Undisclosed and unlimited: The ‘dark money’ in U.S. politics

Undisclosed and unlimited: The ‘dark money’ in U.S. politics

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  1. An uneducated populace doesn't help either, believing DC is being "drained" when it clearly isn't is willful blindness.

  2. in 2020:

    20 trillion dollars still missing.
    Politicians do not ever pay for their crimes
    Press lies with impunity every day, guided by deep state.
    Unelected Bureaucrats openly defy the Executive Office and cover for each other.

    We should worry about dark money when bloomberg can openly finance an entire parties campaigns while ignoring donation laws?

  3. Take down the establishment. Bernie 2020 is the last hope our country has to make positive effects in the world before it is too late.

  4. Dear "Washington Post",
    Thank you for posting.
    To be honest, I didn't watch this.
    Here's why..
    It seems to me there is a very mysterious tax taken out of every single American worker on thier pay stub each week.
    It's called "FICA".
    It's been there a mighty long time.
    The government calls it SSA.
    I call it:
    F arting
    I n
    C hurch
    A gain
    That's why we sit in pews.
    "Don't try to church it up son" –
    Quote from the movie:
    "Joe Dirt"
    But seriously..
    The Truth
    "Fica", in Portuguese, means "stay". ๐Ÿ˜ณ
    What do we say to those visitors from Portugal?
    "Welcome to FICA"
    "We hope you enjoy you're stay?"
    Oh boy,
    I have a strong feeling, come Monday morning, the I.R.S and Federal Reserve will be swamped with protest marches.
    Oh crap.
    You opened that can of worms now didn't ya?
    Love from ๐Ÿ’“
    Under a "Flat Rock"
    Michigan, USA

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  6. In her 30 year political career, Nancy pelosi (D-california) somehow managed to increase her net worth to 168 million. California has the biggest income inequality and largest homeless population in the US

  7. The only way to change the way things are done in Washington is to overthrow the entire US governmental system all the way to the local level. Sadly, like I said this is the only way. Then to completely cut dark money out of politics is to put every elected official all the way down to the local level under constant public surveillance and hold them accountable every time corporate lobbyist tries to make contact with them.

  8. This is a very simple way to fix. Up to limit 1000 per person per candidate and the must have a social security number. Problem solved

  9. There is a simple solution to all of this
    1) abolish ALL tax exempt status including for religion.
    2) tax all money transactions between these organizations. I anyone give money to one of htese groups then it must be taxed. If one group gives to another group it is taxed.
    3) if the donor is identified as and individual and it is less than a certain amount then that could be taxed exempt.
    4) eliminating all tax deductions to these organizations including religion.

    Now for charities that actually do real charitable work. We can now look at charities that actually do real charitable work where most of the most of the money actually goes to what they claim it is for. They all have to be void of politics and religion.

    There, problem solved and the feds have a new source of revenue which can be used to enforce the new tax laws and pay for public services.

  10. It's convenient for Left and Right supporters to demonize each other for putting their hands in the cookie jar; but let's be clear, only one category of people are not being heard here, and that's the non-wealthy, non-connected masses.

  11. Dark money is a good term for it.
    CITIZENS UNITED opened our politics to foreign influence. The
    Case was pushed to the Supreme Court by the GOP and Mitch McConnell ..however both parties
    Benefit from the financial influence. It is the country and the people that suffer from their voices being diminished..and the corruption of our Government.

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