WESTERN Movie: Burt Lancaster in VENGEANCE VALLEY [English] [Full Western Movie] [Free Classic Film]

WESTERN Movie: Burt Lancaster in VENGEANCE VALLEY [English] [Full Western Movie] [Free Classic Film]

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  1. Ooo amigão, isso aqui é Brasil postem filmes dublados ou legendados em português, eu acho uma falta de respeito com nosso povo, nem todos nós temos condições e obrigação de entender o Idioma inglês, parem com isso, um filme bonito desse e não se entende nada x nada.!!!

  2. It's the only movie with Burt Lancaster in it that was disappointing to watch. Generally bad acting all around and a very dreary story line.

  3. O Ator Burt Lancaster (IM) é Sucesso de Bilheteria,Excelente Western .
    Super Postagem Galera do Canal Grjngo – Western Movies .

  4. Yeah "The GOOD Ole Days", when Men were Men & Women were Women😂. I hate Tech: I wanted to live on a Farm riding Horses all day;. Its a Good Respectful Hard Work, & Clean Living👍. Minus the Bandits, Greedy Neighbors & 😈govt Land grabbers😝

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  7. Burt and Robert Walker really click together. The good, the bad with the ranch and a woman at stake. Great scenery, filmed in Coal Creek, Colorado.


  9. Huge Burt Lancaster fan but I never heard of this movie, 'Come Back Little Sheba' and 'Atlantic City' two favorite Lancaster movies.

  10. Hard to believe this movie is almost 70 years old I watched it as a kid great Western and Burt Lancaster was always great.

  11. To think that as I was watching the girl and the baby in bed at the start i couldnt help thinking of the number if little babies like that who were killed, slaughtered in some abortoir in the world in those few minutes!

  12. Nice classic Western is a change from spaghetti Western, more realistic especially with Burt Lancaster at the helm.

  13. GREAT MOVIE! But, In Real Life the Father would have Turned on Owen. No matter how Nasty, Dishonest, Cheat, and a Liar his NO GOOD Son was.

  14. Robert Walker was a good husband and father… he just got treated badly by his wife Jennifer Jones.

  15. This is how I'm Erika became great during that time till the 1950s after that up and down mostly downhill until Trump now things are getting great again thank you Trump Mega country!

  16. Wonderful western movie. Burt Lancaster was one of the best movie actors of all time. I love westerns so much I started to read them, along with my mysteries.

  17. I love these old westerns great movies I wish they made more, the last great western was Silverado I love that movie….

  18. The only thing worth watching these days. No nudity, no cursing, you can actually sit back and enjoy these type movies with your kids.

  19. Hugely enjoyed this movie, great Western, thank you Grjingo. @hard yakka, etc. Actually the production values in this movie weren't that bad. Regarding the one shot kills: The first rail between Texas and Montana was circa 1870 and by then rifled barrels were very common. The shot into Hub Fasken (Ireland) was likely made with a Winchester '73 after cowboy pulled up his horse, not that spectacular. The 'six gun' deflection shot into running Dick Fasken (O'Brian) on the other hand was, and would have required high expertise and maybe some luck, well… by anyone other than Daybright played by Lancaster of course, an actual Scorpio having certain talents. As a kid I witnessed a man rifle shoot a running rabbit at sixty plus yards, took the top of the rabbit's head off clean, this wasn't luck. For a certain breed of men… yeah, one shot kills are the only way.

  20. Thanks for the movie. It teaches a great truth. As parents we want to make something of our kids that they are not. Thanks.

  21. AT 43:22 Ridiculous, no horse could leave a shoe print that perfect, the front of the shoe must leave the print disturbed or distorted. That was done by some one putting a shoe down and taking it straight up. These movies always make people who don't know anything look like they really know something.

  22. Burt Lancaster never fails as an actor and his name on a cast list guarantees at least one great performance.

  23. Great western. Very authentic, costumes nice, ranch settings nice, beautiful scenery, good story. Thanks for sharing.

  24. GREAT WESTERN with Burt Lancaster. A realistic style with adult themes and alot of narration explaining how cattle droving is done. The mountain landscapes , cattle and horse riding scenes are spectacular. You really see how the cowboys worked. The acting is damn good too with a minimum of studio cheese…..

  25. The last time I watched a movie with Burt Lancaster as the starring role was during my elementary days(c1960's) I am so excited seing Burt again. Thank for this great movie. Well preserved i.e. sound and video. Thanks for the upload. Appreciate it!

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