Vinegar Valentines: Delivered with Hate

Vinegar Valentines: Delivered with Hate

Trolls… Not this sort But this sort … are the scourge of the internet But trolls are nothing new. More than 150 years ago Victorian ‘trolls’ mailed off anonymous insulting valentines cards to people they did not like These so called Vinegar Valentines were illustrated with exaggerated grotesque artwork and snarky poetry Here’s one…. sent to someone whose crime was being ugly So completely all charm does your countenance lack That a glimpse of your face would a looking-glass crack You’ve the mouth of a toad, and the head of an ape The ears of a calf, and a nondescript shape You’re so horribly ugly you frighten the crows So what chance is there for you to capture the beaus They are also described as poison valentines In Britain, they were known as mock or comic valentines It appears they originated in the United States around 1840 You purchased them from lower class stationers’ shops The card mocked some characteristic of the recipient You could send them to gluttons drinkers, braggarts, windbags, spinsters, cowards fat people, thin people , vain people, they were all fair game A nasty comment can be posted online in seconds but the Victorian greeting card troll had to go out and purchase a card buy the stamp and mail it to their victim That’s quite the effort for an insult Thankfully, these insulting valentines are a thing of the past Go long tongue go, most hateful woman, Thou detestable, friend of no man, Such ugly mugs I’m sure as thine, Will never gain a Valentine

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  1. Dude don’t get butt hurt over some dumb Victorian vinegar cards. No wonder this generation is a generation of snowflakes. Your words frighten me, welcome to life it’s not easy.

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