Hi everyone it’s Carys. Today I’m going to
be doing my YALC book haul. YALC is short for the young adult literature
convention and this takes place in London every year and I’ve been for the
past two years. This year I got to stay in a hotel room with Maddie and Bee from
Heart Full of Books which was just so lovely, and I also got to spend my days
at the convention with so many great people including Kate from Girl Reading,
Lily from Sweet Love Books, and a load of other people who we met throughout the
three days that we were there. I also got to meet some really amazing authors
including my favourites like Sara Barnard, Holly Bourne, Catherine Doyle, Carlie Sorosiak, Katherine Webber – so many lovely people. I’m planning on doing an
updated signed books collection to show you the books that I got signed at YALC
but today I thought I would show you the books that I accumulated while I was
there. This is probably going to be my biggest book haul ever because I’ve got
about 30 things here to show you. Also, before I begin I would just like to point out
I am in fact wearing my YALC class of 2017 t-shirt, because I don’t feel like
you can see it in the video and I didn’t spend the money on it for no reason. So
let’s just pretend you can see the full t-shirt! So I’m going to start off with
the finished copies and then move on to proofs. The first three things I actually
bought before YALC, I bought them in waterstones on the day that we traveled to
London. What more do you need when you’re going to a book con than to buy more
books beforehand?! The first thing that I got was Freshers by Tom Ellen and
Lucy Ivison. I’m really glad that I have this, I know it’s about University and
as someone who’s just graduated I think it’s going to be super relatable.
Next I have Songs about Us by Chris Russell because I read the first
one and it was really fun so I thought I’d pick up the second one and take this
to get signed as well. Finally on that day I have No Filter by Orlagh Collins. This just seems like a really fun contemporary summer romance sort of
book and the cover is really pretty so that sold me on it as well. Next I
have two things that I bought from the waterstones in YALC because these are
early releases that I really wanted to get while I was there. The first is A
Change Is Gonna Come which is an anthology of short stories
all written by BAME authors. I’ve been hyped for this for the longest time so
I’m really glad that I now own it and hopefully I’ll be able to discover
some really fantastic new young adult voices in here. Next I have The Loneliest
Girl In The Universe by Lauren James. I’m again so excited to read this because
I’ve been waiting for it for ages and this is the most beautiful cover I’ve
ever seen. I also bought three things off the different stands, the first being the
Girl Of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. I bought this to go to the
signing at the Chicken House booth that was happening after hearing Maddie and
Lily both hyping it so much. Next I got We Are All Made of Molecules by Susin
Nielsen. I think it’s about a boy and a girl who are forced to live together
when their parents get together, but basically Anderson were doing a flash 1
pound book sale on the last day and I was just like – it’s a pound, I’m gonna get
it. The final thing that I paid for at YALC is Everything Beautiful Is Not
Ruined by Danielle Yonge-Ullman. I got this because myself Kate and Lily were
just walking around and the stall that this was on had a three for ten pounds
deal going on so we all decided to pick up one thing so this was effectively
three pound 30 which i think is a really good deal. I also got two other finished
things at YALC but I didn’t pay for either of these, the first of which is
Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan. I got this on the
book swap from hot key because there were a few things that I had that I
didn’t want so I just swapped them there. I got this because I feel like I’ve been
wanting to read it for the longest time but when I mentioned it to some of the
girls they said that they’d heard really problematic things about it
so I’m not sure what to do. I might read it and see for myself or probably look
on Goodreads and read up on some more reviews on it before I go into it. And
the final finished copy that I have from YALC is Jennifer E Smith’s Windfall. I
won this from the my kinda book stand and they were doing a competition
with cupcakes and if you got a certain thing you won a prize and I won a box
full of soap and glory goodies and this was in the box as well. I’m happy to own
this because I really, really like this cover and I loved all the goodies that
came in the box so I was really happy with my prize, however I do already own a
copy of windfall as I had the proof edition but I probably like this one
more and I did go and get it signed so I’m probably going to get rid of the
proof copy now as I didn’t love it enough to want two copies of it so I’ll
either donate it to charity, or if you’re in the UK
and you want it let me know in the comments and maybe we can sort something
out with like paying for postage or something. Before I get on to the proofs
that I got I thought I’d show you three samplers. These are the ones that I’m
most hyped about. So first of all I got a sampler of It Only Happens In The Movies
by Holly Bourne. I also got a sampler of the Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill and
I also got a sampler of Flawed which is a like joint collaboration novel by all
of these different UKYA authors and all of these three things are like my most
anticipated releases of the upcoming months… years… I’m just so excited for
them all! Onto the proofs that I got. I was really lucky with proofs this year
and I feel like I actually tried to only pick up ones that I was genuinely
interested in but somehow I’ve managed to come away with even more than last
year, but hopefully I’ll get around to reading these quicker than I got
around to reading last year’s proofs. The first proof that I got is actually
another one that I got on the hot key book swap but this was something that
they were giving away as proofs throughout the weekend and that is The
Arsonist by Stephanie Oakes I’ve heard really great things about Stephanie
Oakes’ other book so hopefully this one will be equally as good and it just
sounds really intriguing, all about the intricate ways in which different people
are connected. Next I got Invictus by Ryan Graudin. Bee really sold me on Ryan
Graudin’s Wolf by Wolf so I really want to read that so it’s exciting to own
another one of her books now as well. Next I got Water in May by Ismee Williams
and this sounds like it’s going to be absolutely heartbreaking because the
blurb talks about a girl who is 15 and pregnant and she thinks this baby is
going to be the only family member who’s never left her and then she discovers
that there’s something potentially life threateningly wrong with the baby.
The blurb also talks about a loyal girl crew and sign me up for all the female
friendship books, I normally love that so hopefully this will be a really strong
portrayal of that sort of relationship. Next I have
Lumberjanes: Unicorn Power which is the middle grade novel version of the
Lumberjanes comics. I thought it was telling the same story but apparently
it’s a completely new story which is really exciting. I’m reading this at the
moment and I’m about 40 pages in so far but so far it’s super
adorable. Next I have the Taste of Blue Light by Lydia Ruffles. This one was a
funny one because me and Kate went to a workshop for it because I knew that it
was going to be there and I really wanted a copy of it and we had to do
this thing with newspapers and write a story and I’ll put a picture in here
because we thought we were hilarious but I don’t think it was a serious story as
some of the other people wrote. Some buzzwords that I know are associated
with this are boarding schools and mental health and those are my two
main buzz words. Next I have There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins
which is one of the things that I wanted to grab a copy of the most at YALC so
I was so happy to get one on the first day. I’m just really intrigued to
see how Stephanie Perkins handles this sort of book as it’s a mystery thriller
sort of thing as opposed to the really cute contemporary romance books of hers
that I’ve read in the past. Next I have 36 Questions That Changed My
Mind About You by Vicky Grant. I was just at the hot key stand when they were
doing this and I got the notification and you had to like say “fish” so I was
just like “fish” and I was the first one to get it. Basically this is about a real
life psychological study, it’s a fictionalised piece based on that
and the idea is can 2 people fall in love if you ask the right questions or
can love be engineered? So this follows two people taking part in this study,
they have to each answer these 36 questions and then I guess you’ll find
out at the end if they’ve fallen in love or not.
Next I have Otherworld by Jason Segel who people probably know from How I Met
Your Mother. I’ve never seen that but of course I
know who he is, and Kirsten Miller. First of all I love this really shiny cool
proof. I think that this is about gaming and like the next version of reality. It
sounds really intriguing, a little bit different to what I normally read but
hopefully I’ll enjoy giving something new a go. next I have Everless by Sara
Holland. The blurb of this one just says “time is a prison, she is the key.
alchemy, sorcery, blood and desire” Next I have The Fandom by Anna Day. This sounds
really fantastic because it’s about some characters who get basically thrown into
their favorite fictional world and I just love that concept because I’m sure
that’s something a lot of us have thought about at some point. I guess some
fictional worlds you’d want to be in but then there’s others that
I really wouldn’t want to be in so I’m really looking forward to seeing how the
characters deal with that situation. Next I have The Truth and Lies of Ella Black
by Emily Barr. I looked this one up on Goodreads
because I wasn’t really sure what it was about and from the blurb I found out that
it’s about a girl who’s living this sort of perfect life and then her family
takes her to Brazil and there she learns some secrets and backstories of
her family. I’m really glad that I did look that up because all weekend I was
like “when I met Emily Barr in Truro she told me she was writing a book
that was set in Brazil” but this didn’t sound like it but apparently it does
take place in Brazil so if anyone was there with me when they heard me saying
that, it does take place in Brazil! Next I grabbed 52 pep talks for writers. This is
written by the executive director of NaNoWriMo. I really, really want to start
writing more, my dream forever has been to get a book published one day and I
feel that YALC every year just gives me that boost to really dedicate some time
to it so I think this will be really good to dip in and out of. I also have
The Treatment by CL Taylor. All that I know about this is that it’s a thriller
but I do love a good thriller and I’m excited to go into it not really knowing
anything. Next I have the Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. This is one of the most
hyped proofs that they were giving out at YALC
and it sounds really fantastic. It sounds very fairy tale like which is
something that I adore and the back of it also says that it’s already been
bought by Sony for a major film release so I feel like this is going to be huge
and I’m really excited to be one of the first people to be able to read it. I
also have Mr. Tender’s Girl by Carter Wilson. This is a thriller and it follows
the life of a girl who was attacked ten years ago when she was 14 and left to
die by some people in her school and they say that they did it as a sacrifice
for this virtual thing called mr. tender – very slender man, is that the name of
that thing? like I think. We were saying at YALC how we never go into books
anymore not knowing what anyone else’s opinions or without looking it up on
Goodreads. There’s like nothing on Goodreads about this so I’m just really
excited actually to be able to pick something up just off my own back and
form my own opinions on it without being influenced or hearing what anyone else
thinks first. Next I have Undercover Princess by Connie
Glynn who is Noodlerella on YouTube. This is the most beautiful
proof that I’ve ever seen I absolutely adore it
and I was really excited when I saw this one on the Penguin stand. It’s
basically about a girl who really wants to be a princess, she loves them, and she
ends up sharing a room in school with a girl who actually is a princess. I’m not
expecting this to be a great piece of literature but I do think it’s
gonna be super cute and I’m really hoping I get really strong Disney vibes
from this because I adore Disney Princess films. Next I have Blackbird by
ND Gomes. This is a psychological sort of book about a girl whose sister has gone
missing and nobody knows what happens to her and on the day that she’s
disappeared five thousand black birds have dropped dead. That sounds really
intriguing and I don’t want to know anything more I just want to delve into
it and pick it up. Next I have Here We Are Now by Jasmine Warga. I sold my soul
to get this proof. I had to do air guitar and I just really went for it because I
was like you know what I’m gonna look stupid doing this anyway so I may as
well just go for it and get the proof that I’ve been lurking for all weekend. Last year I had to sing to Chapter 5 for a book, this year I had to do air guitar,
I really dread what I’m gonna have to do next year. I really liked Jasmine
Warga’s other book so I really wanted this and this is such a pretty proof.
From what I can gather it’s about a girl who’s never had a relationship with her
dad but she knows that he’s this famous rock star and then one day he turns up
on her doorstep and tells her that her granddad is dying if he wants her to go
and meet him but this is like a huge betrayal to her mother so it’s going to
be all about family and identity and I’m really intrigued by all of those themes,
hopefully it will be really fantastic and worth the embarrassment that I went
through to get this. Next I have the Beginning Of The World In The Middle Of
The Night by Jen Campbell which is another absolutely gorgeous proof. I’m
sure a lot of people know Jen Campbell from YouTube and her other books. This I
think is a little bit different to her other books as it’s a collection of
short stories and they’re all sort of magical and fairy tale-like which sounds
absolutely wonderful and really charming so I’m hoping I get that vibe from it
when I’m reading it. I also have The Sacrifice Box by Martin Stewart. The top
line of this blurb describes it as for being perfect for fans of Stranger
Things and I really like Stranger Things so I’m really looking forward to picking
this one up and seeing if I enjoy it just as much as a TV show. And finally I
have The Exact Opposite Of Okay by Laura Steven which is probably the proof that
I was most excited about getting, I just really knew that I wanted this one
before going to YALC so I was so happy to be able to grab a copy of it on the
Saturday after missing out on it on the Friday. this sounds like a really amazing
feminist release and it’s about a girl who I think gets caught or filmed or
people find out that she’s slept with this politician’s son and because of this
it sort of starts to go viral and she gets really badly slut shamed. all the
books I’ve read that deal with this topic I’ve really enjoyed and found
really really important so I’m hoping I get the same vibes from this. this
actually doesn’t come out until March 2018 so I’m not sure when to read it
because on the one hand I really want to delve into it now but on the other hand I’m
like do I wait until closer to the time so I can review it then when it’s fresh
in my mind? So those are all of the books that I got at YALC. I feel this is going to
be a very long video so thank you if you sat through all of that. Let me know in
the comments if you’ve read any of these books, if you were at YALC and picked any
of them up, or if you’re just excited about them coming out. other than that
that is it for today’s video, thank you so much for watching, I hope you
all have a great day ,and I will see you again next time, bye!

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  4. When I saw this video I IMMEDIATELY clicked it!! Plus when you talked about The Sacrifice Box and that it supposed to be the perfect match for people who love Stranger Things, I also immediately added it to my Goodreads TBR list XD You got sooo many (awesome) books Carys! I'm so excited to see what you'll think of all of them โ™ฅ

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  7. I've just binge watched Maddie and Bee's vlogs and now your book haul too! It looks like you had a fantastic time again, I'm so jealous. On the plus side I have quite a few of these as e-arcs, so at least I can read the ones I'm most excited for. That picture at the end ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    Connie's book sounds a little like this princess movie with Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ that was a lot of fun ๐Ÿ˜€ I wanna check the book out now ๐Ÿ˜€
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  9. Looks like you picked up so many of the same books as me at YALC! A few extras I now need to add to my TBR though haha, SO MANY BOOKS. I only managed to pick up a couple of proofs, it was tricky. You did brilliantly! Love this Carys, just subscribed xx

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