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  1. Awesome change i like that

    I am an android developer.I am love graphics and programming .Those changes are very useful for me …….

    Thank you very much keep it up

  2. All that talk about the new emoji widgets(textview/button etc) then she says Api 19 or above, funny joke. Come back in a few years when we can use this Api 😀 PS: I'm not mad I'm just saying 😀

  3. I have tried the auto size textview, but I find that it doesnt work nicely. Let's say I have a String "Testing Testing Testing", If there is not enough space, rather than shrinking the text size, the 3rd "Testing" will be dropped into an invisible 2nd line. Specifying maxLine attribute does not help.

  4. Now kids, with great power, comes great responsibility. Don't start going mad with every curly font you see out there!
    Read the Material Design Specifications and font responsibly 🙂

  5. There are many bugs in new font feature. Support action bar doesn't support custom font and app crashes in Android O devices.

  6. With all this vector graphics improvements i is harder and harder for me to postpone the translation of my SVG based app from js to Android.

    Also, Interesting Romanian accent, never heard this variant before. 🙂 I think it is only the second Romanian i've seen on Google channels. I was under the impression there are a lot of us at Google. Get in front of the cama more! 😀

  7. 1:34 TextView auto-resizing look very bad. Look at the video itself. The word wraps to the next line instead of staying there with a smaller sized font.

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