Why You Should Disable iCloud Photo Library (& What to Use Instead)

Why You Should Disable iCloud Photo Library (& What to Use Instead)

– Hey, guys. Welcome to another Tip and Trick Tuesday. Today, though, we need to
talk about Apple and iCloud. Is it just me or is
Apple constantly trying to get us to buy more iCloud storage? And it probably makes sense. I mean, if you got everybody just to pay that 99 cents a month, like
all of the iPhones and iPads that are out there in the world, for the smallest addition
of iCloud storage, Apple would make a crap ton of money. Now there’s a newer feature in iOS called iCloud Photo Library, and it’s a big culprit in this now. So, most people actually run
out of their iCloud storage just from backups, right. So, just from having to backup your phone and having multiple different iPhones, and over time, we pretty
much, most people, run out of that storage already. iCloud Photo Library adds to
it in that it basically … The theory behind it is that
it lets all of your devices, your iPhone, your Mac OS
devices, take all of their photos and put them all up into
iCloud so that you can access them from all of them, and
that’s lovely and great. The problem is, is that eats up so much of the iCloud storage. It’s basically, if that
feature is enabled, you’re guaranteed to run out of the free storage quickly and easily. Thankfully, there is a better way. I suggest that you turn
off iCloud Photo Library, and instead use a free service like, say, Google Photos that will
back up an unlimited number of your photos, and it will
do it for no money at all. And you can also access it on a bunch of different devices, et cetera. So, in order to do this,
first, we’re going to turn off iCloud Photo Library by going to Settings, tapping on Photos, then turn
off iCloud Photo Library. Next, we’re going to get Google Photos. So, we’re going to go to the App Store, search for and install Google Photos. It is, again, free. Once it’s installed, you’re going to log into your Google account
or create a free one if you don’t have one, and tap the menu icon at the top left. Then, you can tap the gear
icon to get to Settings, Tap Back up and sync, Turn it on and leave
high quality as the size. Now, with that high
quality setting, as opposed to full resolution, you get
unlimited backup and storage. Now, if you do the full
resolution, it gives you a certain amount, and then
you do eventually have to pay. But here’s the funny thing. Google lists high quality as
anything up to 16 megapixels. The new iPhones, all of them,
the 10, the 8, the 8 Plus, they have 12 megapixel cameras. So, all of your photos would
fall under that category, and they’re all backed up
for free at full resolution because it’s under the 16 megapixels. Now, also on that same page,
select when to back them up. I have it set to cellular data since I have a high-usage plan. But you can set it to wifi
if you want to conserve data. Then go back to the
main Google Photos page, and tap on Assistant on the bottom left, and it’ll tell you how many
photos it has to back up. I highly recommend leaving this page open and the phone plugged
in for the initial sync and then just opening
the app once in a while to make sure that it continues to backup new photos and videos. Now, you can also access
any of these photos on any device by either
installing the Google Photos app on that other device or by going to photos.google.com and logging in. Now, if you want to take
this one step further, and I recommend it, but it’s up to you, I would then also stop
iCloud from backing up any of my photos, as well. I do this on all of my iOS devices. I let it back up everything
else, like the keychain, Safari data, all that fun
stuff, my contacts, all that because it does a really
good job of doing that. But all of that takes
up very little storage. The thing that takes up most things, and I mentioned this in
another video I’ll link below if you want to check that out, is photos. So, with Google Photos
installed on a phone and making sure that that’s
backing up all the time, I no longer need this in iCloud, as well, and this is a quick way to get
a lot of that storage back. To do that, head to Settings
again, tap on your name, tap on iCloud, then tap on Photos and turn every option off. Tap on Manage Storage so
that we can remove the photos from iCloud now, and tap
on Photos in storage. Tap Disable and Delete. Read and confirm what it says, and hit Back and check
out how much more storage that you now have. And then change your iCloud plan back to the free one and just rejoice. There you go. Of course, this may not be for everybody. If you like some of those iCloud features, obviously, you know, that’s up to you, and you don’t mind paying
for the iCloud service, then that’s also up to you. But hope this helped some of you out that don’t really give a crap about iCloud and just want to stop paying it and have an unlimited backup source. Google Photos is just
awesome too, by the way. You can search for everything without ever having to tag anything, It’s pretty cool. But that’s it. Hope it helped you guys. Let me know in the
comments below if it did or other reasons why maybe
you don’t want to do this and some people might need to know that. I think it’d be good
for other people to know why you keep iCloud and
pay for it or whatever. Put that in the comments below. Also, let me know what you think about Tips and Tricks Tuesday. It’s a new thing I’m trying out, so would love to hear your feedback on it. And let me know if there
are any tips and tricks you’d like me to tackle. Otherwise though, if you like this video, please thumbs up it or share it. Also, don’t forget to subscribe. All that is greatly appreciated. And, as always, regardless, thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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  1. What about on the mac? I have like 3 libraries on my external hard drive and I don't know how to do the same thing on my uploads to mac could you help me?

  2. I wouldn't trust Google with my dirty laundry. They are evil and regularly snoop on their customers.

  3. Don't do this, Google is known to harvest private user data for years now, it is free because they are selling your private data, nothing is free!

  4. Apart from privacy and convenience, here's one more personal reason for me not to use Google:
    Google services are blocked in Mainland China. Which means that in order to sync or watch my photos, I would always have to use a VPN, which slows things down a lot and makes Google even less convenient here than it is already.

  5. Thank you So So much!! iCloud Library has made a nightmare and i never knew there was this fix. Already tried it–works great and no charge:)

  6. Thank you.!!!!!!! I don't know much about computers, but I payed lots of money for this iPad pro. I'll be dambed if I give them anymore money. For storage it should have had. In the first place.

  7. I have 1000 photos my iPhone by now and ever since I had this phone. iCloud photos have been enable ever since. I’m tired of everytime I don’t have WiFi outside I cannot play a video or load the picture. I want to disable it but it says that if I disable that option all my videos and photos will delete

  8. How do I put my gallery back to its original form? With high resolution photos and videos before “optimizing storage”?

  9. Many years ago when google first launch the google docs, spreadsheet,.. etc. I felt excited and stored quite some documents there. Not very long later, google announced that due to insufficient users so the service will be changed and certain actions has to be done by user in order to keep those documents. Then I realized ‘Free’ service is not really safe and reliable. Another example is Google Trip, it will be retired soon. Apple is taking your money to provide you the service. Google is providing ‘Free’ service, while making money by user’s data without telling them how they are using it. Google is the real Devil.

  10. I don’t care paying iCloud backup, but lately it couldn’t backup.., it said 37GB from photos library to backup.., that need daysss to back it up with not so fast home WiFi… don’t know why it was fast before… maybe I didn’t have the library on??? Just got the XR iphone, network is slower than iPhone 6

  11. Called Apple asking why I can’t backup, the backup says 7hrs ++++ no one ever told me cuz photo library .., but why 37GB need to be backed up tho When I do backup every few days

  12. My problem has been that everytime I disable icloud photos, the next time I do an ios update, it gets turned back on.

  13. So no company is private, They uses photos To Sell to advertisers ? So where can I hide my photos safely without Any company looking st it or selling it

  14. On my iPhone SE i use:

    Google Drive
    Google Fotos
    Google Calender
    Google Gmail
    Google Chrome

    S im sitting here and think… if every Google Application is much better then the apple stuff… why do i have still a iPhone???

  15. Great idea, but really only for those who only use their phone for photos. Apple keeps RAW, and TIFF files not just JPG. Not changing.

  16. How can I backup WhatsApp chats without iCloud? ( on iPhone ).

    I can do a backup with iTunes but I have to restore the whole backup of the iPhone. I want to recover just the whatsapp backup.

    There is some bizarre way to look into the backup files of iTunes and find a Database containing whatsapp chats and images but it’s not the easiest thing to do.

    If I need to backup lots of chats with lots of media contents associated to them then I am just forced to use the iCloud space?

  17. You’re correct that there’s no real difference in quality between high quality photos and original quality. But there’s a HUGE difference for video due to compression. I realized this after a hiking trip with a friend. We dumped our photos and videos into a shared album in Google Photos. I’m paying for original quality while he is not, and the resolution of his videos was horrid compared to mine when viewed on the same screen. And his iPhone was four generations ahead of mine! I like Google Photos over iPhoto because you can share albums with android friends. Also, iPhoto doesn’t allow you to view original quality videos unless you download them first.

  18. Prepare more for icloud than google for more security reasons if in case i should really turn off my icloud i just have to do my backing up manually

  19. Can anyone help me, so I had 5 gb on my iCloud storage and need to back up my phone but can’t due to not having enough storage. That is because I had a lot of photos and videos, so after deleting hundreds of photos, I not have under 100 photos/videos. But on my iCloud it still says I have 4.2 gb of photos somehow. Please help me

  20. Hi..I have 3 devices with google photos… Could you tell me if there is a way to delete goggle photos of 1 device without them deleting of all devices

  21. i’m not sure what’s wrong but i recently cleaned out my pictures and i had about 8,000 and now i’m down to about 1,000 . when i try to delete the photos from recently deleted they won’t delete and now whenever i try to take a normal picture it deletes and when you come back later it’s still there. also, sometimes i screenshot something and i doesn’t show in my library?? i don’t have anything synced to i cloud or i tunes either…..

  22. But since apple puts little low res thumbnails of your photos onto your phone, in place of your hi res photos, will your old photos ever be available in normal resolution if you turn iCloud photos off in your phone’s settings?

  23. wow thanks dude yeh i will be switching back to android apple forces to much personal information and forces you to buy thing you dont really need

  24. 1st: I totally agree with Preston Atkins… why is there so much Angryness (and even kinda Aggression) in a lot of Comments?
    Most of us learned (depends on da parents) to accept others opinions TOO.
    Lots remember the time BEFORE there was a Youtube, hm?!?
    I.M.H.O… i feel, our ALL World(s) got much richer scince it started. Started…with giving everybody the possibility… to show "things".
    Whatever CRAP, Scientific, freakedOUT, genial or… everyone could also:
    Switch OFF/away in a glimps.
    This Guy's Thoughts about the "iCloud Business" are'nt "wrong or bad"… but HIS.
    And… i believe by his Charisma… HE would let others opinions value respect TOO.
    Essence…. everything (the old "Yin ~ Yang"-Thing) has its opposite Sides. Let us be STRONGER together… by leting our knowledge GROW…by "collecting" the Good AND the Bad.

    Just a Thought, by a not so young Musician from germany… (sorry, if my english grammer isn't that correct!?)… lived next door to "Mister Jones", when he recorded "Heroes" in Mauerstadt [Wallcity] around 1977…

    Back to Topic:
    Thumb UP

    Love, Peace & Grooves,

  25. I just do it the old fashion way tbh. Save up my photos in a vault on my app then download them on my computer then make a copy and put them in a flash drive. And that’s only for pics I really care. Tbh most of my pictures are just selfies or pics of stupid shit that can be replaced in a minute if I lose the flash drive or computer

  26. Isnt google really private and they can share my photos any where? I have private photos and Idk whether to download google photos or just suffer with that 5 gb icloud storage. I have the money to pay these to upgrade icloud storage but I dont have a wallet or a credit card or something

  27. I have a question, what happens after the 30 days. Do the photos get deleted from your actual camera roll or do they stay on your phone and not get backed up anymore??? Please someone answer me because I really need to know xx

  28. used Google Fotos from the start, 2015. I uploaded all digital Fotos, starting this for 2001. Created Albums etc. All fine. Great thing beside it backuped (downloaded) all my fotos to my varius PCs… using this as kind of personal, local security backup. The real PCs I use plus one old iin the cellar, one old in the attic. I uploaded "origional", paid for 200GB storage.

    Because of Googles idea to end synchronisation between drive and photos – and that right in the middle of summer vacation season if have to end this.
    Going to iCloud (OneDrive is renaming the files from the iPhone which could create a chaos), spending the 0,99€ a month for the start.

    As iCloud is not availeble on Android, the next phone will be an iPhone – I don't need the latest modell, so the price tag is not different

  29. Soooo when it was available only on Pixel devices for unlimited storage it was fine I saw it as a perk to win over iPhone users…. BUT as soon as I saw that it was not a perk and it was FREE TO ALL then my red lights went off like crazy. You might think that it is amazing bla bla bla well let me tell you something NO ONE IS GIVING ANYTHING FOR FREE there is a way for them to charge all those GIGs back trust me and honestly I don even want to know what they are doing I just stopped using it and as someone who was android user from start till now late 2019 it tells you something and that something is that I want to stay away from Google as much as I can and use some of theirs apps like maybe Translate and Earth and that is F** it I dont trust that company a bit anymore. I would rather pay 12€ per year and have 50GB with Apple iCloud and lock myself in to that ecosystem(and I was terified just by thinking of it) at least there is some control and order but I see Android ecosystem as some sort of slums and everyone is doing their thing and basicaly nothing is standardized and cross compatible as it should be, everyone is pulling on their side and trying to be better than others while Apple kept it simple and real. Sry but there is a reason why apple charge what Apple charge and it is worth it just took me a bit to accept that… All that AI tech and tracking and "adjusted" "recomendations" bla bla bla is powered by us being trigger happy with you Cams and having no other option then to go with FREE Google Photos (and everything else that is free) maaaaan was I stupid… Same goes with FB and WhatsUp etc. Lock your self while you can xD

  30. So your saying all my photos I lost from my iPad mini 2 I can get them back using google photos? (Lost my phots because ran out of iCloud storage) 😭

  31. What will happen to my photos in iPhone when I disable the photos and delete the photos from iCloud? Will they stay on my device?

  32. what great advice – really appreciate you taking me through the steps. I had never really got this before. We share photos through google photos anyway across my business and all these photos go on fb anyway so google has your content anyway.

  33. Thank you so Much!!! I’ve had so much trouble with icloud and my photos and didn’t know how to get rid of it or where to put them!!
    I appreciate you so much for your help!!

  34. SO I have a number of albums created using iCloud…I have Google Photos as well. Google does NOT have my albums. How do I transfer albums from Apple to Google?

  35. Did all the steps described for the photos but still don’t see the option for photos in the manage storage section. There is no photos option there to delete. Anyone know the fix for this?

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