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  1. Did you like this Winnebago Forza? Want more detail and photos? Jump over to the blog to get additional insights and tips:

  2. Thanks for the tour guys! We didn’t get a chance to look at the Forza when we were there at the SuperShow, but very nice interior! Btw, it was great talking to you both at the after party! 😊🤓🧡

  3. Nice video, have to chime in now we are in a 2006 35E Bounder for a couple months, (same shower door). 17 ft x30 inch drivers slide/ 8 ft x 30 master slide. While I did like the 36LA’s configuration at first, I now like the opposite approach of the Bounder with the dinette & the couch that at night when I am up and the better half is asleep we are in opposite ends of the coach. With dining in the middle.
    Many upgrades to come, and I still don’t see why to put doors in front of the stacked washer/dryers,,,? Those are 2 K worth of appliances, show them off. I will with my stacked Samsungs.
    My bed, above drivers seats, (destroyed entertainment center), mounted on 4 ft slides to slide forward during day under cabinets. Big enough bed at 41 inches. 4th fantastic fan coming to bunk in spring. Bed divorced, and loving it.

    Heads up on this light swith/dimmer I discovered,, love this thing. American Technology Components 12 Volt DC Dimmer Switch for LED, Halogen, Incandescent – RV, Auto, Truck, Marine, and Strip Lighting (Large Slider, Black)

  4. Excellent attention to detail on the weight issue. Thanks for the heads up. It's something i forget to consider as i look for by next RV.

  5. Great styling Winnebago. The Forza is a entry level class A diesel pusher. With the entry level price you get a entry level engine. With only 340hp this RV will struggle on hills when fully loaded. On a Fully loaded (almost 40ft) RV I would go with a 400+ hp engine at minimum. Of course that change the price considerably. Overall a solid entry level pusher.

  6. Nice to see its got propane. Thought they were going all-electric. Are only the really high end models going all-electric? Cheers!

  7. You're right about the towing. There is only 3,590 lbs. difference between the GCVWR and the GVWR. I P.O. a Jayco dealership when I challenged their towing on the Seneca Class C. They claimed a 5K towing but only had 3500 lb. difference.

  8. Still wishing the manufacturers would go back to nice big sliding windows. Was the emergency egress window in the rear bath? I only saw the two little windows by the bed in the bedroom. Sure wish the builders would put more thought into making it easier to get out of the rear area in the event of an emergency. Thanks for sharing

  9. Thanks for the tour of a beautiful coach! I love the colors! Being able to buy the design collection is an awesome

  10. Great video as usual guys! and thank you Marc for digging deeper into the weight capacity and towing capabilities……many new buyers would not know to do this unless they really did their homework……and so many do not…..Thanks again guys 🙂

  11. I'll take an older SOLID and made to last Foretravel or Travel Supreme, Country Coach or American Eagle. For $207,000 you can get a gorgeous older coach that's money WELL spent. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Glad that RV makers are listening to our wants/needs. Looks more like a home than an RV! Nice job! Hope to see ya'll on the road – we go full time this summer – hurray! 🙂

  13. Sorry, but we're just not neutral color people. There's just no character to it, IMO. We're happy with the warm wood and tile contrasts in our CC Intrigue. Call us dinosaurs. 🙂

  14. absolutely gorgeous!! winnebago also has an equally gorgeous white interior with their Intent gasoline A class. These are beautiful!!

  15. That is almost the same floor plan as my 2019 Thor Miramar 35.3. Ours is gas, 37’ long. We have a cockpit bunk, a few less drawers and master bath may be smaller than the forza. I really like the Winnebago design options!

  16. I don't know if my eyes are deceiving me or what. Either those cabinets and ceiling are really tall or that girl is really short. Something looks off in this video.

  17. Would like to see “clear” fantastic fan lids, put 2 on the Bounder 35E, (bathroom & kitchen) and they let in some beautiful light. And don’t get me started about wanting “mini-split” AC’s, just dead quiet.

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