What I Rent: Lauren and Sam, £1,650 a month for a one-bedroom flat in West Hampstead, London  – Late

What I Rent: Lauren and Sam, £1,650 a month for a one-bedroom flat in West Hampstead, London – Late

 In our weekly series What I Rent, we take you inside every corner of people’s rented properties to see what they get for what they pay  Yes, this is partly to satisfy our own nosiness, but moreso to get a more accurate picture of what renting is really like, in London and beyond  This week we’re hanging out with couple Lauren, 28, and Sam, 28.  Lauren is originally from Leicester and Sam is from Doncaster, but both moved to London to work in insight and research for media brands They’ve lived in West Hampstead for two years now, having moved into their current flat in May 2019  Hey, Lauren! How much do you and Sam pay to live here?  Rent is £1,650 a month, so £825 each Bills are £270 a month, with £180 on council tax.  And what do you get for what you pay?   One bedroom, one bathroom Open plan living room, dining area and kitchen. It’s actually pretty small.  Do you think you have a good deal?  Yeah The landlord was trying to sell the flat before we moved in but hadn’t found a buyer yet So the price was more reasonable than other flats in the building. I think we’d struggle to find a flat like this for the same money  Are you happy where you live?   We live in West Hampstead but it’s actually closer to Kilburn tube So we get the best of both areas!  We love it here. Great transport into Central London (overground, Thameslink, Jubilee line) and easy to get out of London for the weekend  Kilburn is good for food, and West Hampstead has great charity shops, a lovely bookshop and bars The closeness to the heath is great for both running and walks with visitors. It’s also really convenient to travel back home as you can be on the M1 in about 15 minutes  Do you feel like you have enough space?  It’s great, perfect for the two of us When we’re entertaining we have a handy trestle table that just about fits in the dining area  That said, we still have managed to fill it to the brim, so the next flat will absolutely have to be bigger  How did you find this place?  On Zoopla, after an extensive search of North London We moved in in May.  What’s it like living together?  It’s much much easier living together than separately, if not just for the admin, travelling  We obviously see each other a lot more now, and we’re both very similar in terms of how clean and organised we like to keep things It’s easy to divide up any chores because we seem to hate doing what the other likes  How have you made the flat feel like home?  Books, colours, a lot of pink and blue to brighten up all the IKEA furniture, a few photos around, instruments!  Are there any problems with the flat?  Various different things are broken and it’s taking some time to fix them, e g. tile grouting, ventilation system, taps; but otherwise there’s not much to complain about  Are you planning to move again?  We need to move out in February, unfortunately, as the landlord has now sold the property We negotiated a rental reduction to make it worth exiting the flat early, but we were originally on an 18-month contract so it’s still quite frustrating to be moving again so soon  We know the area a bit better now so may head into Cricklewood for something a bit cheaper with the same space or bigger for the same money  And what about buying a place?  We have started down the road of deposit saving, but it could take a long time if we keep taking holidays  What I Rent is a weekly series that’s out every Tuesday at 10am. Check back next week to have a nose around another rented property The Fix Find out more

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