What is Bible Armory?

This is a story about Michael. Years ago Michael was what many people might
call a comic book nerd. He collected his action figures, read superhero
comic books, painted armies of small model Warriors and competitively played in trading
card game tournaments. The story gets interesting when Michael bought
a Bible at a used bookstore and decided to start reading and highlighting that Bible. As Michael read, he changed. He kept reading and highlighting and reading
and highlighting until he had spent more money on highlighters then he had spent on the Bible
itself. Michael stopped buying action figures. He stopped playing trading card games. Then Michael wanted to bring together his
newfound love for the Bible and his old love of trading cards. Soon after Bible Armory was born. And he began to publish the Bible on cards
that can fit in your pocket. You can find Michael and these Bible Armory
scripture memory cards at BibleArmory.com and on YouTube and Facebook. Please help support Bible Armory by liking
Bible Armory on Facebook and subscribing on YouTube. There are many struggles in this life so remember:
the Bible is the Armory where we may equip for the struggle.

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