What is the best way to self publish your books?

What is the best way to self publish your books?

Hey there. Angela Lauria from the Author Incubator. I’m here with bestselling author, Sharon Pope for our Ask a Best Selling Author series. And today I want to talk about before people come to the Author Incubator. Many times they have written books with other, they have actually written books on their own and published them with other publishing companies. Or they’ve looked at other publishing companies. There are a couple of kind of big, big self publishing companies in the space where often they’ll talk to them before they talk to us. And I know in your case you actually had written a book on your own and published it with someone else. I want you to talk about the difference between working with the Author Incubator and publishing with Different Press versus maybe some of the other programs people might know about. Talk about your first book experience. So my first book experience was part memoir, part self-help book and it was, you know one of those, it took me like two and a half years to write because I would just write it, you know, when I was feeling it and then I set out to go the self-publishing route. I extended the umbrella of trust from a major publisher to their arm that self publishes books. And many major publishers do have self publishing arms. Did you look at other options? I did and that was really, it was the trust factor. That was the reason why I chose that and they specialize in self-help and things like that. So I thought that that would be the way to go and so I did that. Now I was just becoming a life coach then when that was being published. I think I’m still in training. So when you’re when you’re talking to them, you told them about your idea and you talked about your goals and they’re like, yes, this is the right book. Did they vet the idea? Oh, no no no. The book was … How did you know you were writing the right book? No, I didn’t, right. And that was… That’s a bummer. So yeah, so the book was written.
Then I go to them and say, here, publish this. They edited it and then published it.
That process took them nine months. But what if the book wasn’t going to work? When were they going to tell you, hey… No that wasn’t part of it. So if you handed them the phone book? Did not matter. They would have published… They set it as self-publisher. As a self-publishing author, it is a 100% your responsibility to write whatever you want and publish whatever
you want, and you know, but so, and then unfortunately, it felt to me like the business model for them was to sell authors, more stuff. More marketing stuff. So first you got the initial package. Then they have your book, you’re kind of locked into working with them and if it’s not going the way you want, the answer is buy
more stuff. Well, the answer was buy more stuff before it was even published, but then even after it was published, it was pretty disappointing. So if you compare your revenue, you’ve done four books with Difference Press. If you compare your revenue, let’s say from any of those four books to the revenue from the first book. So that first book has been out three years. Yeah. I make in my soulful truth-telling books, like what I’ve made in that three years, in the first six months for a book that I published through Difference Press but it’s not really, it’s not the money. It’s not the dollar I get per book or whatever it ends up being. It’s not, it’s about helping to build my, build my
coaching practice. Yes. So writing is coming through that first book. No. Some of the people who find me through the soulful truth-telling books see that book and they’re like, oh let me find out all about her story because that’s where you get all the dirt on me. No more. And that’s cool.
You know, it’s fine but it wasn’t written to get clients. It was just written because it was like a typical, here’s all the things that I want to talk about. Here’s all the things that I want to say. And tell me about the support you got from that team. Obviously, it’s a well known brand, a well-loved brand. One of my favorite brands.
How did their publishing team take care of you and support you through the process? It was incredibly disappointing. It was pretty bad. I mean, just to take an already written book, edit it, publish it was about nine months. It would take, every email that I would send they would put on the bottom, you know, we respond within 14 days to an email. So there’s a lot of lag time in between there. And then so I bought this big marketing package and I paid $13,000. They said they were going to write a press release. They did. Six months’ after the book was published, so it’s not it like who’s going to pick that up. It’s not news. They said they were going to build a website for me.
Still there’s no website. Like it was, I had a pretty bad experience. So coming here and then clearly I like this process and it really works for me because I’ve written, you know, four more books. So two and a half years to write the book, nine months
to publish it. At least a $13,000 investment.
Compare that to doing one book with us. How long is that process? So anywhere between 3 days and 13 weeks.
Let’s say the max is 13 weeks. And your investment is tricky because you made a year-long commitment to writing a series. Right. But probably if you divided by the number of books, nowhere close to $13,000. Oh. no no no. And then I get all of the mentoring and everything with it. So it was kind of a no-brainer. And this is something that I remember. So I had just published my memoir and that was when I met you and you just said to me, ok, when you write your next book, let me know. And I had no plans to write another book. But we were on Facebook together. We’re friends. I didn’t know you but I just, so then I got this idea. I know what I’m going to write and so I reached out to you on Facebook and I said, ok, I know what my next book is going to be and it’s actually going to be a series. When should we talk? And I thought for sure you were going to say go write the book and then come back and tell me. And you said, right now. What do you mean, right now? I haven’t even written the book. So that alone is a huge, huge difference. Most people want to go write the book and I’ve
got the manuscript. Do something great with it as opposed to thinking about it up front, right, and getting really clear about who you’re serving, what you’re writing, what your intent is and what you want to get out of it. This is why I’m market so crazily. Like I know there’s a ton of content I put out because I want to catch people before they start writing, because once you’ve written, it’s too late and then
they call me. They’re like, I finished my manuscript. I’m like, great. Would you be comfortable throwing it all out? It’s probably the wrong book. Well, thank you so much for sharing your story. If you have worked with the self publishing arm of another traditional publisher or another self publishing service and had a great experience or a terrible one, share it in the comments below. We would love to hear from you and if you know somebody who is considering working for paying for publishing of a book that they’ve already written or plan to write, share this video with them. Click the Share button and then do ‘Share as Message’ and send this to them directly. We really want to make sure they know that there is a way that they can get their book done that will change their life and change their business and we want to catch them before they publish it the wrong way.

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  1. Yes! I bought a self polishing package somewhere. I immediately (after spending a nice size investment) that it is not the right way to go. 
    I am excited to work with you! 
    Peace and Love,
    Instagram @afroyoga

  2. I would love to connect with you, I have not written my book yet and I just got in with another company last week so I have time to switch! I reached out bu have not heard back from your company so I moved forward but would love the opportunity to talk with you.

  3. Yes, I worked with a publishing company who hired me to take photos and write a promotional book about my home county in Texas. Once they contracted me, I started working and took photos for a year and half and it took another year and half for them to design it, print it, and send it to me. No press release once it was published. I am still trying to self-promote the book for it to sell.

  4. It is evident, Dr. Angela—that you really love this business, that’s why you have considered every angle.
    Every time I get writer’s block, I watch one of your videos, and it unclogs the block.

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