I am on the Hollywood Boulevard with all the stars on the pavement I am trying to find someone that I know and, I’ll bring it to you I am waiting for my bus it’s Wednesday today I planned a visit of Downtown LA including Chinatown, Little Tokyo and also the museum of contemporary arts (MOCA) I have been in Santa Monica for an hour I ate and I am going to walk down to the beach this place is sooooo cute, nothing compared to LA it’s way too cute I LOVE this place For now I think it’s one of my favorite place in LA so not counting Universal and Disneyland It is 6:30pm I went to Santa Monica and I wanted to go to Venice Beach but I couldn’t because I would not have the time for it and I am exhausted so I spent an hour in the Comic Book shop I just went back to Universal Walk well the City Walk to buy donuts again before I leave because they’re the best donuts I’ve ever had and now I am heading back to my airbnb I’ll probably go to the gym because I didn’t work out for a week and a half And that’s it !

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