Top 5 Books in 60 seconds… on Islam

Top 5 Books in 60 seconds… on Islam

Here are 5 Christian books on Islam for you
to look at 1. A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Islam by
Patrick Sookhdeo – A short, quick read for increasing your understanding of Islam: its
worldview, practices and history. 2. An Evangelistic Christian’s Pocket Guide
to Islam by Malcolm Steer – also brief Steer draws on his own experiences to give lots
of helpful tips on witnessing effectively to Muslims 3. Friendship First by Steve Bell. This thorough
and very readable guide aims to help you become more confident in befriending your Muslim
neighbour and more competent in sharing the Gospel with them.
4. Dear Abdullah by Rob Scott This looks at 8 questions many Muslim people ask about Christianity
and offers brilliant, gentle and honest answers. And finally 5. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus
by Nabeel Qureshi This powerful and thought provoking story of a Muslim coming to faith
will inform your mind and stir your heart! So that’s my top 5 Christian books on Islam
to help you love and witness to your muslim friends and acquaintances. And why not have a look at our other top 5
series on

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  1. that books are just funny arguments and many lies, i read them before i embraced islam. i am very happy to be muslim and each year since my convertion i learn more of the beauty of islam, it does not matter to me anymore if they attack me for embracing islam some years ago, it makes me happy. i was baptist and i never found peace in christianity, then i searched for buddhist religion and at the same time i began to read that books, but God´s know and put serenity in my heart and i abandoned all misconceptions about islam, and then i embraced islam, i am so happy, no regrets, never.

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