When Religions Collapse | Sadhguru

When Religions Collapse | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: Human intellect has sparked like never
before. No, no, don’t look so complimented (Laughter). But anyway, it’s true that more people can think for
themselves today than ever before in the history of humanity. Whether they’re thinking right or not, that’s a
big question but at least they’re thinking something! So once human intellect fires like this – and
it will continue in the coming years, you can’t stop it then solutions for life in another place is not
going to work because, I want you to understand -with all due respect to all the great scriptures on the
planet most of the scriptures on… on the planet cannot withstand two logical questions.
If you ask two questions, it’ll collapse. It can remain sacred and up there (Gestures) only as
long as you’re prevented from asking these questions. These questions are taboo, these questions are
sacrilege – you’re not supposed to ask them. Only as long as you do not ask these questions, they
float in very sacred space. If you ask two questions, it’ll collapse. Entire philosophies, belief systems,
religious processes, everything will collapse with two questions, majority of it – there are a few
things which will stand, of course. Sadhguru: These two questions, only a few
rare human beings asked in the past or till now. Now, I am contaminating the world (Laughs).
I am making these questions common. Just about everybody is asking, these days
(Laughs) and there are many other sources that… and the very nature of human intellect
will ask these questions. Once these questions become commonplace, it
is there in…This is all we have to do (Laughs) if you don’t understand what is the process of this,
this is all we have to do we have to plant two questions in everybody’s mind with
which every kind of fanciful philosophy will collapse. If people genuinely start asking few fundamental
questions, all fancy solutions up there (Gestures) will collapse and come down to life here (Gestures).
Once that happens, turning inward is an obvious step. There is no other way. We are heading towards that.
How… How much gas we put into it will depend on… will… will make sure or will facilitate how quickly we get
there. How quickly we get there simply depends on how much energy we put into this.If we plant this
question in everybody’s mind in the coming year (Laughs), you will see within ten years’ time, almost the
entire human population will be doing yoga. Sadhguru: Just simple questions, that’s all. Answer no…
Answers not needed, just questions for which there are
no answers in any book (Laughs). So these questions are being raised because it’s very
natural for human intellect to come up with these questions, unless it’s heavily indoctrinated.
The way religious extremism is spreading in the world, the way things are happening, it looks hopeless. Not in
my view. The more extreme it gets, the more these questions will pop up in people’s
minds.Yes In the meantime, unfortunately some people will have to suffer because extremism is spreading in a
strong way. But as more nutcases do things -glaring things on the planet –more these two questions
will pop up in everybody’s mind. A few years ago – maybe some of you have read it, I think
this got written into that Midnight’s with the Mystic book – I was made to meet a person who was on a kind of
a reality show, but he was on his deathbed, tch. He was terminally ill and they wanted to…
this show is about death, so they brought him on this and I went and met him later on
and kind of helped him out of that situation. So, his question to the people was – at that
time, Iraq war was just on – so he said, “W… We are praying to God for victory. I’m sure they’re also
praying for victory. Who will God favor?” I said, “Whoever has more guns” (Laughter).
How is God supposed to answer this question? Tch, both of them are praying, I’m sure
whenever they went to battles, both sides are praying. So, whose prayer will he answer – those who are right,
those who are wrong? Those who win are always right, we know that (Laughs). So, questions will come invariably because human intellect is being nurtured in so many different
ways. Not all the things that come out of this intellect are going to be pleasant, lots of unpleasantness
will come, but one thing will happen – all the established so-called solutions will collapse.
People will want an answer at some point, out of sheer frustration, because initially intellect will
turn you into an atheist.It’s a natural consequence, you know? When your logic starts asking questions, you
naturally become an atheist.As your logic evolves further, you will understand the childishness of being
atheist or theist for that matter – then you will want genuine answers.The evolution of human intellect will
naturally lead to solutions from within. Then, the methods and technologies that yoga
has to offer will become of phenomenal significance.

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  1. Is not which two questions, just that the individual comes to have two questions that do not agree with their dogmas.

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