Vegan vs. Meat Eater – Steven Rinella

Vegan vs. Meat Eater – Steven Rinella

Steven, don’t you think these animals that are killed want to love as much as you or I do in fact isn’t this just a rationalization for murdering inncocent creatures to shoot innocent animals animals that have beating hearts that run from you simply because they want to live they’re not armed with copper bullets or lead bullets I think you’re not really asking a question, you’re making a point, but I’m going to answer it like a question. I would say that if you if you look at
the grand spectrum of of species on this planet and you treat humans like a species
you know we’re one you’ll you’ll not find many that don’t pray on other kinds. People say
generally behaviorally anatomically modern humans
have been around three seventy five thousand years. On this continent alone, people hunted for fifteen thousand years not withstanding the last couple hundred
years So to not hunt is in some way, historically off the mark, it’s a new- to not hunt is a
a fairly new experiment in human sense. To ask a wolf not to hunt anymore is an impossible question, you know so if someone comes to me and says that they don’t want human hunting that we don’t wanna hunt, I
kinda like- coming from what perspective? The life is sacred Yeah, I know the life is sacred but i think that what I get, what I admire is not- I admire the deer, but I admire the idea of the deer more than
the individual deer, and I can assure you that I know more about deer than you ever will and I’ve learned that through hunting for them and
I probably care about them in a way that’s deeper than something you’re gonna
experience from having a removed perspective on it. But I really- beyond that I can’t really say
that much because like all predatory animals with canine
teeth we eat meat. And if you’re going to eat it if you’re going to agree that some
people can eat it and do eat it I don’t think you can fairly point them
out of a hundred and say that he’s the vicious one because he chose to go out and harvest it
himself and that the other people who just have an other perspective on it or let it go on
outside of their view are A-OK I just think it’s ridiculous but like I said, I don’t really think you’re
really asking the question, I understand what you’re saying and No I want to ask you, I want to thank you if you’ll read my pamphlet on veganism, I’ll read your book. Really? How long is your pamphlet? It’ll take you much less time than a book. It’s a deal man, I’ll read it tonight, I promise Honestly I respect where you’re coming from because I have always had admiration for like the cohesiveness and clarity of veganism. It doesn’t strike me as being um… unusual. It doesn’t strike me as being anything other than perspective. It’s- I would rather hang out, I would rather
have you over for dinner than someone who is feeding their pet you know little chunks of meat they buy at the store and then acting like I’m some kind of vicious animal for killing a deer so.

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  1. See now that's a fucking conversation so tired of idiots arguing and screaming at each other. Have 2 very different people express their 2 very different opinions and nobody raised their voice and looked like they could have even been friends after. Great video, wish there were more vids/people like this!

  2. I eat meat myself but the argument presented here is weak. Just because it’s been done for thousands of years doesn’t mean it’s the best way. Rape was also natural back in the wild days but today we are civilized and have agreed not to do it as a society and those who don’t respect those rules get punished. With our growing human population meat is not an efficient way to feed everyone. It takes too many resources. The amazon fires recently occurred due to increasing demand for meat and making the amazon into grasslands. It’s time we shift away from consuming so much meat.

  3. I would say that hunting is sacred. Just like the native Americans who would move with the bison, and only killed what they needed, and they used every part of the animal as to not waste. They co-existed with the bison, and kept their numbers down so they didn't overpopulate, but also let most of them live peacefully. For alot of native Americans, the bison was sacred, and killing it, and using it's flesh and hide was something that was necessary. Maybe now mass farming of animals in tight cages with thousands of other animals all right next to each other is a bad thing, but plain a simple open field farms, and hunting, or eating meat isn't the problem.

  4. Steve, why are people pursuing the regression of humanity? There are no ethics on food. We are omnivores which means we are meant to eat both meat and plants. There is nothing more respectable than acquiring meat on our own, that's how it was meant to be. We are hunters and gatherers by nature. Thanks to your wonderful explanation, I can now formulate the point I feel best about when confronted with explaining the ethics of why I do what I do. Thank you Steven 👍

  5. Damn Steven that’s how you get it done . Respect on both sides for being able to have civil conversation over opposing views.

  6. Who wouldve ever thought two rational adults with conflicting viewpoints could have a calm discussion about something……………..

  7. Wow first time I hear a vegan that asked the question and sate there and listened with out trying to yeah down the the meat eater nice on both sides 👍🏻👍🏻

  8. Rinella is correct that it's more ethical to kill animals yourself than factory farming them..however following the same logic vegans are more ethical than hunters accordingly.

  9. "How can I justify killing animals for food?"
    I think treating humans as any other species actually undermines this point. If we're a species like any other, we have no moral obligations to have consideration for any other species on the planet. We kill more efficiently and far more humanely than any other predatory animal. Since we're intelligent in a way no other animal is, the least we would be obligated to do, for the sake of our survival, is ensure the conservation of edible animals so as to not hunt them into extinction.

    I don't take this view (I take a theistic/Aristotelian view, which is equally supportive of this idea), but I always find it interesting that people who reject the theistic view think the former provides better support for vegetarian morality (veganism, on the other hand, is a bizarre religion I don't understand in the least — I can respect the decision of a vegetarian [depending on the justification], but I frankly don't get veganism).

  10. Refreshing to hear two different ideals respect each other equally. I’m vegan, but I don’t hate meat eaters. Yeah I hate that animals are killed and tortured mainly for pleasure, but I do respect hunters out there that are respectful towards the animals they hunt.

  11. That was a brilliantly respectful answer! I value the ideals of vegans, but would never be foolish enough to consider it in my life because I too have a pet and I would never take away from their natural need to eat meat.

  12. Animals like deer that are commonly prayed on don’t understand life or death, existing and not existing are obscure concepts that require self awareness to construct and manifest in the mind. Deer have an instinct to run when something chases them, it’s not something they learn, they aren’t born without fear, it’s an inherent neural pathway and it’s simply turning stimuli into an action, there is no decision or thought taking place. How do we know this? Deer everywhere exhibit the same behavior, even deer raised in captivity from birth. They do not learn in a meaningful way that eventually develops into awareness. They simply are, unemotional and unthinking. Not all animals are like this but many are and I think it’s an important distinction to be made. Killing a fish that all scientific evidence suggests can’t feel pain is not the same as killing a fox that exhibits play and other advanced social behaviors.

  13. This guy is an idiot. What? That tired old argument. Our ancestors did it, so we should continue to. My ancestors never used computers…Should we all stop then. How would we ever move forward with that logic. Veganism is the future and I don't give a shit if that offends you..

  14. I dont agree with what people did with the Bison in North America – that kind of hunting is very wrong. But when it comes to ONE family getting to kill ONE animal to give themselves food – that is fine.
    Don't cry that the poor little animal is killed quickly and effectively by man when most other animals will literally start eating them while they're alive. Check out the subreddits Natureismetal and Natureisbrutal and you'll see how horrible some animals die in the wild. Also man is a part of nature – we have been hunting since we learned to walk on this planet.
    Trophy hunting is wrong – Hunting for food is right.
    Go eat some grass if you disagree. It's fine. But stop treating hunters like they are just inhumane monsters slaughtering animals for fun. The ones that do that shouldn't be aloud to hunt to begin with and that's what Game Wardens/Conservation officers are for.

  15. here is the thing , you dont have to defend yourself for eating meat to a vegan. A vegan is a vegan because they either choose to believe in a moral code that says eating meat is bad or they personally experience a health benefit that will not apply to everyone . being vegan is no different than believing in a religion.

  16. Odd to me, that the few ways wild animals die, i.e. starvation, eaten alive, frozen in winter (we're covering the majority already), that it's considered a bad thing to kill and eat a deer that was dispatched humanely. Male bears will tear a cub to shreds just to bring the sow back in heat, elk are ripped apart by wolves while watching, old lions are killed by the younger over the course of a few days at times, the list of shitty ways out is endless in the wild. Nature is without a doubt, the coldest most unforgiving thing you can imagine, but a hunter puts a projectile through the heart/lungs of a animal that dies usually in seconds is an asshole. Honestly if you were a game animal and had to pick from the above which would you take, in bed surrounded by loved ones at a ripe old age will never happen out there.

  17. He handled that about as well as any man could. People have no idea how much most hunters love and study the animals that they hunt. I’ve been hunting all my life and every single time I take an animal I say s little prayer and thank god for for the opportunity and then I thank the animal for it’s sacrifice to feed my family. To me that makes the difference between a woodsman and a guy who hunts.

  18. people have killed animals forever so im gonna continue to kill animals even though i dont have to and also humans have owned slaves forever so im gonna own a slave even though i dont have to

  19. I’d hate to be on that hot seat . I hope he got home and cooked him some back strip deer meat with some liver and heart 👌🏻

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