Tour: Visit Day

Tour: Visit Day

SARAH: Good morning, everybody. Welcome to Bradley University. My name is Sarah. I’m a senior theater and
advertising double major from Chicago. And today we have our Martin
Luther King Day visit day. It’s one of our biggest
programs on our schedule. And I want to bring you inside
to show you what it’s like. Come on it. You’ll always be greeted
by friendly faces you walk into Bradley. SPEAKER 2: Hi. SPEAKER 3: Hi SARAH: Come on in. What’s up, Jack? We’re actually in the
Renaissance Coliseum right now, which is where our
men’s basketball trains. We actually play in the
Civic Center downtown. If you want to get
tickets to the game, we have our box office
right along here. Tickets are very
affordable for students, and this is also a great
venue for visit day because we can house so many
students and their guests. When you come in here– you don’t run into a wall– we’re going to show
you how check-in works. So we have a lot of
families [INAUDIBLE] checking in right now. And I’m going to
grab you a folder and show you what
you might expect when you come to Bradley. All right, so once you
give us your last name, you would check
in in that order. And you’ll be given a folder
and a name tag, such as this. And in your folder you
will have your schedule for the day, which
changes per visit day. If you are an admitted
student, admitted senior, you will get a special
discount for a free T-shirt, a long-sleeved T-shirt
at the bookstore. You’ll have information
on financial aid, any scholarships, the AP
guide, a parent’s guide, a special packet for in and
around Bradley with fun facts, and everything you’ll need to
know throughout your Bradley process and the college
process in general. So we’ve made sure you are
prepared when you come in and when you leave. I’m going to show you
what comes next, which is getting a free T-shirt. So come on this way. So sorry. Hi everybody. SPEAKER 4: Hello. SARAH: So what happens
when you come over here? SPEAKER 4: Well you tell
us T-shirt you like, and then we give it to you. SPEAKER 5: For free. SARAH: A free T-shirt,
that’s pretty cool, one of the perks of
visiting Bradley. And also you can take a picture
with Kaboom!, our mascot, with our special
fancy Instagram sign. Then you can
Instagram that photo, and it’s like a
double Instagram. So come on this way. I’m going to get
through the families. Coming through. All right, so what
comes next is that you come into main
Renaissance Coliseum area, and you’ll be greeted by
a star such as myself. And you’ll tell us
what year you are as well as what major
you’re looking to study. And then we’ll
seat you according. So come on this way. As you come in,
before we seat you, you’ll notice that we do have
an activities fair going around. So if you’re
interested in anything from study abroad to music for
nonmajors to honors programs to prelaw, residential
housing, you name it, we have people and a booth
for you to go talk to. And additionally, very
important, we have food. So we make sure that
you’re well-fed. You get your breakfast before
your long day on the Hilltop. It’s going to be great one– and coffee for all
you coffee drinkers. And then what happens
is that we sit you at your table of your
major, and then you sit for the presentation. And speaking of, the
presentation’s about to start. So I have to go find my seat. Thank you so much
for joining us, and we hope to see
you on the Hilltop. Bye.

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  1. This video is very well done considering the challenges of walking backwards among pillars and crowds while reciting a script, smiling the whole time and making it all seem perfectly normal. There is often the temptation to apologize for the rain or people in the way but it's always best to leave those out. Nice job.

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