Wayne Dyer – Let Life Unfold Itself to You

Wayne Dyer – Let Life Unfold Itself to You

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  1. When God Creates something he
    Also keeps it in existence, If he did not, it return to nothing
    God is absolutely free. He need not have created anything
    God has no need if anything
    Outside of himself
    God created in order to manifest
    himself want to share his goodness with the beings he
    Now, Angels are spiritual being
    Created by God, God created
    You I heard your done Oh,yes
    You are Completely done
    We depend absolutely upon
    God's sustaining hand our
    existence and Activity
    Although of a lower nature
    Than angels
    God All the inclinations of your
    we're under the perfect control
    of the soul
    All the power of the soul were
    Oriented to God….
    To be cont.

  2. Love Wayne Dyer, such an inspiration.
    I have taught part of this to many women, who have excelled and also figured out the truth about their mind and body. There is a high correlation to stress that plays a major impact. Reduce the stress, gain more energy, achieve the dream body. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more.


  4. I asked for guidance and once again you appear with a message that hits me to the core…we are blessed to still have your teachings and wisdom. Thank you ❤️

  5. Just enjoy nature and get off your phone. You’d be surprised how much you learn to love your planet and see the good in every situation ❤️

  6. A good Person always left this planet 🌎 to early.I am learning so much in this recovery😊😢 in my present lifetime.

  7. wow just wow… I've been listening to this beautiful soul for the past couple months and not once did i do research up until now i read he passed away but left so much knowledge for healing from within he truly died but was able to die without his music in him he sang by giving us beautiful motivational words

  8. The truth of Wayne Dyer's words still remind and change me ever since I happened to read 'Real Magic' over 20 yrs ago after being diagnosed with MS. My teacher appeared because I was ready, just as promised. His wisdom is a gift to us all. Thank you Dr. Dyer.

  9. It's mentioned in the Qur'an..by the passage of time men indeed is in state loss…except those who believe in oneness of a creator, those who are truthful and have patience..

  10. Thank you very much. Very inspiring. May Universe and all its contents are happy. Rahayu sareng sami.

  11. To Wayne Dyer’s family: THANK YOU for sharing him with us. For offering us his work to listen to. He is love & so are you for sharing him. God bless you & Namaste🙏🏼☮️💜🕉

  12. I love you Wayne. I asked God a question and you just answered it clearly. I have internal understanding that the Bible speaks to me. I asked God to be greater than Jesus at a younger age. I was lead in that time you speak of, and there is a time for EVERYTHING and I am experiencing this right now. I see so much happening now that I just let it be that time. Or stand still and know I am God is what I call it. I see that my chemical body is in control and my conscious and subconscious mind are always reflecting my thoughts. I had to learn that my old program wasn't FOR ME because it was of the world. But God wants us to be one with him in spirit. Spirit is Law so if I am one with law, EGO has no will. Law helped me execute the world's program in me in PERFECT will. So, why wouldn't it do it for me if I return back to my internal nature, which I understand as you through the mother's womb. If we understand NOTHING external can sustain us, you FIND, AND SPEND EVERY MOMENT honoring God/law. God made us ALL law. Just as the external law uses us. Our internal law was placed in us so external law couldn't erase God's blue print. Stop honoring the world, and honor that internal law God established in our mother's womb. Our ONLY truth is to STOP honoring external law because God created us internal/eternal law. Which means stop the external teachings, preachings, and beliefs, and God's blue print will AUTOMATICALLY lead you. Three years doing this. NO MORE DEPRESSION, NO MORE CHRONIC PAIN, TRUTH SPEAKS TO ME IN EVERYTHING, and I know things that the world NEVER thought I was worthy enough to know about my internal nature. God and the spirit of wisdom did. And the word became flesh. WE ARE LAW. this means honor truth because she will set you free from the external program that helps us FORGET about God's DIVINE will over each one of ITS children. God or DOW wanted me to honor WISDOM, and wisdom taught me everything about DOW OR GOD. We are spirit and God spoke life & a blue print into us. This is why we have DNA, but because we have a chemical body we MUST honor law or we become a PROGRAM. Our worldly program DOESN'T teach us about the nature that created us so RIGHT now in our evolution we ALLOW beliefs to lead INSTEAD OF LAW. Law created us to stand still and KNOW we are God ITSELF. but the WORLD teaches us to SEEK GOD. If your LAW already, THEN YOU CHASE GOD AWAY. So, this is WHY the law of attraction DOESN'T work for many. Your trying to USE THE WORLDS LAWS but your ALREADY GOD'S LIVING WALKING TALKING BEAUTIFUL AMAZING BODY. Thank you God gave me more UNDERSTANDING through this message that I already KNEW this but to hear your perception just confirmed God's. Thank you!

  13. This is so beautiful but so confusing, so we let things be, we let go, we accept, we surrender, and how does the "manifesting", intending, creating your own reality come into play?

  14. I discovered Wayne about 10 years ago and I remember being so happy and wondering why I hadn’t learned about him sooner

  15. I’m definitely on the return trip back to spirit and loving it the best thing ever living from spirit awareness than ego anything I don’t want to do anymore I don’t

  16. I like where Wayne says that any country that puts its resources into building weapons is not of the Tao. (Which country could that be?)

  17. Only if you are aligned with God, in your belief system… If you see yourself outside of your perception of God's love, i.e. sin, then you hide rather than involve, God! —- Involve God in ALL aspects of your life! Allow God to see even the dark areas, He will bring the light! And it will be okay, even enlightening to just observe how masterful God is in his blessings… Just be one hundred percent open, He knows everything anyways… Do not block!

  18. there is a time for everything……you are being done…….there is time for not to work out……there is a time for exhaustion…..there's a time for peace……there is a time for all of it….
    it is not your doing…….
    allowing, letting go….do'nt interfere…..
    step back…..it frees, you do'nt have anything to do

  19. Now my condition with my pleasant don't create badly yourself do it negatively .I am very happy in the marriage occation how can do work in properly in sounds my brain how to work in perfectly.upto 26 three marriages waiting it self your work in do it perfectly if no truth. I never give choice to you .stop myself to write books in English in every stage I can do in matter child hood behaviour, child stage 6-12 years 13 -19 years 19-25 years so and on so many stages I will give more informations if you don't want I write in my books 12 books prepared myself one year do in regularly it will shine in every stages .

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  21. I carry no phone while walking, I've noticed a lot of people looking downward…at phones
    I look to the skies.
    Thank you, Dr. Dyer for the confirmation

  22. Where is my life?!
    Why I have been born!? When I can't succeed and make my life better!
    Do I have to stay like that all my life, is any experts here can help me!
    To calculate with algorithms, if is worth it I to push hard and try to get better in my miserable life!

  23. Habits of the Wealthy= Using a great mans speech to get views on your channel. Snakes in the grass folks..😁

  24. I didn't Wayne Dyer had passed away. I've listened to him for years! Thank you for everything Dr. Dyer. RIP

  25. Can it be destroyed? Can we destroy creation and free souls that are enslaved in life. Maybe its best we never allow creation to be or to unfold. I say tear it down. Kill everyone. Kill everything. Creation is a sadistic act of evil perpetrated on us by a sick fuck psychotic demon.

  26. Love Wayne but his talk about creating weapons as a country is way off base. He's trying to combine two concepts into one simple answer. That's like saying no need to fund a police force. The only way that concept will ever be true is if we are guaranteed other countries will never produce weapons. Not sure how he got so confused here. Other than that great audio. Reading his book "Manifest Your Destiny" now!!

  27. Here's a good quote: "The wealth of Dyer's (and for that matter, all spiritual masters) wisdom already exists within you. Silence is the only way to find it. If this seems difficult, even impossible, remember that no truly worthy pursuit is easy." – Nigel Andromeda, from "An island in Time", 1973.

  28. You have returned to your home and are making miracles every second of everyday in this intergalactic planetary system ♾😇🌟🌌🙏
    Enjoy your next journey old friend ❤️

  29. He would have been so delighted to see Marianne running for President, even as I suppose, like me, he understood the complications of working with a plutocracy.

  30. Force/counterforce -Grow FOOD, not War toys!
    He was BRILLIANT
    What a true gift 🎁 he was
    Thank you Sir Wayne 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏼‍♂️Rest in Paradise

  31. Phoenix police dept. Just programmed something and this technology says blah…did you just program that…its so smart..and thinks for itself it recognized the download….
    Kenny Vawter

  32. Those with thalidomide deformities might argue that other people did get into the womb and did harm them. If perfection means you don't have to do anything, you would not eat. You certainly wouldn't do a Ted talk.

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