VLOG 직장인 브이로그 I 대기업 다니면서 자기관리 하기 (교보문고, 헬스장, 경제 강연, 공모전, 먹방, 데이트) | ENG/JPN SUB

Today is my day off. But I don’t want to rest. I used my annual leave to prepare for the competition I wanted to participate in. In this video, as I told you in the last video, While I was working for the company, I realized how to plan my life well. I will film with a focus on how to live my life as productive as possible. Of course, it’s not much different from my existing vlog. It’s not much different from the previous video, but this video focuses on how I manage myself. I don’t know if I can achieve my goal. However, this is my goal for now! If you watch the video until the end, you’ll see if you’ve succeeded. This is my boyfriend, monggeul (Korean Tteokbokki) I came here to eat tteokbokki after a long time. (Happy to see tteokbokki after a long time) I missed tteokbokki so much. As expected, the taste was still really good. I can’t eat spicy food well, so this tteokbokki feels spicy. But in middle school, tteokbokki made me happy. monggeul :What did you do this morning? I worked hard to decorate it. I was late to choose a pretty dress. The price of tteokbokki has become expensive, but I forgave it because it’s delicious. Walk slowly. From here until tomorrow, I will put English subtitles again. Hold on a minute, please! Your hair has grow n a lot. It’s so cute. I’m only being friendly with my voice in case I get bitten by a puppy. Finally, we took his two puppies for a walk. Let’s go for another walk next time. We’re the only ones here right now. It was a good time to take care of yourself at the cafe. I’m looking at your name. I’ve been in the cafe for six hours. We’re going to move on This is the most impressive place I ate at the company dinner. This is a snack you give before the food is served. I ordered beer with you. It’s handmade beer. It smells so good. Fusion food. It’s been a while since I wore a padded jacket and it’s so warm. It is famous for pasta. There are people who order two. I’m working hard on it. Hello, I came to pilates again today. Actually, I couldn’t exercise much because I worked late. I’m very busy at work these days. Pilates said there were no people in the whole time. So this time, I attend the class by myself. I changed into sportswear. I don’t bring sportswear. Because there are so many people I know. I couldn’t film it, but I worked really hard.
Can you see the sweat? Chicken breast kimchi fried rice after exercise I am eating a lot of food because it is delicious these days It’s delicious. Today, I came to the real estate lecture after work. I see my boyfriend. I’ve been waiting. We are here to eat spicy cold noodles. It was quiet and nice because there was no song in the restaurant. Boyfriend likes to play tricks. I’m full. We leave for the lecture hall after finishing our meal. It’s quiet. I’m going to tear up the cookies in advance. Somehow, all the colors are brown. We’re about to begin. But I didn’t bring a pen… I’ve heard a lot of useful stories. There were a lot of difficult stories How was the lecture? The know-how was great and it was a good time. But I think real estate should have some capital. So it was good to know the concept of real estate before raising capital. I will talk with you at the cafe and go home. I arrived home. It’s past twelve o’ My eyes hurt a lot because of the lens. But I was so curious about the items that I shopped so I didn’t take off my contact lenses. It’s a hair dryer. The price is too high. I got a discount from the company. His name is Dyson Super Sonic. I think you know enough about the price. I’m gonna use it tomorrow. I wonder how good it is. I am more curious because the price is too high. I’m going to tell you guys a lot. I’ll show you the spent plane. Please check the subtitles. I’m going to take off my contact lenses and go to bed. Today is the day when the company finishes early. early in the day I’m going to the bookstore with my boyfriend. I’ll go home and film the video again. My boyfriend is addicted to Instagram these days. Actually, I’m addicted. Subway’s really good. We came to the PC room to search after eating. I’m organizing my travel plans. Boracay
It is a trip. I came to a cafe. The chocolate cake is so delicious This is our favorite cake. It’s so delicious. It’s the weekend. I was really hungry. It’s a meal that I sometimes think of on weekends. I’ve been enjoying the video lately.
I don’t get much sleep. So I have more time to edit. I’m at the bookstore. I tried to make English subtitles in the editing video. I came to the PC room to fix something. I have a hamburger for dinner
Look at my hair now. You want me to hold you? I’m tying my hair. look like a sea turtle
All of a sudden? to be sick It’s too painful. We ate hamburgers while watching the drama. Everyone, thank you for watching the video so far. I’m going to do Vlogs from now on, I’ll be back with a variety of videos. Once again, thank you very much.
I wish you all the best.

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