into where you want to be, maybe you don't really want to be there, or not yet, you merely want to long to be there – there's really no reward for getting there, just a different view on the same reality. You can make it happen but it takes work like anything else. If you take pride in your successes and flaunt them, you're shallow and greedy and if you work hard in the "wrong" places, you end up with nothing to show for it. Did you really go the wrong way if you don't have anything to flaunt, does any of it make you a better person, who's to judge? We all have different obstacles and opportunities and none of it really matters in the end. Just honor what you have and see how far it takes you, avoid comparing yourself to others. Some people are born with what takes others a lifetime to achieve, there's no way to rank people by what they achieve because everyone has different responsibilities and interests. For some people it's an achievement to come home from work and take care of their pets or family, for others it's about engaging in enjoyable hobbies that amount to no monetary gain or recognition, for others it's advancing in their career and education, for some it's spending all their cash on new clothes or partying. Most would agree that your health is paramount, but beyond that it's difficult to say what matters most.

  5. Hi there, not sure how I stumbled on your channel but I found your humor engaging and it's interesting to witness a creative mind at work – the topic doesn't even matter, your videos are entertaining.

    After having watched a load of them while cleaning my house today, it was interesting to note how you 'evolved' as you put out more content and gained followers. You appear more confident and I wonder to what extent all the 'omg you're so cute and smart!' comments play into it. (Not that there's anything wrong with them, of course! I'm merely referring to having an adoring club of fans in your corner, praising and encouraging you, always accessible in your pocket).

    Do you believe that this support has truly added to your confidence on a deeper level, or do you feel that if it were taken away you'd be at the same place you were before? The reason I bring this up is that in this particular video, it seems that you're still searching for answers…that on the outside, you might be more sure of yourself, but how much has that changed what's on the inside? I have noticed with myself, I sometimes fall into that trap, and your video made me wonder whether that happens to anyone else. I'm not sure how 'vulnerable' you'd be comfortable being in exploring this issue since you have a certain responsibility to your fans and an image to project, but I just thought I'd bring it up since it popped into my head.

    By the way, it's wonderful to see your channel grow so much and the happiness it's brought to you 🙂

  6. This metaphor of the "book" is truly intriguing and relatable because I truly felt it, especially when I didn't know what was the meaning of my life. Thanks Frank, whatever you thought and spoke about the "book", I totally agree with you when you just wanted someone to guide or make decisions for you through life, and in some sense, you could do it in different areas of your life like relationships, career etc. But ultimately, we all have to make some decision whether be it scary or freeing and that is what makes life, life. 🙂

  7. Frank James, perhaps you have read, The Wizard of Oz…Dorothy- Oh will you help me? Can you help me?
    Glinda : You don't need to be helped any longer. You've always had the power to go back to Kansas.

    Dorothy : I have?

    The Scarecrow : Then why didn't you tell her before?

    Glinda : Because she wouldn't have believed me. She had to learn it for herself.

    The Tin Man : What have you learned, Dorothy?

    Dorothy : Well, I, I think that it, that it wasn't enough just to want to see Uncle Henry and Auntie Em. And it's that if I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own backyard. Because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with. Is that right?

    Glinda : That's all it is.

  8. Think about the hero's journey…you have to go through the worst before you get it right. You won't find the "the one" until you experience a terrible relationship. You won't find the perfect job until you experience a really horrible one. Part of this is because getting it right is more about your growth as a person than choosing "correctly." Also you might not be willing to take the risk, make the jump, until life becomes intolerable. And most of us can't get where we need to go until we reach the point of "F – it" and just take a blind leap. I am saying this based on what I've learned in my first half century, I'm not just saying it because I think it sounds cool or romantic or something. Your hair is more 80s than 80s btw – and men got perms in the 80s trying to get that hair. The vibe suits you though.

  9. I took a long time realizing that most of the people who seem to know their path don't know them at all. It's no problem that someone is thinking he knows his path when he doesn't but this can feel quite intimidating for others who openly struggle with finding their path.

  10. I know what you mean, about being shown the right path to living as a human without the need for us to figure out ourselves. There was actually a time we had that – the 80s, I believe. We were taught to do the right thing until…suddenly things somehow flipped. Right became wrong and wrong became right. We know nothing is right with this world anymore. Then I started recalling a quote saying "the worst thing that can happen to us is for good people to do nothing while evil spreads". I now realise that we may not be alone but we fight this lonely fight nevertheless.

  11. Where are you from and are there more of you? I know one person who feels and thinks like I do and you're like a guru haha.

  12. Thank you for sharing. I'm struggling and your helping me more than anybody. We're smart, we need to trust ourselves cuz I'm gonna wrote that book myself friend

  13. I think you are really intelligent to think about your life to that degree. You could try calculated or educated risks. Always take enough time till you feel ready. You learn to hear that audience cheering in your head. Make sure it is how you really feel, not just popular opinion. You have to learn to trust yourself based on knowledge. When I feel confused or unsure, I like to read the Bible books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in the Bible. Great advice! You can listen to them online at or read in your own family Bible.

  14. “Parallel Universes of Self” by Frederick Dodson

    Even though this is a deep metaphor, this book will change your life.

    Also check out “Levels of Energy” by the same author.

  15. i think the best guidebook ever is "hadith"

    is bigger richess from arabian culture

    i encourage everyone to read it what ever your religion

  16. My dad always told me journaling would change my life as a child. He had a whole shelf full of dreams and his interpretations of life.. This year i started journaling and its been absolutely incredible. <3

  17. Since I started journaling some very strange and beautiful things have happened. I've been going through the very tail end of the dark night of the soul this year and at this one moment in time during this period I was asking myself what path I should take in life, when all of a sudden my Alexa randomly turned on in the kitchen and started playing "True to your Heart" from Mulan. (One example of the "coincidences" I've been experiencing, also gotta love Reflections lol!). Since journaling I've been slowly shedding layers of my personality through introspection and connection with my past-(shadow) self, present-(true) self and future-(observing) self.. Through all these versions of myself, I've been slowly finding parts of my TRUE self.

    I wrote an entry as my present self through words, numbers, and symbols. Then I let it sit in my journal for a couple weeks and refer to it throughout the week and try to be as present and true to me as I can. If the intention and heart is there your future self will come to an inner monologue sometimes as ur going through ur day and push u to develop urself further. 🙂 idk at least that's been my experience this year so far! Ive also been trying to adopt a few selfless symbolic rituals in place of my unhealthy patterns like feeding the birds. <3 it's been an eye opening experience that's for sure! <3

    Also, i have two journals and im getting a third. I take things so seriously sometimes because im a perfectionist but ive been ripping out parts and scribbling out stuff because again i can hear my future self saying "why do you hold onto this?" or "Why have you not grown from this?". Its so FREEING. <3

    "Day Dreamer, Night Thinker"


  18. Why we have to do everything right
    Live is : if you didn't make mistakes you will never grow
    I know its hard for infj. But I was always scread to go out and make mistakes until the day I decided before I go out I say to myself what iam going to do wrong today and learn something new . So if I did something wrong I say that ok I learnd something today .

  19. Astrology can help people make better choices. I look at Western and Eastern astrology. The symbols of astrology make it easier for me to conceptualize personality and how people interact. The MBTI typing system is slick but harder for me to apply to actual people and their interactions. (I loved your video where you acted out how different types might behave in a job interview if they could really be themselves – down to their choice of ties – charming/funny/creative.) The MBTI system isn't complex or individual enough for those seeking that elusive book you speak of. I believe I am a INFJ type – trying not to be the unhealthy kind. You explain how they are very well. When I get uncertain as to what choices to make in life I will play with Tarot cards. Lately I've followed some Tarot readers online – I like pick-a-reads. [You have great hair.]

  20. As an ENFJ, I can relate to quite a lot of the things you're talking about, and I also think I get where you're coming from when you're talking about your book, mostly because I am afraid of change and making decisions myself. But in the end, there's no right or wrong, there only is what there is. In my opinion, a decision is never a bad one. Sure, sometimes you wish that you would've decided differently, but that only leads to other great things that would've never happened if you took another direction. So don't be afraid of finding out in the future about what could've been, it's too late anyway so there's no need to bother. It just spoils your present because you get paralysed by your anxiety about every one of the paths being wrong (been there, done that) and every path you can take is better than standing right where you are, doing nothing. So don't wait for the book about the perfect life to come to you. Write it yourself. Because when your time has come to read it, you will be glad about how everything turned out.

  21. There was a time when I learned about existentialism. Then there was a time when I understood existentialism

    Everything is an onion. Peel back all the layers, the patterns, the secrets, and you're just left with nothing. There is no right and wrong outside of what we designate to each category

    Have a good day 🙂

  22. Man and his symbols by Carl Jung. He discusses good and evil, dream interpretation, and symbolic interpretations of the self.

  23. Frank James, feeling like the book you're talking about I refer to as "spiritual awakening."… I've had 3 near death experiences before 30. The 2nd 1, a month coma with learning how to walk, talk, and eat again afterwards. Point being, suffering somehow leads to breakthrough. After healing, enrolled in college and became a nurse. It's even more lonesome now with eyes wide open, being able to see every spec of corrosion from society.. but the clarity is priceless. They say you're not suppose to try and "wake" someone up before their time, but if anyone could tolerate it, it's probably u.

  24. First I would want the book
    Then i convince myself that I need free will so I shouldn’t get the book
    Then I tell myself that it’ll be easier with the book

    And then I tell myself that there’s no book and that I should make my own decisions
    Then I ask myself what if it’s true and I don’t know about it

    Finally I end up with the conclusion that there is no book
    But there is that little annoying hope in the back of my head that maybe it’s true
    And maybe I’ll find it

    Me every day on the repeat

  25. You know what the interesting thing is? These existential thoughts are my daily life. Is it possible that you may not be open enough to recognize the contents of this book until your consciousness is ready to receive it?

    Perhaps getting out of your rut is a change of perspective.
    What do you regret more? Living to avoid fears or facing the fears and getting to an expansive place in spite of the fears?
    I am an Infp but this video makes me realize infps and infjs are similar in that they need a guide too.

  26. Basically this why people join cults…. not that I did or anything … yea, i didn't smell the bs and "help" people out…. at all.
    Just be careful is all I'm saying. ..

  27. INFJ's would hate to have that book for reals, you would rebel and rail against all of that. Your fears are going to be super real, but you're writing that book, by living your life. Your best way of living your life is to live it, and control what you can. I am ENTJ, my daughter is INFJ, and she has ideas of what she wants to do, live, love, go to school, but she hates to commit to any full straight path, because she is afraid of missing the other paths and the "right path, from that book." So, I'll give you the same advice I give my daughter: enjoy the ride, keep positive forward momentum, and don't be afraid to make changes on the fly, even when you take the wrong path, as long as you don't keep going down the same wrong path, and learn from mistakes, you will have an enjoyable and rich life. True mistakes are taking the same bad path, over and over expecting different results.As an ENTJ, I plan my life and everything in it. I started to try and do that for my daughter as she was deciding college and future plans, she might even listen, but if she follows a path that I set for her, it won't be her path. I'll help guide her, but the responsibility is all hers to ultimately decide her path. I will support her in whatever path she takes and trust in her abilities to make good decisions, and learn from her mistakes.

  28. Also, Please Understand Me, from Keirsey-Bates is the closest predictive tool to help guide your type and give you hints on future decision trends.

  29. Here’s my book. After this book, I learned that the book was not the issue. I had to make the conscious choice to stop seeking.

  30. Construct idea, Research,experiment, analysis, ordering statistics to perfect completeness of the created thought desired. You put it all together it's the facts of Life. Your 80's hair just humed that the whole way through, now it's stuck in my head. Listen to the ALCHEMIST feat budgie, The Good Book ep. 1&2. Evidence is feat as well, amazing. Don't forget good headphones. These Evidence Alchemist beats, no pricetag can cover the trip.

  31. Hey….I get this is metaphorical….but my ( literal) search for "my book" led me to one….but it has only clues about the real one…plz check out The manual of warrior of light…by Paulo Coelho…It works for me…try nd see if it helps…not promoting anything here…

  32. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. There is no such thing as a negative experience, only opportunities to grow, learn and advance along the road of self-mastery! 🙏

  33. I want that book too, FJ
    But a friend told me something once that makes the angst easier:
    I never lose. I either learn or I grow.
    If you look at everything as a chance to learn or grow, it's easier

  34. Wow……. I have the same thoughts – only, I will see all of my right and wrong turns and my shoulda, woulda, couldas…. when I get to Heaven….. and it’s too late. Man, you blow my mind every time I watch one of your vids. 🤯

  35. Ugh…Yep…groan someone else’s head is like mine…so sad (tearing up)
    I’ve read a book about dieting by literally eating the first thing that comes to my mind. Ended up gaining weight but ate THE MOST SATISFYING sandwich.
    Then went on a fasting diet. THAT TOO was calming and satisfying.
    Met a guy that took me on an adventure and opened up my mind. Then crushed my soul and awakens it.
    There is pain and pleasure in every experience. That’s been the learning.

  36. Frank, go fix your hair. Lol (it's a Mean Girls quote. Check out Mean Girls Regina's House Scene, this video reminds me of the mom).
    Honestly, i love your new hair style 😍 but it sounds like you do know your answer to your book. Like you said, "The mistakes are just something something something to lead you to the right path you were meant to be".
    Mistakes are just hard lessons you HAVE to learn :/

  37. Exactly my thoughts for the past 4 years. I was a hardcore Christian thinking I was being guided. Once I found out the decisions I was making were actually destructive, I stopped being "guided". It felt really good not judging myself for not perfectly following the guidance. But now there is this hunger for this personal manager telling me what to do, because all I'm doing now… Is "nothing" at all.

  38. That would be interesting, but what if a mistake is actually the right choice we need in some points in our lives? I also thought that my life would be so much easier if I would know what to choose at each stept I make, but I have realised that the mistakes can help us evolve and build our life experience. If we would choose only the right choices all the time, our lives would be perfect, but kind of linear. So I think we need the "bad" also in order to have this life balance that help us evolve as humans. For example, if we would be happy all the time, we won't actually realize what happiness is, if we would have never experinced the sadness also. 🙂

  39. This is so WELL described, especially about the spiritual part where I also think some things happen so you can learn from it and overthink everything that is happening in my life. I struggle a lot with over analysing everything.. and I think the ‘secret’ to other people’s life is that they just DO and BE. Therefore it looks like they have their book and we are to busy analysing that we don’t pay attention in the present which I think is the problem I struggle with the most.

    I find it really hard noticing what is real and what is in my head , if that makes sense?

    Anyway.. fun to be an infj..

    Can anybody relate or am I not making sense at all?

  40. Self-responsibility is one of the bigger ( if not biggest?) life-dragons you must consistently, firmly, and kindly trust, nurture, and tame. Then you hop on that mf n fly into the sun pce bitches✌️*dies*

  41. If this book exists, I know I’m doing it all wrong. Until I have it completely figured out, I’ll remain totally lost.

  42. “The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail – But Some Don't”, by Nate Silver (2012). Talks about math, analytics, baseball, and much, much, more; as you were talking about what type of book. Was a media sensation when it came out. Author is now a political forecaster, and spoke to many other types of forecasters for the book (i.e. stock market, poker , hurricanes, basketball, etc…). BTW I’m a gay INFJ; a rare personality type indeed.

  43. Frank, you are right where you need to be! Look at this community you’ve built & keeps growing. You are a voice to the voiceless. Listen to all of us who feel the way you do but don’t know how to express it. Its like finally having a name for a health concern you’ve been struggling with. Even if there’s nothing you can do about it yet, it’s a relief just to give it a name! You ask great questions so no doubt you will grow in your INFJness and inspire us to do the same. You are now a leader…like it or not. No pressure 😉 Thanks for all you do AND who you are!!!

  44. I think the toughest part of an INFJ knowing themselves, and I can only speak for myself, is spending as much time knowing who I'm NOT as much as who I AM because I'm a social chameleon. The advice may sound good at the time, but I am just as likely to end up thinking, "That's not really me."

    I no longer believe in the idea of free will. After taking the idea of cause and effect to its extreme, the initial cause, the Big Bang so to speak, set all the effects in motion. We just react to the following causes generated by those effects.

  45. Frank James – I have that book. It literally has all the answers. But… It’s not about my life, it’s someone else’s. The name has been rubbed out, so I don’t know who to give it to. Perhaps it’s yours, perhaps it’s not. Either way, it’s entertaining.

    Awesomely insightful video 🙂

  46. This ‘perfect book’ is on my mind a lot as well… I have this deep desire to make sure I’m doing all the right things for my life, yet don’t often fully pursue them because I am fearful of doing them and still getting it wrong (oh how infj of me). I personally am a follower of Jesus so now have full assurance that God has the right path for me, but my oh my is it all still uncertain! But is nice to know when I think things ‘go wrong’ or when I ‘make mistakes’ that it’s still the right path if I’m walking with Jesus. Just what came to mind when you were talking about it! 🙂

  47. I hear you. You want to know what specifically you should be doing, so you can just do it. I can tell you this. Something is better than nothing,even if it's wrong. How would your time be better spent? You deserve to be happy.

  48. Oh but for the Grace of God, Frank. The Holy Book is really THE book. You need to listen to and abide to God's Word, and not to anyone else, or to any book. Then you will be free.

  49. I have had times where things were shown to me, in a supernatural way. All I did was freak out, I didn't trust it some of the time. Others it still didn't work out in my favor. So being shown a specific path isn't always welcomed by yourself. You start to tell yourself things that make you doubt what you just witnessed. Me I asked GOD to show me something, when he did, all I did was freak out. Be careful what you ask for BTW🤣 cause sometimes you get exactly what it is you wanted.

  50. I Know that book if you want to know it just ask me and I m really serious please ask if you want please before it is too late please just ask I'm Soo serious please!!!!!🙏🙏🙏

  51. I think if we had all the answers to life questions, then life would be pointless. Frank i think you on the right path because you are questioning life. We may think we're not making progress, because we aren't doing much, but we are living and breathing so I say we are making progress.

  52. God put it in the heart of every human being HE created to desire Him and to seek Him. The Holy Spirit will gently tap at your soul when you are willing and ready. Somehow when this is happening , many people turn to empty things that cannot satisfy: astrology, new ageism, "self help", even personality theory (which is ONLY a tool). But ONLY God can satisfy. Yet, most people will say " no , not today, I don't really need God in my life right now, maybe later ". Or something to the effect of : "The Bible is old and antiquated and isn't relevant anymore. It surely can't be that- it is ALWAYS something else". Anything but God.. anything but the Lord Jesus, who died for all of humanity. So that whomever comes to Him and repents and accepts Him as Lord, can be saved from their sin and have eternal life. Why do people always reject the free gift of salvation? I guess it isn't enough . They are too "open minded" to believe. And this is why people keep searching and seeking and going down empty paths without any real truth. People of these "enlightened" minds never think Jesus is worth a try. Oh, but they are wrong. When you find the Lord, the Holy Spirit dwells within. This is the power of the Holy Spirit. That is truth. That is love.

  53. That manager is already present, if u want spiritual connection u should let our soul communicate with the one who gave u that soul, let ur soul fly and until then everything will seem perfect , because we have freewill but if we sacrificed that for the the right decision (we should all make, and it's the same decision for everyone) our lives shall blossom again.
    With Love Pandictily.

  54. Frank, I believe that our lives are so unpredictable and that we tend to figure it out as we grow through every experience and every aspect of life. For me, it took a somewhat traumatic experience to redirect my steps, my intentions, my focus, and it totally shifted me to the beautiful place that I'm in now. The traumatic event was my 2 daughter's being exposed to a 7 hour exorcism at my workplace ( no it was not a church, but a dance studio) I was not present at the time, but it crumbled our lives for a season; Then my friend, I became enlightened and awake (after much therapy), but anyhow, life is beautiful and now I choose joy, gratitude, faith, and I stay hopeful for things that I have yet to experience. YOU write the pages every day, and remember that your free will was given to you out of LOVE👣💜👣

  55. This struck a chord with me. For the longest time I also wished for a “book” or instruction Manual for my life. I still do. It does seem like a burden doesn’t it? But Free will is the necessary risk to take in order to be be able to live life. We choose to stay alive and in turn we must then choose what to do next, minute after minute, day after day. It’s pretty scary isn’t it? But we don’t know what we’re missing out on so we just have to believe we made the right choices! What a great video and unique mind dude you’re pretty cool.

  56. Maybe meditation can help you to access your book. Maybe the right decisions don’t make one’s life easy.

    I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but there are some people who believe one’s path is written for us to find. Some call the collection of them all as the Akashic records. Others call it something else. I’m not sure about that because I’ve not sought to read the Akashic records. I would like to know my own book, however.

    Maybe the realness of the book, to you, comes from an intuition of it’s existence or of what is written.

    I’m sure that career/life coaches can see the analytics. And I completely agree with your psychological interpretation of there being no correct path because your path was right for you in each moment and it built the life you will have lived. But from a spiritual perspective, the meaning of the “right path” and one’s “book” is very different, I believe. If I’ve heard you correctly, in all your videos, you seem to be on a spiritual journey, so that is why I comment from that perspective.

    However, I must caution anyone who might read this comment….I’ve seen people become very unbalanced when they’ve dabbled in reading the Akashic records, unprepared. With these esoteric practices, a teacher who is truly enlightened (and not a scam) and who was born to be responsible for your spiritual wellbeing is highly adviseable. The challenge is connecting with them and discerning if they are the real deal. If it’s meant to be, I have to believe they will find you.

    I don’t dabble in the Akashic records. But I do believe each of our spiritual or “true” paths may be written, and if so, a mystic could find their own.

    Maybe your inkling of this book is a call to the path of the mystic. Maybe not. I don’t know; only you know. And, in any case, answering that call seems to always be a choice because, as I understand it, the path of the mystic is union with G-d but it’s usually not an easy life.

    If you’re not yet doing it, maybe meditation may help you “know” what you already know. I know it would benefit me, but I’ve never been steady in my practice. Believe it or not, that, too, has been a choice based in fear.

    If you truly seek access, I wish for you, that you achieve it. 💖

  57. I feel like 6 months ago you really needed a hug and maybe a nap with a lullaby and something very yummy to eat when you woke up. I’m not a particularly nurturing person naturally but this existential nightmare is also pretty real for me too and since I don’t tranquilize myself with drugs or alcohol I know what this all feels like. So much so that I’m like whoa this is weird. But I’m glad you feel comfortable just opening up this way.

    Regarding the way that it feels like other people might know what your book says, for me it usually irritates me when people say “Oh this will happen for you,” or “You’ll get there,” or “You’re going to be successful in this way,” I’m just like “You don’t know diddly. I could totally continue effing it all up.” It’s weird for people to believe my life will turn out a certain way when I’m the only one who can actually live my life. Etc. Anyway, you’re videos are important. 👊🏼

  58. I often dwell on the “what if’s” of life as well, but ultimately — Jesus aka God in the flesh — He’s the Author of life itself. Yours and mine, so truly we must cling to the encouragement given through His living Word; the Bible; to continually trust Him. By putting our trust in Him, a heavy weight is lifted up off of our shoulders. The weight of worrying and anxieties we carry with us daily; all that is given unto Him! He tells in 1st Peter 5:7, to cast all our cares unto Him for He cares for us!
    So with that, as a Christian, I’ve been set free from a life of fearing the direction of my path, but go to the Author & Finisher of my life with utmost respect & ask Him for guidance daily.

    You, too, can experience such beautiful peace by trusting He knows best and will help you through this life He’s created for you! 🧡

  59. i just loooved listening to this….and I know that feeling, though I see things a little different here…and I would have so much to say to this and at the same time I don't know what to say to this….but yeah well…i don't know, I just needed to tell you that I loved listening to this….

  60. You have the greatest gift of all: you get to write your own book :-), but yeah that is scary as hell. But I do know what you mean – the most direct path to the greatest happiness, or however you define correctness

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