What I read in October! 📚 Wrap Up of 5✨ reads & 2 VERY disappointing hyped books

What I read in October! 📚 Wrap Up of 5✨ reads & 2 VERY disappointing hyped books

hello beautiful people and welcome to my
October wrap up so in October I read ten books which isn’t my greatest month but
it is a pretty good month because half of them were 5 stars so a pretty
good reading month There were just a couple of books that really took it down 2 of them I read
physically 2 of them I read via e-book and 6 of them I read
audibly Not a surprise – when are things going to change? 2 of them were Young Adult, 8 of them were New Adult/Adult 4 were fantasy,
3 were romance, 1 was historical-fiction which was a reread and he
enjoyed that one and 2 were sci-fi it came to 120 pages per day which
considering I was busy I did a lot of traveling around and I haven’t been
feeling the greatest this month I think it’s okay I think we’ve done okay so
let’s start where I always start which is at the beginning of the month so I go
from the first of October to the end of October
so my first week of October I actually read three romance books
I did an: Experts pick my romance reads “Life up here may be simple but
it’s not easy and it’s not for everybody” the first book that I read was the
simple wild by K.A.Tucker now this was recommended to me by my friend Riley
Marie and it was really really cute so we followed this City girl she
finds out that her estranged father has cancer and she decides to go to the
Alaskan Outback to reconnect with him there she’s actually picked up by what
only she can describe as the Yeti he is her father’s protege someone who he’s
been kind of raising to take over his business at some point in the future and
he does not like her at all he sees her as a spoiled rich city girl the kind of
girl that just thinks there should be a Starbucks on every single corner that
has a very specific order and he decides to toy with her a little bit and so you
see their relationship dynamic there you see the tension between each of them, their ideals and who they are as people but
you also see this growing sexual tension as well
content warnings for parental loss and cancer but
I just thought it was a delightful book and I gave it four stars
I have actually recently found out that that has a sequel can’t remember the name
of it but I definitely want to read that. “All the things that make you
different make you perfect” The next book I read was The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang I gave this book four stars I thought that it was really sweet we
follow a woman called Stella and Stella has Asperger’s and she really struggles
romantically so she’s decided to hire an escort to teach her how to be the
perfect girlfriend this also involves how to be the perfect girlfriend in bed
I really enjoyed this I enjoyed it for its kind of sexual awakening I loved
the fact that she was empowering herself she was deciding for herself that this
is the time that I’m going to figure my shit out and there wasn’t any kind of
slut-shaming in that way. I thought that this was a book of female empowerment.
I felt like this is a book about discovering who you are accepting
yourself for your flaws and also just actually understanding your flaws which
something Stella really needs to do in this Her love interest in this is a
perspective that we also get so the chapters flip from her to him. He is from
an Asian family I believe that they are Vietnamese Stella’s racial identity is
also quite ambiguous however when I was listening to the audiobook the narrator
made Stella’s family have “stereotypical” Asian style accents and “stereotypical” Asian style
conversations and talking about: when are you going to settle down?
when will you find the right man? these ideals that are pressed on people of similar cultures I saw within these books however Helen Hoang has said that the racial identity
of Stella is ambiguous and so when this becomes a movie if it does we could have
Scarlett Johansson playing Stella… This was really charming and I would
definitely recommend it. Four stars. the kiss quotient was actually
recommended to me by Meltotheany so fantastic recommendation there. “I learned a long time ago that you don’t need to reveal everything
inside of you to the people around you they like to judge and I’m happier when
they don’t some things stay hidden” An absolute five-star bloody read on
recommendation from Chandler from Chandler Aynsley Punk 57 this is my
first Uber smutty book and I have discovered a brand new genre of my fav
seriously this was epic I really really enjoyed it so we follow
Ryen and Misha they were pen pals they’ve been pals for seven years
and then one day Misha meets Ryen by accident and he’s
like… I actually don’t like what I see Because she is stunning she is the
most popular girl in another school it blasts away this whole idea he had of
her and Ryen was one of these: ‘I’m not like other girls’ but she on the outside acts like a bully she is mean she is sometimes cruel she uses people for her
own gain but her internal dialogue and who she
has portrayed herself to Misha through all these years of pen pals is someone
completely different and you only need to look at her bedroom to see that she’s
not who she portrays on the outside but it doesn’t matter who you are on the
inside it matters to everybody else what you
portray on the outside because that’s who you are to everybody else and so
this book deals with so many topics in that way there’s a great deal of
slut-shaming there’s a great deal of in general hatred towards a certain type of
female which is something that you should definitely look out for with this
book but the sexual tension between the two main characters was chefs bloody
kiss Wow… I I was flustered you’ve got to watch my vlog to see how bloody pink I
got it was insane I loved it this book is also incredibly quotable…it’s rare
when you come across a piece of text that has so many highlights of all
sections like you are creating word magic and this is a smutty romance book
it’s a wild ride it doesn’t need to be that deep but it really was that deep
and it really hit me in so many places “sharpen your blade harden your heart” the next vlog I did was second chance reads and I both regretted it and
enjoyed it at the same time so the first of those was The Cruel Prince by Holly
black I decided to read this via a different medium this time the first
time I read this I gave it three stars even though it hopes to use my rating
system now back then it probably would have been a two so now on reread I
decided to give this a now rating of three stars and I reread it audibly. In this we follow a girl called Jude she and her sisters were kidnapped from the human
world after her parents were murdered she is then brought up for ten years in
a land of fairy and she wants nothing more than to not be this pathetic weak
human she would actually prefer to be one of the fairies she has to contend
with Cruel Prince, heartache, espionage, and she has to take down the crown there is so much that is going on within this book I am giving it three stars because
I feel as though the plot isn’t tight enough we skip over very important
sections for me that would have helped the plot develop a little bit more
although I did enjoy the world-building a little bit more this time I do think
that that needed strengthening I’ve heard from other people who’ve read
Holly black’s books that even though the world is gorgeous her way of describing
it isn’t very strong it leaves a lot to the imagination which I mean it’s a
fairy world so a lot of us know these dark twisty fairy world’s maybe you
don’t need it but I personally really wanted it and it’s something that I do
think she could work on as an author it has made me more excited to read the
wicked King I have that on the way I have a beautiful subscriber has sent me
the wicked King and I am eager to dive into it to see whether it does get any
better the wicked King is said to be better than this one so we shall see
like I said I enjoyed it more than the last time but it’s still three stars “Anyone can learn to fight hardly anyone learns to think” This is SUCH AN on brand
quote for Gideon the ninth by Tamsin Muir….tututututut. where do I begin okay
so I first tried to read this but I was in the Maldives and I thought that I
wasn’t enjoying this because I was on holiday in the Maldives and I couldn’t
think properly and they’re were five names for the same character and I
thought it was just too complex to read while I was soaking up the Sun I tried
it again this time I bought the Illumicrate edition it’s stunning it’s
beautiful I did it on purpose this is signed by the author it is stunning
inside the chapter headers are gorgeous but that’s where it ends for me. this book has one level and it’s snark so we follow a girl called Gideon. Gideon is a
cutthroat no-nonsense snarky jockey lesbian although the lesbian part really doesn’t play into this that’s all it’s just her
identity it’s not romantically explored in my opinion Gideon lives on the ninth planet in charge of the ninth planet is the Lady
of Drearburgh and her name is Harrowhark they are nemeses because Gideon does whatever the fuck she wants and she
wants to leave the ninth planet she is trying to escape a letter comes to the
ninth house so let them know that the Empire needs champions really not sure
what for but Gideon becomes one of the champions even though she’s not meant to
be she’s not one of the chosen champions but the lady Harrowhark enlists her and
gets her trained for three months and then they go to this other planet that
contains cannine house and then all the champions from all the planets and their
masters go to Cannine house and they’re kind of a locked in there. it’s that one thing that I
haven’t mentioned is that they’re all necromancers so that’s the thing they are
all very skilled necromancers. Gideon is not she’s just a
random person who lived on this planet this is a necrotic world everything
is rotten and everything is dying. There are skeletons that have been brought
back to life and reanimated and people can bring bodies back to life you can
also control certain bodies as well and in Cannine house there is a big task that
they have to complete they’re not sure what the task is they’re all just kind
of put there and they have to figure it out there is a murder mystery plot there,
are missing persons, there are people animating bodies that they’re
potentially shouldn’t, and it in a very complex way that I haven’t
quite figured out yet and i cant tell you because that would be spoilers. I read this with my patrons over on patreon we have a live showing for this
next week so if you would like to join the live
show for that it is a private live show you can go and access my patreon down
below and now you’ll get early access to videos you’ll get early access to my
novel which I’m currently in rewriting phase for. which is really awesome
really exciting and also you’ll have access to our private discord we have a
big group of people there where we’re just chatting and talking currently
we’re reading frost hearts four believathon so yeah come and join us. in any case I gave Gideon the ninth 2 stars because I didn’t enjoy it I thought that it was overly complex I thought that it reeks of debut with this
overly egotistical way of writing like am so sophisticated look at all the
words I can throw in look at how complex a world I can create this is so unique
this is nothing that you’ve ever read before but you don’t actually give us
any world building. we have sonic bath houses We have sinks that Gideon has
apparently never seen a sink before she is sat on sofas even though she lives in
a cell there are marble floors I’m not sure where they make the marble. it’s all
incredibly confusing and there is no explanation for this world. If you are to create a giant, whole new world with a brand new magic system that hasn’t any
basis in anything else that is incredible but explain it to me
please because I haven’t got a fucking clue what’s going on or where we are. I don’t know what goes on outside of these kind of royal necromancing families do
people have TVs do people live what do they do for work? like what is going on
outside this tournament and world? how do people live?
Do people live or is there just skeletons around? becuase currently all I’ve seen is skeletons I would like
to know these things I won’t be reading Harrow the ninth or the 10th
whatever it’s called I won’t be reading it I don’t think I’ll be reading it ….
but I’ll probably buy the book because it’s gorgeous
Rachel Rachel but it is just it’s so beautiful I wish
I’d have loved this I can’t understand it… I can’t understand how people are giving it five stars I would like to have conversations with them if you gave
this five stars I would really like to know what you loved about this and I
would like you to sit down with me and explain this world to me because it was
completely lost on me. Thank you. “The Seas did not forgive they did not welcome their
wayward children home” With my little sister of booktube iz currently reading
I read into the drowning deep by Mira Grant. Mira Grant is the pseudonym for
one of my favorite authors which is Sean and Maguire, who wrote the
wayward children series and also middle game which is one of my top books of the
Year I fucking loved it and I loved this as well this is very different from her
fantasy writing style this is definitely sci-fi much darker there is a great deal
of depth we have fantastic bisexual and lesbian representation in this it is
dark and twisted and gory and full of god damn death and it was epic this
follows a group of researchers as they go on an expedition to find mermaids one
of the girls Tori has a personal connection to this because some years
ago a mockumentary was going to be made about this place the marina trench where
it is said that there were mermaids so her and this big TV crew from imagine
studios – think it’s called imagined yeah imagine entertainment they went on
this mockumentary voyage to find the mermaids recovered footage was found
from that and everybody thought that it was hoax everybody thought that they’d
made this up and that the ship had just been wrecked on that footage shows
mermaids and the mermaids can mimic human voices I’m not really know what
they’re saying but they can pick up the voices of those around them whether it’s
whales or dolphins and they can mimic that sound back we have deaf
representation in here as well and I believe that it was done really well
from what I’ve heard from other people in the community I don’t want to tell
you too much more than that but just know that I gave this five stars the
audio book for this was I listen to it via audio book because
live from Olivareadsalatte they actually said that it was very spooky very
atmospheric and this was my spookathan read for Lala’s spookathan so it
actually covered all the prompts and I read it within two days almost within
kind of three settings it was completely devoured by me and I
adored it. “Life doesn’t need magic to be magical” From my favorite author
I read the novella the Night of cakes and puppets by Laini Taylor now this is
part of the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series and in this we follow two of the
side characters one of them Suzannah who’s my favorite side character of all
time and this new friend of hers called Mik. Mik is a softy a sweetheart a
violin player and Suzanna has the hots for him and so she devises this
scavenger hunt where she leaves Clues all around Prague for him to find her. it’s just beautiful we have little snippets of what’s going on with our
main characters from the daughter series what’s going on there
where she is and it’s weaved in very well but ultimately it’s just their meet-cute and they’re perfect they are perfect perfect
perfect. I wasn’t sure that I was going to give this five stars and I was like
this is great this is lovely four stars and then I got to the end and I was like
you know what this is really hitting me in all the damn feels and I had to give
it five stars it was beautiful the writing of course it’s Laini Taylor
very flowery very magical and just it speaks to my soul so well. if you’re not
a fan of flowery writing then you won’t like this but if you’re a fan of like
cuteness and love and mischief then this is definitely the novella for you. I would read this after reading the first book Daughter of Smoke and bone however I read this after reading the second book so still got the third book to go
which is dreams of gods and monsters I really want to read that really soon
November is my sequel month so let’s see if I can fit it in. This also contains
illustrations from Jim D Bartolo who is Laini Taylor’s husband and I really
thought that it was expertly done so well also I got to see
illustrations of the characters from the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series which
was great I’m gonna find those for you. now this section here is actually at the
back of the book and that part is a graphic novel version of the first few
chapters of Daughter of Smoke & Bone and I really want more I want it in graphic
novel form. I also have to say that this book was gifted to me by one of my
patrons back and they said just a “Just a grateful peasant sharing a lovely story with her queen. Hugs and kisses an adoring present of the realm” I’m really
like in awe of honestly the support that I get just both there’s a booktube
channel but also the queen of this realm that i’ve created for the bookie trials. the announcement video for the bookie trials: winter quest is coming on
saturday i have been unwell hence the delay but it is time to get started. “To quote the poets… we’re fucked” I read monstrous vol 1
by Marjorie M. Lui. I was so fucking surprised by this. Really surprised.
it’s been on my Kindle for a very long time I was recommended yet a long time ago I
just kind of added it back then and I saw it I thought okay let’s bump up the
read and let’s figure out if we like this and Rachel bloody loved it. it is very difficult to explain what this is about but we’re in this Asian inspired
fantasy world we’re following a disabled character who
is missing an arm and we’re going back and forth on two different timelines they decide to go back to a place that enslaved them and take it over they also
have a demon within them they are trying to save half demon children and half
demon children I have like cute little ears and bushy tails and they are divine
so sweet so damn cute This main character takes one of the children with her. there’s also a cat that speaks to them and is always quoting the poet’s
that’s cool it’s very difficult to explain what’s going on because the
world-building is crafted so excellently this story is extremely complex it is
the most complex graphic novel series I have ever read and I’m definitely going
to reread the first volume again before I read the second volume this is the
kind of graphic novel that I need read in physical form. I went into Waterstones and the first volume was so expensive and I thought ah I can’t actually do that right now. it’s on my wish list I do
definitely want them it’s probably gonna be a Christmas request from a family
member because they are beautiful and stunning and so just intricate. I don’t
think that I can explain really anything more but it’s dark it contains a lot of
gore but it’s stunning I think that’s all I
can say so sorry about that one a 530 stars and incredible “People think
that intimacy is about sex, but intimacy is about truth. When you realize you can
tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in
front of them bare, and their response is ‘you’re safe with me’
that’s intimacy” I reread one of my favorite books of all time the seven
husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid This woman is so complex as
you guys know when I reread books I like to reread them in different mediums and
this time I listen to this audibly I listen to it because I’ve been told that
the audiobook is very good and it was it was so entrancing and you really got
taken back with these characters Hugo is an aged starlet
she has come to a point in her life where there isn’t anybody left to life
or there isn’t anybody left for her to hide herself for and so she wants to
tell her life story and she has found the perfect person to tell her story and
this is Monique a no-name reporter that is going through a divorce she feels
incredibly mediocre and she has no idea why Evelyn has chosen her to write
her life story but Evelyn Hugo of course has a reason everything. She is half Cuban
but she has whitewashed herself throughout her entire life in order to
get forward with in the film industry she’s dyed her hair blonde she never
speaks Spanish and she’s made up a whole different backstory for herself she also
has had seven husbands. seven husbands to platform her to where she needs to be in
her career she is cut throat. She is one of the biggest Slytherin-hufflepuffs
that is out there she is all about loyalty but she is also
very direct and cunning I would suggest that really Evelyn Hugo is one of
the most fleshed out characters in any book that I’ve ever read and it’s
something that TJR does magnificently I also saw this when I read Daisy Jones in the six and her characters in there
being so morally grey and so complex and easy to understand because they appear
so human This is incredible. The LGBT representation in this is something to
be just completely enamored by and also to understand where people were in terms
of their mindsets 50 years ago. If you haven’t read this you really should it
is one of those books that I could recommend everybody I could recommend it to my 18 year old brother I recommend it to my 80 year old grandma. it’s that kind
of book that just transcends age and time and I do believe it’s going to be
at one of the modern classics of our age “Wicked are the ways of women especially
a witch” I really hate to leave on such a low note but I gave Serpent and Dove 2 stars. it’s difficult to say how much influence the community had on me
regarding this opinion because some people that I really trust struggle with
this book for instance Jesse from bowties and books they really opened my
eyes to some of the potential problems this book might have one of those is the
whitewashing and the lack of diversity we do have a black best friend and we
also have one or the black character that is only ever described as the ebony
witch also the physical descriptions of the best friend Coco really they could
have been mentioned a little bit more you can’t just mention once that a
character is black and maybe it might be nice if you could reiterate that maybe
but that’s just that’s just me. We have to try hard as writers to make
sure that White isn’t the default I’m reading this book for the Royally
booked Club – My book club and I have Madison Mary from princess of
paperbacks as a host along with jaded reader and also Ilja from my bookish
babbles. it’s going to be an interesting discussion it’s going to be next weekend
and what I want to say is the fact that I did actually DNF this bet around 150
pages and then I grew some balls and I decided
because I felt as though and Jade will agree with me on this – it felt as though
I was having an argument with this book there is so much female hate especially
coming from this religious rhetoric it is rife with this Puritan idea that
women are dirty and filthy and they belong to men. All witches in here are
evil they are seen as asexual only able to produce female witches and they need
to be burned. the general story of this is you’ve got Lou who is a witch she has
fled her coven and she has been living on the streets kind of with her best
friend Coco for quite some time who is also a witch but from a different coven. Lu accidentally finds herself running from a Chasseur
Who is part of the church and the church’s role is to find and
eliminate the witches but something that Lou does implicates this Chasseur and makes it look as though he has sexually assaulted her in order to remedy this
the church forced the pair to Marryso that it looks as though he was just
chastising his wife therefore she won’t get killed by the church… I don’t
really know how that whole situation was made but in the end they do end up
forcibly married he hates witches he thinks that women are generally the
property of men and the book shows a general redemption arc for that and his
thoughts there. I kind of disagree with the premise that you have to fall in
love with someone in order to change your mindset and you’re only changing
your mindset because you care about that person you don’t want that person to die
like oh no I love you and I don’t want you to die so selfishly I need to change
my entire belief system no you’re still a douche there are better people that we
could have shipped with Lou. Lou in the first 150 pages is not very likable she
is difficult to attach to however you do get more of her character as you’re
going along and you do came out with her more as a character. I liked this book
for many reasons but I disliked it for many more reasons and I feel as though
there are better stories that we could be telling these days with better
representation I’m just… I can’t quite understand why this story got published
above all the others that a much more important story to tell like
what lesson does this tell us? We’ve been there, we’ve done that… we’ve seen the
female hate we’ve got more important stories to be telling now and this was
set in a french-style world but the world building sucked hard you know that
I am a big fan of world building and it just wasn’t there with this book. I can’t
share any more information now there is going to be a live show so we can
definitely dive into everything there I am willing to have some of my opinions
kneeded at and twisted and to see where we are because I know that there are
other people in the group that really love this book and gave it five stars so
it will be a really interesting discussion. I just think that it really
pissed me off. As a book it really piss me off I’m so sorry it’s just one of those
books that really riled me up and I needed to complete it to get the full
breadth of the story… I did end up enjoying it more towards the end have got to say
this went from a one-star to a 2 star and I can’t give anything more than that because I gave Gideon the ninth two stars and I hated this more than Gideon
the ninth but it was also more readable than Gideon. ok that’s
where we are that’s how we are okey-dokey so these were the books that
I read plus the ebooks in October Please don’t forget to Like subscribe and
comment. all that jazz. You can find me on Twitter on Instagram and on Goodreads
my patreon link is also down there in the description if you would like to
join my bookish family I love you bye buh buh bye.

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  14. I love the way you talk about books! Our reading tastes hardly ever cross over but I still always watch and enjoy your content as you have such a lovely, warm and accessible style. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

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  20. I also had a hard time with Serpent & Dove! It was pretty hyped and I was underwhelmed. I also enjoyed the ending more – more stuff happened and the characters irritated me a little less. But overall I was more frustrated than anything else.

  21. I’m a simple woman. I see Rachael has a new video and I click.

    AHHHHH, EVELYN FUCKING HUGO! My Queen! Well… my OTHER Queen 😜⭐️. I read it on audio the first time (fucking FANTASTIC AUDIOBOOK) and I cannot wait to reread it in physical form!

  22. Wicked King is definitely better, but I wouldn't call it 5 star material 😅 ehhh, this is the first time I've heard anyone describe Gideon, and now I'm really turned off by it lol I'm not sure how long I'll give it before I DNF 😂 YES!! Into the Drowning Deeeeeeep!! I loved it, and I'm so glad you loved it toooo! People keep talking about Monstress, and now I just really need it in my life ❤

  23. Okay, I sent my comment before the end, and I'm dumb lol This is gonna be long…
    I haven't read the Serpent & Dove, but given the premise that you described I think I know why this was published now instead of 50 years ago:
    The US still has a huge problem with child marriages and forced marriages of a rapist to their victim (especially if the girl is pregnant as a result of rape). Like, to the point where it's legal to force your child to marry in some parts of the country. It's usually practiced in communities that are extremely religious. In many of those communities, it's a "whore or Madonna" view of women so these marriages are always meant to "save face" as it were. Since no one talks about it, I think a way to break that silence is to write about it.
    Much in the way that Six of Crows took Matthias (a brainwashed soldier) and turned him into a more sympathetic character because of love and change of belief, I suspect this is what S&D is trying to do. I understand the point that "I fell in love now I have to change my belief system" sucks, and it could be done better/without the romance, but I think it's easiest to have a difficult conversation about a terrible topic when love in involved. It's a universal human emotion that we believe is so strong it can topple empires. Why not use it to break someone's entire upbringing?
    Again, haven't read it yet, but maybe that's what was attempted (even if it ultimately failed)?

  24. First of all I absolutely love your hair, perfection! 😍 With Gideon the Ninth and Serpent and Dove I have heard so many mixed reviews that I am unsure on picking them up.

  25. YES LETS HEAR THE EVELYN HUGO PRAISE i agree that sis is SO fleshed out it's so amazing I can't wait to read daisy jones and the six!

  26. Yaaayyy I'm so glad you liked Monstress! I fucking LOVE that series. It's definitely super complicated… particularly in the first one. Took me a HOT minute to straighten everything out in my brain. lol.

    The artwork in Monstress is by far my favorite artwork in any graphic novel that I've seen. Effing LOVE it!

    I just posted my review of City of Girls and OMG… it reminds me of Seven Husbands quite a bit — but it's definitely its own thing! But I feel like anyone who loves Seven Husbands would at least LIKE City of Girls… but FRICK I loved it <3

  27. reads 10 books says it’s not the best reading month RACHAEL😳 YOU BEAST.
    I love how you provide more in-depth statistics about why types of books you read.
    I def need to get to the Cruel Prince AAAH!! My start rating has also changed over the years!
    Evelyn Hugo on audio is fantastic! It’s so immersive and fun to get into!
    I am continuing to hear about such mixed things about Serpent and Dove. I’m def suuuuper hesitant to pick it up…
    Uuuh you read a LOT Rachael!! You’re doing fantastic💛

  28. omg i have seen such POLARIZING opinions about serpent and dove, like some people love it and some people totally did not! i usually dont reread books but i reread the audiobook for evelyn hugo too and it was sooo good! it helped make the story feel even more immersive and real, like evelyn is talking right to you. i hope the adaptation does it justice!

  29. This is just insane! I mean 10 books for me is huge hahaha
    The Cruel Prince… I read it recently and honestly not one of the best but still ok!
    Gideon the Ninth… I'm curious about that one like really…
    Into the Drowning Deep is definitely a book I will pick up!
    Everyone has read Serpent and Dove! xD

  30. I haven’t read Serpents and Doves but the female hate might be intentional. If they are writing about witch burning (which is what the book sounds like it’s about), then there would have to be the distrust and hate shown during the Salem Witch Trials.

  31. I’m currently reading Gideon the ninth and I have the same problems as you! I’m still confused about the world, how people live in there, and at first I didn’t know it was in space. It seems like each necromancer has a distinct ability which isn’t explained clearly. And actually Gideo is not the champion, the king wants to find the champion to do what I don’t know, but Gideon is ordered to go with Harrowhark to assist her since just the head of each house will compete each other for this position, and Harrowhark wants this position so badly.

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