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USF is for Families Too – USF Housing LIVE! 404

[Music] Hello, this is Kash Kart, and I’m your host,
Yeraldine Paredes. We give rides to students
around campus while they answer some trivia questions
to win fabulous prizes. Let’s get rolling. What is your name? My name is Kevin. And where are you headed? I’m headed to the
USF Health Clinic. First question is, who is
the President of the USF? Oh, I honestly forgot,
but I… The right answer
is Judy Genshaft. How many campuses are
there in the USF system? Ah, so there’s the main campus, the Sarasota Manatee
and St. Pete; three? That’s the right answer. What’s Rocky’s full name? Rocky D. Bull? Good job. So why didn’t you finish
your homework yesterday? Ah, because it’s due Sunday. Good answer. So where do residents
from the south area of campus get their mail? Ah, from the south,
they get it at the Juniper ah, reception desk. That’s the right answer. Good job. Name the service that lends
professional business attire to students. Ah, oh, it’s at
student health services. Ah, dress – dressable;
not dressable. I forgot. It is Suit-A-Bull. How many um Kart
cashes do you have? I have one, two,
three and four. Yea fidget spinner. Yea! Yea! Thank you so much. No problem. [Music] Hello, and welcome
to Best Places with Nyrin and Courtney. [Foreign language]. Nyrin!
Oh, hey did we start already? Yes. Oh sorry, that was my mom. Speaking of, today
is all about you, the family of our future Bulls. Did you know USF holds
family and friends’ weekend in October and spring
family day in February? And we love showing you
around campus and sharing our Bull pride. You’ll get to see all that
the Marshall Student Center have to offer and experience
homecoming with us. Football fans; there’s
a game nearly every week at Raymond James Stadium. Students get free rides to
and from the games on the Bull Runner. Got swag? Check out the bookstore
right outside the MSC. A Barnes and Noble’s reading
material and Starbucks coffee will complete your experience
and don’t forget to get a stuffed Rocky for the
little Bulls in your family. No visit is complete
without a Bull pun. There are so many. Hey Courtney,
you look incrediBULL today. Why thank you. Nyrin, don’t you think this
weather is unbelievaBULL? You can practice them at home or in your car in
your way to USF. This has been Best Places
with Nyrin and Courtney. Now get ready for
USF Housing LIVE! You can call
your mom back now. Only if you call yours. Okay. [Music] Gregory Bowers,
Sierra Rose, Maxwell Morinelli,
Elysa Goldberg, Nyrin Naomee,
Courtney Cadogan, Yeraldine Paredes,
June Dickens, Chris Herrera,
Stephanie Jochman. Wednesday, March 14, 2018. Coming to you from the
beautiful University of South Florida
campus in Tampa, it’s USF Housing LIVE! Alright, alright,
alright, alright, alright. Welcome, welcome,
welcome everyone. This is USF Housing LIVE! I’m your host
Gregory Bowers, with Housing Residential
Education here at the beautiful University of
South Florida in Tampa. Our motto:
Best place to live, best place to work and
best place to learn. We’re coming to
you live of course, here on campus around
Florida and all our viewers around the world. If you have a question, go ahead, type it in the comments and
they’ll send it to me on the iPad right here on the set and we’ll answer
you in real time. Also I would like to take
a moment and do a special thank you to the
USF Squirrel’s Facebook page for honoring our request to
stream through their page. And so we all salute and
honor our supreme leaders, the USF Squirrels. This is a very special episode. We’re going to be talking
a lot of about parent and family programs, because many of
you out there have parents and families
with questions. They want to stay connected and so we’ve got an expert here
to help you with that. First, I want you
to meet my old pal, Mr. Dave Kloiber, from
Housing Residential Education, our Assistant Director
for assignments, Dave, welcome back. Thank you Greg. It’s great to be back. I’m happy to have you here. You have been on
every season of USF Housing LIVE! Yes, I have and I’m willing
to be on more and more as the years go by. I’m very happy
to have you here. You know everything
Dave, you really do. I’ve seen a lot. You’ve seen a lot, and
so Dave has seen things and stuff everyone. Also joining us, we have
Jessica Fitzgerald from the Office of
Parent & Family Programs. Jessica, welcome to the program. Thanks for having me. Appreciate it. Actually, I,
I should say welcome back. This is your third season
on the show, isn’t it? Yes, third season, fourth show. Oh, fourth show? Yeah, third season. I am so sorry that you are
sitting next to Dave Kloiber yet again. Oh no. Dave and I are like the
guest power duo, right? Definitely. Yes. Oh my gosh. That’s already falling apart. We’re in minute three. Okay everyone. And so Jessica, I’ve got
some questions for you. I want to remind everyone,
if you have a question for Jessica while we’re talking
during this segment or the next one,
send them our way. We’ll be happy to answer
those for you right here live on the air. So Jessica, tell us a
little bit about who you are and what you do here. Thanks Greg. Well I serve in our Office
of Parent & Family Programs here at the university. Um and so I have the
pleasure of working with all of our parents and
family members of students. We provide education
resources for family members and then opportunities for
them to engage on campus through events that
we host through our office. And so you mention engagement. Why should family members
engage with your office? They are going to continue
to be a huge part of their student’s success here
at the university. They have been an active part
of getting their student to be admitted
to the university and to this accomplishment. And their support is going
to continue to be vital for their students. And so we really want
to continue to provide an outlet for them
to be engaged, um and for them to be able
to be educated on how they can best coach their
students going forward. And so we talk all the time
about our campus community. The community of USF. I imagine that would involve
our parents and family, so can you tell us
a little bit about how they’re involved in our community? Oh, absolutely. We tell family members
welcome to the family because they truly are um
such a huge part of our Bull family here at
the university. Um and so we want them to feel
engaged in the community, connected, um and
active through online and attending events and
supporting their students. The more educated they are,
the better able they are to coach their students. So let’s talk about events
that you might have coming up for family members. Yeah, absolutely. Well this will actually
be the first time I get to announce that we will be
hosting family and friends weekend on October 19th
through the 21st. So family members should save
the date um for that event, so they’re hearing it
here first live. Um, and then we’ll also
have welcome experience events for families as they
are moving in their students both during summer B
and fall opening. And those weekends
are always really cool. Can you tell us a little bit
about some of the experiences that folks
are going to have? Yeah. It’s just a really
great time to be able to see family members really
facilitating the event experience with
their students. It just signifies the
transition um as their students are coming on to campus. So it’s certainly a little
hot in the summer as they’re moving in their students. Um, but just being able
to interact with them as they’re helping their students
make that transition and then the opportunity
for them to meet other family members
I am here at the institution, ah and then we provide
some good support as they’re transitioning home, um and
potentially either leaving their students here
with us on campus, um or navigating what that
transition looks like for their student to
commute from home. Awesome and so let’s
think about families whose students are yet
attending USF. I’m sure there are a number
of them watching out there. So how can they
utilize your office? Absolutely Greg. We encourage them to
start connecting now with Parent & Family Programs. Um, so they can do
that through several ways. Um, they can engage with
us online through Facebook. Um so they can search on
Facebook um USF Families and come into our group, and
they’ll be able to dialog and connect with other
family members in the community, ask all the
questions that they have, um so that peer
to peer support. They can also sign up
to receive our monthly e-newsletter called the
Bulletin and they can do that on our website, If they have any questions
or things that they’re navigating through or
they’re not quite sure what resource to seek out, um we encourage them
to just email us at [email protected] Alright, excellent. So we got some comments. I’m going to do a little
shout-out real quick because they’re joining us here. I want to say
hello to Vin, Jeannie, and Rajvi, who just left us
some comments and some hellos. So we see you out there. If you have a question, ask us. No questions yet, so we’re
going to jump right back into this with Jessica here
and so what advice do you have for incoming families? First, I would just say
take a big old deep breath. You’re going to make it
through both graduation, um and in your student’s
transition onto campus. Um please know that we
are going to take really excellent care of them here at
the University of South Florida. I encourage family members
to start to navigate the transition to USF, so
go ahead and pay that deposit for admissions and
sign up for orientation, and start to make that plan
for how their students will be oriented and onboarded
into the university. Um and then as a family,
just talk about what is transition going to
look like for them. Is their student going
to be leaving the home, commuting from home? What are some of those
things that they might need to renegotiate um
as expectations and their relationships are
um changing a bit? Um and then just embrace that
the change is happening. Um and finds ways to
really celebrate that with their student. Glad you mentioned that
because we talk about it all the time with the transition, but I don’t want
to gloss over it. It’s a big transition, right? It’s huge, yeah. And so what is that
like for the parents? You’ve interacted with so many, and so what are some of
the things they say about going through
a transition like this? How they feel? What, what are
they going through? Yeah. Well it probably depends
on their family members. Some of them are probably
literally planning their celebratory vacation because this is
the last student leaving home. Others of them are, you know, dropping their students off
and they’re tear-filled and ah trying to figure out how they’re kind of
going to cope with this. Um so I think it really brings
on a range of emotions and to know that
all of that is okay will probably shift throughout
the time that the family member is also
making the transition. I think sometimes we think
about just the student um and what they’re
transition is like. But it really is a huge
transition for the entire family unit, and so how do
they just be open and honest with each other and really
have some good communication about the impact of that. But also celebrate that
this is a huge milestone for their student and a step
into adulthood for them as they’re really
growing into this. Um so I say just really
embrace change and allow yourself to be excited,
um but also embrace whenever you might feel
a little bit of sadness. Well thank you Jessica
and it’s awesome that you’re here for
parents and families. And so I’m glad to
you here on the program. We’re going to
take a short break. We’re going to be back with Jessica Fitzgerald
and Dave Kloiber, but first we’ve got
a little video we’re going to show you. It’s called Becoming a Bull, starring Jess, you may have
seen on an early episode on Housing LIVE!
all about families. So, we’re going to roll that. More USF Housing LIVE!
coming your way after this. [Music] Hi, my name’s Jess. My pronouns are “they” “them”. And I’m a first-year student studying environmental biology. My relationship with
my family throughout high school was very up and down. It’s really interesting
because I thought I would, wouldn’t really miss them,
and I thought I wouldn’t want to go home that often. It’s, it, it’s weird how
much the dynamic changed. We, we went from not really
enjoying hangout with each other to oh, I can’t wait
to see you next weekend, or I want to come visit you. And it’s just, it’s really
changed for the better. And it’s interesting;
saying good-bye to them, I was completely fine. However, they were,
they were disheveled. They were, tears were coming down. I have experienced home-sickness, which is, which is
a weird feeling for me because I didn’t think I would. But I miss the little
things like sitting on the couch watching TV with them, or
like listening to my dad sing; and it’s like the little
things like that I miss. And you don’t realize you
miss those things until you don’t have
them around you. I guess I cope with
the home-sickness by, I really have created
a home here at USF. Giving your child or
whoever they may be space; like understanding that this is
a whole new journey to them. They’re finally free from
whatever they had at home. My advice would just
be to go with the flow. Things just really
fell into place. And I wish I wouldn’t
have wasted so much time
over-thinking things. Go Bulls. [Music] Alright, welcome,
welcome back everyone. I’m Gregory Bowers. You’re someone else, and
this is USF Housing LIVE!. We’re answering your
questions live in real time, and so if you got a question, go ahead, type it in the
comments wherever you’re watching, and we’ll answer you
right here live on the air. So now we’re going to be
speaking for a moment with Dave Kloiber, who’s been on the show for
all four seasons. Dave, welcome back. Thank you Greg,
it’s great to be back. I’m so happy to have you here. You’re the Assistant Director
for assignments. Tell us what does that mean. So ah my responsibility is
to make sure our students can apply for housing,
can be assigned housing. Ah if anything’s missing for
their assignment process, we’ll ah help notify them
about what’s missing and try to help them
get their assignment taken care as soon as possible. And so, we’re going
to be talking about the housing application. I imagine there are some
housing application steps. What are they? Well we have… ah the four basic steps are
ah completing an application online through
the housing portal. Paying $50 application fee
on the Oasis payment portal. Ah submitting your
immunizations ah for approval with
student health services, and also registering
for orientation. And so what I want to
let people know about is, if you want to know
where to find the housing application steps; I know you’re going
to hear it here from Dave. We’re going to talk a little
bit more about in a moment. Remember, go to, click housing application, application process, and follow the prompts for all
the information you need. And now we’re going to
talk about room selection. Today is the big day,
isn’t it Dave? Yes, it is. Step number five started
today for all of our new students here at USF. And so what does
that mean exactly, room selection? So ah we’ll have our
students to actually log into our system, see what’s
available at that time for the fall term, and actually
select the room that they’re looking for. And so is this
for summer or fall? This is for fall. Summer will begin next week
on Wednesday, the 21st. Okay. So we’ll, we’ll stick
with fall for just a minute, because I know a lot of
students are out there going through this process now. And so it’s opened up today. Can everyone just log right
in and choose a room now if they want to?
Ah no, they’re not able to. Ah we do have to control
how many people can log in, so it doesn’t crash the system. Um if we had a thousand
people log in all at once, we might have some issues. But ah we release
about 50 people can go in and select
every half hour. And so ah,
so today we’ve done, we’ve opened it up
to about 600 people. Alright. And so how long is
room selection open? Room selection will be open
for the fall until June 29th. So they have all that
time to select a room. Yes. And so do you recommend
people just wait to the last day and see what’s
available or what? It all depends on how ah, how selective you want
to be with the room. Ah the ah rooms
that may be more, more popular will go first. And so if you’re one of
the people who wants that, that room that
everybody else wants, you want to get in there and
complete all your steps and actually go in and select
your room as soon as you can. This is my opportunity
to shamelessly plug the Pinnacle Hall Super Singles. And so Pinnacle Hall
Super Singles everyone, it’s like a double-size room
like other villages room, but one set of furniture. So if you like lots of
space for calisthenics and yoga or whatever
else you know, activity space in
Pinnacle Hall Super Singles. Yeah, I think about half
the beds are already gone. Right; oh really? Yeah. So it’s filling fast. It is. A lot faster than
I thought it would. Alright. So folks, if, I guess you
just want to get your steps done like right now. Why are you watching us? Just get in there and
get your steps done. You can do both.
And so… that’s true. What am I saying? Oh, I’m just losing my mind. Dave, Dave, thank you
for being here. Now tell me a little bit; we got room selection for
summer happening. Where are folks going to
find that information for summer room selection? I would go right to the
page you already mentioned, which is Go to the ah application
and then steps to apply and room selection, and you’ll
see all the dates for when ah summer selection ends, depending on what term you’re
applying for. Alright. I get this question
a lot in the group, and that is I’m going
to start in summer, so do I just do my summer
application and it covers me for the year or do I do
separate applications? Walk us through
how that works. There are two
separate applications. Ah not everybody who lives
here for summer is going to live here for
fall and vice versa. And so we do have two
separate applications, and that’s why we also
have separate start times. And so ah what steps need to be
repeated for both of those? Um the ah application and
$50 fee are separate for each ah application period
that you’re applying for. But the immunizations and
registration for orientation would cover both. Alright. Now let’s switch gears
here a little bit. Let’s say someone’s done
room selection for fall. They get their room and
they change their mind. Are there any
options available? Well is just so happens that
we also opened up our room change process for the fall for
this year ah today as well. And so ah if at any time between
now and the 29th of June, you decided that’s
not the room I want, or ooh I met someone
in the Facebook group, so I want to live with, and
so ah I want to live with them now, but I don’t
have a spot in my room, they don’t have
a spot in their room. Let’s find a room together. You have that opportunity
until June 29th. Cool, and so ah is there a limit
to how often they can do that? They can do it as
many times as they want, but they have to be
remembering that maybe that option that
they want isn’t always going to be available. Alright and so, do they
just log into room selection and do it again? They don’t log into
the room selection link. They’ll go to
the housing portal, go to housing forms, and
select the room change link. Okay, so it’s similar but they go to a different
link to do that. Yes. Okay. So you heard it
here first everyone. Go to, choose housing
portal and then in there there’s a housing
form they go to, and that’s to make a change. Not the housing the
application room selection. And we have a note at the
bottom of the room selection area that says this is
not for room changes. Alright, cool. Now, I got to ask you
about roommate groups. This is new this year. So describe roommate groups. Roommate groups is a new
more ah visible way for students to ah find a group
of people they want to live with and confirm that yes,
I want to live with them. And so ah one person would
act as the leader of the group; go in and say I want
to live with this person, this person, this person. The system will send those
people an email to the USF email account, and they
can then log in and decide whether or not to accept
the invitation to be part of that
room group or not. Ah if they accept it, an email
will go out to the leader and all the people who are
already members of the group. And if they decline it, an
email will also go out to make sure
everybody is aware. And so let’s say some
members of the roommate group have done their
application steps and some have not, can someone
go ahead and add in their preferred roommates to
hold the space for when they’re eligible?
They would not be able to. Um because the
application’s not complete, they wouldn’t be able to
select a room for them or hold a space for them. Okay. So that’s good to know. So you want to make sure
your roommates are ready, and they’ve got
to be eligible, they got to
complete their steps. Ah Dave, do you have any
final tips that you want to share with our incoming
students to get them ready to get their
housing on campus? Ah, the, the big thing is
ah if you’re very particular about where you
want to live, you want to get everything
done as early as possible. Make sure you’ve
done your research. If you haven’t
done a tour yet, we do tours every Monday
through Friday at 12:45 from our office. And so if you’re up here
in Tampa for Spring Break, hey, come over here and
ah enjoy a tour with a, with our
wonderful staff here, and bring your family and
friends so that they can see what we have to offer, and
so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Awesome. So I appreciate
you sharing that. And so you folks heard
it right here on the show. Come, see it in person. Check it out.
Take a tour. So you get to kick the
tires in the residence hall and check it out. Ah we have so many
options for everyone. Many different
places on campus, you can be at many different
price points available, so you can find what
works best for you. And so I want to thank
Dave Kloiber and Jessica Fitzgerald for
joining us tonight. Thank you both. You’re welcome. And so ah I want to let
everyone know we are just about out of time. But USF Housing LIVE!
does come to you right here at, in the USF class of
2022 Facebook group. Today on the Squirrel’s page, I don’t know, we’ll talk to
the Squirrels and see if our supreme leaders
will let us back in. We do appreciate it. This is produced by USF Housing
& Residential Education at the University
of South Florida in Tampa. Our motto is
Best place to live, best place to work,
best place to learn. We’ll be coming
to you next week, March 21st at
7:00 pm Eastern time. The theme for that episode
is going to be Living and Learning in Cyprus and we’ll
be answering your questions in real time just
like every show. But there is
just one last thing. Go Bulls. Good night everyone.

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