What Happened to the Computer Section in Bookstores?

What Happened to the Computer Section in Bookstores?

Hey! This is the Daily Overpass! My name
is Eric and I make apps! Now today, let’s talk about what the h*ll happened to the
Computer book section at all the bookstores. Okay, so I’m coming to you from the
Kennebec Bridge in Skowhegan, Maine. The weather here is beautiful today, although
a little bit cold. The scenery is absolutely amazing. And tomorrow I fly back
to England. So, this is the last full day here in Maine. It’s been – it’s been a
really good time. But today, I want to talk a little bit about bookstores. Because one of the things – every time I come back to the States, one of
the things I like to do especially when I come back by myself, without the kids,
is I like to go to like all the big book stores.
I like the big book chains like Barnes & Noble, there’s one called Books-A-Million,
that kind of stuff. When I go with the kids, they never want
to go to the bookstores so, when I go on my own, that’s what I like
to just spend hours in there. But like every time I go to a bookstore, I go to
the two sections. I don’t know if you, guy, are the same. I go to the computer
books and I go to the business books. And one of the things I’ve noticed
over the last several years is how the computer book sections are – they’re just
shrinking. When it comes to like technology books and programming books,
you know, it used to be that every time I want to learn a new
technology you’d go find a book on it. Or you would order one from Amazon
or whatever. Sit down and read it ,but it’s – the pace of technology moves so
fast that it’s no longer feasible to do that. I mean and you know, I started to
think about when was the last time I actually bought like a physical book. I think I remember it was like – it was Head First Design Patterns and I think I
bought that thing back in, I think it was like 2009. I mean, I bought loads of
technology books on like the Kindle and stuff since then. And on tablets and
using like services like packed and everything like that. Tthat’s
something I do regularly in like PDF formats. But even then, by the time
a technology – like a new language say like angular 2 or whatever’s new,
react or pre-act, all this kind of stuff, when that stuff becomes mainstream
enough to be published. A lot of times the information is too late. So, it’s like
not even worth investing in a big book. In fact, if you go into like the computer
book sections now, it’s like all – it’s either meant for old people like
iPads for seniors or it’s like Windows 7, you know, there’s like
Windows 7 for dummies, all for dummies books and stuff like that. Anyway, my question to you today is what was the last computer book you actually bought? Like either, you know, digital and then also
hardback? And how do you think things are changing? Anyway,
that’s it for today! I’ll talk to you, guys, tomorrow!

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  1. I have design patterns too, very good book. I would like to share with you that in Packt web site there is free learning section. Every day they release one [e]book for free. Maybe you will find something there for free. I found two books for android.

  2. Hy Eric! Today I looked at your website. It was simply amazing. I am curious to know which tools and servers you use. I have been following your channel since last 5-6 months and almost every video taught me something fruitful about app market. It would be very kind of you, if you can make a video on demonstration of various tools used in website and your personal experience with different server providers.
    Thanks for videos.

  3. I recently took a look at the computer book section. Ended up buying a book about machine learning. Programming language books are often not so useful with out of date syntax etc, yet are more useful when it comes to design patterns, and theoretical aspects.

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