UF Health opens specialty medical practices at Gainesville’s The Oaks Mall

Over the last half decade, what we’ve
seen both her ENT and ophthalmology, has been a rapid growth of the need for
their services. As more and more faculty were recruited
and as more science was being done, naturally we began to run out of space.
Some space became available in The Oaks Mall, it’s a landmark that everybody
knows and then the planning for what is now you have UF Health The Oaks began.
It’s very conveniently located both for our patients in Gainesville as well as
patients who are coming from out of town to visit us. One of the things that
really helps this to have it close to the interstate, so that was a huge win
for our patients. The patients will be able to come to one place to get all of
their eye care, whether they are getting an eye exam for glasses or they’re
having specialized retina procedures or cornea procedures or even the ability to
have lazik in this very location. We have all of our services co-located so that
we can get audiology services, radiology services, laboratory services, so it’s
very convenient. We can fulfill the patient’s needs if they come here for
their eye care or for their ear nose and throat care in a way that’s likely very
different than anything in town anything in the region. This space is designed in
such a way that as the patient moves through their visit, the building, the
clinical space, the blueprint accommodates that flow so that they’ll
feel like they’re getting the care in an efficient and effective way. Our visually
impaired patients have trouble reading signs to see where they need to go and
so in the new clinic we’ve got color-coded areas where patients can
find where they have to go without having to read signs. Having the
additional infrastructure with all these new exam rooms, we’re adding faculty,
we’re going to be able to see patients in a much more timely fashion than we
perhaps could have at least with some of the specialties in the past and that’s a
huge priority for us. Then in a second phase, they’re going
to be hospital outpatient capabilities that I think are going to improve the
patient experience even further. When we have openings like this where we decided
about the space itself, we walk through it and we say wow, this is inviting, this
is modern, this is going to give people a comfortable place to have care. But
ultimately what we’ve done here is that about 1,500 to 2,000 patients per week
are gonna come here and I’m gonna receive care and I think they’re gonna
receive care this as good as any care they would get anywhere in the country
and they’re gonna get it in a convenient and comfortable place, that’s what
excites me. The space always needs to be able to match the talent of our faculty
and staff. This is a place where talented people come to work and this is a place
where patients come and seek great care and great hope.

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