TOP 5 Female Sci-Fi Book Series – Science Fiction Series with Female Heroes – Lists Of Geekdom Ep. 4

TOP 5 Female Sci-Fi Book Series – Science Fiction Series with Female Heroes – Lists Of Geekdom Ep. 4

Hey, folks. I’m Max. Catch me on Twitter at LazyMovieNerd! Welcome to another episode of Lists of Geekdom! March 8th is the International Women’s Day. It also happens that this March we’re getting
a bunch of movies with female protagonists: Tomb Raider, Red Sparrow, Annihilation, and
probably others that I can’t think of right now. So I decided to make a couple of videos that
celebrate awesome women. In this one I wanna talk about my favorite
female sci-fi heroes. Specifically, I will single out my 5 favorite
book series in which the main character is an ass-kicking woman. I may include some honorable mentions at the
end as well. We shall see. Let’s get started. We’ll begin at number 5 with a totally gargantuan
book series. The Honorverse by David Weber. It’s a sci-fi retelling of C.S. Forrester’s
Horatio Hornblower, but set in space. The main character is Honor Harrington, who
starts out as a midshipwoman in a space navy and goes on to become an Admiral. She is smart, strong, independent, and thoroughly
awesome. The setting is a futuristic space empire,
which pretty much is Victorian England. There are space battles, politics, intrigue,
and the kitchen sink. Swap gravitation lances for cannons and impellers
for sails and you’d have a great tale of warfare on the high seas. David Weber’s prose isn’t very eloquent
and I think that there are a lot better sci-fi writers out there, but very few who are as
prolific. As of right now there are 14 Honor Harrington
books and a whole bunch of spin-offs. If I’m not mistaken, somewhere on the interwebs
there’s a fanfiction Honor Harrington Harry Potter crossover… Now that was a tongue twister! Next, at number 4 is the Vatta’s War series
by Elizabeth Moon. In this series, the protagonist is named Kylara
Vatta, who starts out by resigning from the military space academy in disgrace and goes
to work for her rich family space shipping business. Shenanigans ensue and she becomes a hero who
saves the day, of course. These books are more nuanced than Weber’s,
but follow a similar style. The novels are definitely worth checking out
if you like books with realistic characters who are put through the grinder. OK. Number 3. The Evergence series by Sean Williams and
Shane Dix. Now this is a truly superb space opera book
series. If you’ve seen my other Lists of Geekdom
or Booktube videos, then you know that Space Opera is what I love to read the most. Evergence is a trilogy. The main character is named Morgan, who is
very relatable and is pretty much an everyday person who gets embroiled in huge events. The books are riveting and thought-provoking,
like good space opera is supposed to be. I read them back to back and have re-read
them since. What makes this a good space opera is superb
worldbuilding. You get immersed in a believable, futuristic
universe. If you’ve ever wondered what humankind may
be like in another 500 thousand years, then these books are a great place to start. And we’re at number 2 already! At this spot I’ve placed the Confederation
series by Tanya Huff. The main character is named Torn Kerr, who
is a noncom in the Space Marines. A coalition of races, including humans, fights
another group of races. What makes these series really stand out is
the absolutely amazing characterization. There are no cardboard characters. Everyone is a fully realized person. Torin is a deeply flawed human, like anyone
else, but that really makes her relatable. The stories themselves make sense and are
quite riveting. There’s also a progression from wartime
books to more of a spy genre in the later novels. At least one more book is due to come out
soon. Definitely check these books out! And finally, at number 1 I have the Academy
series by Jack McDevitt. These books take place in the relatively near
future and the main character is a pilot named Priscilla Hutchins. Unlike all the previous series on my list,
this one isn’t about war. Priscilla pilots ships for the academy of
science as they explore new planets, discover ancient ruins, and get into various trouble. Seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly
go, etc… Her character is perfectly realized and is
very human. Furthermore, like in many of his other books,
Jack Mcdevitt has a way of showing us both the best and the worst of humanity, but with
a very optimistic worldview. Human kindness and ingenuity always prevail
and there is always a new tomorrow. I’ve never read a bad book by Jack McDevitt,
nor one that didn’t leave me hopeful for the future. It’s a feeling similar to the one you get
after watching an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Right now there are 7 Academy books, but an
8th one is on the way! So that’s my list! I’m gonna add a couple of honorable mentions,
because I can. The first one of those is a bit of a cheat
because only half of the books are written from the perspective of a woman. These are the Alex and Chase series by jack
McDevitt. The tone of the books is similar to the Academy
novels, but these are set thousands of years in the future and are a retelling of Sherlock
Holmes. Half the books are told from the perspective
of Alex Benedict, who’s the Holmes character while the other are told from the perspective
of Chase Colpath, the Watson character. She is his lovely assistant. Chase is awesome and is the kind of woman
whom I’d have a crush on if she were a real person. And finally, I’ll list the Cordelia’s
Honor books by Lois Mcmaster Bujold. These didn’t make my main list because they’re
part of a broader series of books, the main character of which is Miles Vorkosigan. Cordelia’s Honor books are about his mother,
Cordelia Naismith. Bujold is a phenomenal writer and the books
are riveting and the characters and the world just flow from the page into your imagination. These are set in the far future and are kind
of a fish-out-of-water story about Cordelia, who comes from a highly advanced society and
gets immersed into a rather backward feudalistic world of Barrayar. I love these books so friggin’ much! All right. So that’s it. I’ll continue the theme in my next Lists
of Geekdom video where I’ll talk about my favorite female sci-fi writers. Comment below with some of your suggestions
of awesome sci-fi books with a great female lead. Click the thumbs up below because you’re
awesome like that and click the subscribe button if you think that I’m awesome. I’m Max and I’ll see you later!

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  1. I’m back from my Lists of Geekdom hiatus with a video that pays tribute to some of the best Science Fiction book series with female protagonists! The heroes of these books are some ass-kicking women! Check out this new Booktube video and comment with some of your favorite sci-fi books with female heroes!

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