Why The Vancouver Public Library Is Awesome | Vancouver Travel Vlog

Why The Vancouver Public Library Is Awesome | Vancouver Travel Vlog

What’s up guys David here today, I’m gonna be showing you the Vancouver Public Library, but David libraries aren’t really my thing I can relate but I ask you to withhold judgment until you finish watching this video now come with me as I take you to The roof of a library which was just recently open to the public on the day that we went there Just so happened to be a four day book sale happening prices were Ridiculously cheap fifty cents for a paperback and $2.00 for a hardcover and all the prices were cut in half on the last day I’m always looking for good reading material So guys leave me a comment below telling me the last good book you read, but that’s not why we’re here We’re heading to the roof and we’re making our way inside as we enter we go onto the second floor There’s also a set of steps that lease down to the first floor Which is the children’s area if you have kids the second floor has DVDs and blu-rays you can borrow the newest books and a section For teens as well as throughout the entire library There are computers you can use to check the location of a book and next to the entrance is the book checkout and for the sake of this video We’re gonna take the stairs because the elevator would make this a really short video And now this is the really amazing thing guys inspiration lab It opened about three years ago in the library and it’s free sound booth. These things are professional sound booths with professional equipment inside It’s all free to use you. Just have to book a time They also have a computer lab that’s specially meant for editing and videos and all that stuff. It’s all free with membership, which is free Well now you might be thinking what’s on floor for like a chocolate fountain or like personal massages or well actually no it’s very much Like a library and it’s actually very boring We’ll just move on to floor five which is slightly more interesting because it’s got these magazine stacks So if you just want to chill read like a paper version of a blog you can check out what the draft preview is happening Or you can be like hey who are the next future 50 or what’s this hunk up to? They also have these big old things that I’ve never actually used but I’ve seen them in the movies and they seem like giant magnifiers For print and as we make our way up to the sixth floor, we’ll notice a little Stanley tribute rest in peace Stan Now for six is just a lot of books books everywhere rows and rows of books But it also starts to offer some really cool views look we can see the people down to the book sale This is also one of the few places left in the city that offers public pay phones So if you need to make a call and you don’t have a phone you can always come here The entire building is excuse my language ranking. Awesome if you like architecture, you’ll love this place You can look at see down onto the other floors. How cool is that? But let’s keep going because we’re almost at the roof floor seven has a lot of historical information in there Special Collections But we have to make an appointment to get in there Floor 8 has a current exhibit and now exhibits change every couple of months There’s also a massive double staircase in the center of floor 8 that’ll take you up to floor 9 Which is where you will find the rooftop gardens now to get outside All you got to do is wave your hand in front of this sensor and then you can step outside and take a nice big breath of fresh air the Rooftop is open as long as the library is so you can spend as much time as you want up there The rooftop garden consists of three areas the main patio area which is where we entered on to and the south side which has more tables and chairs to relax at and it faces out towards Homer and Robson Street and On the north side is a very similar setup to the other South Side with tables and chairs But this overlooks West Georgia Street now across the street is the old Canada Post building and there’s something unique about this Amazon recently bought this building they’re now constructing on top of the existing building This building is going to be their tech hub for software development and it’s expected to finish in 2022 And this is what its gonna look like Now to sign up for a membership to the library is easy all you need is two pieces ID one with photo ID and something with your address on it now if you’re not a local or Even from this country you can still go and you can still sign up It’s just gonna cost you $30 for three months But if you just want to go and use one of the hundreds of computers, they have there and get free internet access They’ll give you a temporary internet pass for free guys. That’s it. My name is David. I’m your guide to Vancouver I hope you enjoyed this video if you did Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe and a big thank you to anyone that takes the minute to share this on Facebook Sharing these videos really helps me as a content creator make more videos about Vancouver, which is what I love to do My name is David and I’m your guide to Vancouver

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  1. I love libraries, and this one particular is the epitome of libraries. I've seen so many videos about it and I'm really in love with it. In fact, I'd love to get a job there. I'm a teacher but would really love to switch to librarian.
    Great content as usual. Thumbs up, buddy.

  2. When I visited the library all I could see was a lot of homeless and smelt like piss, I don't really like these place… But the book sale looks good cause in indigo all the books are 20 bucks and up

  3. Awesome tip, we're heading to Vancouver for the first time this month and will be sure to check this out. Loving all the videos, so useful, thank you!

  4. Do you edit/record videos here? Love the modern lines of the building. You may want to check if the library offers aditional services to patrons, such as…Lynda for Education memberships. Another quality video, thanks David

  5. Love this library! When I first moved to Vancouver I lived at the YWCA on Beatty Street around the corner for 3 months, so spent a lot of time hanging round this place.

  6. With the exception of the sound booth, this library is only average. It is not on par with a major centre of innovation and information. There is nothing spectacular about it. It needs a complete overhaul, with new technology and programs. For a major city library, Vancouver, this is an embarrassment.

  7. Stranger in a Strange Land by R.A.H.!Bonus points If you find the original format published by his wife after R.A.H. passed away! It’s longer with more details.

  8. Nicole and I just came here to get some work done and we are standing in the indoor lobby/atrium type area watching your video to see where we want to hangout. Nicole said “cool” multiple times.
    Thanks again for the nonstop information video.

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