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  1. Good god… is he so immature and naive that he really thinks that REPEATEDLY calling a phone call "perfect" does not help?? That is not how you talk about a phone call unless your are desperate.

  2. These people are ridiculous. So scared that Michelle Obama will run for President. Why the fear that she is running for President?

  3. Trump is the best, at being the worst…The only things 'stable', about this 'genius', are, his mind-boggling stupidity, his massive ego, his monumental lies, his moronic behaviour, and his manipulative corruption.

    Trump is unfit to be POTUS and, moreover, a human being…He's as greedy, mentally unhinged, emotionally unstable, and sociopathic, as, Mussolini, Manson and Madoff all rolled into one.

  4. Pelosi and Neil need to get their scared butts out of Washington! Let progressives show them how to handle an impeachment !!!

  5. JIMMY you suck stick to insulting your guests loser… your fake news like CNN.. trump was never scared of Biden.. trump is a true combatant and was looking forward to kicking Biden's ass politically… trump by landslide in 2020 be prepared snowflakes….

  6. Trump wanted snakes an alligators to scare the GOP into submission, looking at them being silent on all the issues surrounding him.

  7. You people are so gullible. Trump is distracting you from the fact that he has no wall. 60 miles of Obama repaired fence. Weak man, fake President.

  8. Lets build a moat around trumps brain and put perahnas in , and put a battery pack in his butt and watch him get a jolt everytime he takes a leak ! Trump passes out bullshit like nobodys business !

  9. Not with the stupid Russiagate crap again. That's been disproved ad nauseam. You can stop beating the dead horse; it ain't coming back again. While investigating corrupt Trump, lets also investigate corrupt Biden and especially the uber-corrupt Clintons. Let's put all the corrupt, corporate-bought hacks on trial.

  10. This idiot knows nothing.. USA you've wasted your years on this empty can.. whats worse is the lives he has affected with his undoing of policies implemented by Obama. Disgusting and Vile piece of lying, racist, scum… . America isn't great, its pathetic and sad. For years comedians have made it funny, and done such a good job. But I feel its not funny anymore. It's sad.

  11. Oh is Trump "going crazy" again? I've lost count how many "melt downs" he's supposedly had according to this dumb ass channel. Literally every other day Trump is undergoing some kind of mental break down. I think Kimmel must be confusing the President with his audience of brainwashed lemmings and mentally challenged, obsessed Trump deranged morons. It's so pitiful watching how your pathetic lives revolve around this man. You all need therapy.

  12. Doesn't Twitter have spell check built in? Hell! I'm no one to judge the prez. lol! I'm guilty of misspelling myself on social media,,,,,,,and other areas. lol! I get in such a hurry to reply that I dont take the time to proof read and end up going back and editing a few times before I get everything right. 😉

  13. I figured out who the leak is…. Mike Pence. since Trump wants to call this a coup he needs to understand who would become President if he was kicked out of office. Since a Coup is illegal seizure of power from a government, and since Mike Pence is who would take office…… Mike Pence is the Head of the Coup.

  14. trump is just a JOKE of a prez, I feel so sorry for you americans, your ppl helped him CHEAT his way into Putin's little whitehouse.

  15. Surround Washinton DC with a moat, then push 'our' politicians' and those that bribe them to keep America the idiots for 'god's' chosen people, IN. Feed the hungry crocs with a good kosher meal.
    Joe Magnets

  16. Only makes sense that they show the Dow down 589 points while this moron is talking about what the bad boy at school said behind his back.

  17. He seems proficient on perfect phone calls. Wonder what an awful call sounds like.
    Ok Vladimir Putin the nuclear-codes are 12349775

  18. Drugs, it has to be drugs?! How the hell is this possible? We all must be overdosing, but on what? OH! THANK GOD! It only effects the dumb one's.

  19. What does Melania think about Trump's antics??..she's intelligent…I'd love to hear her thoughts… BTW…Putin is a good guy…really!!!

  20. Why doesn't everyone see that he is seriously in trouble. He's got a bad case of dementia. I've seen guys that had their act together that were better socially than Trump

  21. Lol Obama called it way before it happened. And trumps hate of him shows he's been the biggest fan of what Obama says

  22. Yes…let’s ask Putin….we really need for our Fake President to ask all our foreign enemies to back up his lies!!!
    Trump being known as Putin’s Puppet, Pence known as a pussy whipped marshmallow , Barr as a Trumps Pimp, Moscow Mitch….that is self explanatory! Lol
    The rest of the trump family? Born with Gold Spoons in their mouths….would Never make it in the real world, good thing they have Lock Him Up Dad! Lol lol lol

  23. we didn’t know trump was a weirdo before he got voted in?
    you can’t act like you live this country when all you talk about is yourself.

    the united states could aid the mexican government to reform the country so mexican could life a good life in mexico and come and go from there to here all day long without having to run from their home land.
    people look for a better life so why not help other countries help themselves so the can live a good life at home. my family came from italy because life was rough and i treat the united states with respect because it offered an easier way of life.
    we show our appreciation by being hard working citizens and caring about where we live and who we live with. mexicans that come here do the same.
    trump on the other hand is only concerned about himself and proves that by his words and actions.
    so who lives this country more, my italian family and mexicans or trump.
    if you love, you contribute, if you’re selfish, you take.

  24. If Trump wants a moat filled with alligators and snakes, he should build one around Mar l Largo so he can protect himself from all those he doesn't like.

  25. I can understand that he wants to make a joke, but why did he not use the real President of Finland, I don't know who this man was,
    but I know my own president. Was it impossible to use the right piece of video, he was next to him a couple of months ago. Maybe
    he did not seem to suffer enough for the purpose .

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