wordpress media library not showing images SOLVED!! 2019

wordpress media library not showing images SOLVED!! 2019

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media files not showing in wordpres. look when i upload a new image to wordpres media, it looks blank. it is not showing up. if I click on this image, I can see nothing here but upload path is available next if I click on edit image. am able to see the image but when I come back and see in media gallery new uploaded image is not showing up first solution is, check the file permission of uploads folder open wp-content. next check the file permission for uploads folder. see the permission is 755 now double click on uploads folder Look 2019 folder permission is also 755 Next get inside 2019 folder According to the path shown here, 02 folder holds spring image in it. Look 02 folder permission is also 755 But when I open the 02 folder, I don’t see the uploaded image The image is uploaded but it is not available in specified path 02 folder. OK let’s see the second solution Delete the upload path in your database wp-options. Login into your cpanel account & Get into phpmyadmin, select your database. Look for wp-options After that click on wp-options. Go to next page. Look for upload_path. Double click on this and make the path as empty. Instead of deleting this path, copy it and save it somewhere safe. Click on the empty area you will get 1row affected message. Now get back to wordpres media Next upload a new image Boom now we can see new image uploaded. For some reason this is not showing up let’s delete it. Now Open this new image. See it is displaying here. Let us upload one more image and verify. Boom it’s working This is how I found solution for
media not showing up in wordpres. Hope it is helpful.

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  1. I don't see the MyPHPOptions. I use GoDaddy. My permissions were 0644…..I changed 1 to 755, still no luck. I'm trying to delete the path now.

  2. I tried option 2 but the option value is already empty and I still experience the blank image upload. What can I do now? (Option 1 is also no succes)

  3. hi…tried option 2….but it was already empty…tried putting in a path of an image but it didn't work….. i have a single website

  4. Perfect mate. I was trying to fix this issue for almost 6 hrs now. Stumbled upon this video and boom it worked. Thanks a lot. You saved me.

  5. Here in my case, I have images in the upload folder but none of them are showing in the WordPress media library, when I upload new image it shows back in the folder but does not appear in media library… also the upload path field in the database is already blank… Please help

  6. Hi, there was nothing in the field of that upload_path in wp_options. I cannot see both the newly uploaded and old images in Media but when I click to edit on the image, I can see it. Any help please?

  7. Great Video, My Tension for almost 20 hours vanished away with one Amazing Video of Your's. Wish You a Great Career, Name & fame.

  8. Thank You Soooooooooo Much.I needed this solution only and good that I found your video.Awesome.Thanks

  9. Sometimes the problem is actually caused by the Chrome browser. Newly uploaded images show up in Firefox, but not in Chrome. And in my case, that was the exact issue. The fix is to uninstall Chrome along with the user profile in the hidden Appdata folder. Reboot machine and reinstall. Don't know why this worked, but it did. May have had something to do with a developers tool extension I had installed on Chrome.

  10. It Worked!! Let me explain what I did and perhaps this will help others. I created a subfolder on my server where I loaded WordPress. I created a draft website in this folder so my original "Dreamweaver" site could remain active. Once I finalized the new WordPress site, I deleted all the old Dreamweaver files and then migraded the new WordPress material into the root folder of the primary site. This must be when the "image path" information must have been corrupted. Long-Story-Short….. the procedure described in the video does work.

  11. Thank you! It's working. Well explained and very useful video. But I have one question, Is there any problem occur in the future if we delete the data?

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