You belong with me [ Couple vlog / Love is in small things ‪/‬ Puuung ]

You belong with me [ Couple vlog / Love is in small things ‪/‬ Puuung ]

Love is I love ice cream! I’ve never seen such beautiful muffins! It looks good. Let’s buy this one. Now that, we ate donuts enough, Let’s sleep again! You sleep with your eyes open! It’s funny! Delete it… I should eat later. I like it! There are so many stars in the sky.

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  1. This is exactly same relationship of me and my lover. My lover and I lived together for a year in England. but he is now in Korea army as a soldier and I keep studying in the UK. I remember all the precious and happy moments and I will be waiting for him forever with these memories. We can feel and know that we will live and die together.
    Thank you for making me warm. Even though your videos always make me cry, I am happy that I can remind my memories with your lovely animation.

  2. I love your videos, they warm my ♥ heart! I wish everyone would found someone like THIS. 🥺 ❤️

  3. Such a cute couple I love it and I want like them happy forever after haha so sweet😊😊😊I love it 1000%#truelove,🤗🤗

  4. While I agree with the idea/message of the vid, all of this is not realistic for folks that would really appreciate to afford a tasty meal, and a hand scooped icecream cone-

  5. 事務所的にNGじゃないのかとか、ほんとに叶うまではときめきは堪えろとか、ものすごく鍛え上げても時々無理な自分。素直でいていいと言ってもらえてそうだけど、すべてを開いたあとに、そこには何もなかったら。私、今度はもう心が死んだまま生きていくことになると思う。

  6. There's a million things I could say but I dont know how to say any of them. I believe she does. I hold out hope every day and wait for these moments to come back for us. Why? Am I wrong for loving her so much?

  7. Dijelimo i dajemo srce,dušu,život…Sve ono što smo mi sami i MI zajedno!
    To je sreća.
    Pozz Anđele

  8. you just coped my depression i was crying last night but when i watched ur vid i remember my self smiling and there was no tears falling down anymore and i accidentally slept… thank u 🙂

  9. im slowly get back my emotion and feelings. im grateful for that honey. i love you , love you so much..side efects from medicine drive me get lost somewhere but these cartoon so cute and romance. i love you so so much. i wish one day we will be together like this. i love you honey, lets me kiss your lip

  10. Q: why the girl and boy ‘moving’ all the time? Is that a delibate technical choice from animation or? Beside that.. those videos/animation/music is so lovely.

  11. the kissy scene at the library is my dog and me in the car. she loves giving me kisses while I drive her around. I kinda live in this heaven….but with my dog. She is my baby.

  12. Heyy. I just love all your works. Actually I need a video for a musical cover. May I use these clips?? I'll give the proper credits in the description and at the end of the video as well. Didn't find any email ID to contact you directly.

  13. I really hope people know how much work and effort you put into this ! It is amazing! One day you shall be noticed and have ALEAST 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! >:3

  14. Is a nice world in this animation. but, they seem to have money, the house is huge, they have abundance, When they work? I liked more the previos video

  15. Dude I found this channel yesterday and you make the best videos I want to give you all the subs in the world. These videos are amazing to watch whenever even in the car on a road trip. ❤️

  16. This really deserves more veiws. It's so beautiful but at the same time certain past memories break when I see it. But nonetheless, it's so amazing. This is really true.

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