What’s In Our Locker?  Messy Locker Cleanout / JustJordan33

What’s In Our Locker? Messy Locker Cleanout / JustJordan33

(bright music) – Hi guys, it’s Jordan, and
today we’re here with my sister. – Audrey from the
channel, AllAroundAudrey. – And today we are at
our school right now, and we are going to show you our (shoes squeaking and stomping) – [Both] Locker! (laughter) – [Audrey] This is our locker, yeah. This is our locker. – This is our locker. This is kind of like a locker
clean out video almost, because a lot of things
have been just thrown in our locker. We use it like every single day, so I honestly have no idea
what’s gonna be in here. So we’ve had a lot of
struggles finding our locker, so we put washi tape on it to decorate, as well as some lights, because sometimes you just gotta be extra, and
it helps us find our locker. – Cause, yeah. Also, don’t tell anyone, we’re
gonna open up the locker, secret combination, don’t tell anyone. – [Jordan] Oh and trick with
our locker, you have to kick in your foot right here at the bottom, – [Audrey] It’s broken. – [Jordan] Because it is half broken. – [Audrey] We got it broken. And you have to do this a bunch of times. Ready? – [Both] Da, da, da, da, da, da, dah! – Here is our locker! – So where do you wanna start? – I say we start with the
broken hatch at the bottom. – Oh, lovely, so we got this locker and the bottom piece is broken off. – [Jordan] So you have to kick
your foot in at the bottom. – [Audrey] And that’s
why there’s a dent-ish. It’s not from us, it
was like this already, and I took the broken part to the lady, she said she fixed it
and she never did, so. – Yep. – Struggles of being a locker,
I can relate as a senior. – Oh, yep, and I’m a sophomore,
in case you were wondering. So, okay, so moving on with the door, we have our little lights. We’re gonna go, turn them on and off. – Oh, yeah, the lights turn on and off. – Oh, well! (laughter) Well! And dangling from there is lotion, because I am an desperate
need of lotion at all times. This one is scented watermelon lemonade. We need some. – I always have dry hands. – Oh please let there be some. – Did you use it all? (Audrey laughs) Oh, wow. – Got our lotion. – Oh, it smells good! – My birthday was May 1st, and my friends decorated my locker, and
they put on this really cute Happy Birthday sign on
the outside of the locker. And so I didn’t wanna take it down, so I put it on the inside instead, and so then I can see it everyday, and I think it’s super cute. – Next up we have some of your
guy’s art, so this is Jordan. I love the braids. – [Jordan] It’s amazing, like how. – [Audrey] That is talented. – [Jordan] That’s so good,
I can never draw braids. – [Audrey] And then this is me. – [Jordan] That is… the eyes! – [Audrey] The necklace! And then some more fan mail letters. That’s pretty much the door. – The door is done. Okay, moving on, I see we’ve
put with the shared shelf. So, here we have, this is
my shelf, Audrey’s shelf and then our shared area. – I have the bottom shelf
because since I’m shorter it’s easier for me to reach and see. (laughs) – Yes, so we’re gonna
move down to the bottom. (laughs) Okay, so down here we start off. We have some packages from you guys, because if we’re ever
feeling down at school or we’re like, we just
want to do something or we’re bored at lunch or whatever, we’ll just open up some fan mail. So we have some fan mail here. – So this is from Aidan in Virginia, let’s see what’s inside! (both gasp) – Wow, fuzzy! – Oh my gosh! – Where was this when I
needed all my pencils! I’m literally out of
pencils you guys, like, I am on the bare minimum. – It’s a tentacle! That’s so cool. Oh my gosh. And there’s slime as well! Oh my gosh, there’s so many cool things. – Ay, ay!
– Woh! – A stress ball, for all the final exams. I mean yes, we needed this. – It’s helpful, helpful. – Oh satisfying! – Thank you so much Aidan! – Thank you! This next package is
from Katrina in England which is so cool, and they
have a brother named Jake just like our brother Jake. – Oh, yeah! – So they sent us a package
and a lovely drawing as well as, it looks like, some slime! – Yes!
– Oh my gosh. – Good thing you put it in a plastic bag because that would’ve been bad if it… – Leaked in our locker.
– Spilled locker. – (gasp) Yes! Perfect. – Oh, that’s a fancy container. – Yeah! Serious. Thank you so much,
Katrina, for your package! So, some other things that we have here on the shared portion of
our locker are lunchboxes. So this is Audrey’s, and this is mine, and we actually still
have some lunch in here. – Comment down below who’s
lunchbox do you like more. Which one are you more like, pink stripes or blue anchor? – Yeah, they’re kind of dirty, though, because we used them all year
and it’s kinda getting gross. – This is like complete
opposite of our personalities, ’cause my room has, like, beach themed and your room is pink. – I know, that’s what I thought
exactly when we got them. – Like, what! – Yeah, but these are our lunchboxes. – And we’ve got a random
trash bag. (laughs) We might need that by
the end of this video. – True. Okay, we also have some jackets because, you know, I get really cold. Whenever I bring my jacket
to classes it’s always hot, and whenever I forget my
jacket it’s always cold. So I always have a jacket just in case. – Up next we have this beautiful portrait of a pirate ship that one
of our teachers drew for us. – It is awesome, and they
literally drew it in five seconds. – He was walking down the
hall and we were like, hey, we just hand him the board,
like, draw a picture! And he literally drew
this is under a minute. – Crazy skills!
– So. – Skilled art right here. – That is so awesome. We also have some emoji magnets. Thought these are pretty cute. Which one’s your favorite emoji? – This one, I use this one
all the time in texting. – Out of these emoji
magnets, I like this one. – Of course. (both laugh)
– It’s so cute! So that’s our whiteboard. We write little notes in there sometimes, like little reminders
of what we need to do. But that’s currently what’s on it. – There’s also a picture
of a cat from Lilly, so shout out to Lilly. – Yeah, thanks Lilly! Okay, so that’s it for
the bottom shared portion of our locker, let’s
move to Audrey’s portion! Ta-da! – So this is my side. These are the folders
currently not being used. I haven’t used this one at all this year. I just have a random folder in my locker. Typical. This one is my government folder that I don’t need to take home today so I just left it there. – [Jordan] Whoa.
– [Audrey] Wait. – A pencil! – I found a pencil! – It’s a sparkly one too! Wait, but it doesn’t have an eraser. But you found a pencil! – And it doesn’t have
any lead either! (laughs) – Audrey’s always out of pencils, like she comes to me every day
like: do you have a pencil? – Literally, I needed this
today, why didn’t I have it? – It’s so… – And also, with my no pencils, have this… what is this called? Sticky notes that aren’t really
sticky, ’cause watch this. (paper rip) You take it off. – Stick it to my hand. – They just fall, so
I’ll just sneak this… – (laughs) Into our
neighbor’s locker, ssh! – Hurry, she’s right there! (laughter) – Okay! (laughter) Moving on! – What! This doesn’t have any lead either! But it has an eraser, we’re
getting better and better. We also have a fingerlings. (toy giggles) He’s so cute! – So like when you fail your tests you can just give it a hug, it’s so
cute, it still has the tag on. – Everything will be okay. – It’ll be fine… – Oh you have a fidget cube! Dude! (gasps) Audrey! Audrey! This is where all my pencils
have been going Audrey! What! – I did not know all that was there. – This is my pencil, are you kidding me? It has the (gasp), Audrey! – I seriously did not know
they were all back there. – What! – I was literally all out
of pencils this whole year. All I had to do was move these folders and I’d find more pencils. – Like there’s so many in there, Audrey! – Clean out your lockers, guys. – Seriously, you will find
your hidden stash of pencils. Wow, I never knew. Okay, first you have
an obsession with bags. Now it’s pencils. – I found my earbuds too. – Oh, okay. – So now what am I supposed to do? – Oh you have, this is the
little, other key chain that Audrey just barely
took off of her keys and stuck in our locker. It’s from Australia and it was sent to us by one of you guys! Thank you if you sent this,
and it’s pretty awesome. – And I don’t remember
putting this ever in my locker but it’s there and it’s fitting because, I mean, who
else in the whole school would actually have bugs in their locker. If anyone wants to see some candy bugs, come to locker C319. (laughter) – It’s the one with the lights. (laughs) Okay, literally there’s
a layer of pencils. – Like, but like seriously,
that was not there before. (laughs) – How? – Well, I should have like, found all this at the beginning of the
year when it was helpful. – Yeah! – That’s why my pencil bag is depleted! Probably ’cause I just chuck
it back there half open and they just spill out. (laughs) I’m done. – So my side of the locker,
I have a squishy here in case things get stressful! (laughs) So, I have this really cute squishy and it’s really slow-rising. And, yes, whenever it’s those tests, they always get you, man, and
so I just pull out the squishy and just, stress relief. There we go. I also have nail polish, don’t know why, because I don’t think I’ve ever used this during the school year. – Touching up between classes. – I don’t remember putting this in here. – In the five minutes that you have. – Yeah, I honestly do not
remember putting this in here. So, I don’t know where this came from, maybe a friend stuck it in my locker? – It could have been at
the beginning of the year. – No idea, it’s chilling
in my locker now though. Okay, I also have this
Orbeez Wubble Bubble Ball. – Yas! – Because it’s just, satisfying. Whoa! (laughter) What else do I have… oh yeah, I have this mini little macaroon,
but inside it’s really slime! Do you see that? (squelch) – [Audrey] Oh, really good
quality of slime, too. – Yeah, it’s kinda rippy but, you know, it’s perfect in class
’cause it’s a small amount, so you can just stuff it in your backpack. – And it’s not messy, it
won’t get all over your hands. – Yeah, that’s true. This isn’t really sticky slime. So, I have that, just in case. Next up, I have some slime,
because I love slime. So it would make sense that
I have two things of slime on my shelf, you know. This one I’m pretty sure
is really runny though I haven’t played with it in a while but – Oh yeah. – Yeah, it’s like glue, liquid. – Hey, it works for
assignments when you need to glue things together,
just put some slime on it. – True! School supplies. – Yeah, boy! – This is just chillin’ in here, we need to bring in some
activator and activate this. It has a single ducky, do you see that. – Name the ducky in the comments below. – Yeah, what’s his name? Comment down below! – Locker duck. What should his name be? – Okay, so, we have that. – Don’t get it on my stuff. If that spills… (laughs) – Okay. Four hand sanitizers. Okay, where should I, here you go. (laughs) Four hand sanitizers. Oh my gosh, five! Okay, Merry Berry Keys. – Wow, that’s another Christmas one. – Ooh this one smells– – Christmas is also when a
lot of people got got sick, so I can see why you have
a lot of hand sanitizers. – True, I mean just try not to get sick. So, this one’s extra special
because it has a little holder, so that’s fancy. (gasps) You caught it! Okay, so what else is up here? – Five so far. – I have some– – Contact solution.
– Contact solution. – Because, fun story time, oh my gosh. – She just like walks
down the halls and like, (slurp sound) in her eye. (laughter) – No, I don’t do that. So, fun story. – Story time! – Make yourself comfortable. Okay, so first day of school, fun fact, I came to school, and it
was during the assembly that, I like, forgot to
blink, and I wear contacts. – How do you forget to
blink during an assembly? – I don’t know! I was just spacing out. (muffled man’s voice) (laughs) – Were you playing in orchestra? – No, no. It was during an assembly,
I was like spacey-out ’cause it was kinda boring, it was like, all the beginning of the year,
all the rules and everything. And so I was just kind of spacing out, and I blinked, there was like this, and my contact fell out
of my eye, into my hand and I was just holding
it like… (screams) – At least you caught it,
at least you caught it. – That’s true, at least I caught it. But then, so I called
my mom and I was like: uhm, my contact just fell out of my eye. And I was in the middle of the assembly and I had to go to another assembly and I don’t even know what to do. And so, she had to bring
up some contact solution, and I had to moisten the crispy contact. It was literally crispy
by the time she got here, it was gross. – Never repeat that again, please. Moisten a crispy contact? (laughs) – And then I had to put it back in my eye, which was, yeah, not fun, and then I switched my
contacts when I got home. I was like, this is going in the trash! (laughs) And so, after that day
I was like, you know, ’cause it was a real hassle to have my mom drive all the way here and
drop off contact solution, so after that day I just always carry a box of contact solution
with me just in case. (laughs) So, yeah. – There you go. – I also have this. I do not know where these came from. – Those are pipe cleaners. – Yeah, where? – We can stick ’em through the holes in our locker to our neighbors. – Oh yeah, these holes
lead to our neighbors! – [Audrey] So we have these
little holes in our locker that lead to the other,
our neighbor’s locker. So we’re just gonna
give them a little gift, you know, spread the
Christmas joy even though it’s summer time now. (laughs) Good bye. (laughs) Oh! – You know, maybe we could make
this one into a little heart and then drop it in. Okay. – [Audrey] Poor neighbors.
– It’s a Little Heart. We’ll just drop this one in through here. No. There we go. (laughs) – Why do we have that? (laughs) – What is this? Okay, this is a phone case. – Does your phone even fit in that? – With no phone in it. Let’s check, one second. Here’s my phone right now
and here’s the phone case that I found and I’m pretty sure– – I don’t think they, they don’t fit. Show the front. It does not fit. No like, the front of it. – Yeah, that does not
fit, there’s obviously – Who’s phone case is this? – I don’t know! – If you’re missing a phone
case, come to locker C319. – Did somebody somehow like
drop it into our locker? ‘Cause I don’t remember that phone case. – I dunno, not our problem. – Well, random phone case. We could name the phone case! – No, Jordan. (laughter) – Okay, next up, (laughs) oh no! – Now they’re dirty. Now we have to sanitize
the hand sanitizers. – Oh no, okay, sanitize
the hand sanitizers. – No, eww. (gasp) (laughter) – Sanitize the sanitizers, Audrey! (screams) It’s on the floor now. – Okay, hold this, this
is your problem, not mine. – In the trash. – All of them? – No, all my sanitizers. – The janitors are not gonna like us. – Do we have napkins, oh, improvise! The non-sticky sticky notes. – This is what daily life, this is what a day in the life of us is like. – Basically, oh my, this is a mess. (wail) (gasp) Did it leak? – They opened. – No! (laughter) Up next, I have the actual schoolwork. Some math books, and I have
a blank notebook in here, as well as a binder full of papers that I’ve never used, just like Audrey. So, I have two things,
random school supplies in case you need them,
plus an actual math book. I also have more lotion
because my hands get really dry in the winter times, winter seasons, so I have a full thing of lotion and then an empty thing of lotion. (laughs) I did not chuck that. Okay, oh! I also have Cortizone cream, because sometimes it gets so
bad that your hands like just, (shriek) That’s how they feel
they’re just like (shriek) – That’s our little
fingertips going (shriek) – So that’s when you need
to whip out the Cortizone. Oh my gosh! – Wow. Matches my fingernails. – Oh my gosh, I have
some treats in my locker, I didn’t even know about this, what! Oh my gosh. A giant Hershey’s Kiss. Well, saving that now
and I’m gonna eat that on the last day of school. I think that’s everything actually. (gasp) – Nail polish on the floor. (gasp) You’re so lucky that didn’t break. – I thought that broke! What caught it? I think that the Wubble caught it, or something on this shelf caught it, and I dunno what it was. (gasp) I’m so glad that did not break, honestly, that was terrifying, okay. I think that’s it you
guys, that’s our locker. – This is our very messy,
end of the year locker. – Yeah. – Remember it’s C319. (laughs) – C319. You know the code. In case you just, you know, you need some hand sanitizer! (laughs) Or pencils; you know, we got both. (gasp) Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. If you enjoyed seeing
what’s inside our locker, give this video a big thumbs up. – Comment down below if you wanna see what’s in our backpacks. – Ooh! – That’s another adventure. – Yeah, that’s kinda crazy. – If you also want to
see what’s in my closet and under my bed, check out
my channel AllAroundAudrey. (cheer) – We’ll see you all next time, – [Both] Bye! (bright music)

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  4. I like Jordans because I like blue and I also like cook and also like and I also like ships and ships have anchors right so I really like hers I also like yours with my shirt colors on some pink pink and blue is my favorite color pink and blue is my favorite color and I love you guys in channels so peace out

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