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  1. Hey guys, sorry for not being able to upload every day like I promised. My laptop barely works (technical issues) so I was lucky I preuploaded this video so you'll have a new video to watch! I hope you like these type of lifestyle videos and let me know if you want similar videos in the future ♥️ That's it, have a lovely day xoxo

  2. I’m finally done with my finals and that means…. I️ get to enjoy all your videos during winter break 😻😻😻😻😻
    Your videos are super relaxing for me, can’t wait until your shop officially opens bc I’m buying lots of things! 🙊
    Sending you lots of love from Texas 😘

  3. college not allow us to bring the water or food inside of library..and why that umbrella so small than mine

  4. You inspire me every day. I'm so happy I found your channel! I have a question. Would you suggest a mac-book for university? I've heard very mixed reviews about it. Do you prefer it to other computers?

  5. why is it that after my finals are finished and i'm on break that i watch study videos?? where is my motivation during the semester?

  6. Girlllllll don’t put your phone and wallet there!!!! It’s the easiest place for not only you but strangers to access!

  7. hi! first of all I love your videos, you make studying seem so chill and they really motivate me ❤️ 
    I would love a video where you explain your study method. I know you summarize what you need to learn and read your books, but do you read them, and then summarize them? what about your class notes? and do you read everything multiple times or not? I am also a law student so I would love to know exactly how you learn everything ☺️😘

  8. I have that exactly same Yves Rocher lip balm and I have it with me every where I go! Btw I love your videos, whenever I watch them I get motivated with my own studies. I've had four major exams this week and three smaller ones, so this December Series really comes in hand whenever I need inspiration. Love your videos xoxo!

  9. You can always find me watching WaysToStudy videos, stalking all WaysToStudy social media accounts.. when I'm supposed to be studying like right now

  10. Your videos are amazing I love you so much you motivate me so much to study😘❤💗💙💙.Why we haven't seen your face?

  11. I know it may not be that related to studying but can you do outfit videos for school/university? You may not show your face if you feel uncomfortable ;A; it's just that, I always notice how great your outfits are in your every upload! <3

  12. How do you manage to hang out with friends and boyfriend even though you're busy with college? I kinda have a problem with it. btw, been watching your videos since I was in high school now I'm in college 🙂

  13. I have seen this backpack ( in the beginning) EVERYWHERE here in Romania and I have NO IDEA where it is from >.> But it is VERY popular.

  14. im just starting to study for my review. and i did not skip the ad because your channel inspires me so much and this video def. inspires me to start studying now😊

  15. Hii are you turkish and do you live in the netherlands if the anwser is Yes can you Please react in the netherlands😂❤️

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